SEPTEMBER 26, 2000


View of Curtis Corners Cemetery

View of Curtis Cemetery on a beautiful day. The Comstock family is buried in back of the tree on the left-hand side of the picture.

Row(1) COMSTOCK, Ephriam S., [1808-1881], M 73 Wife Charlotte
Row(1) COMSTOCK, Charlotte, [1806-0000], F Hus Ephriam S.

Row(1) CURTISS, Bartholomew, [1783-1857], M 74
Row(1) CURTISS, Joel, [1823-1875], M Wife Etta Veteran Civil War Co K 186 NY Vol
Row(1) CURTISS, Etta, [], F Hus Joel

Row(1) MABBAT, Thomas, [1789-1865], M 76 Wife Ann
Row(1) MABBAT, Ann, [1784-1867], F 83 Hus Thomas

Row(1) RANDALL, John, [No Data], M Wife Sarah (Stone broken)
Row(1) RANDALL, Sarah, [1818-1860], F 42 Hus John
Row(1) RANDALL, Emily, [1837-1856], F 19 Dau Sarah & John
Row(1) RANDALL, Franklin, [],
Row(1) RANDALL, Francis, [],

Row(2) HOWE, Elizabeth, [1839-1855], F Dau Harvey/Betsey

Row(2) WELLS, Alice Mabbett, [1844-1885], F

Row(3) BALDERSTON, George Emmett, [1915-1983], M 68 Wife Irene Veteran WWII SGT US Army
Row(3) BALDERSTON, Irene, [1923-****], F Hus George

Row(3) DARLING, Luther, [1790-1866], M Wife Hannah
Row(3) DARLING, Hannah, [1793-1866], F Hus Luther
Row(3) DARLING, John H., [1855-1856], M Son Luther & Alice
Row(3) DARLING, Elnora, [1869-1871], F Dau Luther & Alice
Row(3) DARLING, William B., [1815-1888], M Wife Rhoda
Row(3) DARLING, Rhoda, [1818-1900], Hus William

Row(3) GIFFORD, John, [1799-1860], M 61 yr 11 mo.

Row(4) FULLER, Joseph, [1803-1890], M Wife Anna
Row(4) FULLER, Anna, [1796-1890], F Hus Joseph
Row(4) FULLER, Edward M., [1834-1919], M Wife Anna D. Veteran Civil War Co K 186 NY Inf
Row(4) FULLER, Anna DeHart, [1844-1925], F Hus Edward M.
Row(4) FULLER, Albert C., [1842-1862], M 20 Veteran Civil War Co F 186 NY Inf
Row(4) FULLER, Levi, [1796-1882], M 86 Wife Orinda
Row(4) FULLER, Orinda, [1796-1875], F 79 Hus Levi
Row(4) FULLER, Elizabeth Ann, [1831-1843], F 12 Dau Levi/Orinda
Row(4) KEELER, James, [1803-1872], M 69 Wife Wealthy
Row(4) KEELER, Wealthy, [1800-1878], F 78 Hus James
Row(4) KEELER, Mabel E., [1884-1886], F 2 Dau Wealthy/James
Row(4) KEELER, Mary E., [1879-1880], F 1 Dau Wealthy/James

Row(5) GRASSEL, Christian, [1830-1866], M 36

Row(5) GRIFFIN, Stella E., [1919-1996], F Dau of Ward Seeley

Row(5) HOMRIGHAUS, Willie, [1875-0000], M

Row(5) LAMPHERE, Joshua P., [1830-1907], M 77 Wife Emily A.
Row(5) LAMPHERE, Emily A., [1840-1891], F 51 Hus Joshua
Row(5) LAMPHERE, Cora E., [1883-1884], F 1 Dau J.P./Emily
Row(5) LAMPHERE, Francis E., [1861-1862], M 1 Son J.P./Emily
Row(5) LAMPHERE, Joshua, [1869-1870], M 1 Son J.P./Emily

