Surnames A - K

Aiello Francis 1971-1979  
Alexander Hugh J. 1885-1909 son of John & Jane A.
Alexander Jane A. 1853-1912 wife of John
Alexander John 1845-1921 hus. of Jane A.
Alexander John C. no dates listed on the same stone as John, Jane & Hugh
Allen Alice M. 1923-1997  
Allen Sue Frances died 9/26/1947 "Infant Daughter"
Altamura Francesco (Jr.) 1930-1932  
Altieri Nancy 1921-1923  
Ashley Ira B. 1861-1936 hus. of Margaret
Ashley Margaret 1864-1940 wife of Ira B.
Ashley Mary 1891-1911 dau. of Ira B. & Margaret
Bagnato Michael 12/18/1900-10/14/1915 Michael's name is on a large stone as well as a small individual one. There are also small stones that say "Father" & "Mother" but no other information
Bajda Nellie 1890-1958 on back side of Adolph & Stasia's stone; may be a second wife.
Bajda Adolph 1887-1952 hus. of Stasia
Bajda Stasia 1896-1921 wife of Adolph
Baldock Anna R. 1908-1993 wife of Edward R.
Baldock Edward R. 1904-1977 hus. of Anna R.
Barber Leo J. 1884-1920  
Barberio Agostino 1862-1933  
Barberio Anna Maria 1858-1940  
Barberio Frances 1897-1913  
Barberio Gregory 1893-1964  
Barberio Jacob 1901-1941  
Barberio Maria D. 1915-1953  
Barberio Rina 1911-1915  
Barone Antonetta 1911-1921 dau. of Nicola & Mary
Barone Mary 1880-1930 wife of Nicola
Barone Nicola 1881-1950 hus. of Mary
Barone Tony 1906-1903 son of Nicola & Mary
Barry Doris A. 1923-1991 wife of Francis J. 1923-1989
Barry Francis 1917-1919 appears to be the son of Francis J. 1889-1936
Barry Francis J. 1889-1936  
Barry Franics J. 5/28/1923-9/12/1989 "His Son" appears to referr to Francis J. 1889-1936; would be a second son with this name; hus. of Doris A.; "CPL US Army World War II"
Barry Hannah Ryan 1858-1936 wife of Michael
Barry John W. 1861-1915 hus. of Mary Crowley
Barry Mary 1914-1979
Barry Mary Crowley 1876-1908 wife of John W.
Barry Mary E Sullivan 1891-1919  
Barry Michael 1856-1934 hus. of Hannah
Battisti P. Paolo 1865-1917  
Beauchamp Belani 1838-1920  
Beauchamp Edward 1867-1924 hus. of Lucy
Beauchamp Ernest D. 4/26/1928-8/29/1995 hus of Mary; "F1 US Army World War II"
Beauchamp Louis G. 1870-1938 hus. of Zenaide
Beauchamp Lucy 1880-1964 wife of Edward
Beauchamp Oscar J. 9/23/1914-5/15/1951 "New York Sgt. 2532 AAF Base Unit World War II"
Beauchamp Zenaide 1889-1979 wife of Louis G.
Becallo Carmela 1895-1922  
Bernardi Consiglia died 4/16/1917 "aged 32 years" "IL MARITO"
Birkenmeyer Mary Brennan 1883-1938  
Bisceglia Vincent 1887-1964  
Blais Ernest 1905-1995 hus. of Gladys
Blais Gladys 1909-1978 wife of Ernest
Blasting Baby died 1939  
Bleaking Elsie M. 1894-1974 wife of Henry
Bleaking Gladys 1916-1922  
Bleaking Henry 1891-1967 hus. of Elsie M.
Bolser Frank 1872-1923 hus. of Mary Jablonsha
Bolser Mary Jablonska 1875-1912 wife of Frank
Booth Carolyn E. Rowe 1884-1964 wife of Frank B.
