Oak View Cemetery

Frankfort, NY

Part 1

Surnames A - B

An original reading of Oak View Cemetery, Village of Frankfort, Herkimer County, New York done in July 2005 by Steven Knight.

Abbott Chester W. 1/26/1832-1/9/1899 hus of Laura M.
Abbott Grace 1870-1932
Abbott Laura M. 10/11/1834-9/3/1899 wife of Chester W.
Abbott William C. 5/21/1868-9/18/1892
Abers Carl Ray 8/29/1893-6/6/1935 "Fireman 2nd Class USS Antigone New York World War I"
Adams Charles W. 1903-1936
Adams Colonel B. died 9/5/1910 ae. 70 yrs
Adams Edwin died 2/14/1884 hus of Lydia Bently; ae. 82 yrs
Adams Lydia Bently died 9/15/1863 wife of Edwin; ae. 58 yrs
Adams Sanders E. 1845-1920 "Co. L. 2nd NYH Art"
Aiston Elizabeth died 7/14/1879 wife of John
Aiston John died 8/26/1871 hus of Elizabeth; ae. 74 yrs
Albones Arthur W. (M.D.) 1878-1962
Albones Christiana Anders 1848-1925
Albones George 1874-1890
Albones John 1829-1891
Alexander James unreadable
Allen Emmer 1849-1927 wife of George E.
Allen George E. 1847-1915 hus of Emmer
Allen Gregory L. 1957-1983
Allen Howard N. 1871-1947 hus of Mame Staring
Allen Mame Staring 1874-1959 wife of Howard N.
Allen William Delbert 5/1/1901-10/28/1909 son of Howard & Mame
Alvord Anna Ketchall 1852-1947 wife of Millard H.
(dau of James and Eliza (Jacobs) Ketchell)
Alvord Flora L. Ashley 1870-1945 wife of Millard J. Alvord
Alvord James Marenus or James L. unreadable (1838-1906) hus of Susan Turner; son of James and Lois (Monroe) Alvord
Alvord James (name under which he enlisted) unreadable (1838-1906) "Co. L. 2nd NYH Art."
(I believe there are two stones.)
Alvord Lenora V. 1859-1923 (dau of James and Lois (Monroe) Alvord)
Alvord Millard H. 1852-1899 hus of Anna Ketchall
(son of James and Lois (Monroe) Alvord)
Alvord Millard J. 1872-1952 (hus of Flora L. Ashley;
son of James Marenus (L.) and Susan (Turner) Alvord)
Alvord Sarah A. 1847-1916 (dau of James and Lois (Monroe) Alvord)
Alvord Susan Turner 1848-1928 wife of James L. or James Marenus
Ambrose Carrie M. unreadable
Ambrose Sarah B. 1874-1942 wife of Walter W.
Ambrose Walter W. 1872-1957 hus of Sarah B.
Anderson Charles V. 1902-1958 hus of Sarah E. Green
Anderson Frankie M. Dullen 1867-1913 wife of J. E.
Anderson J. E. 1860-no date hus of Frankie M. Dullen
Anderson Karen died 1957 same stone with Terry; "Little Angels"
Anderson Margaret Sorenson 1860-1941
Anderson Sarah E. Green 1906-1976 wife of Charles V.
Anderson Terry died 1957 same stone with Karen; "Little Angels"
Angell Geneva I. 1896-1980 wife of Lynn B.
Angell Lynn B. 1881-1963 hus of Geneva I.
Appley Arthur 1854-1927 hus of Priscilla L.
Appley Dean A. 1922-1942 son of Elsie E.
Appley Elsie E. 1882-1967
Appley Kester L. 1879-1938
Appley Priscilla L. 1855-1910 wife of Arthur
Archer Alice 1851-1916 wife of Russell T.
Archer Anna 1886-1933 wife of Percy
Archer Ella A. 1858-1864 dau of George & Sarah Archer
Archer George died 11/20/1884 "Co. L 2nd NYH Art."; ae 72 yrs
Archer George 1813-1883 This is a large family stone next to George Archer d. 1884. These may be the same person
Archer George died 10/14/1893 "Co. L 2nd NYH Art."
Archer Henry J. 1854-1864 son of George & Sarah Archer
Archer Percy 1892-1958 hus of Anna
Archer Russell T. 1852-1923 hus of Alice
Archer Sarah J. 1819-1899 wife of George
Archer Sarah M. 1856-1864 dau of George & Sarah Archer
Archer Willie 1863-1864 son of George & Sarah Archer
Armstrong Dorothy 1915-1997 wife of Reuben
Armstrong Reuben 1913-1943 hus of Dorothy
Ash Grace 1890-1954
Ash J. Wesley 1854-1926 hus of Mary
Ash Mary 1868-1949 wife of J. Wesley
Ashby Anna B. 1863-1876 dau of William & Sarah
Ashby George 1866-1874 son of William & sarah
Ashby John 1856-1927 hus of Lillian L.
Ashby Lillian L. 1856-no date wife of John
Ashby Sarah 1828-1906 wife of William
Ashby William 1818-1876 hus of Sarah
Ashley Albert 1855-1909 hus of Emma A. Niles
Ashley Clara E. 1871-1934 wife of Otis C.
Ashley Emma A. Niles 1857-1925 wife of Albert
Ashley Emma L. 1910-1920
Ashley Fred E. 1895-1960 hus of Maude I.
Ashley John 1867-1957 hus of Sarah
Ashley Mabel 1892-1936
Ashley Maude I. 1899-1965 wife of Fred E.
Ashley Otis C. 1865-1948 hus of Calara E.
Ashley Sarah 1882-1944 wife of John
Atwell Edith M. Renk 1882-1926 wife of Philo
Atwell Leander J. 4/7/1829-12/18/1893 hus of Mary A.
Atwell Marie Smith 1914-1999 wife of Robert J.
