Part 2

Surnames A - K

Adamczyk Martin 1886-1957 Hus. Of Mary
Adamczyk Mary 1889-1963 Wife of Martin
Adamko George 1891-1971 Hus. Of Pauline
Adamko Joann 1952-1953 Daughter of Stella M.
Adamko Pauline 1895-1950 Wife of George
Adamko Stella M. 1925-1996  
Adams Robert D. 1932-1953 2nd LT 1209 US Army Post QM
Ager Anna M. 1868-1943  
Ager William A. 1866-1954 Hus. Of Anna M.
Ahern Agnes T. Morley 1874-1949 Wife of Thomas J.
Ahern Francis J. 8/23/1905-8/26/1970 Son of Thomas J. & Agnes T.; PFC 1259 SVC Comd Unit World War II
Ahern Thomas J. 1872-1933 Hus. Of Agnes T. Morley
Ahern Walter J. 8/22/1907-11/15/1965 Son of Thomas J. & Agnes T.; CPL US Army World War II
Aidukiewicz Mary 1892-1949 Wife of Vincent
Aidukiewicz Vincent 1891-1953 Hus. Of Mary F.
Alexander Charles F. 1898-1977 Hus. Of Pearl
Alexander Pearl 1885-1978 Wife of Charles F.
Alexander Sam 1886-1941  
Alexandrowicz Joseph 1876-1944 Hus. Of Victoria
Alexandrowicz Victoria 1892-1981 Wife of Joseph
Alfano George 1880-1974 Hus. Of Raffaela
Alfano Raffaela Servadio 1894-1924 Wife of George
Aloisio Dominick F. "Dr." 1900-1945 Hus. Of Marianna
Aloisio Louis 1877-1931  
Aloisio Marianna 1879-1937 Wife of Dr. Dominick F.
Altamuro Carmela 1927-1939  
Amell William J. Jr. 1927-1934  
Amond Charles E. 1876-1958 Hus. Of Elizabeth
Amond Elizabeth 1882-1951 Wife of Charles E.
Angelotti Anthony 3/11/1926-7/3/1926 Son of Giuseppe & Vittoria
Angelotti Giuseppe 1891-1972 Hus. Of Vittoria
Angelotti Joseph N. 12/1/1891-2/12/1972 New York Pvt. Co. E 109th Inf World War I PH
Angelotti Vittoria 1897-1978 Wife of Giuseppe
Annutto Antoinette L. Campagna 1905-1941  
Annutto Antonio 1871-1940 hus of Domenica
Annutto Domenica 1880-1938 Wife of Antonio
Annutto Florence M. 2/23/1915-5/31/2001  
Antonicelli Dominick 2/17/1880-2/6/1927  
Arnold Mary A. 1860-1946  
Atkins Augustus B. 1910-1987 "Gus"; hus of Sofie K.
Atkins Francis 1934-1944 "Our Son Tatty" Son of Augustus & Sofie K.
Atkins Sofie K. 1910-1989 Wife of Augustus B.
Audycki Johanna 1860-1934  
Audycki Waclaw 1859-1950 Hus. Of Johanna
Austin Bert E. 1891-1957 Hus. Of Florence Lynch
Austin Florence Lynch 1892-1957 Wife of Bert E.
Avenoso Michele 1879-1927  
Averson Jennie 1888-1935  
Averson Peter 1884-1942  
Baggetta Diane R. 1954-1954  
Baggetta Fortunato 1891-1981 Hus. Of Laura
Baggetta Laura 1903-1997 Wife of Fortunato
Baker Howard B. 1882-1924  
Baltico Vincenzo 1880-1945 Hus. Of Vittoria
Baltico Vittoria 1880-1955 Wife of Vincenzo
Bankus John 1888-1951 Hus. Of Sophia
Bankus Sophia 1892-1977 Wife of John
Bankus Walter J. 1920-1939 Son of John & Sophia
Barberio Dominick 1885-1946 Hus. Of Mary Caivanna
Barberio Fannie R. 1920-1938 Daughter of Victor & Felicia
Barberio Felicia 1900-1923 Wife of Victor
Barberio Gregoroi 1863-1934  
Barberio Mary Caivanna 1892-1967 Wife of Dominick
Barberio Victor 1892-1961 Hus. Of Felicia
Barbo Eva died 1923 Wife of Stanley
Barbo Stanley died 1939 Hus. Of Eva
Barbo Stanley died 1955 Son of Stanley & Eva
Barbolla Maria 1887-1941 Wife of Patsy
Barbolla Patsy 1892-1977 Hus. Of Maria
Barnum Gladys 1902-1970  
Barr Anthony 1873-1929 Hus. Of nancy
Barr Betty Zeider 1906-1997 Wife of John S.
Barr John S. 1900-1986 Hus. Of Betty Zeider
Barr Nancy 1876-1930 Wife of Anthony
Barron Edward F. 1869-1959 Hus. Of Sara J.
Barron Sara J. 1872-1934 Wife of Edward F.
Barry Margaret 1872-1936 Wife of Patrick
Barry Patrick 1866-no date Hus. Of Margaret
Bartnik Walter 1897-1958  
Bates Arthur Dygert 1906-1989  
Beauchamp Adelbert 6/11/1887-4/16/1957 New York 16 Co. 153 Depot Brigade World War I
Beauchamp Bennie W. 1893-1940  
Belair Alice J. 1907-1969 Wife of Arthur B.
Belair Arthur B. 1903-1947 Hus. Of Alice J.
