Town of Salisbury
Herkimer County, NY

UPDATE 11/1/02: This cemetery reading was taken in July 1999. CLICK HERE to see photos taken in October 2002.

A new, full reading of St. Bridget's Catholic Cemetery, Rt. 29 in Salisbury, Herkimer County, was recently contributed by William C. Kelhi, great-grandson of Michael and Ann Leahy Kelhi, and Rosemary B. Kelhi. The currently posted reading of Salisbury Cemetery stopped with mid-1930s burials. When the Kelhis reread the cemetery they found stones of individuals who should have been on the earlier burial list but were missed. St. Bridget's cemetery has been continuously active since the last reading more than 60 years ago.

"The following burial information was collected over a two day on-site visit during mid July 1999 by William C. Kelhi and his wife Rosemary B. Kelhi. We've made every effort to make this information as accurate as possible. The information contained here more than doubles that of a previous list of burials and is being made available to any person, organization, or website that allows free viewing and use of any and all information contained herein."

Town of Salisbury
Herkimer County, NY
A New Reading by William C. and Rosemary B. Kelhi

AMBRIDGE, Helen C. Nash, 1904- ----

ARNDT, William C., 1916- ----
ARNDT, Arlene May Seelye, 1917-1945

ARTHUR, Robert H. Sr., d. 11/15/1931
ARTHUR, Dorothy Pye, d. 3/30/1932
ARTHUR, Robert H. Jr., 10/25/1955-12/18/1984
ARTHUR, Robert III, 7/26/1980-7/30/1980

AUSTIN, Howard E., 5/16/1890-3/31/1959
AUSTIN, Edith M., 9/10/1891-2/27/1976

BALDERSTON, Bridgie, 1890-1976
BALDERSTON, George H., 1884-1949
BALDERSTON, Earl T., 1921-1998
BALDERSTON, Minnie L., 1925- ----
BALDERSTON, Robert E. 6/27/1945- ----

BALLARD, Anne D., 1807-1897

BARRAGAN, Lory C., 1876-1935, Wf. Anna E. Eustace
BARRAGAN, Anna E. Eustace, 1879-1938. Hus., Lory C.
BARRAGAN, Grace D., 1903- ----, dau. of Lory & Anna

BARRETT, Ella, d. 5/29/1889, 21 yrs. 6 mos.

BILINSKI, Walter M., 1916-1988
BILINSKI, Margaret Miller, 1915- ----

BLAIR, William H. Sr., 1921-1998
BLAIR, Rose Marie, 1930- ----

BRANT, John G.,1855-1934, Wf. Catherine
BRANT, Catherine Nagle, 1865-1927, Hus. John G.
BRANT, Dennis G., 1901-1976

BROWN, Ella R., no data

BUCKLEY, Joseph, 1927-1995
BUCKLEY, Eleanor McCaffery, 1928- ----

BUTLER, Margaret, d. 7/9/1872, 35 yrs., Hus. Thomas
BUTLER, Maggie, d. 12/6/1869, 11 mos. 14 days, their daughter

CARLON, Margaret, d.9/22/1875, 24 yrs.

CARNEY, Thomas, d. 10/28/1897, 81 yrs., Wf. Bridget
CARNEY, Bridget, d. 2/18/1879, 55 yrs, Hus. Thomas

CHMIELEWSKI, Walter, 1892-1942, Wf. Tressa
CHMIELEWSKI, Tressa, 1896-1960, Hus. Walter
CHMIELEWSKI, Valentine Anthony, baby boy, 2/10/1934-2/11/1934

CONNORS, Dennis, 1836-1912, Wf. Hannah Keleher
CONNERS, Hannah Keleher, 1841-1916, Hus. Dennis
CONNERS, Sarah, 1873-1891
CONNERS, Thomas, 1862-1887
CONNERS, Martin, 1857-1926, Wf. Mary A. Ferris
CONNORS, Mary A. Ferris, 1872-1954, Hus. Martin

CONNOR, Raymond, 1887-1983, Wf. Jean Murphy,
CONNOR, Jean Murphy, 1908-1950, Hus. Raymond
CONNOR, John, 1851-1934, Wf. Rose O'Hara
CONNER, Rose O'Hara, 1857-1936, Hus. John
CONNER, Lillian, 1898-1980
CONNER, Agnes, 1891-1963

COTTER, John F., 1871-1956, Wf. Minnie A. Dwyer
COTTER, Minnie A. Dwyer, 1871-1931, Hus. John F.