Atwell Mary A. 10/8/1839-1910 wife of Leander J.
Atwell Philo 1873-1961 hus of Edith M. Renk; "Co C 2nd NY Vols"
Atwell Robert J. 1911-2000 hus of Marie Smith
Augar Eva B. 1916-2000 wife of Frederick J.
Augar Frederick J. 1916-1975 hus of Eva B.
Augar Ida M. Thurston 1879-1950
Ausman Abigail Frank 1819-1901 wife of Benjamin
Ausman Benjamin 2/?/1820-2/?/1875 hus of Abigail Frank
Ausman Catharine 1792-1874 wife of John
Ausman Charlotte M. 1863-1915 wife of Marion L.
Ausman Eliza died 1/1/1812 "Wife of Charles Ausman"
Ausman Florence Willman 1851-1933 wife if Willie
Ausman Frank B. 1875-1961 hus of Katherine A.
Ausman John 1790-1872 hus of Catharine
Ausman Katherine A. 1871-1965 wife of Frank B.
Ausman Marion L. 1860-1918 hus of Charlotte M.
Ausman Willie died 1/25/1888 hus of Florence Willman; son of Benjamin & Abigail
Avery Michael C. 1982-1998
Babcock Bertha C. 1866-1940 wife of William G.
Babcock William G. 1863-1901 hus of Bertha C.
Bagley Jennie Perkins 1838-1910 wife of William H.
Bagley William H. 1836-1916 hus of Jennie Perkins
Baker Angeline 1820-1889
Baker Benjamin A. 1863-1939 hus of May E.
Baker Clare M. 1877-1951 hus of Nellie Ward
Baker David 1812-1895 hus of Rachael Getman
Baker Lucy 8/26/1830-7/16/1895
Baker Martha Lamphere 1860-1891 "Wife of Rev. C. H. Baker"
Baker Maude Hays 1893-1976 wife of Orville R.
Baker May E. 1868-no date wife of Benjamin A.
Baker Nellie Ward 1877-1970 wife of Clare M.
Baker Orville R. 1887-1938 hus of Maude Hays
Baker Priscilla died ?/?/1861 wife of William
Baker Rachael Getman 1825-1909 wife of David
Baker William died 12/25/1861 hus of Priscilla
Balda Alida C. Collis 1844-1912 wife of Charles F.
Balda Anna Starin 1859-1910 wife of Frank E. Balda
Balda Arthur C. 1871-1927
Balda Cahrles O. 1874-1908
Balda Charles F. 1831-1875 hus of Alida C. Collis
Balda Frances Z. 1873-1920 wife of Herbert S.
Balda Herbert S. 1868-1950 hus of Frances Z.
Baldwin Horace (Rev.) 1857-1898 hus of Jessie N.
Baldwin Jessie N. 1856-1907 wife of Horace
Baldwin nancy B. 1897-1996
Baldwin Ralph N. (Sgt.) 1887-1918 "M.G. Co. 113 Inf. 29 Div. A.E.F. Killed in Action"
Baldwin Ruth C. 1893-1975
Baldwin Sara E. 1889-1971
Ball Fanny Shoen 1901-1973
Ball Horatio (Ray) 1876-1971 hus of Ruth Widrig
Ball Ruth Widrig 1895-1932 wife of Horatio
Bambic Martin E. 7/18/1909-6/16/1987 "US Navy"
Bamford Alice Van Nort 1875-1907 wife of Charles H.
Bamford Charles H. no dates hus of Alice Van Nort
Bamford David A. 1895-1985 hus of Louise F.
Bamford Edward 1815-1901
Bamford Helen E. 12/23/1904-9/4/1905 dau of Charles & Alice
Bamford Ida Frances 1899-1920
Bamford Ida Jane 1874-1918
Bamford Louise F. 1897-1967 wife of David A.
Bamford Mary 1833-1908
Bamford Richard 1868-1928
Bamford Thomas E. 1866-1959
Bardwell Marie Bargy 1876-1937
Bargy Charles L. 1852-1906 hus of Mary E.
Bargy Diana Aldridge 1848-1908 wife of V. R.
Bargy H. Frank died 4/18/1880 ae. 22 yrs & 10 months
Bargy Mary E. 1855-1925 wife of Charles L.
Bargy V. R. 1834-unreadable hus of Diana; "Co. K 2nd NYH Art"
Barnes Alfred died 1808 ae. 11 yrs
Barnes Alfred A. 1872-1936 hus of Jessie M.
Barnes Alice Elizabeth Myers 1852-1933 wife of Wilson Lyman
Barnes Edith Staring Soules 1896-1993
Barnes Edna H. 1880-1969 wife of Ernest L.
Barnes Ernest L. 1873-1960 hus of Edna H.
Barnes Flora Loyola 1911-1921
Barnes Jessie M. 1871-1931 wife of Alfred A.
Barnes leila Myers 1875-1915
Barnes Wilson Lyman 1846-1916 hus of Alice Elizabeth Myers
Barrus Annie Dreizler 1870-1938 wife of Walter
Barrus George W. 1895-1972 hus of Marian Becker
Barrus Marian Becker 1892-1950 wife of George W.
Barrus Walter 1868-1895 hus of Annie Dreizler
Barry James unreadable "Co. F 27th & Co. I 5th regt. NY Vols."
Bassone Giani 1898-1944
Bates Charles H. 4/12/1856-4/5/1860 son of David & Mary
Bates David G. 3/19/1825-10/14/1889 hus of Mary E.
Bates Mary E. 1834-1906 wife of David G.
Bayliss Ann E. Skiff 2/5/1853-10/31/1904 wife of Milfred
Bayliss Clarence 10/16/1877-6/28/1897 son of Milfred & Ann
Bayliss Frank P. 1876-1954 hus of Lena E.
Bayliss Lena E. 1889-1970 wife of Frank P.