Booth Dorothy Mae 1917-1919 dau. of Frank B. & Carolyn
Booth Frank B. 1874-1963 hus. of Carolyn E. Rowe
Border Catherine O'Donnell 2/10/1970-2/10/1970 dau. of Catherine and Harold Border, granddaughter of Orange James Fikes and Mildred O'Donnell Fikes; info contributed by Ginny
Borkowski Margaret M. 1919-1991  
Bouchard Stephen J. 1940-1940  
Bowman Bertha M. 1889-1973 wife of Sylvester
Bowman Gordon R. 5/25/1923-2/23/1995 "WT US Navy World War II"
Bowman Mary died 9/4/1918 dau. of Sylvester & Bertha
Bowman Sylvester 1891-1944 hus. of Bertha
Brandano Amelia 1887-1974 wife of Battista
Brandano Angelo 1927-1927 son of Battista & Amelia
Brandano Battista 1877-1952 hus. of Amelia
Brandano Elvira 1917-1998 dau. of Battista & Amelia
Brandano Giuseppe 1915-1929 son of Battista & Amelia
Brandano Giuseppe D. 1911-1913 son of Battista & Amelia
Brandano Pasqualino 1908-1917 dau. of Battista & Amelia
Breen Thoams died 7/6/1920 "aeged 81 years"; Co G 97th NY Inf."
Bren Kathryn 12/8/1889-10/17/1967  
Brennan Abigail A. 1885-1907  
Brennan Anne A. 1895-1983  
Brennan Katherine G. 1855-1952  
Brennan Katherine M. 1887-1921  
Brennan   8/15/1849-9/12/1923 stone just says "Father"
Buckley Andrew John 9/28/1899-11/6/1951 stone reads "New York BSMTH2 USNRF WWI; hus of Mary Lucas
Buckley Mary Lucas 1899-1945 wife of Andrew John
Burdick Brian Harry 6/12/1947-12/19/1968 "PFC Co C7 Mar 1 Mar Div Vietnam PH"
Burns Elizabeth 1871-1944  
Burns Ellen A. 1861-1953  
Burns Julia Lynch 5/12/1832-10/11/1923 wife of Thomas
Burns Loretta Murphy 1880-1946 wife of Thomas M.
Burns Sister Regina Clare CSJ died 4/19/1964  
Burns Thomas 11/12/1812-8/13/1901 hus. of Julia Lynch
Burns Thomas M. 1875-1921 hus. of Loretta Murphy
Buttiglione Apalonia 9/27/1881-12/21/1921  
Callahan Catherine F. 1875-1952  
Callahan Charles H. 1870-1937  
Callahan Eilleen R. 1919-1984  
Callahan Ellen 1845-1921 wife of John M.
Callahan Johanna 1844-1919  
Callahan John M. 1843-1927 hus. of Ellen
Callahan Joseph Sr. 1913-1987  
Callahan Mary E. 1905-1984  
Callahan Michael 1822-1903  
Campbell Bernard 1822-1862 hus. of Bridget
Campbell Bridget 1826-1892 wife of Bernard
Campbell Humphrey Lynch 1899-1918 son of John & Mary Lynch
Campbell John 1862-1930 hus. of Mary Lynch
Campbell John Robert 1897-1952 son of John & Mary Lynch
Campbell Mary C. 1854-1863  
Campbell Mary Lynch 1868-1955 wife of John
Canastar Anthony J. 1915-1992  
Cancelino Frank 1892-1936 hus. of Lucy
Cancelino Katherine 1921-1973 wife of Samuel
Cancelino Lucy 1894-1947 wife of Frank
Cancelino Samuel 1918-1973 hus. of Katherine
Canning Frances 1916-1997 on same stone with James H. Watkins & wife
Capes Alice M. 1913-1956 wife of Frank F.
Capes Frank E. 1906-1967 hus. of Alice M.; Frank Earl Capes
Caracane Marcello 1884-1965 hus. of Maria
Caracane Maria 1900-1983 wife if Marcello
Carney Thomas F. 1888-1921 hus. of Zada H.
Carney Zada H. 1891-1962 wife of Thomas F.
Carr Mary 1849-1917 wife of Thomas W.
Carr Thomas W. 1851-1917 hus. of Mary
Cassella Fannie 3/23/1912-12/13/1912 dau. of Frank & Rosina
Cassella Frank 1882-1964 hus. of Rosina
Cassella Rosina 1887-1925 wife of Frank
Casullo Michael 1880-1918  
Centra Antonietta 1895-1918 Inscribed "By Son Angelo"
Centra Filippo 1890-1918 Inscribed "By Sons Angelo & Giuseppe"
Cerasi Martha 1915-1984  
Cerasi Giuseppe 1866-1929 hus. of Martha
Cerasi Martha 1868-1894 wife of Giuseppe
Cerasi Marco A. 1892-1976 hus. of Donata D.