Belair George 1862-1942  
Belmonte Francesca Maria 1891-1955 Wife of Francesco Paulo
Belmonte Francesco Paulo 1890-1960 Hus. Of Francesca Maria
Belmonte Lazzero 1885-1939  
Belmonte Louis R. 1922-1965  
Belmonte Nicolina 1889-1958  
Bembnista Frances 1859-1928 Wife of Frank
Bembnista Frank 1859-1945 Hus. Of Frances
Bembnista Katherine 1899-1939 Daughter of Frank & Frances
Beran F. 1846-1926  
Bermudez Josephine 1913-1991  
Bernier Frank N. 1919-1994  
Bernier Henry J. 1900-1930  
Bernier Joseph 1877-1959 Hus. Of Philomena
Bernier Philomena 1888-1946 Wife of Joseph
Biel Anna died 2/2/1928 "Grandmother"
Bilinski Stanley 1913-1924  
Binda Mary A. 1899-1935  
Binder Jessie Maerie 1888-1934  
Birkenmeyer Raymond H. 1913-1940  
Bishop Eulalia K. 1895-1980 Wife of Millard E.
Bishop Millard E. 1901-1986 Hus. Of Eulalia K.
Blais Matilda 1869-1939  
Blanchard Genevieve 1886-1950 Wife of Louis E.
Blanchard Louis E. 1889-1952 Hus. Of Genevieve
Blasting F. 1864-1938  
Blasting M. 1882-1963  
Bobak Wiktorja Szelest 1873-1935  
Bobrowicz Anthony 1882-1931  
Bogan Delia no dates Wife of Michael J.
Bogan Michael J. 1856-1943 Hus. Of Delia
Bogdan Walter J. 11/19/1923-7/19/1996 PFC US Army Air Corps World War II
Boland Elizabeth K. 1891-1991 Wife of Jerry F.
Boland Jerry F. 1892-1935 Hus. Of Elizabeth K.
Bolicki Anna C. 1895-1974 Wife of Anthony
Bolicki Anthony 1895-1965 Hus. Of Anna C.
Bolicki Josephine 1919-1968 Dau. Of Anthony & Anna C.
Bolicki Walter 1917-1938 Son Of Anthony & Anna C.
Bonvino Anna 1903-1971 Wife of Vincent
Bonvino Vincent 1891-1967 Hus. Of Anna
Borkowski Ida 1888-1972 Wife of Romauld
Borkowski Romauld 1882-1951 Hus. Of Ida
Bouchard Olivina L. 1885-1963  
Boucher James C. 1954-1954  
Bowers Albert A. 1885-1964  
Bowers Clara T. 1878-1961  
Bowers Edward M. 1913-1933  
Bowers Harold R. 1910-1984  
Bowers Mabel M. 1893-1959  
Bowers Mary O'Brien 1877-1939  
Bowers Theresa Kennedy 1856-1923 "Wife of Albert J. Bowers"
Bowers William D. 1/2/1873-11/29/1956 New York LDS US Navy Spanish-American War
Boyer Edward A. 1881-1940 Hus. Of May L.
Boyer May L. 1888-1962 Wife of Edward A.
Brasun Rose 1905-1923 Wife of William  
Brasun William 1899-1942 Hus. Of Rose
Breen Grace 1879-1964 Wife of William J.
Breen William J. 1873-1935 Hus. Of Grace
Brennan Flora C. 1897-1953 Sister of Gertrude M. & Joseph P. Brennan
Brennan Gertrude M. 1889-1966 Sister of Flora C. & Joseph P. Brennan
Brennan Joseph P. 1893-no date Brother of Flora C. & Gertrude M. Brennan
Brizzi Domenico 1867-1937  
Brown George D. 1872-1946  
Brown Herbert B. 1887-1938 Hus. Of Margaret A.
Brown Margaret A. 1889-1978 Wife of Herbert B.
Buchman Albert 1886-1943 Hus. Of Mary
Buchman Edmund 1918-1925 Son of Albert & Mary
Buchman Joan P. 3/27/1942-10/4/1942 Daughter of Albert & Mary
Buchman Mary 1886-1950 Wife of Albert
Buchman Mary A. 1909-1981 Daughter of Albert & Mary
Buchman Sophia B. 1908-1978 Daughter of Albert & Mary
Buczkowski Grzegoz 1886-1933  
Bugelli Athos 1886-1935  
Bunnie Andrew 1874-1954 Hus. Of Bertha
Bunnie Bertha 1877-1932 Wife of Andrew
Bunoski Mary 1880-1936 Wife of Michael
Bunoski Michael 1869-1935 Hus. Of Mary
Burczycki Helena 1895-1948 Wife of Michael
Burczycki Michael 1889-1965 Hus. Of Helena
Burger Adolph C. 1890-1959 Hus. Of Sarah A.
Burger Sarah A. 1893-1947 Wife of Adolph C.
Burns Eva W. 1898-1964 Wife of John J.
Burns George F. 1894-1942 Son of John & Jessie
Burns Jessie Finnegan 1858-1923 Wife of John
Burns John 1843-1906 Hus. Of Jessie Finnegan
Burns John J. 1892-1953 Hus. Of Eva W.
Burns John "Jr." 1896-1928 Son of John & Jessie
Burns Mary Ann 1882-1941 Daughter of John & Jessie
Butler Francis 1876-1961  
Byrnes Henry P. 1889-1971 Hus of Julia Murphy
Byrnes Julia Murphy 1887-1976 Wife of Henry P.