CRAMER, Edmund, 1838-1919, Wf. Bridget Hartigan
CRAMER, Bridget Hartigan, 1843-1908, Hus. Edmund
CRAMER, Bridgie, 1876-1886,dau.
CRAMER, David J., 1876-1956
CRAMER, Ella M., 1881-1942
CRAMER, Mary H., 1871- ----
CRAMER, Stephen, 1875-1932, father
CRAMER, Anna Emerich, 1892-1967, mother

CROWLEY, Timothy, d.10/27/1886, 70 yrs., veteran
CURTIN, Elizabeth, 1858-1890
CURTIN, Ellen Rose, 1884-1935
CURTIN, Bessie,1890-1890, dau. of Elizabeth

DECKER, Eugene A., 1889-1939
DECKER, Kathern, d. 1948
DECKER, Merton, d.1941
DECKER, Grace S., 1881-1970

DONOVAN, Edward F, 4/17/1888-11/15/1968
DONOVAN, James, 2/2/1886-4/6/1958
DONOVAN, William Jr., 1884-1936, Wf. Mary E. Dunning
DONOVAN, Mary E. Dunning, 1887-1966, Hus. William Jr.
DONOVAN, Vera N., 1914-1996
DONOVAN, C., Bernard, 1912-1913
DONOVAN, Catherine, 1863-1936
DONOVAN, Charles B., 3/13/1895-10/21/1944
DONOVAN, William, 1860-1935

DORCY, James W., 1895-1975, Wf. Mary Murphy
DORCY, Mary Murphy, 1895-1985, Hus. James W.

DRAKE, Amos B., 1817-1889

DUNNING, James, 1810-1855, Wf. Bridget B.
DUNNING, Bridget B., 1810-1899, Hus. James
DUNNING, Charles J., 1850-1935, Wf. Elizabeth Starr
DUNNING, Elizabeth Starr, 1861-1927, Hus. Charles J.
DUNNING, Helen, 1846-1909
DUNNING, Bertha M., 1895-1984, buried with Anne D. Ballard

DuPONT, John O., 1875-1962, Wf. Laura Gebo
DuPONT, Laura Gebo, 1877-1977, Hus. John O.

DUYGNAN, Ann, 1810-1871

DWYER, Hannah, 1800-1871

EISENTRAUT, John, 1867-1951
EISENTRAUT, Mary, 1865-1950

ELLIS, Joseph A., 1916-1984, " Jo-Jo The Clown", Wf. Martha Yahgy
ELLIS, Martha Yaghy, no data, Hus. Joseph A.

EMERICH, John Sr., 1867-1938, Wf. Catherine Steinmuller
EMERICH, Catherine, 1866-1924, Hus. John, Sr.
EMERICH, Mary C., d. 11/17/1890, 8 yrs. 4 mos.

EUSTACE, Robert J., 1876-1938, Wf. Satie Murray
EUSTACE, Satie Murray, 1881-1964, Hus. Robert J.

FITZGIBBON, John, 1855-1944
FITZGIBBON, Katherine, 1862-1946
FITZGIBBON, Hugh, 1895-1965
FITZGIBBON, Luda K., 1900-1985

FLOCK, H. Dewey, 1898-1972
FLOCK, M. Lillian, 1899-1956

FYNN, Patrick, d. 3/17/1879, 37 yrs.