Bayliss Milfred 4/20/1850-8/23/1901 hus of Ann E. Skiff; "Born at Birmingham, Eng."
Bayliss Sidney W. no dates
Beach Augustus F. 1886-1918 "2ne Lieut. 351 H.F.A."
Beach Charles N. 1866-1935 hus of Sarah Sefton
Beach Sarah Sefton 1857-1937 wife of Charles N.
Becker Adam 1862-1939 hus of Emma Leitz
Becker Emma Leitz 1866-1928 wife of Adam
Becker Margaretha died 9/16/1867 "Wife of George Becker"; ae. 66 yrs, 5 months & 10 days
Beckwith Duane Speece 1924-1924 son of H. Elting & Laura Speece
Beckwith Edson E. 1930-1982
Beckwith H. Elting 1891-1967 hus of Laura Holmes & Laura Speece
Beckwith John E. 1849-1923
Beckwith Laura Holmes 1894-1919 1st wife of H. Elting
Beckwith Laura Speece 1895-1969 2nd wife of H. Elting
Beckwith Maria Frank 1868-1947
Becoliar George died 9/?/1848
Beeching Charles F. 1869-1936 hus of Helen Cornish
Beeching Helen Cornish 1874-1966 wife of Charles F.
Beers Elizabeth C. 1866-1957 wife of Frank D.
Beers Frank D. 1861-1943 hus of Elizabeth C.
Bellingham Ada L/ 1871-1922 wife of George
Bellingham George 1866-1945 hus of Ada L.
Benedict Ann Deaner 1882-1969 wife of J. C.
Benedict J. C. 1872-1955 hus of Ann Deaner
Benjamin Leanna D. 1896-1969
Bennett Ada L. 10/12/1859-9/3/1899
Bennett Anna D. Fox 11/29/1860-1/6/1930 wife of George N.
Bennett Calista 1806-1893 wife of Daniel
Bennett Daniel 1802-1893 hus of Calista Dyke
Bennett Delia Matteson 3/25/1828-4/21/1913 wife of John
Bennett Dorcas R. Coolidge 1832-1914 wife of Rufus W.
Bennett Elizabeth 1840-1911 wife of William
Bennett Elizabeth Hartman 1843-1918 wife of Lewis
Bennett Elmer 1908-1914 "Son of E. & E. A. Bennett"
Bennett Ernest 3/10/1890-8/8/1890 "Son of E. & E. A. Bennett"
Bennett George L. 1882-1965 hus of Jessie C.
Bennett George N. 12/24/1856-3/7/1894 hus of Anna D. Fox
Bennett Grace B. 1875-1948 wife of ralph C.
Bennett Jessie C. 1886-1955 wife of George L.
Bennett John 2/25/1822-12/24/1892 hus of Delia Matteson
Bennett Lewis 1848-1914 hus of Elizabeth Hartman
Bennett Lola F. 1870-1952 wife of Silas H.
Bennett Ralph C. 1886-1944 hus of Grace B.
Bennett Rufus W. 1833-1912 son of Daniel & Calista; hus of Dorcas R. Coolidge
Bennett Silas H. 1875-1936 hus of Lola F.
Bennett William 1844-no date hus of Elizabeth
Bennett Willie died 8/7/1891 "Son of E. & E. A. Bennett"
Bernard Grace P. 1880-1966 wife of Herbert A.
Bernard Herbert A. 1871-1958 hus of Grace P.
Best Frances died 8/9/1851 wife of John; ae. 34 yrs
Best John died 10/7/1875 hus of Frances; ae. 64yrs, 6 months & 22 days
Bierman Bertha H. 1872-1924
Bill Charles 1857-1914 hus of Phoebe Cartwright
Bill Phoebe Cartwright 1857-1940 Wife of Charles
Billings Amanda died 4/14/1865 "Wife of David Billings"; ae. 56 yrs, 11 months & 29 days
Billings Amanda Melvina died 3/16/1862 "Daughter of David & Amanda Billings"
Billings James H. 1836-1878
Birch Charles E. 1868-no date
Birch H. Estella Dudleston 1873-1956 wife of William
Birch Maria Bass 8/?/1833-1/25/1895 wife of Stephen
Birch Nellie M. unreadable stone is sunken below the death date
Birch Stephen 2/18/1835-1913 hus of Maria Bass
Birch William 1858-1916 hus of H. Estella Dudleston
Blaise Eleanor M. 1927-2000 wife of Richard T.
Blaise Richard (Jr.) 6/21/1948-6/23/1948 son of Richard & Eleanor
Blaise Richard T. 1926-2003 hus of Eleanor M
Blakeney Edward 1862-1933 hus of Phoebe
Blakeney Phoebe 1861-1929 wife of Edward
Bliss Bertha Wilber 1873-1907 "Wife of Charles H. Bliss"
Bliss Ida L. Wood 1860-1910 wife of Monroe G.
Bliss Monroe G. 1852-1912 hus of Ida L. Wood
Bogardus Charles 1852-1911 hus of Emmaline
Bogardus Emmaline 1855-1913 wife of Charles
Bogardus Leo 1895-1913 son of Charles & Emmaline
Bogardus Mina 1879-1898 dau of Charles & Emmaline
Bonanni Cora B. 1905-1980 wife of Dominick
Bonanni Dominick 1899-1972 hus of Cora B.
Bono Josephine 1897-1994 wife of Peter J.
Bono Mary 1864-1952
Bono Peter J. 1892-1987 hus of Josephine
Book John died 4/?/1895 "Co. B 121st Regt. NY Vols."
Boorn Elizabeth F. 1895-1958 wife of William R.
Boorn William R. 1885-1924 hus of Elizabeth F.
