Town of German Flatts
Herkimer County, New York

The Heath Cemetery was located on Heath Road, between Routes 168 and 68.

EDICK, William, 1813 - 1898, Wf. Lydia
EDICK, Lydia, 1818 - 1894, Hus. William
STARING, Catharine, d.11-11-1853
SHOEMAKER, Nancy. BROKEN STONE, 70yr 3mo 7da, Hus. Marks
SHOEMAKER, Marks, d. 8 -7-1863, 70yr 6mo 18da, Wf. Nancy
SHOEMAKER, Alfred, d. 2-14-1867, 37yr 10mo 4da, Son of Marks & Nancy
BAUM, Elizabeth, d. 6-21-1842,19yr, Hus. Nelson
HEATH,William, 1780 - 1826, 46yr 28da, Son of Hezekiah
JONES, Albert Eugene, d. 5-7-1863,1yr 9mo 21da, Son of Wm. & Delany
JONES, Charles H:, d. 4-26-1893, 25 yr 6mo 22da
VROOMAN, Joseph, 1835 - 1909, Wf. Eliza
HEATH, Harrie, d. 4-9-1856, 4mo 28da
HEATH, Joseph H. MCLean, d. 4-3-1850,17yr 8mo 13da, Son of Gaylord & Catharine
HEATH, Charity Amelia, d. 7-7-1825, 11mo 12da, Dau. of Gaylord & Catharine
HEATH, Lucy, d. 9-3-1849, 1yr 5mo 4da, Dau. of Erastus & Jane
HEATH, Harriett E., d. 8-13-1824,1yr 6mo 28da, Dau. of Joseph & Delany
HEATH, Joseph Giles, d.12-22-1825, 7m 25da, Son of Joseph & Delany
HEATH, Erastus, d. 9-23-1894, 78yr, Wf. Jane
HEATH, Jane, d.10-18-1889, 80yr, Hus. Erastus
HEATH, Betsey L., d.10-1-1866, 33yr 8mo 16da, Hus. John
HEATH, Monteville John, d. 8-20-1854,1 yr 4mo 25da, Son of John & Betsey
HEATH, Richard D., d. 2-2-1851,12 yr 7mo 14da
VROOMAN, Nicholas, 1809 - 1887, Wf. Christine
VROOMAN, Christine, 1809 -1877, Hus. Nicholas
SHARP, Mary D. Ette, 1851 - 1852, Dau. of Charity & Philip
SHARP, Charity, d.12-10-1863, 43yr 2mo 1da, Hus. Philip
SHARP, Philip, 1818 - 1886, 68yr 9mo, Wf. Charity
HOLT, Laura Rena, 1840 -1922
EDICK, Eve Ford, 1825 - 1899, Hus. Clelaon
EDICK, Clelaon, 1862 - 1902, Wf. Eve Ford
HEATH, John H., 1829 -1914, Wf. Ann M.
HEATH, Anna M., 1842 -1913, Hus. John H.
HEATH, Josie, 1870 - 1892
SHOEMAKER, Daniel D., 1826 -?, Wf. Lany Maria Vrooman
SHOEMAKER, Lany Maria Vrooman, 1830 - 1891, Hus. Daniel D.
SHOEMAKER, Union D., 1860 -1861
PETRIE, Catharine, 1840 - 1882, Child of J. M. & Lovina
BELLINGER, Almira, d. 1-19-1907, 84yr 11mo 26da, Hus. Jacob
BELLINGER, Jacob, d. 10-28-1895, 80yr, Wf. Almira
BELLINGER, Ervin, d. 5-18-1891, 49yr, Son of Jacob & Almira
JONES, E. DeEtte, 1863 -1888
JONES, Ruby, 1888 - 1888
SHOEMAKER, Jacob F., d. 4-30-1890, 50yr 5mo 14da
SHOEMAKER, Rudolph, NO DATA, Wf. Nancy
SHOEMAKER, Nancy, d. 5-6-1869, 51yr 2mo 9da, Hus. Rudolph
BELLINGER, Lucius, 1836 -1917, Wf. Ann G.
BELLINGER, Anna G., 1836 - 1914, Hus. Lucius
BELL, Frederick F., NO DATA, 60yr, Wf. Anna
BELL, Anna, 1778 -1874, Hus. Frederick
EDICK, Andrew, 1851 -1930, Wf. Mary
GROSE, John H., 1824 -1873, Wf. Martha
GROSE, Martha, 1830 -1891, Hus. John H.
GROSE, John Jr., 1854 -1876, Son of John & Martha
GROSE, Margaret, 1852 -1889
HALL, William, 1835 -1895, Wf. Catharine M. Orendorf
HALL, Catharine M. Orendorf, 1840 -1920, Hus. William
ORENDORF, Peter, d. 3-4-1875, 40yr
EDICK, Charles B., d. 12-7-1889, 29yr 5mo
EDICK, Alfred, d. 12-2-1892, 46 yr 3mo 23da
VROOMAN, Eliza Jones, 1830 - 1898, Hus. Joseph
VROOMAN, Parker T., d. 3-1-1865, Son of Eliza & Joseph
VROOMAN, Union Elmer, d. 2-6-1863, Son of Eliza & Joseph
CASLER, Christopher D., d. 8-13-1853
RANKINS, Esther, 1804 -1873, Hus. James
SHOEMAKER, Sanford, d.10-15-1878
CASLER, Elizabeth, d. 4-10-1839, Hus. John P.
BAUM, Reuben T., d. 5-12-1833, Son of J. P. & N.
BUSH, Hannah, d. 8-24-1870, Hus. George
PRALL, Malinda, d.11-20-1892, Hus. Isaac
PRALL, Stephen, d.10-22-1873, Wf. Eve
WALTS(WATTS?), Christopher, d. 2-4-1882, Wf. Eve
WALTS(WATTS?), Eve, d. 11-2-1899, Hus. Christopher
WALTS(WATTS?), Ellen Lorena, d. 3-18-1866, Dau. of Eve & Christopher
LIGHTHALL, Nancy, d.10-25-1885
FRALICK, Amos, d. 5-23-1903, Wf. Mary
FRALICK, Mary, d. 2-4-1880, Hus. Amos
FRALICK, George, d.7-16-1882, Son of Amos & Mary
GROUSE, James S., NO DATA, Wf. Mary
GROUSE, Mary, d. 2-25-1896, Hus. James S.
CASLER, Martha, d.10-19-1893
VROOMAN, Jacob H., d.12-22-1888, Wf. Mary J.
VROOMAN, Mary J., d.1-27-1908, Hus. Jacob H.
VROOMAN, Roland, 1866 - 1939, Son of Mary & Jacob
BELLINGER, John P., 1800 -1875, Wf. Lany
BELLINGER, Lany, 1800 - 1885, Hus. John P.
FOX, James, 1818 -1863, Wf. Anna
FOX, Anna, 1815 - 1858, Hus. James

