Poland Cemetery 2003
Town of Russia
Herkimer County, New York

Part 2, Surnames L - Z
A Brand New Reading

Larned Benjamin died 3/19/1835 aged 60 years
Larned Daniel D. died 8/18/1830 aged 2 years & 5 months; "Son of Benjamin and Sarah Lockwood"
Larned Fred G. 1860-1937 husband of Mary E. & father of Lawrence F.
Larned George died 11/22/1856 aged 36 years, 5 months & 24 days
Larned Henry B. 4/17/1829-2/2/1888 husband of Laura A.
Larned Laura A. 1835-1918 wife of Henry B.
Larned Lawrence F. 1892-1962 son of Fred C. & Mary E.
Larned Mary E. 1873-1918 wife of Fred G. & mother of Lawrence F.
Larned Sarah D. died 3/26/1829 aged 1 year, 7 months & 10 days; "Daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Lockwood"
Larned Sarah S. 12/13/1804-11/22/1884 wife of William H.
Larned Westell no dates "Son of Benjamin and Sarah"
Larned William H. 4/3/1805-8/28/1882 husband of Sarah S.
Lewis Bertha 3/1/1895-7/23/1903 daughter of Owen & Cora
Lewis Cora 1870-1944 wife of Owen
Lewis Ethel 1894-1968 wife of Millard
Lewis John 9/4/1897-12/21/1897 son of Owen & Bertha
Lewis Millard 1888-1968 husband of Ethel
Lewis Owen 1865-1948 husband of Cora
Lovell Charles D. 1911-1991 husband of Oneita A. Bathke Lovell
Lovell Oneita A. Bathke 1909-1999 wife of Charles D.
MacRae Harriet wife of James
MacRae James 1845-1925 husband of Harriet
Malumphy Beatrice Hammond 7/6/1925-6/15/2002 wife of Thomas
Malumphy Thomas 10/14/1920-3/14/2001 husband of Beatrice Hammond Malumphy
Martin Almira O. Brayton died 4/16/1847 aged 35 years; "Wife of Aaron Martin"
Marvel William died 12/27/1875 aged 64 years
Mathias Harry Dean 1/17/1928-11/24/1967 "Cpl. US Army"
Mathias Robert D. 8/30/1923-9/5/1974 "Maj. US Army"
Mathias Rosetta W. 9/1/1896-4/8/1944 mother of Robert D. and Harry Dean
Matteson Bradford 1871-1937 husband of Ola
Matteson Caroline L. died 10/10/189 aged 71 years; wife of William C.
Matteson Jesse E. 1906-1977 husband of Katherine Bayliss
Matteson Katherine Bayliss 1906-2000 wife of Jesse E.
Matteson Ola 1882-1980 wife of Bradford
Matteson William C. died 4/15/1880 aged 70 years, 1 month & 17 days; husband of Caroline L.
McMahon Andrew 1862-1933 husband of Nellie
McMahon Andrew LeRoy 8/21/1923-7/1/1987 husband of Josephine Lorretta
McMahon Josephine Lorretta 7/31/1926-6/4/1981 wife of Andrew LeRoy
McMahon LeRoy 1892-1943 husband of Mabel S.; "Pvt. Co H 51st Pioneer Inf New York WWI"
McMahon Lorraine 1954-1996 Daughter of Andrew and Josephine Lorretta
McMahon Mabel S. 1884-1970 wife of LeRoy; "Born in Leeds England, loved herself least, a friend to all"
McMahon Nellie Bradbury 1865-1952 wife of Andrew
McMahon Robert L. 8/21/1923-11/11/1994 "Sgt US Army WWII"
McMahon Thomas 1954-1995 son of Andrew and Josephine Lorretta
McVoy Charlotte Sherman 1921-1997 wife of Lynn M.
McVoy Delilah W. 3/20/1817-11/16/1895 wife of Patrick
McVoy Emily S. 4/27/1850-3/4/1928 wife of Romain
McVoy Frank 1862-1937
McVoy Howard J. 1877-1964 husband of Lillian H.