Row(6) CURTIS, Oliver Theron, [1873-1941], M 67 Wife Addie
Row(6) CURTIS, Addie A., [1876-1937], F 61 Hus Oliver T.
Row(6) CURTIS, Oliver M., [1911-1945], M 34 Son Addie/Oliver Veteran WWII Tec5 7th ARMD DIV
Row(6) CURTIS, Joell, [1865-1892], M 27
Row(6) CURTIS, Noble J., [1860-1903], M 43

Row(6) DALEY, William, [1919-****], M Wife Dorothy Son of James Daley
Row(6) DALEY, Dorothy, [1925-****], F Hus William Dau of Ward Seeley

Row(6) DUNNING, James, [1844-1927], M Wife Luna L.D. Veteran Civil War Co F 16th Reg NY Vol
Row(6) DUNNING, Luna L. Darling, [1847-1919], F Hus James H.
Row(6) DUNNING, Frank J., [1879-1937], M

Row(6) EVANS, Joseph R., [1911-****], M Wife Carrie E.
Row(6) EVANS, Carrie E., [1912-1996], F 83 (MacMillan) Hus Joseph R.
Row(6) EVANS, Dan O., [1944-****], M Son Joseph/Carrie

Row(6) FOSTER, Gregory Jr., [1975-1994], M

Row(6) JOHNSON, Christopher H., [1851-1925], M Wife Carrie L.
Row(6) JOHNSON, Carrie Lanphere, [1860-1930], F Hus Christopher
Row(6) JOHNSON, Roy N., [1891-1908], M Son Christopher/Carrie
Row(6) JOHNSON, William J., [1883-1886], M Son Christopher/Carrie
Row(6) JOHNSON, Russell L., [1905-1941], M 36
Row(6) JOHNSON, Willie J., [1878-1880], M 2 Son Christopher/Carrie

Row(6) MACMILLIN, Shirley Daley, [1838-1900], F 62
Row(6) MACMILLIN, Angus Neil, [1872-1939], M 66 Wife Jennie
Row(6) MACMILLIN, Jennie, [1892-1985], F 92 Hus Angus

Cemetery Driveway

Row(7) BATES, M. Johnson, [1869-1934], Mother on stone

Row(7) BLOODOUGH, Joel P., [1893-1918], M Veteran WWI Co. M 28 Inf KIA
Row(7) BLOODOUGH, Theron, [1846-0000], M Wife Etta
Row(7) BLOODOUGH, Etta Curtis, [1855-1921], F Hus Theron Curtis


Mrs. Theron Bloodough, whose humble home is in the town of Salisbury, Herkimer County, and her hero Son, Pvt. Joel Bloodough, who was killed by an explosion in France. His body was brought home for burial in native soil, but just a few hours before its arrival at the old home the grief-stricken mother breathed her last - heart broken over the loss of her only boy. Their bodies were reverently placed at rest in the same grave Thursday by loving hands.

Source: "THE EVENING TIMES", Little Falls, New York, March 25, 1921. The Little Falls Evening Times is still in existence.

Row(7) DAGER, Tressa Ann, [1978-1978], F 0

Row(7) DECKER, Milford, [1891-1918], M Wife Ethel
Row(7) DECKER, Ethel Bloodough, [1892-1918], F Hus Milford
Row(7) DECKER, Viola, [], Child Milford/Ethel
Row(7) DECKER, Ada, [], Child Milford/Ethel

Row(7) HOULE, Arthur, [1913-1990], M 77 Wife Bessie
Row(7) HOULE, Bessie, [1922-1965], F Hus Auther

Row(7) JOHNSON, Carl J., [1893-1954], M 60

Row(7) MOSHER, Arthur S., [1896-1978], M 81 (Temp Marker)

Row(8) BURKE, Milford James, [1920-1977], M Veteran WWII S/Sgt US Army

Row(8) DARLING, Claudy M., [1881-1891], M 10

Row(8) JOHNSON, Alfred A., [1897-1972], M 74 Wife Delia
Row(8) JOHNSON, Delia G., [1903-1976], F 73 Hus Alfred

Row(8) NOCITO, George, [1916-1977], M Veteran WWII EM1 US Navy

Row(8) TERRY, George, [1831-1917], M Veteran Civil War Co F 16 Reg H Art
Row(8) TERRY, Charlott, [1842-1894], (Lamphere) Hus George

Row(9 BURKE, William J., [1914-1984], M Wife Freda A.
Row(9) BURKE, Freda A., [1916-****], F Hus William J.