GIFFORD, Murl James, 1895-1966
GIFFORD, Sarah Anne, 1896-1985

GIVEN, Mark F., 1947-1998

GLEASON, Henry, 3/8/1887-10/26/1959

GOKEY, Ernest Gauthier, 1904-1977

GRASSEL, Willie, d. 9/8/1910
GRASSEL, Gertrude, 1912-1913

GRUCHALA, Christopher Thomas, d. 7/9/1995

GUAY, Mary "Betty" E., 3/15/1928 - 5/3/1997

HELMER, Bernard M., 1897-1975
HELMER, Nora E., 1898-1984

HELTERLINE, Frederick J., 1868-1950, Wf. Margaret A. Kelly & Mary E. Lafferty
HELTERLINE, Margaret A. Kelly, 1868-1928, wife #1 of Frederick J.
HELTERLINE, Mary E. Lafferty, 1879-1944, wife #2 of Frederick J.
HELTERLINE, Nicholas, 1863-1919, Wf. Alma Bliss & Dora E. Miller
HELTERLINE, Alma Bliss, 1865-1900 ,wife #1 of Nicholas
HELTERLINE, Dora E. Miller, 1874-1918, wife #2 of Nicholas
HELTERLINE, William Stephen, 12/26/1871-9/13/1954, Wf. Ida E. Rice
HELTERLINE, Ida Erlena Rice, 9/22/1869-5/24/1962, Hus. William S.
HELTERLINE, George, 1861-1926, Wf. Jennie Holian
HELTERLINE, Jennie Holian, 1865-1920, Hus. George
HELTERLINE, David, 1831-1905, Wf. Margaret Lortz
HELTERLINE, Margaret Lortz, 1831-1913, Hus. David
HELTERLINE, Leo L., 1896-1974, Wf. Emily M. Custin
HELTERLINE, Emily M. Custin, 1891-1982, Hus. Leo L.
HELTERLINE, Genevieve M., 1905-1945
HELTERLINE, David, 1911-1930
HELTERLINE, J. Monica, 1915-1916
HELTERLINE, Laura F., 1893-1963
HELTERLINE, Dorothy M., 1902-1919

HERRINGSHAW, John, 1857-1928
HERRINGSHAW, William, 1868-1905
HERRINGSHAW, Joseph, 1870-1919, Wf. Julia A.
HERRINGSHAW, Julia A., 1872-1917, Hus. Joseph

HOLIAN, Thomas, 1832-1901, Wf. Catherine
HOLIAN, Catherine, 1831-1899
HOLIAN, Mary, d. 8/8/1877, 16 yrs., 8 mos., 17 days, dau. of Thomas & Catherine

HOLLICK, Mildred, 1926-1934
HOLLICK, Victoria, 1928-1931

HOUT, George H., 1890-1966
HOUT, Anna Kiley, 1891-1945

HOWARD, John J., 1892-1961
HOWARD, Frances M., 1889-1991
HOWARD, John Jr., 1924-1931

JOHNSON, Howard G., 1849-1922, Wf. Mary Luby
JOHNSON, Mary Luby, 1854-1940, Hus. Howard G.
JOHNSON,Harry, 1888-1891

JONES, Raymond F., 1918-1978

KELHI, Michael, 1824-1907, Wf. Ann Leahy
KELHI, John, 1864-1935, Wf. Mary Mahardy
KELHI, Mary Mahardy, 1870-1940, Hus. John
KELHI, Mary, 1896-1986, dau. of John & Mary
KELHI, Anna, 1898-1935
KELHI, Julia C., 1900-1900, dau. of John & Mary
KELHI, William J., 1904-1905, son of John & Mary
KELHI, Stella M., 1906-1920, dau. of John & Mary

KELLY, Martin, d.7/17/1897, 63 yrs., Wf. Ellen McGinis
KELLY, Ellen McGinis, 1826-1897, Hus. Martin
KELLY, Mary, 1856-1943
KELLY, Anne, 1861-1945

KENDEL, Robert M., 1894- 19--
KENDEL, Mary A., 1897-1971

KILEY, Minnie, 1867-1900
KILEY, Timothy F., 1872-1936, Wf. Katherine M.
KILEY, Katherine M.. 1879-1948, Hus.Timothy F.

KLAHAER, Ann Leahy, d.6/15/1888, 60 yrs., Hus. Michael Kelhi (see note at bottom)

KOVITS, Frederick J., 11/18/1928-12/9/1978
KOVITS, Ruth Vatter, 1932- ----

KRUMP, Joseph, d. 9/24/1916

LaFAVE, Joseph, 1844-1909

LAHEN, John, 1834-1916, Wf. Bridget C.
LAHEN, Bridget Carney, 1819-1910, Hus. John

LALLY, Edward, d. 3/15/1881, 87 yrs., Wf. Mary McCabe
LALLY, Mary McCabe, d. 8/6/1884, 79 yrs., Hus. Edward
LALLY, John, 1837-1922, Wf. Mary Storr
LALLY, Mary Storr, 1853-1891, Hus. John

LANG, Fred P., 1893-1973, Wf. Mary Connor
LANG, Mary Connor, 1893-1969, Hus. Fred P.