McVoy Ida D. 1/21/1851-1/28/1858 daughter of Patrick & Delilah W.
McVoy James 1844-1923
McVoy Lillian H. 1880-1960 wife of Howard J.
McVoy Lynn M. 1924-1991 husband of Charlotte Sherman
McVoy Mary 1851-1936
McVoy Patrick 3/13/1818-2/22/1901 husband of Delilah W.
McVoy Pearl D. 1889-1978
McVoy Romain died 9/9/1887 aged 34 years, 5 months & 20 days; husband of Emily
Metzger Mary Larned 1869-1944
Miller Bernard 1913-1963
Miller Harold R. 1925-1953 son of William W.; "M/Sgt Co L 105th Inf 2nd BN WWII"
Miller Lodema Gay 1878-1950 wife of William W.
Miller William W. 1874-1959 husband of Lodema Gay
Mitchell Carrie 1845-1912 wife of Horace W.
Mitchell Horace W. 1837-1899 "aged 62 years"; "Co G 6th New York Vols"; husband of Carrie
Moon Franklin L. 6/23/1907-12/28/2000
Moore Charlie M. 2/16/1882-9/13/1893 son of Milo & Mary C. Buck Moore
Moore Mary C. Buck 1/16/1843-4/16/1909 wife of Milo
Moore Milo 8/8/1839-5/21/1907 husband of Mary C. Buck Moore
Morehouse Charles A. 6/18/1832-5/31/1898 husband of Harriet J.
Morehouse Duane C. ?/21/1862-5/13/1894 husband of Ellen A. Sanders; son of Charles A. and Harriet J.
Morehouse Ellen A. Sanders 6/18/1864-5/6/1920 wife of Duane C.
Morehouse Harriet J. died 3/28/1885 aged 17 years, 6 months & 27 days; wife of Charels A.
Morse Allison D. 1877-1966 husband of Eliza E.
Morse Eliza E. 1873-1936 wife of Allison
Munn Laura A. 1814-1898 wife of William
Munn William 1810-1888 husband of Laura A.
Neil Edward R. 1915-1979 son of Estelle M.
Neil Estella M. 1892-1949 mother of Edward R.
Newman Anna Rockwell 1877-1978 wife of Edgar H.
Newman Arethusa E. died 9/2/1882 aged 64 years & 4 days; wife of Henry
Newman Arza 12/6/1808-4/13/1877
Newman Betsey Burwell 6/16/1798-12/5/1842 wife of Peter
Newman Celia W. Swezey 7/3/1831-2/23/1908 2nd wife of Peter J.
Newman Charlotte died 4/4/1913 aged 77 years; wife of Marlin
Newman Dorothy C. 1918-1977 wife of Paul H.
Newman Ebenezer died ??
Newman Edgar H. 1877-1962 husband of Anna Rockwell
Newman Edgar Joseoh 1/16/1925-1/20/1925
Newman Eleanor Jane 9/8/1927-9/10/1927
Newman Elsie 9/25/1861-3/14/1866 "Daughter of Peter and Mary Jane Newman"
Newman Fred 1888-1913
Newman Glenn D. 1905-1990 husband of Margaret E.
Newman Harry G. 1/25/1916-2/9/2002
Newman Harvey 10/4/1819-3/4/1881
Newman Henry died 7/27/1906 aged 79 years, 3 months & 7 days; husband of Arethusa E.
Newman Horace Smith 1845-1927
Newman Ione Cruse 1905-1990 "Wife of Maurice S."
Newman Lulu S. 1884-1897 daughter of Sylvester and Sally C.
Newman Lydia died 2/11/1865 aged 79 years, 2 month & ? days
Newman Margaret E. 1911-1981 wife of Glenn D.
Newman Marlin died 9/20/1882 aged 55 years, 7 months & 19 days; husband of Charlotte
Newman Mary Jane Newberry 6/15/1833-7/29/1866 1st wife of Peter J.
Newman Morris died 12/24/1862 aged 27 years and 6 months; "Died in the service of his country in ????? Fredericksburg, VA"; "Son of Sylvester and Sally"
Newman Nathan 12/18/1821-8/10/1823
Newman Patience Gilson 5/4/1910-2/15/1997 wife of Wesley H. F.