Row(9) JAIKEN, Hobert M., [1913-1985], M Wife Anna
Row(9) JAIKEN, Anna Janet, [1914-1967], F 53 Hus Hobart

Row(9) JAIKIN, Peter George, [1938-****], M Wife Esther
Row(9) JAIKIN, Ruth Esther, [1958-****], F Hus Peter George

Row(9) JOHNSON, Crit P., [1893-1974], M 80 Wife Ruby
Row(9) JOHNSON, Ruby, [1889-1968], F Hus Crit

Row(9) THOMAS, Olive Terry, [1861-1897], F (Mother)

Row(10) MOWERS, Robert, [1936-****], M Wife Irene
Row(10) MOWERS, Irene E., [1933-1996], F 63 (Lanphere) Hus Robert

Row(10) YORAN, Kathleen R., [1922-1969], F 35

Row(11) DALEY, Mabel M, [1925-1983], F
Row(11) DALEY, Donald E., [1912-1983], M 70 Wife Thelma
Row(11) DALEY, Thelma, [1916-1999], F 83 Hus Donald
Row(11) DALEY, Ronald F., [1939-1999], M 60 Son of Donald/Thelma

Row(11) MARKWARDT, William J., [1908-1971], M 63 Wife Emma
Row(11) MARKWARDT, Emma M., [1919-1978], F (Madison) Hus William
Row(11) MARKWARDT, Lloyd A., [1961-****], M Son of William/Emma
Row(11) MARKWARDT, Michael D., [1948-****], M Wife Barbara
Row(11) MARKWARDT, Barbara Anne, [1942-****], F (Miles) Hus Michael

Row(11) SMITH, Elsie M., [1917-1997], F 79

Row(12) DUNNING, Mildred, [1891-1978], F 86 Mother of Pearl, Elsie, Sylvia

Row(12) ROGERS, Howard E., [1911-****], M Wife Sylvia R.
Row(12) ROGERS, Sylvia R., [1914-****], F Hus Howard E.

Row(12) ROPETER, Arthur George, [1902-1969], M 66 Wife Reva
Row(12) ROPETER, Reva Jane, [1911-1975], F 63 Hus Arthur
Row(12) ROPETER, Earl, [1926-1988], M 62 Wife Wava Veteran Korea War CPL US Army
Row(12) ROPETER, Wava Walrath, [1933-****], F Hus Earl
Row(12) ROPETER, Lavern G., [1928-1974], F 45 Wife Laura
Row(12) ROPETER, Laura, [1925-****], F Hus Lavern

Row(12) STAFFORD, Edward B., [1918-1992], M 73 Veteran WWII CPL US Army Air Corps

Row(12) WRIGHT, Florence M., [], F 1yr
Row(12) WRIGHT, Robert W., [1892-1955], M 62 Wife Alice Veteran WWI SGT COAST ART
Row(12) WRIGHT, Alice M., [1895-1963], F 67 Hus Robert W.
Row(12) WRIGHT, Flossie, [1947-1949], F 2
Row(12) WRIGHT, Jackson R., [1921-****], M Wife Alberta S.
Row(12) WRIGHT, Alberta S., [1921-****], F Hus Jackson R.