LAWTON, Anna G. Lubie, d.12/25/1888, wife of Elberto Lawton

LEARY, James Leo, 1892-1960

LIBBY, James, 1859- ----
LIBBY, John, 1875-1923

LOUCK, Mary Ann, no data

LUBY, Edward, 1913-1944
LUBY, James, 1859-19--
LUBY, John, 1875-1923
LUBY, Margaret F., 1872-1943
LUBY, Michael, 1830-1877, Wf, Mary Garry
LUBY, Mary Garry, 1832-1901, Hus. Michael

MAEYER, Rev. Joseph H. W., d.4/18/1895, 70 yrs.

MANNING, Michael, d.12/26/1893, 96 yrs. Wf. Bridget McCabe
MANNING, Bridget McCabe, d. 12/8/1885, 85 yrs. Hus. Michael
MANNING, Bridget, d. 3/9/1879, 32 yrs., dau. of Michael & Bridget
MANNING, Margaret, d. 3/8/1883, 36 yrs., dau. of Michael & Bridget
MANNING, Thomas P., 1876-1886
MANNING, Maggie, 1874-1874
MANNING, Anna, 1861-1882
MANNING, Daniel, 1882-1886

MANION, Thomas, d.1/9/1905, veteran

MARX, Joseph, 1812-1893, Wf. Dean
MARX, Dean, 1828-1906, Hus. Joseph
MARX, Howard D., 1876-1904, Wf. Helena B. M.
MARX, Helena B. Middlebrook, 1879-1903, Hus. Howard D.
MARX, Lizzie, d. 9/15/1888, 5 yrs. 11 days

McCAFFERY, Richard E., 1900-1939

McCURREN, Michael, d. 8/18/1905, 72 yrs., Wf. Catherine M.
MxCURREN, Catherine 1841-1911, Hus. Michael
McCURREN, Mary, d. 11/20/1891, 15 yrs. 1 mos. 17 days
McCURREN, John, d. 3/4/1873, 3 yrs.

McDONALD, Bernard J., 1870-1933, Wf. Nettie Smith
McDONALD, Nettie Smith,1878-1960, Hus. Bernard J.
McDONALD, Francis, d. 1901, infant dau. of Bernard J. & Nettie Smith
McDONALD, James, 1842-1901, Wf. Catherine M.
McDONALD, Catherine McEvoy, 1851-1918, Hus. James
McDONALD, James, 1842-1920, Wf. Anna O'Neil
McDONALD, Anna O'Neil, 1844-1893, Hus. James
McDONALD, John (no data)
McDONALD, Paul, 1903-1960
McDONALD, Rev. Francis W., d. 3/27/1914

McEVOY, Michael, 1812-1873
McEVOY, Michael, 1810-1860, Wf. Ann Doyle
McEVOY, Ann Doyle, 1818-1873, Hus. Michael
McEVOY, John, 1848-1926, Wf. Hannah
McEVOY, Hannah Conner,1863-1938, Hus. John
McEVOY, John, d. 8/9/1870, 59 yrs., Wf. Mary
McEVOY, Mary, d. 8/16/1878, 60 yrs., Hus.John
McEVOY, Catherine, 1858-1909
McEVOY, John, d. 8-16/1878

McFEELY, Dominick, 1816-1884, Wf. Mary
McFEELY, Mary, 1805-1872, Hus. Dominick
McFEELY, Patrick, 1847-1913

McGUIRE, James, d.10/6/1877, 60 yrs
McGUIRE, Isabella, d. 12/25/1851, 5 yrs. 8 mos, 20 days
McGUIRE, Elenda J., d. 1/6/1852, 7 yrs. 2 mos. 12 days