Cerasi Donata D. 1896-1990 wife of Marco A.
Charles James 1884-1942 hus. of Margaret
Charles Margaret 1894-1984 wife of James
Charles Francis 3/19/1912-3/31/1922  
Charles Bertha C. 1918-1945 Inscribed "And Twin Daughters"
Charles James F. 12/24/1923-1/8/2000 "S1 US Navy WWII"
Cherry Joseph 1909-1988 son of Thomas & Mary
Cherry Mary 1876-1971 wife of Thomas
Cherry Thomas 1873-1963 hus. of Mary
Cherry   1910-1911 no first name given; in plot of Thomas & Mary
Cherry Angelo 1894-1970 hus. of Antoinette
Cherry Antoinette 1897-1950 wife of Angelo
Cioch Norbert 1930-1933  
Cirillo Rose 1915-1921  
Cirillo Mary 1919-1922  
Cirillo Lucy 1923-1929  
Clark Anna died-no date  
Clark John died 1904  
Coady Garrett D. 1846-1929 hus. of Johanna C.
Coady Johanna C. McDonald 1846-1921 wife of Garrett D.
Cocchia Concetta 1858-1919  
Cole Francis J. 1866-1938 hus. of Louise Thompson
Cole Louise Thompson 1862-19__ no death date inscribed
Cole Rose Joy True 1913-1993  
Coleman John 1877-1941  
Collins Annie 1860-no date  
Collins Bridget 1821-1903  
Collins Daniel F. 1869-1952  
Collins Esther C. 1869-1938 wife of James H.
Collins James H. 1863-1949 hus. of Esther
Collins John 1808-1913  
Collins John 1865-1908  
Collins Myrtle M. 1891-1979 wife of Thomas J.
Collins Thomas 1868-no date  
Collins Thomas 1869-1930  
Collins Thomas J. 1891-1960 hus. of Myrtle M.
Conley Helen B. 1919-1999  
Constanza Michelle 10/13/1879-12/27/1917  
Couchman George 1911-1991  
Couchman Laurette 1887-1976 wife of Ray
Couchman Mary 1915-1998 on same stone with James H. Watkins & wife
Couchman Ray 1883-1978 hus. of Lauretta
Coville Frances S. 1893-1938  
Cramer Nellie Heffron 1879-1924 dau. of James & Margaret
Crandall Arthur H. 1909-1973 hus. of Harriette
Crandall Harriette R. 1903-1984 wife of Arthur
Crist Mary E. Boylan 5/2/1832-5/13/1904 wife of Jacob J.
Cristman Frances C. 1876-1946 wife of Raymond W.
Cristman Paul W. 1918-1983  
Cristman Raymond W. 1886-1953 hus. of Frances C.
Crough Charles D. 1881-1944 hus. of Etta
Crough Dennis 1885-1923 brother of Charles D.
Crough Etta 1885-1944 wife of Charles
Crough Julia Doran 1857-1932 wife of Thomas
Crough Thomas 1852-1921 hus. of Julia
Curtis James B. 8/3/1918-8/8/1985 PFC U. S. Army WWII
Czuba Anne 1902-1903  
Czuba George 1894-1966  
Czuba Joseph 1824-1905 hus. of Mary
Czuba Mary 1830-1914 wife of Joseph
Dady Edward W. 3/7/1912-7/18/1922 "Capt. US Army World War II"
Dady Gertrude 1904-1989  
Dady James E. died 6/27/1945  
Dady James M. died 9/10/1915  
Dady John 1870-1948 hus of. Margaret
Dady John J. 1902-12992  
Dady John T. died 3/27/1921  
Dady Marcella E. died 12/24/1975  
Dady Margaret 1871-1948 wife of John E.
Dady Mary 1906-1918 dau. of John & Margaret
Daley Catherine Enright 1894-1969 wife of James L.