Borden Abraham died 18?1 hus of Maria
Borden Harriet died 1845 dau of Abraham & Maria
Borden Helen died 1872 dau of Abraham & Maria
Borden Maria died 1857 wife of Abraham
Borden Sarah died 1860 dau of Abraham & Maria
Borden Wallace died 1873 son of Abraham & Maria
Borden Walter died 1905 son of Abraham & Maria
Borden Willoughby died 1863 son of Abraham & Maria
Boss Lily J. 1884-1893 dau of Warren & Mary
Boss Mary N. 1862-1926 wife of Warren J.
Boss Warren J. 1862-1893 hus of Mary N.
Bostram Carrie L. 1882-1954 wife of Frank O.
Bostram Charles F. 1874-1961 hus of Cornelia M.
Bostram Cornelia M. 1879-1952 wife of Charles F.
Bostram Frank O. 1885-1960 hus of Carrie L.
Bostram Herbert 1894-1962 hus of Pearl; World War I Veteran"
Bostram Pearl 1897-1988 wife of Herbert
Bostrom Anna Schafer 1887-1959 wife of Floyd W.
Bostrom Arthur G. 1886-1919 son of John & Augusta
Bostrom Augusta Jacobs 1853-1929 wife of John
Bostrom Doris Marie died 1911 dau of Floyd & Anna
Bostrom Floyd W. 1889-1922 hus of Anna Schafer
Bostrom John 1843-1901 hus of Augusta Jacobs
Bouck Alice 1890-1961 wife of Walter
Bouck Bessie Guyvits 1903-1932
Bouck Cornelia E. 1829-1909 wife of John
Bouck Daniel W. 1868-1950
Bouck Emory I. 1855-1939 hus of Jane Ingersoll
Bouck Jane Ingersoll 1852-1931 wife of Emory I.
Bouck John 1823-1899 hus of Cornelia E.
Bouck Judson 1874-1934 hus of Maude (Russell)
Bouck Maude 1883-1955 wife of Judson
(dau of Estella (Alvord) and Charles Russell)
Bouck Walter 1885-1937 hus of Alice
Bouck Willard Jewell 1883-1948
Boudry Charles C. 1945-1945 son of Seymour & M. Bernice
Boudry Christina 1812-1895
Boudry Doris M. 1910-1965
Boudry Fred 1873-1934 hus of Mary J.
Boudry M. Bernice 1906-2003 wife of Seymour N.
Boudry Mary 1852-8/25/1909 wife of William; ae. 57 yrs
Boudry Mary J. 1868-1948 wife of Fred
Boudry Nelson 1876-1897
Boudry Norman R. 1935-1984
Boudry Seymour N. 1903-1968 hus of M. Bernice
Boudry William 1838-1936 hus of Mary; "Pvt. Co. H 30th Vols. 1st Brigade 1st Division 1st Corps Civil War"; There are 2 stones in this plot. The older stone lists the death date as 1926.
Boudry Winifred C. 1908-1950
Bowen Raymond 1919-1958
Boyea Doris E. 1902-1976
Boyea Ida Ludwig 1909-2000
Bracken Edward 1852-1934 hus of Julia
Bracken Hugh A. 1887-1957 hus of Viola; "Co. M 107th Inf. World War I"
Bracken Julia 1847-1911 wife of Edward
Bracken Mary H. 1908-1987
Bracken Nancy Mae 1934-1981
Bracken Viola 1898-1966 wife of Hugh A.
Bradner George B. 1859-1906
Brewer Alton D. 1879-1946 hus of Lena A.
Brewer Anna E. Brown 9/28/1854-10/19/1930 wife of Delos V.
Brewer Carrie C. 1897-1968 wife of Jesse
Brewer Delos V. 11/1/1848-8/29/1938 hus of Anna E. Brown
Brewer Everett 1917-1921
Brewer Glenn H. 1903-1917 "Grandson of Fred & Carrie Dennison"
Brewer Grace Nibbs 1880-1942 wife of Willard E.
Brewer I. DeVerne 1896-1968 hus of Nellie M.
Brewer Lena A. 1877-1965 wife of Alton D.
Brewer Nellie M. 1888-1973 wife of I. DeVerne
Brewer Willard E. 1880-1964 hus of Grace Nibbs
Brewer Jesse 1877-1960 hus of Carrie C.
Brice Dollie M. Widrick 1873-1952 wife of Irving A.
Brice Irving A. (Rev.) 1869-1942 hus of Dollie M. Widrick
Brice Sarah U. Williams 1830-1901
Brice Stanton L. died 1908 son of Irving & Dollie
Bridenbecker Ada White 1862-1926 wife of Edward D.
Bridenbecker Addison 1850-1901 hus of Helena Folts
Bridenbecker Adelma Carder 1846-1908 2nd wife of Alexander
Bridenbecker Alexander 1838-1885 hus of Elizabeth Sherwood
Bridenbecker Aseph 1851-no date hus of Nellie
Bridenbecker Burt 1876-1965 hus of Mary
Bridenbecker Charity 1841-1919 wife of Sylveanus
Bridenbecker Daniel I. 6/29/1820-4/13/1891 hus of Maria
Bridenbecker Edward D. 1856-1914 hus of Ada White
Bridenbecker Eliza E. Ferguson 1/4/1826-4/8/1880 wife of John W.
Bridenbecker Elizabeth Marie 1898-1900 "Daughter of Sherwood & Emma Bridenbecker"
Bridenbecker Elizabeth Petrie 4/14/1784-1/26/1860 wife of William B.
Bridenbecker Elizabeth Sherwood 1832-1871 1st wife of Alexander
Bridenbecker Ella F. 1859-1873
Bridenbecker Emma C. 1851-1924
Bridenbecker Emma Edith Mason 1867-1943 wife of Sherwood
Bridenbecker Fred 1854-1885 son of William & Sarah
Bridenbecker Harriet H. 1840-1864 dau of William & Sarah
Bridenbecker Helen H. 1837-1839 dau of William & Sarah
Bridenbecker Helena Folts 1850-1890 wife of Addison
Bridenbecker Horace W. 1831-1873 son of William & Sarah
Bridenbecker Horatio 1849-1854 son of John & Eliza
Bridenbecker Jeremiah 1815-1900 hus of Margaret S. Harter
Bridenbecker John W. 1/1/1820-11/22/1894 hus of Eliza E. Ferguson
Bridenbecker Jospeh 7/30/1809-1/23/1868 son of William & Elizabeth
Bridenbecker Lena Rushmer 1871-1962
Bridenbecker Margaret S. Harter 1822-1898 wife of Jeremiah
Bridenbecker Maria 11/26/1819-1/2/1902 wife of Daniel I.