McGURREN, Michael, d. 8-18-1905, Wf. Catherine
McGURREN, Catherine, 1841-1911, Hus. Michael
McGURREN, John, d, 3-1-1872
McGURREN, Mary, d. 11-2-1891
McGURREN, Margaret, 1874-1943

McLANE, William, 1880-1954
McLANE, Airie Alta, 1884-1955

McLAUGHLIN, Cletus Sr., 1899-1978
McLAUGHLIN, Margaret O., 1-912-1992
McLAUGHLIN, Sarah McEvoy, 1854-1939
McLAUGHLIN, Agnes V., 1890-1972
McLAUGHLIN, Ernest John, 1932-1970
McLAUGHLIN, Charles, 1853-1915
McLAUGHLIN, Ernest J., 1884-1912

MILLER, John F., 1868-1954, Wf. Ellen Connor
MILLER, Ellen C., 1875-1953, Hus. John F.
MILLER, Agnes, 1899-1908, dau. of John & Ellen
MILLER, Francis E. 1901-1980, child of John & Ellen
MILLER, Edward S., 1910- ----
MILLER, Anna L., 1909- ----
MILLER, Dorothy C., 1908-1997
MILLER, Richard N., d. 4-14-1883, Wf. Esther McCarthy
MILLER, Esther McCarthy, 1/9/1887-1/1/1949, Hus. Richard N.
MILLER, James R., 1910-1975, son of Richard & Esther
MILLER, Richard N. Jr., 1909-1975,
MILLER, Agnes, Jordan, 1897-1989,
MILLER, Frederick M., 1882-1936, Wf. Fannie
MILLER, Fannie, 1875-1957, Hus. Frederick M.
MILLER, Howard F., 6/23/1914-1/13/1976
MILLER, John, d. 10/6/1873, 43 yrs. 7 days, Wf. Catherine
MILLER, Catherine, 1823-1893, Hus. John
MILLER, John, 1862-1901, son of John & Catherine
MILLER, Walter E., 1893-1930, Wf. Mary E. Emerich
MILLER, Mary E. Emerich,1897-19--, Hus. Walter E.
MILLER, Mary S., d. 11-17-1893

MORAN, Austin, d. 2/11/1895, 68 yrs.

MURPHY, Cornelius J., 1857-1941
MURPHY, Rev. John H., 1888-1934
MURPHY, Rev. Robert C., 1894-1982
MURPHY, John, 1868-1952
MURPHY, Bartholomew, 1817-1906, Wf. Ann
MURPHY, Ann, d. 11-1-1900, age 72 yrs., Hus Bartholomew
MURPHY, Francis, d. 11/8/1876, 5 yrs. 9 mos. 27 days
MURPHY, George, 1853-1930, Wf.. Mary Sheehy
MURPHY, Mary Sheehy, 1853-1940, Hus. George
MURPHY, James, 1852-1921 "The Hermit Of Mexico"
MURPHY, James B., 1864-1902
MURPHY, Jeremiah, d. 3/31/1888, 23 yrs. 8 mos, 15 days
MURPHY, Johanna, d.12/5/1894, 59 yrs., Wf. of John Murry
MURPHY, John, 1888-1910
MURPHY, Johonnah, 1783-1880, Hus. John
MURPHY, Joseph, 1819-1909
MURPHY, Katherine, d.3/11/1887, 17 yrs. 3 mos.
MURPHY, Margaret McEvoy, 1857-1917, Hus. Cornelius
MURPHY, Mary , d. 3/16/1876, 19 yrs. 7 mos 21 days
MURPHY, Sarah, d. 2/14/1892, 59 yrs.
MURPHY, Timothy, d. 11/17/1876, 9 yrs. 4 mos. 22 days
MURPHY, William, d. 11/13/1904, 34 yrs.
MURPHY, Mary Starrs, 1865-1933