Cacciatore "Baby" Lisa died 11/29/1969 in plot with Julius & Angelina Enea
Caliguire C. & T. died 1925 "Twins C & T Caliguire"
Caliguire Carl J. 4/17/1935-11/2/1993 US Navy
Caliguire Joesph A. 1919-1955 PFC 4th Div. 22d Inf. Reg. World War II
Caliguire Joseph 1884-1961 Hus. Of Rose
Caliguire Rose 1893-1953 Wife of Joseph
Campese Maria Celesta 1885-1936  
Cangelmo Pasquale 1851-1933  
Cannistra Francesca 1880-19?? Wife of Pasquale; the numbers in the death date are broken but appear to be 60
Cannistra Pasquale 1875-1931 Hus. Of Francesca
Carbano Emma E. Hutt 1874-1933 "Wife of William Carbano"
Carbone Anthony 1891-1971 Hus. of Mary
Carbone Mary 1895-1983 Wife of Anthony
Carbone Nancy 1912-1929  
Cardamone Maria Rosa 1861-1931  
Carney "Baby" John died Aug. 1965  
Carney Edward Peter 1870-1933 Hus. Of Mary Ann
Carney Mary Ann 1873-1954 Wife of Edward Peter
Carney Mary K. 1896-1994 Appears to be daughter of Edward Peter & Mary Ann
Carpenter Emma L. Domser 1855-1959 Wife of Walter G.
Carpenter Robert S. "Pvt." 1897-1952 "102nd Field Signal Bn. World War I"
Carpenter Walter G. 1859-1923 Hus. Of Emma L. Domser
Carr Rubie Green 1913-1932  
Carrig Lena May 1890-1938  
Carrow Rose 1870-1939  
Casale Antonio 1883-1934 Hus. Of Francesca
Casale Edo A. 1910-1961  
Casale Francesca 1887-1938 Wife of Antonio
Casler Anna Fullem 1889-1932 Wife of Arthur B.
Casler Arthur B. 1890-1975 Hus. Of Anna Fullem
Cassese Joseph T. 1923-1981 US Marine Corps World War II
Casullo Angelo 1916-1930  
Casullo Grace 1898-1954 Wife of Patsy
Casullo Patsy 1891-1963 Hus. Of Grace
Cate Clifford K. 1910-1973  
Caudello Aurelia 1891-1978 Wife of Theodore
Caudello Theodore 1888-1939 Hus. Of Aurelia
Celi Carlo 1925-1927  
Celio Giovina 1885-1945 Wife of Pio
Celio Guido 1922-1923  
Celio Pio 1885-1967 Hus. Of Giovina
Cenza Camillo 1890-1966 Hus. Of Josephine
Cenza Josephine 1896-1956 Wife of Camillo
Chavoustie Alice L. 1888-1952 Wife of John
Chavoustie John 1882-1935 Hus. Of Alice L.
Cherry Wisniewski Evelyn Lopaski 1908-1997
Cherry Wisniewski Stanley P. 1906-1984
Chirico Ida 1894-1995 Wife of M. Joseph
Chirico M. Joseph 1888-1990 Hus. Of Ida
Chirico Marco Matteo 1928-1928 "Son of Joseph & Ida Chirico"
Chirico Maria Teresa 1862-1940  
Christian Catherine Finnegan 1865-1958 Wife of R. P.
Christian Elma 1897-1965 Daughter of R. P. & Catherine
Christian Georgene 1887-1972 Daughter of R. P. & Catherine
Christian James C. 1903-1930 Son of R. P. & Catherine
Christian Malcolm 1891-1959 Son of R. P. & Catherine
Christian Peter L. 1900-1925 Son of R. P. & Catherine
Christian R. P. 1863-1922 Hus. Of Catherine Finnegan
Cimino Giuseppe A. 1899-1925 "Latua Memoria Sempre Connoi"
Cimino Jiacento 1905-1931  
Cimino Joseph 1945-1945  
Cimino Josephine 1872-1964  
Cinquino Rose 1879-1927  
Cinquino Vincenzo 1875-1949  
Cirelli Palma 1864-1945 Wife of Pietro
Cirelli Pietro 1864-1946 Hus. Of Palma
Cirillo Dominick 1887-1970 Hus. Of Victoria W.
Cirillo Frank 1879-1971 Hus. Of Josephine
Cirillo Joseph 1883-1977 Hus of Victoria
Cirillo Josephine 1883-1968 Wife of Frank
Cirillo Louise 1901-1959  
Cirillo Victoria 1886-1956 Wife of Joseph
Cirillo Victoria W. 1889-1930 Wife of Dominick
Clemens Herbert O. 5/18/1889-8/27/1957 "New York Pvt. US Army World War I"
Clemens Julia Domser no dates her stone has a veteran's flag marker
Clemente Anna 1870-1963 Wife of John
Clemente John 1866-1953 Hus. Of Anna
Coffey Alice J. 1907-1976  
Coffey Anne H. 1876-1935 Wife of James
Coffey James 1872-1960 Hus. Of Anne H.
Coffey James M. 1909-1972  
Coffey John Sr. 1915-1995 Hus. Of Veronica
Coffey Veronica 1922-1996 Wife of John Sr.
Colangelo Mary 1898-1996 Wife of Paul
Colangelo Paul 1896-1974 Hus. Of Mary
Colella Jacob   stone has sunk so that dates are not visible
Collins Carole A. 1939-1947 Daughter of Willian H. & Jessie A.