Daley James L. 1893-19869 hus. of Catherine Enright
Daley Mary A. 1858-1937  
Daley Robert T. 1/22/1890-10/29/1935 "Lt. Dental Corps WWI"
Daley Timothy E. 1856-1929  
Daley William G. 1883-1953  
Davidson Helen Kane 1915-1994  
Davis Ethel Maguire 1905-1942  
Dawidowicz Henry M. 1/19/1922-2/23/1984 "PVT US Army WWII"
Dawidowicz Joseph Zenon 1873-1930 hus.of Vincenta
Dawidowicz Vincenta Sokolowski 1866-1938 wife of Joseph Zenon
Dawidowicz Mary Gorski 1897-1990 wife of Zenon
Dawidowicz Zenon 1894-1931 hus. of Mary Gorski
DeCoursey Anna M. Volk 1885-1974 wife of George E.
DeCoursey Emerson G. 1921-1986  
DeCoursey George E. 1882-1921 hus. of Anna M. Volk
DeLucco Delores 1928-1994 wife of William
DeLucco William 1924-1988 hus. of Delores
DeMars Raymond F. 1924-1931  
Devins Eliza no dates wife of William
Devins William 1/16/1841-8/11/1892 hus. of Eliza
Devins William 10/3/1869-3/28/1888 son of William & Mary
DiCamillo Jennie 1884-1973 wife of James
DiCamillo James 1884-1963 hus. of Jennie
DiPasqualle G. Maida 1896-1918 "IPARENTI"
Dodson Anna Hellenack 1898-1963 wife of Albert R.
Dodson Albert R. 1893-1921 hus. of Anna Hellenack
Donato Antonio 1870-1939 Same stone as Tony; this side inscribed "Donato Figlio Di Francesco & Elizabeth Piacente 1910-1910"
Donato Catherine 1865-1949 Same stone as Tony; this side inscribed "Donato Figlio Di Francesco & Elizabeth Piacente 1910-1910"
Donato Nicola 1893-1966 hus. of Rosina
Donato Rosina 1891-1965 wife of Nicola
Donato Tony 1926-1941 Stone inscribed "Son of Frank & Lela Donato"
Donohoe Mary Cullimore 1867-1948  
Donohoe Nicholas J. 1864-1935  
Dorman Carl E. 1900-1953 probably hus. of Marguerite. In same plot with her & Carl P.
Dorman Carl P. 1924-1944 Probably son of Carl & Matguerite; stone has Marine Corps emblem
Dorman Marguerite 1890-1974 probably wife of Carl. In same plot with him & Carl P.
Downarowicz Helena 1884-1922 wife of Witold
Downarowicz Joseph 1912-1967 son of Witold & Helena
Downarowicz Witold 1877-1922 hus. of Helena
Dunlea John J. 1864-1919 hus. of Katie
Dunlea Katie E. 1873-1917 wife of John J.
Dygert Catherine McGoldrick 1879-1917 her name is on the large McGoldrick stone with Thomas & Catherine E. A small individual stone in this plot just says "SISTER"
Ehrmann Clara H. 1854-1901 wife of Michael J.
Ehrmann Mary 1881-1962 name is on same stone with Michael J. & Clara; relationship unknown; may be daughter
Ehrmann Michael J 1865-1941 hus. of Clara H.
Eramo Antonia 1908-1916  
Eramo Baby died 1946  
Fagan Adelaide Denis 1896-1989 wife of Francis P.
Fagan Elizabeth 1869-1948 dau. of James & Mary
Fagan Francis P. 1893-1948 hus. of Adelaide
Fagan Harry 1880-1955 son of James & Mary
Fagan James 1837-1923 hus. of Mary Murphy
Fagan James 1878-1938 son of James & Mary
Fagan John 1867-1920 son of James & Mary
Fagan Mary 1871-1897 dau. of James & Mary
Fagan Mary Murphy 1843-1923 wife of James
Fagan Mary O'Donnell 1888-1919  
Fagan Paul 1882-1948 son of James & Mary
Falk Charles 1864-1926 hus. of Hannah E.
Falk Hannah E. Sullivan 1867-1919 wife of Charles
Farley Mary 1850-1915  
Farrell Frank 1830-1915 hus. of Mary Mangan
Farrell Mary Mangan 1834-1909 wife of Frank
Felice Baby died 1939  
Ferrara Elisabetta 1914-1918  
Fiato Alexander Jr. 1914-1935 Appears to be the son of Allesandro & Francesca
Fiato Allesandro 1886-1975 hus of Francesca M.
