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The site coordinator and assistant coordinators aren't county residents or historians, and are unable to help with your personal research. Please direct all inquiries about your family, or specific cemeteries, to the local societies and libraries.

  • This is a large section and cemeteries are listed by county and then alphabetically by town.

  • On this introduction page you'll find links to our current lists by county, information about funeral homes, private cemeteries, and a listing of microfilm sources of cemetery records available to order from your local Family History Center.

  • More cemetery resources available to order at the FHC are listed on our Library Page.

  • What you see here is what we've had access to and all that are on hand. If you don't find the transcript of a cemetery you're interested in on our site it means we don't have a copy of it and have no further information. If the cemetery list you want is not listed, our only suggestion is that you contact the societies listed in our historical societies section.

  • Queries and questions about cemeteries, both on or not on this list, caretakers, and undertakers should be directed to the societies listed in our historical societies section. The site coordinator and assistant coordinators don't have authoritative or up-to-date information.

  • We're already aware of the inadequacies and gaps in this section but have tried our best to provide you with free resources.

  • Please, if you have a cemetery list to share, photocopy or on your computer, or photos of any listed cemetery, contact the coordinator. The site coordinators reside far from the Mohawk Valley and don't have immediate access to listings. If you pick up a cemetery we don't have for your personal research please share it with other researchers. They all add up.

Herkimer County Cemetery Transcriptions

Listings of Caretaker Addresses and Family History Center Microfilms

Listings of Private Cemeteries in Herkimer and Montgomery Counties

Listings of Funeral Homes in Herkimer County

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