Collins Jessie A. 1901-1989 Wife of William H.
Collins Robert L. 4/26/1872-11/22/1947  
Collins William H. 11/17/1896-1/18/1970 New York Sea US Coast Guard World War I
Collins William H. 1896-1970 Hus. Of Jessie A.
Coman Elsie M. 3/15/1894-9/14/1993 Wife of william E.
Coman William E. 6/11/1895-2/17/1946 Hus. Of Elsie M.; New York Pvt. 336 MG BN 87 Div.
Connolly Eleanor Bailey 1913-1947  
Conroy John C. Sr. 1888-1951 Hus. Of Myrtle L.
Conroy Myrtle L. 1898-1967 Wife of John C. Sr.
Conroy Richard J. 1938-1979  
Cook Clarence J. 1887-1949 Hus. Of Mary J. Perry
Cook Mary J. Perry 1884-1976 Wife of Clarence J.
Corbett Bartholomew J. 1887-1965 Hus. Of Margaret E.
Corbett Helen D. 1918-1929 Daughter of Bartholomew J. & Margaret E.
Corbett Margaret E. 1889-1973 Wife of Bartholomew J.
Coutremont Lillian 1920-1944  
Crisino Mary 1880-1934 "Mother"
Cristello Bruno 1889-1957 Father Of Mary
Cristello Mary 1916-1992 Daughter Of Bruno
Cristiano Frederick 1938-1946 "Grandson" of Pietro & Maria Concetta
Cristiano Joseph P. 1917-1995 Probably son of Pietro & Maria Concetta
Cristiano Maria Concetta 1893-1957 Wife of Pietro
Cristiano Pietro 1892-1971 Hus. Of Maria Concetta
Cucinotta Anna Pugliese Cimino 1912-1997  
Cuda Angelo 1883-1940 Hus. Of Giovanna
Cuda Anthony R. 1919-1944  
Cuda Giovanna 1886-no date Wife of Angelo
Cuda Joseph T. 1880-1957 Hus. Of Marianna A.
Cuda Marianna A. 1876-1947 Wife of Joseph T.
Cugliandro Angelo 10/27/1914-9/15/1984 Hus. Of Lillian F.; Sgt. US Army World War II
Cugliandro Antonio 1881-1951 Hus. Of Maria Teresa
Cugliandro Dominic J. 5/2/1920-4/21/1991 Son of Antonio & Maria Teresa
Cugliandro John 1928-1943 Son of Antonio & Maria Teresa
Cugliandro Lillian F. 1931-1970 Wife of Angelo
Cugliandro Maria Teresa 1890-1966 Wife of Antonio
Curley Ethel E. 1902-1995 Wife of John F.
Curley John F. 1895-1952 Hus of Ethel E.
Cyr Paul Arthur 5/10/1896-4/20/1965 NY Pvt. Co. B 74th Inf. 12th Div. World War II
Czarnecki Edward 1881-1951 Hus. Of Helen
Czarnecki Helen 1889-1963 Wife of Edward
Czarnecki Ludwick 1908-1963 Son of Edward & Helen; "Vet. of WWII"
Czerniawski Anna 1893-1983  
Czerniawski Francis 1915-1960  
Czerniawski Jan 1881-1971  
Czerniawski Walter D. 8/3/1924-10/11/1953 Sgt. US Marine Corps Worls War II
D'Agostino Elizabeth 1923-1924  
Daley Eltina Cumm 1906-1949 Wife of Raymond
Daley Raymond A. 1905-1956 Hus. Of Eltina Cumm
Daly Walter J. 1897-1944  
D'Ambrosio Angelina 1890-1942  
Damidowicz Joseph 1864-1951 Hus. Of mary
Damidowicz Mary 1871-1945 Wife of Joseph
Dantona Giovanni B. 1874-1940  
D'Antona Casilda 1912-1966  
D'Antona Maria Rosa 1890-1966  
Dargis Agnes 1896-1965 Wife of Dominick
Dargis Dominick "Jr." 1923-1976 A.O. 2/C World War II
Dargis Dominick "Sr." 1894-1956 Hus. Of Agnes
Dargis Donald J. 1951-1954  
Davis Catherine E. 1903-1997 on same stone as William & Anna Jess
DeCeglie Anna 1907-1986 Wife of Joseph
DeCeglie Joseph 1896-1983 Hus. Of Anna
DeCristina Joseph 1909-1930  
DeGristina "Husband" 1876-1958  
DeGristina "Wife" 1876-1942  
DeGristina Natale 1938-1938 Same stone as Jonathon Silver
Demasi Luigi 1886-1963  
DePalma Gerardo 1895-1986 Hus. Of Olivia DeMozzi
DePalma Olivia DeMozzi 1894-1962 Wife od Gerardo
DePergola Filippo 1882-1930  
Derrick Bridget A. 1855-1929 Wife of Charles J.
Derrick Charles J. 1853-1924 Hus. Of Bridget A.
Derrick John F. 1881-1944 Hus. Of Nellie C.
Derrick Nellie C. 1885-1958 Wife of John F.
DesGrosiellier George 1866-1944 Hus. Of Leah E.
DesGrosiellier Leah E. 1878-1938 Wife of George
DesRosiers Ernest 1/29/1872-1/22/1948 Hus. Of Lucia
DesRosiers Lucia 2/15/1879-1/9/1956 Wife of Ernest
DesRosiers Francis L. "Rev." 11/10/1902-7/20/1956 Son of Ernest & Lucia; "Ordained 5/25/1929"
DeWitt Alexander 1870-1952 Hus. Of Mary C.