Bridenbecker Mary 1882-1964 wife of Burt
Bridenbecker Maude 1859-1922
Bridenbecker Nellie 1860-1921 wife of Aseph
Bridenbecker Rachael 3/13/1874
Bridenbecker Sarah M. Pruyn 1810-1872 wife of William
Bridenbecker Sherwood 1868-1945 hus of Emma Edith Mason
Bridenbecker Sylveanus 1844-1908 hus of Charity
Bridenbecker Willard 1855-1855 son of John & Eliza
Bridenbecker William 1807-1879 hus of Sarah M. Pruyn
Bridenbecker William B. 4/6/1780-11/22/1848 hus of Elizabeth Petrie
Brizulara Elizabeth Vandenburgh 8/15/1824-no date wife of John G.
Brizulara John G. 1/1/1822-4/9/1900 hus of Elizabeth Vandenburgh
Brock Almon 1842-1906 hus of Nellie A.
Brock Nellie A. 1857-1934 wife of Almon
Brockway Earl Thomas 1885-1957 hus of Grace Holdridge
Brockway Grace Holdridge 1886-1954 wife of Earl Thomas
Brockway Mary J. Thomas 1851-1933 wife of Wallace R.
Brockway Muriel Ione 1911-1956
Brockway Wallace R. 1857-1937 hus of Mary J. Thomas
Brow Mary M. died 1887 "Wife of John Brow"
Brow Thomas J. 1874-1911
Brown Arthur T. 1857-1944 hus of Lillie M. Day
Brown Augusta Spohn 1873-1954 wife of Enos M.
Brown Bryan A. 9/22/1955-12/17/1977 "Pvt. US Army"
Brown Carlton S. 1909-1986 hus of Marion O.
Brown Clarence 1910-1912 "son of Everett & Flossie Brown"
Brown Enos M. 9/4/1869-3/1/1938 hus of Augusta Spohn
Brown Grace Lawton 1890-1970 wife of Walter
Brown Helen Spohn 1874-1952 wife of Howard E.
Brown Howard E. 9/3/1870-5/16/1931 hus of Helen Spohn
Brown James S. 10/20/1844-10/4/1912 "Co. C 91st NY Vols."
Brown Lawrence E. 1928-1998 hus of Rosamond LaQuay
Brown Lillie M. Day 1859-1916 wife of Arthur T.
Brown Ludentia Pryne 1845-1920 wife of Theodore P.
Brown Marion O. 1911-1999 wife of Carlton S.
Brown Milton died 1899 "Son of Enos & Augusta Brown"
Brown Nellie M. 1884-1976 wife of William T.
Brown Noreen Loftus 1913-2000 wife of Oliver W.; note same dates for hus & wife
Brown Oliver W. 1913-2000 hus of Noreen Loftus; note same dates for hus & wife
Brown Richard 1925-1977
Brown Rosamond LaQuay 1932-1998 wife of Lawrence E.
Brown Theodore P. 1844-1896 hus of Ludentia Pryne; "Co. C 10th NY Cav."
Brown Walter 1892-1966 hus of Grace Lawton
Brown William T. 1878-1931 hus of Nellie M.
Brown John V. died 2/18/1816 ae. 28 yrs & 21 days
Brownell Carrie 1890-1972
Brunner Bertha Potter died 5/4/1941
Bryant Cora Orendorf 1887-1931 "Wife of Gail Bryant"
Bryant Gail 1889-1961 hus of Ida
Bryant Ida 1887-1962 wife of Gail
Budlong A. J. 1843-no date hus of M. J. Harris
Budlong A. LeRoy 1850-1912 hus of Julia A.
Budlong Alvin D. 1921-1945 "US Marine Corps World War II"
Budlong Caleb (Dr.) 10/17/1791-11/3/1865 hus of Susan Murray; ae. 74 yrs & 17 days; "Born in Petersburgh, Rensselaer Co."
Budlong DeElmo P. 1884-1885
Budlong Fred E. 1886-1939 hus of Winifred Dedrick
Budlong George A. 1877-1883 son of A. J. & M. J.; These names are listed on a large family stone. There is also a small individual stone for George but no stones for the parents which may signify that the parents are not buried here.
Budlong Julia A. 1856-1925 wife of A. LeRoy
Budlong M. J. Harris 1843-no date wife of A. J.
Budlong Nelson died 6/21/1898 "Co. ? 2nd NYH Art."
Budlong Susan Murray 8/3/1802-9/14/1888 wife of Caleb
Budlong Winifred Dedrick 1890-1968 wife of Fred E.
Buell Charles H. 1845-1935 hus of Grace C.
Buell Grace C. 1851-1918 wife of Charles
Bulkley Kathleen R. 1929-1988
Bullard Josephine C. 1905-1985
Bullion Jessie Hardell 1891-1972 wife of Monroe J.
Bullion Monroe J. 1888-1966 hus of Jessie Hardell
Bullock Emily 1874-1949 wife of Sidney
Bullock Sidney 1877-1947 hus of Emily
Burgess Ella Dunn 1882-1954 wife of Roger E.