Newman Paul H. 1912-1989 husband of Dorothy C.
Newman Peter 11/23/1790-4/14/1876 husband of Betsey Burwell
Newman Peter J. 4/4/1832-3/1/1898 husband of Mary Jane Newberry and Celia W. Swezey
Newman Sally Ann Petengill 1815-1864 1st wife of Sylvester
Newman Sarah C. Crittenden 1835-1872 2ns wife of Sylvester
Newman Wesley G. 12/31/1932-4/17/1959 son of Wesley H. F. and Patience
Newman Wesley H. F. 2/10/1907-2/8/1976 husband of Patience Gilson
Olds Almanza died 3/11/1839 aged 1 year, 10 months & 16 days; daughter of Orson and Hapalona
Olds Aneliza 3/20/1838 aged 3 years, 2 months & 13 days; "daughter of Orson and Hapalona"
Olds Hapalona 8/17/1812-7/6/1894 "Wife of Orson"; notice that her name is spelled differently between here and her son's grave stone
Olds Jerome P. 7/18/1838-9/8/1892 "Son of Orson and Hapylona"; notice that her name is spelled differently between here and her own grave stone
Olds Orson died 10/5/1864 aged 61 years, 10 months & ? Days; husband of Hapalona
Olds Orvil died 2/3/1835 aged 1 year, 6 months & 5 days; "Son of Orson and Hapalona"
Olmsted Lyman H. Buck 1911-1995 This stone hhas a tennis racquet inscribed on it; "Born Utica 1911; Died Long Branch NJ 1995"; "Only child of Gudrida Buck and Eric Greenfield (End of the Line)"
O'Neil Estella M. 1883-1944
Orvis Alvah T. 1844-1922 husband of Fannie Evans; "Co C 121st New York Vols"
Orvis Fannie Evans 1850-1914 wife of Alvah T.
Ossont Pauline Atchinson 1935-1987
Owens Edward "Sr." 9/1/1814-8/26/1896 husband of Eleanor
Owens Eleanor Jane 8/2/1819-12/12/1869 wife of Edward "Sr."
Owens John W. 4/15/1833-no dates this stone is adjacent and identical to the stone of Catherine O. Herkel which may indicate that John is Catherine's husband
Park Alfred P. 1831-1864 husband of Almira J. A. & father of Charles A.; "Co B 3rd Reg't. Minn Vols, Musician"
Park Almira J. A. 1832-1909 wife of Alfred P. & mother of Charles A.
Park Charels A. 1861-1892
Payne Esther Swezey 1844-no date "Wife of D. W. Payne"
Perkins Archibald 1870-1929
Perry Bill 1883-no date
Perry Eugene 1888-1949
Peterson Elsie Guyer 1892-1954 wife of Frederick E.
Peterson Emma J. 7/1/1841-8/5/1903 wife of Philip A.
Peterson Frederick E. 1878-1939 husband of Elsie Guyer
Peterson Philip A. 11/2/1834-6/27/1880 husband of Emma J.
Philleo Bonaparte "MD" 1801-1855 husband of Eliza Benchley
Philleo Eliza Benchley 1809-1878 wife of Bonaparte
Pierce Louise C. 1883-1979
Pond Fred L. 1866-1937
Potter Annie E. Graves 1850-1926 wife of Herbert E.
Potter Ella Kellogg 1857-1945 wife of Frank F.
Potter Frank F. 1850-1900 husband of Ella Kellogg
Potter George 1812-1874 husband of Harriet Graves
Potter Harriet Graves 1821-1861 wife of George
Potter Henry M. 1843-1914 husband of Ida B. Kellogg
Potter Herbert E. 1847-1935 husband of Annie E. Graves
Potter Ida B. Kellogg 1854-1933 wife of Henry M.
Prindle F. T. 1837-1908 husband of Sarah M.
Prindle Fannie Fralick 1875-1940 wife of William
Prindle Sarah M. 1842-1904 wife of F. T.