Row(13) CONGDON, John R., [1962-****], M Wife Mary E.
Row(13) CONGDON, Mary E., [1966-****], F Hus John

Row(13) DARLING, J.O., [1860-1894],
Row(13) DARLING, J.W., [1894-1915], M
Row(13) DARLING, M.F. Tansley, [1870-1913], M
Row(13) DARLING, Perry W., [1849-1924], M Wife Mina
Row(13) DARLING, Mina, [1849-1925], F Hus Perry

Row(13) HOULE, Alexina, [1881-1956], F 84 Wife Aldia
Row(13) HOULE, Aldia, [1909-1969], F Hus Alexina

Row(13) WILLIAMS, Cassius N., [1929-1993], M 63 Wife Esther M.
Row(13) WILLIAMS, Esther M., [1932-****], F Hus Cassius
Row(13) WILLIAMS, Raymond W., [1927-****], M Wife Violet M.
Row(13) WILLIAMS, Violet M., [1930-2000], F Hus Raymond W.

Row(13) CONGDON, Duane, [],
Row(13) SMALL, Corey Michael, [1994-1994], M Son of Richard/Susan

Row(14) CONGDON, Alfred R., [1911-1997], M 86 Wife Dorothy
Row(14) CONGDON, Dorothy V., [1914-1992], F 78 Hus Alfred
Row(14) CONGDON, Joshua R., [1999-1999], M 0 Son of Rodney Jr.

Row(14) HALL, Roland E., [1928-****], M Wife Donna Lee
Row(14) HALL, Donna Lee, [1943-****], F Hus Roland

Row(14) HOWE, Harvey, [1812-1895], M Wife Betsey
Row(14) HOWE, Betsey, [1816-1894], F Hus Harvey

Row(14) JOHNSON, Noble, [1918-1992], M 74
Row(14) JOHNSON, Edith, [1923-1986], F 63
Row(14) JOHNSON, Marta Starr, [1965-1966], F 4 days

Row(14) WALRATH, Floyd L., [1894-1970], M Veteran WWI PVT 45 Co 153 Depot Brig

Row(15) BLOODOUGH, George H., [1841-1905], M Veteran Civil War Co 97 & 59 Reg NY VOL
Row(15) BLOODOUGH, Charles, [1884-1933], M 49 Son of George Henry (Sis. Cora Seeley)

Row(15) BOYER, Francis H., [1910-1995], M Wife Evelyn
Row(15) BOYER, Evelyn, [1916-1988], F Hus Francis H.

Row(15) BROWN, Fred, [1886-1952], M 65 Wife Charlotte
Row(15) BROWN, Charlotte (Lottie), [1910-1952], F Hus Fred (Sister of Don Daley)
Row(15) BROWN, Dorothy, [1946-1952], F 6
Row(15) BROWN, Roberta Marie, [1947-1952], F 5

Row(15) LANPHERE, Roger Arthur, [1950-1950], M 1 day Son of Arthur/Isabel

Row(15) MEAD, James L., [1938-****], M Son of Glennie M/Earl

Row(15) NELSON, Paul, [1936-1995], M Temp Marker

Row(15) O'CONNELL, Glennie M., [1920-1992], F 71 Hus John J. O'Connell

Row(15) WALRATH, George H., [1870-1955], M 85 Wife Lillie
Row(15) WALRATH, Lillie B., [1875-1946], M 69 Hus George H.

Row(16) BUNCE, Glenn A., [1931-1998], M 67 Wife Catherine
Row(16) BUNCE, Catherine Daley, [], F Hus Glenn

Row(16) DALEY, Arthur B., [1883-1951], M 67 Wife Grace
Row(16) DALEY, Grace M., [1887-1974], F 87 (Lyons) Hus Arthur
Row(16) DALEY, Charles H., [1907-1980], M 73 Son of Grace/Arthur
Row(16) DALEY, Arthur L., [1920-1990], M 69 Son of Grace/Arthur Veteran WWII PVT US Army
Row(16) DALEY, Burlin, [1908-1989], M 80 Wife Etta Son of Grace/Arthur
Row(16) DALEY, Etta, [1915-1981], F (Comstock) Hus Burlin
Row(16) DALEY, Paul E., [1930-1991], M Grandson Grace/Arthur