Burgess Roger E. 1879-1970 hus of Ella Dunn
Burt Anna died 7/17/1848 wife of Asahel
Burt Asahel died 12/15/1843 hus of Anna
Burton Bessie died 3/18/1884 dau of Nathan & Helen; ae. 1 yr & 6 months
Burton Charley O. died 2/15/1865 "Son of D. & C. Burton"; ae. 2 yrs
Burton Clara M. Brown died 8/16/1865 2nd wife of David; ae. 33 yrs
Burton David 1811-1898 hus of Rhozina Whitney & Clara M. Brown
Burton Hattie M. 4/22/1865-6/20/1893
Burton Helen S. Morris 1848-1919 wife of Nathan W.
Burton Ida R. died 5/12/1884 "Daughter of D. & R. Burton"
Burton Infant Son no dates "Infant Son of N. W. & H. S. Burton"
Burton Nathan W. 1848-1934 hus of Helen S. Morris
Burton Phoebe D. no dates "Daughter of D. & R. Burton"
Burton Rhozina Whitney died 4/16/1852 1st wife of David; ae. 36 yrs
Burton Rose H. died 3/16/1876 "Daughter of D. & R. Burton"; ae 37 yrs
Burton Villa M. no dates "Daughter of D. & C. Burton"
Butler Sarah died 9/14/1883 wife of William; ae. 78 yrs
Butler William died 12/3/1859 hus of Sarah; ae. 63 yrs
Earle Demas 1910-1993 wife of Willard
Earle Nathan H. 1869-1929
Earle Willard 1906-1964 hus of Demas
Eaton Aaron David 1925-1927
Eaton Aaron H. 1865-1946 hus of Nellie D.
Eaton Anis L. died 1955 wife of Charles S.; ae. 82 yrs
Eaton Charles S. died 1950 hus of Anis L.; ae. 77yrs
Eaton Hilda E. 1896-1981 wife of Raymond D.
Eaton John Roberts 1926-1926
Eaton Nellie D. 1868-1943 wife of Aaron H.
Eaton Raymond D. 1896-1994 hus of Hilda E.
Eaton Raymond Donald 1917-1917
Ebensperger Amanda E. 1843-1920 wife of Granville
Ebensperger Gertrude 1811-1888 wife of J. Frederick
Ebensperger Granville 1836-1903 hus of Amanda E.
Ebensperger J. Frederick 1811-1893 hus of Gertrude
Eddy Albert R. 1932-1984
Edick Elizabeth Ann unreadable
Edick Emily 1830-1910
Edick James M. no dates "Mexican War aged 24 years"
Edick Samuel C. 1820-1864 "Civil War Sergt. Co. G 4th US Inft."
Edy Cynthia A. 1961-1992
Effrig Phoebe L. 1855-1889
Eklund Annie L. 8/17/1885-3/4/1981
Eldred Burdett M. 1889-1963 hus of Gladys F.
Eldred Gladys F. 1906-1994 wife of Burdett
Elliot Frank L. 8/17/1876-6/4/1902
Ellsworth Eleanor 1884-1884 dau of Myron & Mary
Ellsworth Mary E. Van Deusen 1849-1930 wife of Myron K.
Ellsworth Myron K. 1845-1925 hus of Mary E. Van Deusen
Ellsworth Nellie 1877-1879 dau of Myron & Mary
Ellwood Jane died 4/14/1848 "Wife of Chauncey Ellwood & Daughter of Dr. Caleb Budlong"; ae. 23 yrs, 7 months & 13 days
Ellwood Murray B. died 2/25/1848 "Son of Jane & Chauncey Ellwood"; ae. 5 months & 21 days
Elthorpe Sadie Perkins 1898-1930
Emory Charles V. died 8/26/1910 son of Edwin & Mary; ae. 35 yrs
Emory Edwin Francis 3/29/1843-4/29/1904 hus of Mary Fidelia Hodges; "Sgt. Co. M 11th NY Cav. Scott's 900"; "Born Aurora, Erie Co., NY"
Emory Mary Fidelia Hodges 4/23/1851-4/7/1923 wife of Edwin Francis; "Born Erie Co., NY"
Emrich Adolf G. 1900-1976 "PFC US Army World War I"
Emrich Adolf G. 1870-1930 hus of Anna A.
Emrich Anna A. 1873-1928 wife of Adolf G.
Emrich Bertha M. 1897-1903 dau of Adolf & Anna A.
Emrich Catherine 1850-1918 wife of Philip
Emrich Ernest J. 1893-1952 "pvt. Co. M 60th Inf. 5th Div. World War I"
Emrich Fred G. 1904-1975 hus of Mary A.
Emrich Mary A. 1902-1994 wife of Fred G.
Emrich Minnie K. 1885-1983 wife of William D.
Emrich Philip 1847-1925 hus of Catherine
Emrich William D. 1887-1937 hus of Minnie K.
Enea Thomas 1916-2004
Engelbrecht Christian 1869-1937 hus of Signa J.
Engelbrecht Marion no dates child of Christian & Signa; ae. 3 months
Engelbrecht Nelson 1870-no date son of Christian & Signa
Engelbrecht Peter 1875-1905 son of Christian & Signa
Engelbrecht Signa J. 1882-1943 wife of Christian
Etheridge Hobart S. 1870-1949 hus of Ida G.
Etheridge Ida G. 1874-1970 wife of Hobart S.
Evans Abigail (Miss) died 3/31/1853 ae. 27 yrs
Evans Elizabeth 1908-1996 wife of John P.
Evans Frank 1877-1959 hus of Nora A.
Evans John P. 1901-1964 hus of Elizabeth
Evans Nora A. 1880-1967 wife of Frank
Everett Alanson 1815-1875 hus of Emma Dudleston
Everett Emma Dudleston 1830-1909 wife of Alanson
Everett Jesse 1859-1901 son of Alanson & Emma; "Served in U.S.N. 25 Years"
Fairbrother Helen 1894-1974
Fairbrother John 1883-1965
Fake Leonard died 1/23/1911 hus of Lucy A."; ae. 86 yrs
Fake Lucy A. died 6/3/1898 wife of Leonard; ae. 73 yrs
Falcone Anna M. 1921-1999 wife of V. James
Falcone Mary 1883-1974 wife of Santo
Falcone Santo 1870-1927 hus of Mary
Falcone V. James 1917-2004 hus of Anna M.