Fiato Dominick 1919-1977  
Fiato Dominick 1910-1918 Appears to be the son of Allesandro & Francesca
Fiato Francesca M. 1883-1949 wife of Allesandro
Fiato Patsy 1915-1918 Appears to be the son of Allesandro & Francesca
Fiato Peter 1910-1914 Appears to be the son of Allesandro & Francesca
Fiato Ralph 1924-1929 Appears to be the son of Allesandro & Francesca
Fikes baby 1916-1916 next to grave of James C. Fikes
Fikes Charles J. 1878-1941 hus. of Katherine E.
Fikes James C. 1918-1984 next to grave of baby Fikes; bronze plaque reads WOJG U. S. ARMY WWII
Fikes Katherine E. 1882-1969 wife of Charles J.
Fikes Mildred G. 1905-1989 wife of Orange James
Fikes Orange James 1906-1947 hus. of Mildred G.
Finnigan James C. 1853-1932 hus. of Susan E.
Finnigan Susan E. 1862-1935 wife of James C.
Fiorentino John 1920-1921  
Fiorentino Lucy 1900-1923 "And Infant Son James"
Fiori Sebastian 1891-1923  
Fisztick Stanley 1902-1918  
Fitzgerald Elizabeth Boulton 1888-1915 wife of Thomas
Fitzgerald Thomas 1875-no date hus. of Elizabeth Boulton
Flood Earl 1903-1918  
Flood Edna 1901-1901  
Flood Mary E. 1870-1950  
Flood Matthew 1865-1932  
Foisey Edmond 1869-1937  
Foisey Minnie 1874-1943  
Ford John Kelly 1867-1916  
Fortino Rose 1870-1907  
Fountunello Baby Maria 1919-1921  
Fox Thomas 2/4/1853-10/4/1907  
Francino Carmela 6/26/1919-1/19/1921  
Furcha Adeline Furtan 1834-1906  
Furcha Elizabeth Rady 1870-1895  
Furcha julia 1872-no date  
Furcha Lavinia 1858-1923  
Furcha Mathias 1895-1896  
Furcha Narcissa 1867-no date  
Furcha Peter 1876-1941  
Furlong Bridget Donohoe 1861-1920 wife of Robert
Furlong Robert 1853-1930 hus. of Bridget
Fursman Catherine Dwyer 1864-1938 wife of Jesse William
Fursman Harry 1904-1964 son of Jesse & Catherine
Fursman James Fagan 9/2/1900-4/4/1959 bronze plaque reads "New Jersey; PFC HQ CO 114 INF 29 DIV WWI
Fursman Jesse William 1867-1931 hus. of Catherine Dwyer
Fursman Marion E. 1895-1975 dau. of Jesse & Marion
Furtan Angelic 1848-1909 wife of Oliver
Furtan Elizabeth 1883-1904 dau. of Oliver & Angelic
Furtan John 1888-1904 son of Oliver & Angelic
Furtan Lavina 1878-1904 dau. of Oliver & Angelic
Furtan Lena 1869-1944  
Furtan Oliver 1840-1911 hus. of Angelic
Gaffey Frances Manion 1887-1920 dau. of John T. & Margaret Dority
Gallo Frank 1867-1943 hus. of Mary
Gallo Mary 1871-1949 wife of Frank
Gallo Thomas 1895-1912 son of Frank & Mary; stone reads "born Herkimer Feb. 24, 1895 died Oneonta Feb. 17, 1912"
George C. 12/6/1922-9/6/1923  
Glinski Valerie 1874-1958  
Gnout Anna 1863-1925  
Gnout Frances B. 1873-1920  
Gnout George 1877-1942  
Gnout Thomas L. 1898-1960  
Gnout Valentine 1841-1907  
Gogol Josephine 1893-19 - no date This is a single stone with both Peter & Josephine's names on it but no death dates. This could indicate that no burial took place here.
Gogol Peter 1886-19 - no date This is a single stone with both Peter & Josephine's names on it but no death dates. This could indicate that no burial took place here.