MURRAY, Robert L., 1920-1948
MURRAY, Delia M. Reilly, 1883-1972, Hus. Andrew L.
MURRAY, Andrew L., 1878-1960, Wf. Delia M. Reilly
MURRAY, Thomas, 1857-1924, Wf. Julia
MURRAY, Julia, 1874-1926, Hus. Thomas
MURRAY, John, d. 3/7/1891, 77 yrs., Wf. Mary O'Hara
MURRAY, Mary O'Hara, d.11/29/1907, Hus. John
MURRAY, Michael, d. 8/16/1875, 23 yrs. 8 mos. 15 days
MURRAY, Patrick, 1871-1907
MURRAY, Alice, 1910-1953
MURRAY, Anna, 1899-1980
MURRAY, Agnes, 1896-1998
MURRAY, Thomas, 1870-1958
MURRAY, Katherine E. , 1870-1956
MURRAY, Murtis D., 1878-1935
MURRAY, Mary Reagan,1850-1941
MURRAY, Frank H., 1864-1944
MURRAY, William P., 1859-1938
MURRAY, Andrew, 1821-1892
MURRAY, James J., 1856-1924. Wf. Ellen
MURRAY, Ellen, 1862-1944, Hus. James J.
MURRAY, Maggie, 1884-1888

MURRY, Patrick, 1812-1878

NAGLE, Eliza, 1850-1935
NAGLE, Mary, 1852-1941
NAGLE, Dennis, 1872-1939,Wf. Sarah Murphy
NAGLE, Sarah Murphy, 1867-1946, Hus. Dennis
NAGLE, John D., 1910-1994
NAGLE, Marguerite, 1915-1989
NAGLE, Rita Jane, 1946-1954
NAGLE, Kevin Patrick, 7/21/1980-3/20/1987
NAGLE, Sean Bryan, d. 11/1992
NAGLE. John H., 1869-1941, Wf. Elizabeth
NAGLE, Elizabeth Murphy, 1890-1952, Hus. John H.
NAGLE, Thomas M., 1915-1933, son of John & Elizabeth
NAGLE, John, 1828-1913, Wf. Margaret Herbert
NAGLE, Margaret Herbert, 1828-1901, Hus. John
NAGLE, Michael F., 1853-1890
NAGLE, Patrick H., 1857-1900

NASH, Patrick, 1833-1917, Wf. Mary Waters
NASH, Mary Waters, 1838-1895, Hus. Patrick
NASH, Mae A., 1894 - 19--
NASH, Mary McDonald, 1869-1933
NASH, John H., 1867-1904

NEAR, William F., 1912-1986
NEAR, Agnes Winkelmann, 1913- ----, Hus. William

NOEL, Arthur A., 1886-1962
NOEL, Anna Nash, 1890-1960

NOONAN, Jeremiah, 1810- ----
NOONAN, Kate Murphy, 1823- ----. Hus. Jeremiah

O'BRIEN, George B., d. 8/19/1967
O'BRIEN, Mary E. Murphy, no data, Hus. George B.

O'CONNOR, Jeremiah, 1859-1930, Wf. Julia A.

O'HARA, James F., 1868-1937, Wf. Mary Coffey
O'HARA, Mary Coffey, 1872-1933, Hus. James F.
O'HARA, William, 1899-1939
O'HARA, Helen C., 1872-1925
O'HARA, Annie, d. 11/25/1880, 24 yrs. 2 mos. 3 days, Dau. of Pat & Mary

POHLIG, Robert Sr., 1929-1986
POHLIG, Joan Y., 1932- ----

PYE, Elizabeth Murphy, 1911-1974

REILLY, John, 1840-1895, Wf. Mary Bergin
REILLY, Mary Bergin, 1854- ----. Hus. John
REILLY, James W., 1886-1946, Wf. Marie Spillane
REILLY, Marie Spillane, 1890-1960, Hus. James W.

ROBERTS, John, 1838-1894
ROBERTS, Mary, 1840-1924
ROBERTS, William, 1866-1922
ROBERTS, Dora, 1878-1956

ROSSITER, William, 1860-1939, Wf. Mary Zimmerman
ROSSITER, Mary Zimmerman, 1869-1935, Hus. William

RUMRILL, Marcus A., 1862-1934, Wf. Mary K.
RUMRILL, Mary K., 1866-1920, Hus. Marcus A.
RUMRILL, Agnes, 1897-1910
RUMRILL, Francis V., 1905-1991, Wf. Marion S.
RUMRILL, Marion S., 1925-1975, married Francis V. 8/5/1942

SEELYE, Howard D., d. 12/6/1919
SEELYE, Lewis H., 1876-1958
SEELYE, Mary Dietz, 1884-1967
SEELYE, Simon H., 1901-1938