Row(16) LANPHERE, Martin D., [1899-1977], M 78 Wife Mildred
Row(16) LANPHERE, Mildred, [1905-1987], F 82 Hus Martin
Row(16) LANPHERE, Percy, [1927-1985], M 58 Son of Martin/Mildred Veteran WWII US Army
Row(16) LANPHERE, Kenneth, [1929-1947], M 28 Son of Martin/Mildred
Row(16) LANPHERE, Royce M., [1935-****], M Son of Martin/Mildred
Row(16) LANPHERE, David A., [1940_****], M Son of Martin/Mildred

Row(16) WILLOUGHBY, Harold, [1914-****], M Wife Ila M.
Row(16) WILLOUGHBY, Ila M., [1922-1998], F Hus Harold

Row(17) AUGAR, Etta Daley, [1915-1981], F 66

Row(17) BROAT, Melvin H., [1923-****], M Wife Doris
Row(17) BROAT, Doris A., [1931-1985], F 54 (Lanphere) Hus Melvin
Row(17) BROAT, Richard B., [1957-1986], M 29 Son of Melvin/Doris

Row(17) GILBERT, Dorcas, [1908-1909], M

Row(17) JOHNSON, Casandra L., [1986-1998], F 12 Dau of Robert
Row(17) JOHNSON, Tanya L., [1975-1984], F 9 Dau of Robert

Row(17) LAGRANGE, Harold R., [1925-1986], M Veteran WWII PFC US Army
Row(17) LAGRANGE, James, [1960-1979], M 19 Wife Pauline
Row(17) LAGRANGE, Pauline M., [1933-****], F Hus James

Row(17) MOORE, Gordon Sr., [1915-1989], M 74 Wife Esther
Row(17) MOORE, Esther, [1922-1992], F Hus Gorden Sr.
Row(17) MOORE, Gordon Jr., [1944-****], M Son of Gorden/Esther
Row(17) MOORE, Jane Elizabeth, [1949-1949], F 15 days Dau of Gordon/Esther
Row(17) MOORE, Darling, [1953-1954], F 1 mo Dau of Gordon/Esther
Row(17) MOORE, Donald, [1955-1955], M Son of Gordon/Esther

Row(17) SEELEY, Ward D., [1870-1950], M 80 Wife Cora
Row(17) SEELEY, Cora, [1886-1951], F 65 (Bloodough) Hus Ward
Row(17) SEELEY, William M., [1904-1963], M 59 Son of Ward/Cora
Row(17) SEELEY, Clarence E., [1910-1982], M 71 Son of Ward/Cora Veteran WWII CPL US Army
Row(17) SEELEY, Barney W., [1907-1908], M Son of Ward/Cora
Row(17) SEELEY, Edgar D., [1909-****], M Son of Ward/Cora
Row(17) SEELEY, Florence M., [1913-1914], F Dua of Ward/Cora
Row(17) SEELEY, Cora E., [1914-1918], F Dua of Ward/Cora
Row(17) SEELEY, Harold, [1927-1929], M Son of Ward/Cora

Row(17) SINGER, Thomas R., [1924-1988], M 63 Veteran WWII S1 US Navy

Row(18) JOHNSON, Richard W., [1954-1986], M 31 Wife Cynthia
Row(18) JOHNSON, Cynthia L., [1956-****], F Hus Richard
Row(18) JOHNSON, Robert Earl, [1929-1983], M 53 Wife Janet
Row(18) JOHNSON, Janet B., [1936-****], F Hus Robert Earl

Row(18) KUCHMA, Phillip, [1888-1972], M 84
Row(18) KUCHMA, Jessie Mary, [1896-1971], F 75

Row(18) KUCHMAN, Harry, [1920-****], M Wife Elizabeth
Row(18) KUCHMAN, Elizabeth J., [1918-1979], F 60 Hus Harry
Row(18) KUCHMAN, David, [1949-1949], M 1 day Son Harry/Elizabeth