Fallert Andrew 1861-1928 hus of Philippine
Fallert Eitel 1901-1969
Fallert Emma K. 1915-2001
Fallert George A. 1908-1945
Fallert Philippine 1863-1930 wife of Andrew
Farber Ada 1894-1975 wife of Floyd G.
Farber Floyd G. 1884-1960 hus of Ada
Farley Catherine M. 1892-1959 wife of John M.
Farley Edith E. 1893-no date wife of Terrance
Farley George A. 1905-1963 hus of Minnie
Farley George S. 10/14/1932-9/17/1993 "PFC US Army Korea"
Farley John M. 1894-1965 hus of Catherine M.
Farley Joseph 1962-1998
Farley Minnie 1907-1981 wife of George A.
Farley Patrick L. 1948-1969
Farley Richard 1936-1960 "SP 4/C Co. A 1st Q.M. BN 1st A.D."
Farley Terrance 1885-1946 hus of Edith E.
Farley John B. 1927-1977 "Son of John & Margaret Farley"; "US Army"
Farouche Gene 1907-1936
Farrugia Catherine P. 1871-1952
Farrugia Nancy 1882-1931 wife of Pietro
Farrugia Pietro 1871-1953 hus of Nancy
Feldbrugge Alonzo H. 1895-1971 hus of Marilla C.; "Veteran of World War I"
Feldbrugge Alonzo H. R. 1922-1984 "Son of Alonzo & Viola Feldbrugge"
Feldbrugge Herman 1861-1929 hus of Viola Waterman
Feldbrugge Viola Waterman 1878-1962 wife of Herman
Fenton Lynn E. 1910-1992 hus of Rose F.; "Pvt. US Army World War II"
Fenton Rose F. 1919-2005 wife of Lynn E.
Fenwick Ella 1888-1963 wife of Herbert
Fenwick Herbert 1885-1955 hus of Ella
Ferguson Arletta E. Davis 1851-1942 wife of Samuel
Ferguson Samuel 1846-1922 hus of Arletta E. Davis
Ferraro Joseph F. 10/2/1947-6/5/1971 "1st Lt. 14 ARMD Cavalry Vietnam"
Ferraro Teresa M. 1914-2002
Fetterley James 5/15/1906-8/6/1979 "S Sgt US Army World War II"
Fifield Cech D. 1909-1956 hus of Izzetta L.
Fifield Izzetta L. 1911-1994 wife of Cech D.
Fifield Paul W. 1913-1944
Fike Frank F. 1888-1968 hus of Rosa L.
Fike Rena E. 1918-2000
Fike Rosa L. 1892-1986 wife of Frank F.
Finch Richard 7/6/1950-10/23/1971 "Pvt. US Marine Corps Vietnam"
Fineout Aaron 1809-1866 hus of Rebecca O. Bagley; "Co. K 152nd NYV Inf."
Fineout Rebecca O. Bagley 1807-1874 wife of Aaron
Fiorenza George 1897-1983 hus of Tina
Fiorenza Joseph 1927-2002
Fiorenza Tina 1905-1987 wife of George
Fischer Filmore M. 1881-1964 hus of Mary N.
Fischer John 1875-1939 hus of Nellie M.
Fischer Mary N. 1885-1963 wife of Filmore M.
Fischer Nellie M. 1882-1926 wife of John
Fish Little Amie 1862-1865 "Daughter of the Late Capt. ?. D. Fish ?? NYV & Sophia Nichols"
Flagg Ann M. died 10/8/1852 "Wife of Daniel W. Flagg"
Flagg Byron died 11/30/1858 son of Daniel & Mary; ae. 7 months
Flagg Daniel W. 1820-1894 hus of Mary Murtaugh
Flagg Emily died 4/20/1857 "Wife of Peter Flagg"; ae. 31 yrs, 10 months & 20 days
Flagg Ezra M. 1827-1849
Flagg Irving N. unreadable "Son of Daniel W. & Amm M. Flagg"
Flagg Mary Murtaugh 1830-1905 wife of Daniel W.
Flagg Peter 1785-7/10/1861
Fletcher Kenneth E. 1960-1995
Flynn Frances Sims 1893-1943 wife of Joseph
Flynn Joseph 1881-1966 hus of Frances Sims
Folts "Daughter" no dates dau of Conrad & Elizabeth; ae. 7 days
Folts "Daughter" no dates dau of Conrad & Elizabeth; ae. 7 days
Folts Abram no dates son of Conrad & Elizabeth; ae. 8 days
Folts Agnes G. 1891-1960 wife of George W.
Folts Anna 1860-1930 "Wife of Ira Folts"
Folts Annie 1861-1885 dau of James & Mary
Folts Benjamin (Rev.) 5/26/1818-9/18/1889
Folts Charles J. 1855-1880 son of James & Mary
Folts Charles Murray 1/28/1841-8/30/1841 "Son of George & Eliza"
Folts Conrad 1829-1911 hus of Nancy A. Lonis
Folts Conrad died 1/9/1841 hus of Elizabeth H. Steele; ae. 72 yrs, 9 months & 6 days
Folts Conrad C. 1826-1911 hus of Lois P.
Folts David 11/?/1822-10/13/1897
Folts Dorothy died 4/14/1864 wife of Sylvanus; ae. 78 yrs
Folts Eliza M. no dates wife of George
Folts Elizabeth died ?/23/1899 wife of Jacob
Folts Elizabeth 11/19/1776-4/28/1851 wife of Jacob
Folts Elizabeth H. Steele 8/11/1800-4/5/1834 wife of Conrad
Folts Ella 1858-1927 wife of William R.