SERVIDONE, Ursula A., 1895-1989
SERVIDONE, Mary V. 1898- ----
SERVIDONE. Julia K., 1904-1990
SERVIDONE, Ralph, 1865-1906, Wf. Mary Tempone
SERVIDONE, Mary Tempone, 1873-1937, Hus. Ralph
SERVIDONE, Mary, 1897-1898, dau. of Ralph & Mary
SERVIDONE, Peter, 1900-1908, son of Ralph & Mary
SERVIDONE, John, d. 1901, infant son of Ralph & Mary

SHANAHAN, John, 1841-1888, Wf. Bridget
SHANAHAN, Bridget, 1836- ----, Hus. John
SHANAHAN, William, son of John & Bridget

SMITH, Patrick, no data, 78 yrs., Wf. Mary
SMITH, Mary, d. 8/30/1897, 103 yrs., Hus. Patrick
SMITH, Leo, 1818- ----

TALLMAN, Irene T., 9/18/1921-8/19/1948

TUCKER, Norman B. 1878-1953
TUCKER, Margaret M., 1885-1980
TUCKER, Everett L., 1907-1976
TUCKER, Dorothy, 1912- ----

VICTOR, John E., 6/11/1974-5/10/1994
VONDERBORN, Charles J., 1887-1959, Wf. Grace
VONDERBORN, Grace E. Curtin, 1886-1972, Hus Charles

WARD, Patrick, 1849-1933, Wf. Ella
WARD, Ella, 1863-1934, Hus. Patrick
WARD, Arthur D., 1888-1946, Wf. Jesse Sheaf
WARD, Jesse Sheaf, 1884-1961, Hus. Arthur
WARD, James, 1894-1896

WEBER, Alice F., 1890-1982
WEBER, Dorothy R., 1921-1994

WEISS, John, 1882-1972, Wf. Marion Daley
WEISS, Marion Daley, 1895-1968, Hus. John
WEISS, Margaret, 1919-1995
WEISS, Chauncey F., 1897-1972

WELCH, Nicholas, 1822-1910
WELCH, Bridget, 1826-1880

WHITE, Patrick, d. 4/4/1837, Wf. Catherine L.
WHITE, Catherine L., d. 11/24/1833, Hus. Patrick
WHITE, Francis, no data, 7 yrs.
WHITE, Jennie, no data, 4 yrs.
WHITE, Thomas, no data, 4 yrs,

WINKELMANN, Rev. Peter, 7/22/1874-7/17/1943
WINKELMANN, Adam, 1880-1962
WINKELMANN, Andrew, 1879-1952, Wf. Anna McGurren
WINKELMANN, Anna McGurren, 1881-1963, Hus. Andrew
WINKELMANN, Peter B., 1908-1985, Wf. Helena Mulick
WINKELMANN, Helena Mulick, 1914- ----, Hus. Peter B.
WINKELMANN, Robert, 1921-1998

YOUKER, Harry, 1886-1974
YOUKER, Irene, 1897-1958

YOUNG, Mrs. John, d.5/9/1881, Hus. John
YOUNG, Kate, d.4/21/1877, 32 yrs.
YOUNG, Mildred L., 1910-1948
YOUNG, Arthur W, 1911-1947

ZACEK, Olga Mamrosch, 1920-1976
ZACEK, William E., 1914-1985

ZIMMERMAN, Jacob, 1841-1897, Wf. Mary Wyley
ZIMMERMAN, Mary Wyley, 1846-1883, Hus. Jacob

Note regarding ANN LEAHY KLAHAER

The record above indicates ANN LEAHY KLAHAER being married to MICHAEL KELHI. That's true inasmuch as Michael's name was also Klahaer when they were married. Ann's maiden name was Leahy. Research indicates that Klahaer was originally KELLEHER, or a variation of that spelling, when Michael arrived in America from Ireland. Family lore persists that his tombstone was mispelled. We believe today that KLAHAER is a phonetic interpretation of KELLEHER. When or why the name was again changed to KELHI, I have no idea. My name is William Charles Kelhi and Michael and Ann Leahy are my great grandparents.

William C. Kelhi

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