Prindle William 1870-1942 husband of Fannie
Pullman Alvah I. 1834-1904 husband of Rosetta Sprague and Alvira Lanning
Pullman Alvira Lanning 1856-1904 2nd wife of Alvah I.
Pullman Rosetta Sprague 1836-1874 1st wife of Alavh I.
Quackenbush Adam, Sr. 5/18/1918-8/9/1971 husabnd of Megan; "TEC5 US Army world War II"
Quackenbush Megan 1925-1980 wife of Adam Sr.
Remonda Richard 1936-1957
Rhodes Ailica M. 1888-1954 wife of Herbert N.
Rhodes Betsey M. Newman 2/29/1856-12/15/1943 2nd wife of H. Rozell
Rhodes H. Rozell 9/14/1854-4/1/1932 husband of Ina A. Newman and Betsey M. Newman
Rhodes Herbert N. 1888-1951 husband of Alicia M.
Rhodes Ina A. Newman 9/16/1858-3/29/1896 1st wife of H. Rozell
Rhodes William G. 6/13/1919-9/19/1995 "PFC US Army World War II"
Rice Charles ??? "Son of Randall and Phebe"
Ritenour Charles T. 1890-1964 husband of Rebecca K. Spraker Ritenour
Ritenour Rebecca K. Spraker 1886-1971 wife of Charles T.
Rixon Antha A. Case 1827-1875 wife of George
Rixon George 1803-1891 husband of Antha A. Case
Robens Carrie J. 1877-1953 wife of William D.
Robens Freda Newberry 1902-1986 wife of William Glenn
Robens William D. 1874-1950 husband of Carrie
Robens William Glenn 1900-1973 "D. V. M."; husband of Freda Newberry
Roberts Lloyd D. 3/12/1900-4/29/1971
Roberts Anne Park 1857-1919
Robinson Charlotte Spring 1830-1896 wife of Smith
Robinson Flor Hannahs 1865-1933
Robinson Ida M. 1854-1910
Robinson Smith 1823-1918 husband of Charlotte Spring Robinson
Rooney Elsie Coonradt 1863-1939 wife of Thomas
Rooney Thomas 1860-1940 husband of Elsie Coonradt
Root Elizabeth 1843-1900 wife of Marshall
Root Harriet 1825-1892
Root Marshall 1828-1909 husband of Elizabeth
Ryder John 1909-1998 "Frank"
Salisbury Marion Howe 1858-1944
Sanders Aaron E. 9/14/1837-8/24/1880 husband of Elizabeth Evans Sanders
Sanders Elizabeth Evans 6/27/1847-5/7/1919 wife of Aaron E.
Sanford Ida M. 1871-1949 wife of Samuel
Sanford Samuel 1873-1957 husband of Ida M.
Schermerhorn Elon L. 1851-1905 husband of Sarah Evans
Schermerhorn Frances Lyon 1845-1904 wife of R. Curry
Schermerhorn Mary Payne 6/6/1822-4/2/1899 wife of William D.
Schermerhorn R. Curry 1844-1910 husband of Frances Lyon
Schermerhorn Sarah Evans 1852-1923 wife of Elon L.
Schermerhorn William D. 9/7/1819-3/4/1892 husband of Mary Payne Schermerhorn
Schreiner Jacqueline Rose Ossont no dates This name appears on a funeral director's marker placed next to the stone of Pauline Ossont. The funeral director is not identified.
Schultz Nettie Pauline 1927-1971
Schultz Patricia 1958-1997
Schultz Robert E. 1905-1938 husband of Winifred M.
Schultz Winifred M. 1905-1984 wife of Robert E.
Schumaker Martha Owens 1849-1922
Scully Barnard 1852-1922 husband of Susan
Scully Susan 1844-1918 wife of Barnard
Seaman Arvilla died 5/21/1885 aged 74 years; "Wife of Jacob Seaman"
Seaman David J. died 6/20/1901 aged 63 years; "Co B 152nd New York Vols."
Seamans Daisy M. 1884-1978 wife of Edward
Seamans Edward 1876-1965 husband of Daisy M.