Row(18) MOORE, Ardon, [1873-1953], M 80 Father of George
Row(18) MOORE, George, [1949-1950], M 1 day
Row(18) MOORE, Garry, [1952-1989], M 37 Son of Gordon/Esther
Row(18) MOORE, Larry Roy, [1952-1997], M 45 Son of Gordon/Esther
Row(18) MOORE, Missy, [1978-1978], F 0
Row(18) MOORE, Harold L., [1926-1979], M 52 Wife Ruth
Row(18) MOORE, Ruth Myers, [1928-****], F Hus Harold

Row(19) JOHNSON, Roy H., [1933-1976], M 42
Row(19) JOHNSON, Melvin B., [1920-1978], M 58 Wife Elva Veteran WWII Tec4 US Army
Row(19) JOHNSON, Elva L., [1929-****], F Hus Melvin
Row(19) JOHNSON, Arnold B., [1912-1988], M 76 Wife Viola
Row(19) JOHNSON, Viola, [1921-****], F Hus Arnold
Row(19) JOHNSON, Clifford Allan, [1960-1961], M 1 Son Viola/ Arnold
Row(19) JOHNSON, Arnold R., [1944-1974], M 30 Son Viola/ Arnold
Row(19) JOHNSON, Wayne P., [1970-1995], M 25 Wife Lorraine
Row(19) JOHNSON, Lorraine E., [1970-****], F Hus Wayne

Row(19) MOSHIER, Harland Sr., [1925-1992], M 67 Veteran WWII & Korea PFC US Army

Row(20) CONGDON, Daren Scott, [1971-1971], M 1 day

Row(20) EVANS, Albert K. II, [1952-1996], M Wife Patricia A.
Row(20) EVANS, Patricia A., [1948-****], F Hus Albert K.

Row(20) JOHNSON, Russell L., [1927-1989], M 61 Veteran WWII
Row(20) JOHNSON, Reginald L., [1926-1987], M 60 Wife Dorothy Veteran WWII
Row(20) JOHNSON, Dorothy B., [1926-****], F Hus Reginald
Row(20) JOHNSON, Claude, [1897-1971], M 73 Wife Beatrice
Row(20) JOHNSON, Beatrice, [1896-1930], F Hus Claude (Jaquay)
Row(20) JOHNSON, Helen, [1920-1932], F 12 Dau. of Claude/Beatrice
Row(20) JOHNSON, Claude James, [1928-1928], M 5 hrs.
Row(20) JOHNSON, Bert, [1886-1960], M 74 Wife Freda
Row(20) JOHNSON, Freda, [1895-1960], F 64 Hus Bert

Row(20) WALRATH, George E., [1900-1978], M 77 Wife Hazel
Row(20) WALRATH, Hazel, [1911-1962], F Hus George

Row(21) BELCHER, Carlton Henry, [1916-1998], M 82 Wife Flora Veteran WWII Tec5 US Army
Row(21) BELCHER, Flowa M., [1916-****], F Hus Carlton

Row(21) BRINKERHOFF, Jacob, [1874-1935], M 62 Wife Mae L.
Row(21) BRINKERHOFF, Mae L., [1889-1910], F 79 Hus Jacob
Row(21) BRINKERHOFF, Abram C., [1907-1909], M 2

Row(21) BURDICK, Leonard L., [1920-****], M

Row(21) CODY, Leo A., [1894-1985], M 91 Wife Mary Veteran WWI PVT US Army
Row(21) CODY, Mary, [1884-1962], F 77 (Tansley) Hus Leo

Row(21) GUY, Avery, [1919-1993], M 73 Wife Alice Veteran WWII Tec5 US Army
Row(21) GUY, Alice, [1934-****], F Hus Avery

Row(21) LAMPHERE, Wesley, [1905-1976], M 70
Row(21) LAMPHERE, Myrtle M., [1903-1966], F 63