IMPORTANT! For further information about persons interred, direct ALL questions to the appropriate local historical societies and libraries, not to the site coordinators or the transcriber!

Our thanks for preparing the Heath Cemetery go to Sally Edwards, who is researching the Herkimer/Montgomery Counties surnames Moyer/Mayer/Meyer - DeBus, Dabush, DuBois - Swartwout. Sally assisted us last winter in preparing the large Village of Mohawk Cemetery. If you missed Sally's description of her Moyer and Swartwout search, here's your chance to read it again:

"I would love to contact anyone related to either Moyer family mentioned below or Swartwout descendants of Johannes Swartwout and Aaltje Bedell. My ancestors from both these families emigrated to Norwich, Oxford Co., Ontario in the late 1820's with many other descendants of early NY settlers... Motts, Tuttle, Nellis, Sitts (Suits), Smith, Anstice, etc."

Henry John Moyer (1767-1842) and Barbara Debus/Dubois(1771-1853), possibly the daughter of Henrich Debus/Debush/Debois, were married 10 Feb 1795 at the Dutch Reformed Church in German Flatts. Their eldest son Peter Moyer, born 1797, married Nancy Moyer, born 1798. Peter and Nancy Moyer had no children but had two wards - Lorenzo Dow Nellis and Mary Esther Nellis, who were both mentioned in their wills.

Nancy died 1881 in Dereham, Oxford Co., Ontario, leaving bequests to her surviving siblings or their children:

  • Christian Moyer, born 1808, of Dereham, Ont.
  • John Moyer, born 1812 (wife Temperance R. Cole) of Dereham, Ont.
  • Henry Moyer of Herkimer Co.
  • Joseph Moyer of Black Lake, NY
  • Sarah Moyer Younglove of Lawrenceberg, NY
  • Betsey Moyer Hammond Monk of Syracuse, NY
  • Mary Moyer Davis, wife of Christian Davis, of Oneida NY
  • and Peter Moyer, half brother, of Stark, Herkimer Co.

Henry & Barbara Moyer's eldest daughter, Elizabeth Moyer, born 1800, married Abraham Price, of German Flatts, Herkimer Co. Another son, Jacob Moyer, born 1801, married Mary Swartwout, daughter of Abraham Swartwout (1781-1868) and Elizabeth (?) Phelps (1787-1862). Abraham Swartwout, son of Johannes Swartwout (1753-1823) and Aaltje Bedell (1759-1813), was probably living in Oppenheim, Montgomery Co. 1808-1823 near his parents.

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