Sellers Reid T. 12/5/2001-12/22/2001
Service George 1832-1911 husband of Mary Jane Ouderkirk
Service George O. 1855-1913 son of George & Mary Jane Ouderkirk Service
Service Henry F. died 11/20/1892 aged 36 years, 9 months & 25 days;
Service Lucy no dates
Service Mary Jane Ouderkirk 1835-1921 wife of George
Sherman Ernest 1857-1934
Sherman Louise S. 1892-1980 wife of Milo
Sherman Lucius 5/11/1821-no date husband of Lucy DeWolf
Sherman Lucy DeWolf 2/25/1828-11/25/1892 wife of Lucius
Sherman Milo 1894-1997 husband of Louisa S.
Sherman Milo S. 1923-1982
Slingerland Ada F. 1867-1896 "Daughter of A. T. & Fannie Orvis"
Smith Rachel E. 1866-1952 mother of William D.
Smith William D. 1886-no date son of Rachel E.
Sneath Clarence L. 1920-1980 husband of Wilma M.
Sneath Wilma M. 1921-1988 wife of Clarence L.
Snell Belle Brayton 1871-1943 daughter of Omar and Delia Brayton
Snyder Delia 1868-1934
Sprague Charles E. 1843-1910 husband of Eleanor
Sprague D. Arnold 1844-1919 husband of Kate V.
Sprague Daniel A. 1803-1876 husband of Sarah E.
Sprague Eleanor 1845-1900 wife of Charles E.
Sprague Kate V. 1860-1925 wife of D. Arnold
Sprague Melinda 1860-1925 location of grave suggests that she may be a 2nd wife of Richard E.
Sprague Mina 1848-1865 daughter of Daniel A. and Sarah E.
Sprague Richard E. 1829-1903 husband of Susan T. & Melinda
Sprague Sarah E. 1808-1874 wife of Daniel A.
Sprague Sarah E. 1808-1874 wife of Danial A.
Sprague Susan T. 1834-1859 wife of Richard E.
Spring Emma 1853-1890 daughter of William and Hannah Smith Spring
Spring Hannah Smith 1807-1891 wife of William
Spring Harriet Roberts 1839-1888 wife of William Jr.
Spring William 1803-1884 husband of Hannah Smith
Spring William Jr. 1844-1908 son og William and Hannah & husband of Harriet Roberts
Stillman Charles A. died 8/1/1881 aged 28 years & 6 days; husband of Fannie
Stillman Dorsey J. died 10/30/1870 aged 41 yearshusband of Elizabeth Gay
Stillman Elizabeth Gay 6/5/1831-2/19/1920 "Wife of Dorsey Stillman"
Stillman Emma J. 1860-1923
Stillman Fannie died 10/10/1882 aged 24 years, 8 months & ?days; wife of Charles A.
Stillman Fannie E. died 8/11/1883 aged 21 years, 2 months & 2 days; "Daughter of Dorsey and Elizabeth"
Stock Florence H. 1907-1989 wife of Matthew J.
Stock Matthew J. 1902-1984 husband of Florence H.
Storandt Florence J. 4/9/1908-12/26/2002 wife of John W.; married 7/2/1932
Storandt John W. 3/24/0908-2/11/1992 husband of Florence J.; married 7/2/1932
Strobel Betty Jane 1930-1943 daughter of John & Marion Prindle Strobel
Strobel Herbert E. 1898-1916 son of John & Rena
Strobel Jennie E. 1866-1937 1st wife of John
Strobel John Harold 1860-1941 husaband of (1) Rena R. & (2) Marion Prindle Strobel
Strobel John Harold 9/13/1896-12/20/1992 "QM3 US Navy Worlf War II"
Strobel Lena F. 1890-1980
Strobel Marion Prindle 1901-1992 2nd wife of John Prindle
Strobel Rena R. 1888-1890 daughter of John
Surprise Ina R. 1887-1949
Sweet George W. 1907-1980 "World War II Veteran"
Sweet Hobert D. 3/16/1906-7/18/1977
Swezey Albert 4/17/1813-3/17/1892 husband of Mary A.