DeWitt Mary C. 1868-1961 Wife of Alexander
Dibble Elizabeth 1876-1945 Wife of Levirn
Dibble Levirn 1878-1958 Hus. Of Elizabeth
DiBiasi Nicola 1864-1934  
Dignan Nora 1869-1956 Wife of Owen
Dignan Owen 1881-1964 Hus. Of Nora
Dillard Flossie 1891-1954  
DiMatteo Cataldo 1887-1931 Hus. Of Jennie
DiMatteo Jennie 1900-1949 Wife of Cataldo
Dineen Daniel 1884-1946 Hus. Of Martha
Dineen Joseph D. 10/24/1914-2/22/1977 Hus. Of Rita Carney; CPL US Army World War II
Dineen Martha 1884-1971 Wife of Daniel
Dineen Rita Carney 1915-1996 Wife of Joseph
Dinneen Mary Brady 1876-1946 Wife of Patrick J.
Dinneen Patrick J. 1868-1944 Hus. Of Mary Brady
Domina Louis 1899-1944  
Donato Achille 7/14/1897-12/20/1964 Pvt. US Army World War II
Donato Susanna 1898-1940  
Donato Tomaso 1890-1942  
Drennan James F. 1880-1957 Hus. Of Marie R.
Drennan Marie R. 1889-1936 Wife of James F.
Duell John 1858-1934 Hus. Of Margaret E.
Duell Margaret E. 1864-1930 Wife of John
Duignan Mary D. 1884-1957 Wife of Mary D.
Duignan Peter 1879-1947 Hus. Of Mary
Dunn Abraham 1873-1931  
Dunn/Curran Clifford 1889-1975 two surnames on this stone
Dunn/Curran Floyd M. 5/11/1906-9/26/1953 two surnames on this stone; New York Tech 5 HQ Co. 422 Inf. World War II
Dunn/Curran Mabel M. 1901-1990 two surnames on this stone
Dunn/Curran William M. 1904-1956 two surnames on this stone
Dunning Alice C. Van Nais 1887-1948 1st Wife of John P.
Dunning John P. 1892-1970 Hus. Of Alice C. Van Nais
Dunning Mary Mackin 1892-2001 2nd wife of John P.
Dygert Charles H. 1878-1970 Hus. Of Mary C.
Dygert Mary C. 1896-1992 Wife of Charles H.
Dypa "Father" 1870-1939  
Dypa "Mother" 1872-1942  
Dzimitrowicz Helen 1888-1944  
Dzimitrowicz Peter 1875-1935  
Emery Shelton N. 1882-1959  
Emrich Bert H. 1894-1956 Hus. Of Margaret S.
Emrich Margaret S. 1891-1977 Wife of Bert H.
Endres Anna 1880-1940 Wife of Baptist
Endres Baptist 1883-1948 Hus. Of Anna
Endres George F. 1915-1991 Hus. Of Lola M.; Army World War II
Endres Lola M. 1921-1999 Wife of Lola M.
Enea Angelina 1890-1962 Wife of Julius
Enea Julius 1887-1947 Hus. Of Angelina
English Albert A. 1883-1944  
English Anna A. 1885-1954  
English Catherine A. 1918-1978  
Eramo Dominick J. 8/8/1913-3/28/1989 hus. Of Giovannina; PFC US Army World War II
Eramo Giovannina 1872-1950 Wife of Dominick J.
Eramo John 1924-1930  
Eramo John 1872-1934  
Eramo Theresa A. 1896-1981 Wife of Vincent
Eramo Vincent F. 1894-1955 Hus. Of Theresa
F. P. only initials on stone died 1925 Concrete cross
Facteau Alfred 1887-1973 Hus. Of Elizabeth
Facteau Elizabeth 1890-1936 Wife of Alfred
Facteau Joseph 1883-1967 Hus. Of Liza
Facteau Liza 1881-1950 Wife of Joseph
Facteau Winifred M. 1906-1949  
Fagan James C. 1867-1945  
Fagan Julia E. 1876-1945 Wife of William T.
Fagan William T. 1873-1937 Hus. Of Julia E.
Fahey Helen Harris 1907-2000 Wife of James W.