Row(21) LAVIGNE, Verne Thomas, [1903-1961], M 57

Row(21) TANSLEY, Wesley, [1845-1910], M Wife Mary Dunning
Row(21) TANSLEY, Mary Dunning, [1847-----], F Hus Wesley
Row(21) WALRATH, Jesse E., [1903-1978], F 75 Wife Lulu
Row(21) WALRATH, Lulu A., [1908-1991], F 83 Hus Jesse
Row(21) WALRATH, Evelyn Maggie, [1938-1939], F 1 Dua Jesse/Lulu
Row(21) WALRATH, Harry D., [1906-1992], M 85 Wife Dorothy
Row(21) WALRATH, Dorothy, [1919-1991], F 72 Hus Harry

Row(22) WALRATH, Everett D., [1937-1990], M 53 Wife Mary Ann
Row(22) WALRATH, Mary Ann, [1943-****], F Hus Everett
Row(22) WALRATH, Baby Girl, [1996-1996], F Fetal Grand Dau of Mary/Everett

Row(22) HUMPHREY, Tyler G., [1996-1996], M Fetal Grand Son of Mary/Everett

Row(23) BOYER, Hiram, [1899-1959], M 60
Row(23) BOYER, Kenneth I, [1915-1934], M 17
Row(23) BOYER, Irving Sr., [1893-1980], M 86 Wife Maggie
Row(23) BOYER, Maggie, [1898-1984], F 86 Hus Irving
Row(23) BOYER, Howard E., [1926-1981], M Son of Irving/Maggie Veteran WWII US Army

Row(23) DALEY, Francis LeRoy, [1937-1937], M

Row(23) GETMAN, Richard Edward, [1978-1983], M 4

Row(23) LAMPHERE, Harlow M., [1867-1935], M Wife Satie
Row(23) LAMPHERE, Sarah (Satie) T., [1873-1957], F 84
Row(23) LAMPHERE, Wesley J., [1891-1891], M 1 mo. Child of Harlow & Satie
Row(23) LAMPHERE, Lester, [1896-1902], M 6 Child of Harlow & Satie
Row(23) LAMPHERE, William E., [1891-1979], M 88 Wife1 Maude Wife2 Lillian
Row(23) LAMPHERE, Maude M., [1896-1920], F 24 Hus William E.
Row(23) LAMPHERE, Lillian Candle, [1907-1972], F 65 Hus William E.
Row(23) LAMPHERE, Elmer B., [1914-1934], M 20 Son of William

Row(23) LANPHERE, Lillian, [1907-1909], F 2
Row(23) LANPHERE, Luella M., [1910-1935], F 25 Wife of Acie
Row(23) LANPHERE, Leo Henry, [1930-1931], M 1 Son of Acie/Luella
Row(23) LANPHERE, Baby, [1935-1935], F stillbirth Acie/Luella
Row(23) LANPHERE, William Elmer, [1865-1936], M 70 Wife Charlotte
Row(23) LANPHERE, Charlotte R., [1865-1945], F 79 Hus William Elmer

Row(23) WALRATH, Daniel A., [1975-1990], M 15
Row(23) WALRATH, Jean R., [1943-1995], F 52 Temp Marker
Row(24) BALLOU, Frank S., [1908-1966], M 58 Wife Beatrice Veteran WWII Tec5 US Army
Row(24) BALLOU, Beatrice, [1910-1989], F 78 (Hall) Hus Frank

Row(24) BROAT, James L., [1930-****], M Wife Joan
Row(24) BROAT, Joan, [1935-****], F (Yoran) Hus James

Row(24) DALEY, Shirly Weaver, [1938-2000], F Dau Virgil/Velma Weaver

Row(24) HALL, Arnold, [1914-1977], M 62
Row(24) HALL, Barney Charles, [1897-1958], M 61 Veteran WWI PFC Co.A MPC
Row(24) HALL, George D., [1874-1948], M 73 Wife Katie
Row(24) HALL, Katie E., [1879-1957], F 77 Hus George
Row(24) HALL, Morris, [1899-1901], M Wife Emily
Row(24) HALL, Emily A., [1905-1982], F (Wheeler) Hus Morris