Folts Frank A. no dates
Folts Frederick W. 1871-1893 son of James & Mary
Folts George 12/7/1804-11/25/1870 hus of Eliza M. & Mary P.
Folts George J. C. 1851-1905 son of James & Mary
Folts George W. 1895-1959 hus of Agnes G.
Folts Harry G. 1867-1892 son of James & Mary
Folts Henry F. 2/24/1838-?? this stone has sunk so that the death date is hidden
Folts Herman V. 1853-1935 son of James & Mary
Folts Jacob no dates son of Conrad & Elizabeth; ae. 8 yrs & 9 months
Folts Jacob 12/27/1808-8/9/1873 hus of Elizabeth; ae. 64 yrs, 7 months & 13 days
Folts Jacob 2/26/1775-11/15/1831 hus of Elizabeth
Folts James 1817-5/1/1896 hus of Mary E. Piper
Folts John H. 10/12/1815-11/27/1896 hus of Lovina Perkins
Folts Lana died 1873
Folts Lena 1879-1972
Folts Lois P. 1822-1905 wife of Conrad C.
Folts Lovina Perkins 11/22/1818-12/24/1893 wife of John H.
Folts Margueritte 1853-1945 wife of Peter A.; first name is very difficult to read
Folts Marian E. 1858-1880 dau of James & Mary
Folts Marian Eliza 4/8/1847-2/7/1851 "Daughter of George & Eliza"
Folts Mary E. Piper 1820-???? wife of James
Folts Mary P. 1/27/1807-1/20/1854 wife of George
Folts Melert died 9/29/1846
Folts Nancy A. Lonis 1828-1918 wife of Conrad
Folts Oran G. no dates son of Conrad & Elizabeth; ae. 3 months
Folts Peter 1830-1857 hus of Sarah
Folts Peter 10/16/1844 ae. 43 yrs & 5 months
Folts Peter A. 1854-1937 hus of Margueritte
Folts Samuel W (M.D.) died 5/2/1889
Folts Sarah 1835-1872 wife of Peter
Folts Sylvanus died 5/2/1852 hus of Dorothy
Folts William Murray 2/1/1840-3/17/1840 "Son of George & Eliza"
Folts William R. 1844-no date hus of Ella
Ford Anderson C. 1870-1951
Ford Doris M. 1910-1966 wife of Floyd N.
Ford Floyd N. 1908-1964 hus of Doris M.
Ford Gary 1948-2004
Ford Harriet L. 1888-1916
Ford Lily E. 1863-1953
Ford Martha J. 1848-1909
Ford Richard L. 1939-1962
Forrester John D. 1898-1959 "US Navy World War I"
Foster William J. 1881-1970
Foster William Whipple 1930-1930
Fowler Adam L. 1908-1988 hus of Margaret; Married 3/1/1932
Fowler Anna L. 1885-1965 wife of Robert W.
Fowler Fern L. 1915-1993
Fowler Frederick W. 1881-1947 hus of Ida L.
Fowler Ida L. 1883-1972 wife of Frederick W.
Fowler Margaret 1913-1978 wife of Adam L.; Married 3/1/1932
Fowler Mildred 1911-1914 dau of Frederick & Ida
Fowler Robert W. 1882-1939 hus of Anna L.
Fox Clarence L. 1868-1931 hus of Theodosia B.
Fox Ervin E. 1841-1914 hus of Mary I. Walrath
Fox Marian E. 1896-1986
Fox Mary I. Walrath 1853-1916 wife of Ervin E.
Fox Theodosia B. 1871-1950 wife of Clarence L.
Frank Alfred ?/28/1864 "Son of J. C. & M. E. Frank"; "Co. L. NYH Art. Died in the Hospital at Alexandria, VA ?/28/1864"
Frank Bertha 1/1/1877-5/30/1881 "Daughter of Catharine Frank"
Frank Catharine M. 11/4/1839-6/3/1880 "Daughter of E. & C. Diefenbacher"
Frank Earl D. 1867-1947 hus of Effie E.
Frank Effie E. 1869-1949 wife of Earl D.
Frank F. 1816-189? hus of Nancy
Frank J. Wesley 8/17/1854-3/24/1896 "Son of J. C. & M. E. Frank"
Frank Mary E. died 10/11/1862 "Wife of John C. Frank"; mother of Alfred & J. Wesley
Frank Nancy 11/14/1816-6/9/1863 wife of F.
Frascatore Anna 1875-1935
Frederick Barbara unreadable "Wife of George Frederick"
Frederick Ethel S. Seelbach 3/19/1932-6/26/1997
Freeman Emma T. Ausman died 4/26/1865 "Wife of J. E. Freeman"; ae. 26 yrs & 10 months
Freeman Eunice Clapsdl (sic) 1814-1882 wife of Luther
Freeman Luther 1811-1878 hus of Eunice
French Eve died 1848 wife of Joseph
French Joseph 1/11/1844 hus of Eve; "A Soldier of the Revolution"
Friis Jacob 1885-1924 hus of Martha Keller
Friis Martha Keller 1885-1970 wife of Jacob
Frissie Noble W. died 12/21/1870 ae. 51 yrs
Froehlich Herman F. 1882-1936 hus of Lillian
Froehlich Lillian 1893-1980 wife of Herman F.
Fudger Suzanne Pasck 1912-2001
Fullem Emily Knapp 1878-1948
Fuller Bessie Byrom 1886-1971 wife of Ray J.
Fuller Charles H. 1849-1936 hus of Mary A.
Fuller James H. 1915-1970 son of Ray J. & Bessie
Fuller Mary A. 1851-1913 wife of Charles H.
Fuller Nellie M. 1880-1968
Fuller Ray J. 1886-1930 hus of Bessie Byrom

1/23/06 - Additional information about members of the Alvord and Bouck families that appears in parentheses was provided by Carma (Bull) Stone.

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