Fahey James W. 1905-1964 Hus. Of Helen Harris
Falzerano Clementina 1895-1956 Wife of Sabatino
Falzerano Madelyn 1922-1930 Dau. Of Sabatino & Clementina
Falzerano Sabatino 1894-1964 Hus. Of Clementina
Farley Johanna died 1931 Wife of Thomas
Farley Thomas died 1937 Hus. Of Johanna
Farrell Grace C. 1902-1949  
Farrell Laura M. 1900-1991  
Farrell Lynn F. 1897-1969  
Farrell Nancy Claire 1932-1933  
Fasolilli Antonio 12/14/1922-6/10/1928  
Fazio Catherine 1901-1975 Wife of Joseph
Fazio Joseph 1896-1938 Hus. Of Catherine
Fazio Violet 1921-1924 dau of Joseph & Catherine
Fedele F. 1872-1953  
Fedele M. 1882-1939  
Ferguson Ella 1862-1934  
Ferguson John 1864-1926  
Ferguson Laura Voorhees McGraw 1902-1992  
Ferrucci "Baby" no dates  
Ferrucci Concetta 1916-1951  
Ferrucci Lucia 1884-1959 Wife of Michaelangelo
Ferrucci Marco A. 4/25/1906-9/3/1968 New York BM2 US Navy World War II
Ferrucci Michaelangelo 1872-1944 hus of Lucia
Festa John 1896-1946 Co. B 51st Pioneer Inf. World War I
Fietkiewicz Josef 1866-1941 Hus. Of Maria
Fietkiewicz Maria 1883-1954 Wife of Josef
Fiore "Baby" Paulina no dates  
Fiore Dominick 1889-1956 Hus. Of Theresa
Fiore Theresa 1889-1963 Wife of Dominick
Fiore Inez V. died 1978  
Fiorentino Angelino 1904-1971  
Fiorentino Corsignano 1896-1964 Wife of Salvatore
Fiorentino Domenico 1895-1948 Co B 1st Bn US Guard World War I
Fiorentino Filomena Terico 1871-1957  
Fiorentino Heather Lynn died 4/8/1975  
Fiorentino Mary 1904-1993  
Fiorentino Nicolo 1/14/1896-1/24/1968 New York PFC Co. M 107 Inf. World War I
Fiorentino Salvatore 1882-1966 Hus. Of Corsignano
Fiorito Vincenzo 1859-1930  
Fitzgerald Florence A. 1894-1993 Wife of Howard C.
Fitzgerald Howard C. 4/1/1895-10/11/1956 Hus. Of Florence A.; New York Sgt. BTRY A 36 Field Arty World War I
Fitzgerald James J. 1873-1923 Hus. Of Mary Kiley
Fitzgerald Mary Kiley 1874-1943 Wife of James J.
Foglino "Jackie" 1932-1943 Son of John & Emily
Foglino Emily 1908-1985 Wife of John
Foglino Frank 1899-1974 Hus. Of Mary
Foglino John 1901-1980 Hus. Of Emily
Foglino Joseph 1894-1930  
Foglino Mary 1902-2000 Wife of Frank
Foti Mary 1887-1967 Wife of Pasquale
Foti Nicholas 1921-1944 Co. I 16th Inf. 1st Div. World War II
Foti Pasquale 1882-1967 Hus. Of Mary
Fournier Noah 1861-1945  
Franchini Madalena 9/14/1916-10/14/1926  
Franchino Dominick 1881-1963 Hus. Of Lucia
Franchino Lucia 1881-1980 Wife of Dominick
Franco Dominica 1895-1954 Wife of Raymond
Franco Filomena 1863-1944  
Franco Joseph 1935-1948 Son of Virginia
Franco Pietro 1903-1923 Son of Raymond & Dominica
Franco Raymond 1891-1980 Hus. Of Dominica
Franco Thomas 1897-1950 Co. A 164th Inf. World War I
Franco Virginia 1906-1984 Mother of Joseph
Frankewich Frank J. 1874-1946 Hus. Of Mary F.
Frankewich Mary F. 1880-1979 Wife of Frank J.
Frederick Celia 1860-1925  
Fudjack Michael J. 1908-1954  
Fuino Rosa 1875-2/22/1923  
Fusco Salvatore 1882-1937  
Gaherty Helen O. 1891-1968 Wife of Henry V.
Gaherty Henry V. 1890-1950 Hus. Of Helen O.
Gallan Stefan 1878-1927  
Gallo Tomassina 1887-1936  
Galowicz Boleslaw 1881-1944  
Garlock Josephine Roberts 1899-1956  
Garren Homer Sr. 1876-1935 Hus. Of Philina
Garren Janet 1927-1937  
Garren Philina 1880-1962 Wife of Homer Sr.
Gelose Mary 1889-1952 Wife of Salvatore
Gelose Salvatore 1882-1965 Hus. Of Mary
George Dominick 1891-1968 Hus. Of Maria Rosa
George Maria Rosa 1894-1971 Wife of Dominick
Gerstenberg Mary J. 1883-1945 Wife of Richard P.
Gerstenberg Richard P. 1878-1946 Hus. Of Mary J.
Giangregorio Damiano 1886-1940 Hus. Of Maria louise
Giangregorio Maria Louise 1901-1961 Wife of Damiano
Giorgio Gregoro 1884-1953 Hus. of Maria Teresa
Giorgio Maria Teresa 1879-1951 Wife of Gregoro
Giudicianni Rosa 1864-1934  
Glinski Josephine 1866-1953 Wife of Thomas
Glinski Thomas 1867-1933 Hus. Of Josephine
Godlewski John 1913-1950 Son of Karl & Katherine
Godlewski Karl 1889-1983 Hus. Of Katherine
Godlewski Katherine 1891-1985 Wife of Karl
Goebel Violet 1927-1948  
Gogol John M. 1892-1957 Hus. Of Maria A.
Gogol Maria A. 1886-1941 Wife of John M.
Gokey Cecelia 1881-1935 Wife of Moses
Gokey Harley H. 1909-1959  
Gokey Moses 1871-1936 Hus. Of Cecelia
Goldsmith Adalaide 1907-1935 Daughter of Frank H. & Ella B.
Goldsmith Ella B. 1866-1929 Wife of Frank H.
Goldsmith Frank H. 1874-1950 Hus. Of Ella B.
Goldsmith Henry B. 1899-1973 Hus. Of Ruth A. Myers
Goldsmith Lucia 1898-1937 Daughter of Frank H. & Ella B.
Goldsmith Ottilia 1896-1941 Daughter of Frank H. & Ella B.