Row(24) ISRAEL, Aaron, [1959-1989], M

Row(24) JAIKIN, Pete G., [1913-1977], M Wife Cora
Row(24) JAIKIN, Cora V., [1921-****], F Hus Pete

Row(24) LAMPHERE, Frances, [1908-1927],

Row(24) MOSHIER, William D., [1887-1949], M 62 Wife Mary
Row(24) MOSHIER, Mary, [1895-1950], F 54 Hus William
Row(24) MOSHIER, Shawn Michael, [1973-1973], M Baby Son William/Mary

Row(24) PATTON, Jack J., [1926-1987], M 61 (Temp Marker)

Row(24) WEAVER, Virgil, [1898-1971], M 72 Wife Velma Veteran WWI CPL Co H 23 Inf
Row(24) WEAVER, Velma Mae, [1916-1996], F 80 Hus Virgil

Row(24) YORAN, Raymond W., [1906-1983], M Wife Mary
Row(24) YORAN, Mary E. Hall, [1907-1989], F Hus Raymond

Row(25) BALLOU, Herbert, [1918-1985], M 66 Wife Hazel Veteran WWII PFC US Army
Row(25) BALLOU, Hazel Bishop, [1922-****], F Hus Herbert

Row(25) HALL, Robert G., [1924-1989], M Ashes only

Row(25) KUCHMA, Fred, [1921-****], M Wife Katherene
Row(25) KUCHMA, Katherene, [1920-2000], F Hus Fred

Row(25) LANPHERE, Acie A., [1905-1956], M 50 Wife Reva
Row(25) LANPHERE, Reva L., [1918-1991], F 73 Hus Acie

Row(26) BARNES, David W., [1928-1996], M 67 (Temp Marker)

Row(26) CONGDON, Ernest L., [1938-****], M Wife Janet
Row(26) CONGDON, Janet M., [1938-****], F (Lanphere) Hus Ernest

Row(26) DAGER, Andrew Jr., [1927-1999], M 72 Wife Lena Dager
Row(26) DAGER, Lena M., [1930-****], F Hus Andrew
Row(26) DAGER, Alicia Mae, [1994-1994], F 1day Dau Jan & Colleen

Row(26) DILLENBECK, Ezra Floyd, [1932-1992], M 59 Wife Florence Vet Korea War CPL US Army
Row(26) DILLENBECK, Florence M., [1940-****], F Hus Ezra
Row(26) DILLENBECK, Jeremy Lee, [1981-1981], M 2 mos.Grand Son of Ezra/Florence

Row(26) GILBERT, Richard F., [1941-1965], M 24
Row(26) GILBERT, Ronald Alen, [1959-1963], M 4 mos. Son of Richard/Joan Gilbert
Row(26) GILBERT, Baby boy, [1961-1962], M 1 day Son of Richard/Joan Gilbert

Row(26) KUCHMAN, Paul, [1918-1981], M 63 Veteran WWII US Army

Row(27) BOYER, Harold E., [1931-1976], M 45
Row(27) BOYER, Terry R., [1962-1982], M 19
Row(27) BOYER, Winslow G. Sr., [1934-1980], M 46 Wife Louise
Row(27) BOYER, Louise N., [1939-****], F Hus Winslow
Row(27) BOYER, Gaylord, [1903-1992], M 89 Wife Leona
Row(27) BOYER, Leona Mae, [1910-1966], F 55 Hus Gaylord

Town clerk recorded burials, with no marker and unable to find grave site.

Row(0) BAKER, Mary Nellison, [1870-1934], F 64

Row(0) BLOODOUGH, Abram C., [1907-1909], M
Row(0) BLOODOUGH, Mae L., [1889-1910], F Hus Jacob

Row(0) CONGDON, Thomas Nicholas, [1939-1939], M 1 day

Row(0) CORSO, Wade, [1963-1963], M 1 day

Row(0) HERRINGSHAW, , [1947-1947], M 1 day

Row(0) HOUSE, Elmer, [1861-1934], M 73

Row(0) LAMPHERE, Ruth Elizabeth, [1937-1937], F Infant

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