Gokey John B. 1884-1947 hus. of Matilda
Gokey Matilda 1893-1961 wife of John B.
Golicki Jozef 1882-1921  
Goverinski Joseph 1864-1946 hus. of Katherine
Goverinski Katherine 1874-1918 wife of Joseph
Goverinski Veronica 1904-1992  
Goverinski Victoria 1909-1986  
Griffin William D. 6/17/1896-10/5/1962 "PFC Co H 30 NY Inf WWI PH"
Grogan Margaret 1860-1899 her name is inscribed on the Kiley Family stone with the notation "wife of M. Gorhan"
Halpin Edward M. 1885-1959 hus. of Mary P.
Halpin James E. 1924-1927 son of Edward M. & Mary P.
Halpin Mary P. 1885-1951 wife of Edward M.
Halpin Rev. James H. 1859-1906  
Haponski Richard T. 1924-1925  
Hartigan David J. 1947-1947  
Hartigan Katherine C. died 1958 wife of Maurice
Hartigan Maurice died 1908 hus. of Katherine C.
Harvey Ellen Garmon 1850-1925  
Harvey Emma B. 1879-1965  
Harvey Joseph A. 1842-1898  
Heffron James 1841-1933 hus. of Margaret Carver
Heffron Margaret Carver 1849-1907 wife of James
Heffron Mary B. 1869-1926 dau. of James & Margaret
Heinzelman Christian 1844-1923 hus. of Mary M. Botts
Heinzelman John 8/21/1858-6/25/1865 son of Markus & Ursula
Heinzelman John P. 1919-1989 S/Sgt U. S. Army WWII
Heinzelman John P. 1884-1977  
Heinzelman Markus 4/29/1821-11/12/1868 hus. of Ursula
Heinzelman Markus 10/17/1862-11/8/1863 son of Markus & Ursula
Heinzelman Martha 11/4/1852-9/24/1853 dau. of Markus & Ursula
Heinzelman Mary M. Botts 1855-1909 wife of Christian
Heinzelman Mary S. 1888-1899 dau. of Christian & Mary
Heinzelman Sebastian 3/6/1851-6/10/1852 son of Markus & Ursula
Heinzelman Ursula 10/19/1819-8/26/1897 wife of Markus
Hellenack Felix 1859-1901  
Hellenack Frank H. 1860-1946 hus. of Mary A.
Hellenack Gertrude B. 1896-1977 Odd coincidence that Gertrude & Roy have the same birth & death dates
Hellenack John 1825-1906 hus. of Mary
Hellenack Leslie F. 1898-1918 son of Frank & Mary. "L.F. Co M 1st Inf. NYG Died in Service"
Hellenack Mary A.    
Hellenack Mary A. 1874-1952 wife of Frank H.
Hellenack Michael 1876-1938  
Hellenack Roy 1896-1977 Odd coincidence that Roy & Gertrude have the same birth & death dates
Hellenack Michael J. 3/14/1915-3/26/1970 "New York Sgt. US Army WWII"
Hellenack Jacob 1867-1948  
Hellenack Amelia 1873-1934  
Hellenack Ida S. Alexander 1904-1933  
Hellenack/ Weiss Alexander J. 1910-1999 Alexander's name appears on this stone with 2 surnames but it is uncertain which is his
Hellenack/ Weiss Helen A. 1918-1997 Helen's name appears on this stone with 2 surnames but it is uncertain which is hers
Hempstead Christina 1849-1905 wife of Jeremiah
Hempstead Jeremiah 1842-1905 hus. of Christina
Henneberg Paul 1887-1944 hus. of Stella Golicki
Henneberg Stella Golicki 1889-1962 wife of Paul
Henneberg Frieda Nied 1919-1922 daughter of Paul & Stella
Hogan Georgia Padgham 1894-1920  
Hopkins Linn L. 6/17/1906-2/8/1999 "Tec 5 US Army World War II"
Horan Elizabeth D. 1898-1968  
Houghton Julia Crough 1889-1923 sister of Charles D.
Howe Alice L. 1893-1911 dau. of Thomas W. & Mary M.