Goldsmith Ruth A. Myers 1899-1972 Wife of Henry B.
Gongzlea Mary 1921-1938  
Gorski Josephine 5/25/1857-4/24/1930  
Grande Carloina 1858-1939  
Grande Joseph 1892-1955 Hus. Of Josephine
Grande Josephine 1894-1958 Wife of Joseph
Grecynski "Baby" Mary E. died 1966  
Green Anna L. 1861-no date Wife of Thomas H.
Green Thomas H. 1864-1937 Hus. Of Anna L.
Greene Florence F. 1895-1932 Wife of James H.
Greene James H. 1880-1943 Hus. Of Florence F.
Gregory Frederick 1878-1936 Hus. Of Lula May
Gregory Lula May 1883-1966 Wife of Frederick
Grillo Isabella 10/28/1922-10/25/1924  
Grogan Agnes Barry 1897-1980 Wife of George
Grogan Anne J. 1911-1985  
Grogan George Thomas 1896-1944 Hus. Of Anges
Grogan Helyn D. 1903-1991  
Grogan Howard M. 1903-1963  
Grogan Mary Harris 1868-1926  
Grogan Nora J. 1902-1990  
Grogan Paul E. 1907-1967  
Grogan Robert M. 1900-1962  
Grogan Theodore Griswold 1922-1922 "Son of George & Agnes Grogan"
Grogan Thomas 1860-1918  
Grubner Alois 1867-1947 Hus. Of Josephine S.
Grubner Emil H. 1914-1943 Hus. Of Roberta J.
Grubner Josephine S. 1876-1939 Wife of Alois
Grubner Roberta J. 1917-1978 Wife of Emil H.
Grveiel Jason A. 8/31/76-9/2/76 No indication if the date is 1876 or 1976.
Guidi Agostino 1880-1956 Hus. Of Faustina
Guidi Antoinette 1915-1943  
Guidi Faustina 1886-1971 Wife of Agostino
Guidi Fiorello J. 2/18/1917-9/14/1972 New York PFC US Army World War II
Gunzer Karl 1887-1953 Hus. Of Kreszenz
Gunzer Karl J. 1930-1993 Son of Karl & Kreszenz
Gunzer Kreszenz 1894-1970 Wife of Karl
Guzzo Catherine 1888-1976  
Guzzo Francis A. 1885-1944  
Guzzo Ralph 1879-1952  
Hall Agatha D. 1909-1951  
Halpin Gertrude I. 1893-1980 Wife of Morris S.
Halpin James Bernard 1876-1955 Hus. Of Lillian Van Nais
Halpin Lillian Van Nais 1882-1957 Wife of James Bernard
Halpin Morris S. 1889-1932 Hus. Of Gertrude
Haponski Anthony 1876-1952 Hus. Of Zofia
Haponski Robert 1935-1940  
Haponski Zofia 1882-1975 Wife of Anthony
Harodecki Wasil 1869-1929  
Harris Mary M. 8/26/1934-5/13/1947  
Hartigan Elizabeth B. 1876-1946 Wife of Frank E.
Hartigan Frank E. 1873-1947 Hus. Of Elizabeth B.
Hayes George T. 1881-1962 Hus. Of Hannah M.
Hayes Hannah M. 1885-1973 Wife of George T.
Healey Leo T. 1902-1937  
Helmer Albert J. 1886-1952 Hus. Of Harriet E.
Helmer Harriet E. 1892-1991 Wife of Albert J.
Herkel Anna 1861-1943 Wife of Anthony
Herkel Anthony 1859-1924 Hus. Of Anna
Herkel Anthony "Jr." 1887-1965 Son of Anthony & Anna
Holynski Mary 1875-1959  
Holynski Walter J. 1900-1936 May be the son of Mary; Seaman US Navy
Homan Catherine Shanahan 1872-1943 Wife of Charles J.
Homan Charles J. 1863-1935 Hus. Of Catherine Shanahan
Homan Freda M. 1894-1986  
Houck John 1859-1927 Hus. Of Margaret
Houck Margaret 1861-1940 Wife of John
House Judy died 1955 "Infant Daughter of Russell & Ida House"
Huberty John 1867-1948 Hus. Of Marie
Huberty Marie 1867-1943 Wife of John
Hurteau Rose Marie 7/24/1942-10/8/1942  
J. H. R. only initials on stone died 1957  
Jackson Roy D. 1912-1941  
Jakimavicus Stanislavas   "Mires 1929 M. Lark 3. Amzous 38 Niu Miatu"
Jankowiak Antonia 1876-1953 Wife of Joseph
Jankowiak Chester 1902-1926 Son of Joseph & Antonia
Jankowiak Joseph 1875-*1927 Hus of Antonia
Jankowiak Sophie 1911-1927 Daughter of Joseph & Antonia
Janukaitis Peter 1883-1937 Hus. Of Stephania
Janukaitis Stephania 1889-1961 Wife of Peter
Jaworoski Constance L. 1876-1952  
Jess Anna E. 1882-1969 Wife of William H.
Jess William H. 1882-1944 Hus. Of Anna E.
Johnson James H. no dates Stones look old but can't be sure there's a burial here
Jones Albert J. 1874-1945
Jones Clarence R. 1889-1957 Hus. Of Edna K.
Jones Edna K. 1891-1991 Wife of Clarence R.