Swezey John R. 9/18/1839-11/1/1926 husband of Marion E.
Swezey Marion E. 1/6/1857-10/20/1927 wife of John R.
Swezey Mary 1841-1919 "Wife of G. J. Swezey"
Swezey Mary A. 8/17/1816-1/23/1892 wife of Albert
Talbot Edward 1843-1925 husband of Orpha E.
Talbot Orpha E. 1847-1919 wife of Edward
Talbot Roscoe C. 1881-1928 son of Edward and Orpha
Tanner Jospeh 1873-1942
Taylor John W. 1807-1891 husband of Mary B.
Taylor Mary B. 1836-1901 wife of John W.
Terr Caroline Hemstreet 1836-1917 wife of Gideon T.
Terry Amelia R. 1867-1947 wife of John C.
Terry Dorothy H. 1892-1940 daughter of John C. & Amelia R.
Terry John C. 1867-1924 husband of Amelia R.
Terry Gideon T. 7/31/1831-3/27/1890 husband of Caroline Hemstreet Terry
Thiel Charlotte 1911-1984 wife of Herbert G.
Thiel Herbert G. 1907-1986 husband of Charlotte
Tobin Evans W. 2/11/1929-10/29/1986 "M/Sgt US Army Korea"
Todd Hazel White 1897-1986 wife of Scudder
Todd Scudder 1892-1984 husband of Hazel White Todd
Tompkins Catharine A. Wood 1858-1941 wife of Lester C.
Tompkins Lester C. 1857-1933 husband of Catharine A. Wood Tompkins
Trask Adelbert L. 11/12/1855-7/16/1883 son of Isaac & Caroline
Trask Alma E. 2/6/1852-8/20/1852
Trask Ann Elizabeth Ford 8/18/1814-11/22/1852 1st wife of Isaac
Trask Byron E. 3/9/1847-12/11/1865
Trask Caroline Lyon 10/19/1824-7/16/1910 2nd wife of Isaac
Trask Clarence 1879-1881
Trask Elmer E. 1861-1951
Trask Helen M. died 11/20/1848 aged 4 years, 2 months & 23 days; "Daughter of James and Sarah B."
Trask Ira F. 1839-1904
Trask Isaac 7/12/1810-3/1/1889 husband of Ann Elizabeth Ford
Trask James died 9/22/1859 aged 78 years & 17 days; husband of Sally
Trask Julia E. 1857-1947 (She was the d/o Isaac Trask and Caroline Lyon)
Trask Louisa Nau 1842-1901
Trask Mary Walrath 1838-1874
Trask Sally died 11/9/1842 aged 61 years & 8 months; wife of James
Truax Donald G. 6/1/1926-3/8/2001 "Pvt. US Army Korea"
Turner Evelyn K. 1921-1993 wife of Francis
Turner Francis 1922-1998 husband of Evelyn K.
Vickery Cora 8/29/1866-12/2/1900 wife of William J.
Vickery William J. 5/11/1861-12/18/1926 husband of Cora
Vincent Palmer 1826-1875
Wagner Fred W. 1870-1937 husband of Jennie M., Allen; mother of Mildred Wagner
Wagner Jennie M. Allen 1871-1957 wife of Fred W.
Wagner Mildred 1904-1973 daughter of Fred W. & Jennie M. Allen Wagner
Wall Adele Gianini 1911-1995 wife of Edwin
Wall Cynthia (?) died 6/20/1836 aged 24 years; "Daughter of Beriah and Sarah"
Wall Edwin 1903-2003 "Ted"; husband of Adele Gianini
Walrath Harold M. 1925-1988
Ward Sophia 3/18/1820-10/15/1899 wife of Waldo
Ward Waldo died 4/23/1895 husband of Sophia
Warren Earl A. 1875-1969 husband of Ida
Warren George A. 1912-1965
Warren Ida 1874-1950 wife of Earl A.
Webster Frederick 10/23/1832-1/31/1916 husband of Helen Potter Webster
Webster Helen Potter 1/22/1841-7/24/1904 wife of Frederick
Wells Louisa L. 1807-1888
Western Ervin B. 1881-1964 husband of Florence G.