Howe Cecil C. 1889-1919  
Howe Gladys L. 1/9/1902-4/10/1973  
Howe Lauren A. 8/8/1891-9/10/1954 "Sgt. SC 152 Depot Brigade World War I"
Howe Leroy V. 1886-1906 son of Thomas W. & Mary M.
Howe Mary M. 1855-1932 wife of Thomas W.
Howe Thomas W. 1849-1917 hus. of Mary M.
Howe W. Emmett 1880-1934 son of Thomas W. & Mary M.
Hubert Two stones with only the word "HUBERT". No other data.
Huestis Catherine C. 1870-1955  
Hulbert George S. 1915-1919  
Ingerham John 1943-1946 "Son of A. William & Rose T."
Jouben Peter 1880-1922  
Joy Lewis J. 1910-1982  
Joy James C. 1915-1923  
Joy Joseph 1882-1934 hus. of Jennie M.
Joy Jennie M. 1889-1944 wife of Joseph
Joy James 1915-1923  
Juliani Murinia 1920-1921  
Kaine Ethel 1913-1914 dau. of Michael & Mary
Kaine Evelyn 1911-1912 dau. of Michael & Mary
Kaine Mary 1889-1981 wife of Michael
Kaine Michael 1854-1952 hus. of Mary
Kane Claribel V. 1895-1956 wife of Harold R.
Kane Harold R. 1891-1953 hus. of Claribel V.
Kastanas N. D. died 1890 this grave is in a section of the cemetery that is mostly children's graves
Keller Barbara 1886-1968 wife of Morris J.
Keller Morris J. 1880-1941 hus. of Barbara
Kelly James 1847-1927 hus. of Maria Manion
Kelly Maria Manion 1852-1917 wife of James
Kelsey Catherine Morgan 1824-1890 wife of Charles
Kelsey Charles 1822-1893 hus. of Catherine Morgan
Kennedy James B. 1844-1920 hus. of Teresa
Kennedy James B. 1885-1941  
Kennedy Joseph E. 1891-1950  
Kennedy Mary E. 1881-1942  
Kennedy Robert E. 1912-1976 "US Army World War II"
Kennedy Teresa Flood 1847-1920 wife of James B.
Kenner Amelia 1899-1920 "Wife of Peter Kenner"
Kessler Anna Baulig 1868-1944 wife of Jacob
Kessler Ernest 1897-1949 "33rd Art. CAC World War I"
Kessler Jacob 1867-1926 hus of Anna
Kessler Joseph George 1896-1918 son of Jacob & Anna
Kiley Elizabeth no dates name inscribed on the Kiley family stone
Kiley Elizabeth A. 1853-1937  
Kiley Ellen no dates name inscribed on the Kiley family stone
Kiley Jennie C. 1853-1915  
Kiley John S. 1853-1926  
Kiley Maggie no dates name inscribed on the Kiley family stone
Kiley Margaret 1820-no date stone inscribed "wife of John Kiley"
Kiley Mary no dates name inscribed on the Kiley family stone
Kiley Michael no dates name inscribed on the Kiley family stone
Kiley Peter 1860-1891  
King Lawrence 1910-1987 hus. of Clara M.
King Clara M. 1911-1993  
King Franklin A. 1879-1934 hus.of Anna Friery
King Anna Friery 1872-1921 wife of Franklin A.
King F. Paul 1903-1972 hus. of Mary J.
King Mary J. 1910-1977 wife of F. Paul
Kinney Ella 1864-1937  
Kinney Eugene 1872-1938  
Kinney Margaret 1840-1896 wife of Owen
Kinney Owen 1836-1906 hus. of Margaret
Kinney Patrick 1865-1931  
Klug Charles F. 7/26/1861-3/14/1912 hus. of Minnie Miller
Klug Minnie Miller 12/15/1866-8/20/1961 wife of Charles F.
Klys no name died 3/18/1931 "Son of John & Frances"; this grave is in a section of the cemetery that is mostly children's graves
Krawczeski Andrew 1859-1960 hus. of Lucy
Krawczeski Edmund J. 1909-1992 hus. of Gertrude J.
Krawczeski Gertrude J. 1913-1988 wife of Edmund J.
Krawczeski John 1891-1917  
Krawczeski Lucy 1872-1950 wife of Andrew
Krivickas Povlas 1873-1918 Inscription is in Cyrillic

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