Jones Frances A. 1862-1944  
Jones Vincenty 1875-1935  
Jouben Rose 1868-1965  
Joy Frances 1876-1958 Wife of Ralph
Joy Ralph 1868-1935 Hus. Of Frances
Joyce Thomas 1862-1924  
Jurewicz Anna Z. 1888-1972 Wife of Jan A.
Jurewicz Jan A. 1879-1969 Hus. Of Anna Z.
Jurewicz John J. 1889-1935  
Kaboski Anthony 1882-1948 Hus. Of Mary
Kaboski Anthony 8/24/1919-5/21/1945 Son of Anthony & Mary; Co. C 263rd Engineers World War II
Kaboski Mary 1895-1978 Wife of Anthony
Kacprowski Catherine 1864-1940 Wife of John
Kacprowski John 1865-1949 Hus. Of Catherine
Kalwinski Christina 1877-1922  
Kaminski Helen 1896-1964 Wife of Walter
Kaminski Stanislaw 2/21/1918-10/12/1923 Son of Walter & Helen
Kaminski Walter 1893-1981 Hus. Of Helen
Kapusta Steve 1/9/1921-11/8/1998  
Karecki Eleanor died 1926  
Karecki Joseph 1893-1971 Hus. Of Mary
Karecki Leonard & Florence no dates "1 yr 2 wks"
Karecki Mary 1895-1972 Wife of Joseph
Kasiak Joseph R. 1915-1946 Son of Paul M. & Mary K.
Kasiak Mary K. 1891-1980 Wife of Paul M.
Kasiak Paul M. 1887-1946 Hus. Of Mary K.
Kasperowicz Amelia 1872-1938  
Kasperowicz Antoni 1867-1952 Hus. Of Konstancyja
Kasperowicz Konstancyja 1868-1926 Wife of Antoni
Keddell Martha H. 1896-1986 Wife of William J.
Keddell Maurice P. 3/1/1927-1/22/1946 "Died in Berlin"
Keddell William J. 1893-1972 Hus of Martha H.
Keller Frank F. 1890-1948 Hus. Of Jessie B.
Keller Jessie B. 1889-1954 Wife of Frank F.
Keller Jessie R. 1917-1996 Daughter of Frank F. & Jessie B.
Keller Tressa 1848-1926  
Kelly Henry 1889-1945  
Kelly John 1873-1958 Hus. Of Mary
Kelly Mary 1875-1960 Wife of John
Kenefick Jennie Murphy 1894-1951  
Kennedy no first name 1929-1929 "Infant Son of Basil D. Kennedy"
Kenyon Frank J. 1893-1954 Hus. Of Mary G.
Kenyon Mary G. 1887-1963 Wife of Frank J.
Kikutus Egnatinus 3/26/1895-2/15/1937  
Kilanowski Edith A. 1909-1997 Wife of Theodore W.
Kilanowski Joseph S. 1904-1949  
Kilanowski Robert 1937-1940 Son of Joseph S.
Kilanowski Theodore W. 1908-1975 Hus. Of Edith A.
Kilrain Maud M. 1888-1939 Wife of Patrick F.
Kilrain Patrick F. 1876-1937 Hus. Of Maud M.
King Anne Halpin 1908-1964 Wife of Maurice J.
King Maurice J. 1903-1990 Hus. Of Anne Halpin
Kinney Angelina 1890-1968  
Kinney Denetta 1921-1938  
Kinney Josephine 1920-1977  
Kinney Simone 1881-1936  
Kinney William no dates Stones look old but can't be sure there's a burial here
Kodz George R. 4/23/1921-7/20/1992 Hus. Of Josephine H.
Kodz Joseph P. 4/13/1876-8/5/1955 Hus. Of Wincenta S.
Kodz Josephine H. 6/16/1914-1/10/1944 Wife of George R.
Kodz Wincenta S. 12/15/1885-11/22/1977 Wife of Joseph P.
Kolesnick Mary 1900-no date Wife of Paul
Kolesnick Paul 1891-1926 Hus. Of Mary H.
Kornas "Father" 1879-1950 no first name listed on stone
Kornas "Mother" 1889-1975 no first name listed on stone
Kosinski Amelia M. 1886-1954 Wife of Victor
Kosinski Victor 1915-1971 Hus. Of Amelia M.
Kowalczik Maryann 2/17/1937-8/19/1937  
Kowalczyk Bernice 1887-1989 Wife of Michael
Kowalczyk Michael 1882-1934 Hus. Of Bernice
Kozakowski "Father" 1888-1925 Hus. Of "Mother"
Kozakowski Frank P. 1924-1944 Son of "Father" & "Mother"; 81st Inf. World War II
Kozakowski "Mother" 1894-1984 Wife of "Father"
Kraszewski Joseph 7/1931-10/1931  
Kreuzer Mary A. 1862-1946 Wife of William T.
Kreuzer William T. 1859-1931 Hus. Of Mary A.
Krigger Amelia E. 1869-1950 Wife of Gustave
Krigger Gustave W. 1854-1929 Hus. Of Amelia
Kryniak Anna 1895-1926 Wife of Michael
Kryniak Michael 1893-1946 Hus. Of Anna
Kryniak "Father" 1889-1966
Kryniak "Daughter" 1913-1943
Kudrewicz Boleslaw 8/10/1919-11/15/1923
Kudrewicz Peter 1890-1976 Hus. Of Placyda
Kudrewicz Placyda 1893-1980 Wife of Peter
Kulczycki Joseph 1874-1947 Hus. Of Victoria
Kulczycki Victoria 1875-1953 Wife of Joseph

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