Western Florence G. 1884-1964 wife of Ervin B.
Western Ida McVoy 1872-1952 wife of William S.
Western William S. 1860-1942 husband of Ida McVoy
Wheeler Emma Lawton 3/16/1850-3/26/1936 wife of Henry A.
Wheeler Henry A. 9/28/1847-4/14/1887 husband of Emma Lawton
Wheeler Jerome 1868-1933 husband of Mina
Wheeler Mina 1867-1939 wife of Jerome
White Ethel Robens 1898-1997 wife of Jackson S.
White Jackson S. 1899-1983 husband of Ethel Robens
Whitehead William 1885-1937
Williams Etta C. 1870-1942 wife of Owen S.
Williams Gershom 1875-1918
Williams Harold 1896-1979 son of Owen S. and Etta C.
Williams James died 9/10/1818 "son of Rudolph & Sarah B.Williams"
Williams Owen S. 1860-1945 husband of Etta C.
Willoughby Drew Ralph 1903-1962 husband of Beatrice B.
Wolloughby Beatrice B. 1904-1984 wife of Drew Ralph
Wood Arthur Elias 1860-1939
Wood C. Ronald 1907-1926 son of Elmer E. & Mary Blue Wood
Wood Clarissa Walker 10/10/1880-4/12/1959 wife of Fred A.
Wood Elias W. 1828-1916 husband of Louisa Hodge
Wood Elmer E. 1862-1948 husband of Mary Blue
Wood Elsie A. 3/2/1916-1/25/1987 daughter of Fred A. & Clarissa Walker Wood
Wood Fred A. 4/30/1873-6/3/1963 husband of Clarissa Walker Wood
Wood Louisa Hodge 1834-1909 wife of Elias W.
Wood Mary Blue 1871-1952 wife of Elmer E. Wood
Woolard Nellie Western 1885-1935 wife of William J.
Woolard William J. 1884-1955 husband of Nellie Western
Wooster Gertrude E. 1893-1980
Yates Ethel Horne 1890-1970 wife of Walter E.
Yates Walter E. 1892-1995 husband of Ethel Horne
Yates-Horne Sylvia A. 1898-1970 stone says "Sister" but doesn't indicate if she is the sister of Walter Yates or Ethel Horne
Yost Donald V. 12/13/1928-8/22/1997 husband of Esther D.; "PVT US Army World War II"
Yost Esther D. 1935-1995 wife of Donald V.
Zamorski Ladislaw 4/15/1907-3/9/1976 "Eddie"; husband of Stephania
Zamorski Stephania 10/7/1915-7/2/2000 "Sadie"; wife of Ladislaw

Additional Notes Regarding
The Poland Cemetery

In the large grassy area in front of the Poland Cemetery is a monument to those who served in World War I. The brass plaque is in engraved as follows:

In honor of the men of the Town of Russia and the Village of Poland who fought in the World War 1917-1919

Wolcott Boynton
Frank Brown
Thomas Clifford
William Clifford
Frederick Cole
Stanley Compo
Clarence Coonradt
John Cruikshank
Irwin Davis
William Eggelston
Lyle Fisher
George Forrest
* William Hanley
Harry Hardell
Hart Holcomb
Paul Holcomb
Morris Howe
Otto Jones
Miles Jubin
Milo Jubin
William Lampky
* Edward Laundry
Charles Lovell
Frank McArthur
Roy McMahon
Kenneth McVoy
Ralph Munger
William Newman
Lyndon Prentiss
Fred Pullman
Glen Pullman
Willard Rank
Raymond Rathbone
Newell Seifried
Fred Smith
Jarvis Steber
Harold Strobel
Harold Williams

In Memoriam

William Hanley
Edward Laundry
Thomas Orser

The name of Thomas appears to have been added at a later date as it's on a separate brass tag attached to the plaque by rivets.

Thank you in advance for directing ALL requests for information about persons listed to the local historical societies and libraries, not to the site coordinators.

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