Oak View Cemetery

Frankfort, NY

Part 2

Surnames C - D

An original reading of Oak View Cemetery, Village of Frankfort, Herkimer County, New York done in July 2005 by Steven Knight.

Cacciatore Domenico 1900-1918
Cacciatore Filippo died 5/23/1925
Cacciatore Frank 1915-1989 hus of Rose J.
Cacciatore James V. 9/28/1918-8/11/1984 "Tec 4 US Army World War II"
Cacciatore Joseph 1890-1964 hus of Maria
Cacciatore Josephine Mary 1870-1944
Cacciatore Maria 1897-1959 wife of Joseph
Cacciatore Philip 1926-1973
Cacciatore Rose 1875-1944
Cacciatore Rose J. 1919-1992 wife of Frank
Caley Frank 1876-no date
Cameron Edwin F. 1876-1943 hus of G. Pearl
Cameron G. Pearl 1887-1961 wife of Edwin F.
Cameron James unreadable hus of Roseanna Haggerty
Cameron Laura died 1/?/1907
Cameron Roseanna Haggerty died 1/?/1906 wife of James
Campbell Adam died 3/5/1853 hus of Anna Lake; ae. 78 yrs, 9 months & 19 days
Campbell Anna Lake died 2/22/1853 wife of Adam; ae. 69 yrs & 10 months
Campbell Elizabeth died 10/26/1840 "Wife of Col. Timothy Campbell"
Campbell Gaylord died 5/9/1881 hus of Lydia Bridenbecker; ae. 77 yrs & 25 days
Campbell Helen died 5/20/187?
Campbell Henry R. died 2/28/1862 son of Gaylord & Lydia; ae. 10 months & 3 days
Campbell Jeremiah died 5/21/1885 son of Gaylord & Lydia; ae. 41 yrs, 3 months & 2 days
Campbell Lydia Bridenbecker died 5/20/1853 wife of Gaylord; ae. 49 yrs, 9 months & 16 days
Campbell Rachael Widrick died 3/20/1890 "Wife of Hiram Campbell"; ae. 58 yrs, 1 month & 4 days
Campbell Timothy died 11/20/1842 hus of Elizabeth; ae. 54 yrs & 2 months
Campbell unreadable 1852-1895
Caple Flora V. 1873-188? "Daughter of M. & E. Caple"
Carder Anna O. 1880-1945 wife of Warren J.
Carder Harriet E. 1851-1910 wife of Horace G.
Carder Harry L. died 1/24/1931 "Pvt. 34th Inf. 87 Div."
Carder Homer W. 1843-1909 hus of Mary E.
Carder Horace G. 1849-1920 hus of Harriet E.
Carder Mary E. 1845-1920 wife of Homer W.
Carder Warren J. 1875-1943 hus of Anna O.
Cardinal Anthony 1893-1976 hus of Mary
Cardinal Lily 1919-1936 dau of Anthony & Mary
Cardinal Mary 1896-1921 wife of Anthony
Carey Harriet D. 1900-1981
Carner Anna Crosby 1868-1954 wife of Edward Julius
Carner Beulah T. no dates
Carner Edward Julius 1864-1938 hus of Anna Crosby
Carney Ethel N. 1886-1966 wife of John A.
Carney John A. 1887-1959 "World War I Veteran"; hus of Ethel N.
Case Austin 1846-1921 hus of Margaret A.; "Co. C 75th NY Vols."
Case Bertha A. Koch 1895-1976 wife of Robert T.
Case LeRoy G. 1875-1942 hus of Sarah
Case Mabel 1882-1919
Case Margaret no dates dau of Robert & Bertha
Case Margaret A. 1850-1919 wife of Austin
Case Robert T. 1891-1971 hus of Berthe A. Koch
Case Sarah 1878-1921 wife of LeRoy G.
Case Ward no dates son of Robert & Bertha
Casler Amanda 1851-1926 wife of Silas M.; This stone includes the inscription "And Infant"
Casler Bert C. 1882-1920
Casler Bertha A. 1898-1984 wife of Earl C.
Casler Earl C. 1904-1972 hus of Bertha A.
Casler Elmer L. 9/3/1905-12/10/1969 "Tec. 4 Co. A 10 Tank BN World War II"
Casler Fred M. 1885-1953 hus of Lena M.
Casler Harold P. 12/23/1917-7/23/1950 "Sgt. 69 AAA Gun BN World War II"
Casler Irving S. 1900-1901
Casler Lena M. 1889-no date wife of Fred M.
Casler Silas M. 1850-1916 hus of Amanda
Casler Unreadable died 10/12/1873 the name is hard to read but looks like "Earncy"
Castellano Angeline 1918-1992
Castellano Francesco 1874-1945 hus of Maria Paola
Castellano Francis E. 1906-1931
Castellano Maria Paola 1880-1977 wife of Francesco
Castiglia Angelo 1875-1956 hus of Rosa
Castiglia Rosa 1878-1938 wife of Angelo
Castiglia Maria 1849-1937
Castilla Anthony 1915-1991 hus of Connie; "PFC US Army World War II"; "Married 11/25/1948"
Castilla Connie 1917-2003 wife of Anthony; "Married 11/25/1948"
Castilla Frank 1909-1997 "Red"
Castilla James A. 9/23/1911-4/11/1994 "Tec 4 US Army World War II"
Castle Anna P. died 1941 wife of Louis
Castle Louis died 1946 hus of Anna P.
Cattmull Dora B. died 1906 dau of Felix & Dora
Cattmull Dors Sohnn 1870-1929 wife of Felix
Cattmull Felix 1868-1921 hus of Dora Sohnn
Cermak Rose Van Nort 1876-1955
Chapin Andrew 1838-1909 hus of Anna C.
Chapin Anna C. 1871-no date wife of Andrew
Chapman Olive A. unreadable wife of Seymour
Chapman Seymour 1853-1915 hus of Olive A.
Charbonneau Dorothy Earle 1911-1999 wife of George E.
Charbonneau George E. 1910-1963 hus of Dorothy Earle
Charles Margaret 1816-1900 wife of McHard R.
Charles McHard R. 1814-1898 hus of Margaret
Chase Charles 1855-1919 hus of Vandellia
Chase Elizabeth 1855-1929 wife of Harvey S.
Chase Harvey S. 1853-1916 hus of Elizabeth
Chase Vandellia 1854-1925 wife of Charles
Cheesbrough Edith Speece 1919-1999
Chrisman Phoebe 1841-1925
Christie Charles L. 1848-no date hus of Selina A. Sheaf
Christie Selena A. Sheaf 1846-1924 wife of Charles L.
Churches Ellen J. 1848-1917 wife of Lewis M.
Churches Jane Appleby died 2/24/1894 wife of John; ae. 72 yrs
Churches John died 1/6/1912 hus of Jane Appleby; ae. 89 yrs
Churches Lewis M. died 12/10/1893 hus of Ellen J.
Churches Millie E. 1873-1945
Churches William A. 1882-1932
Civin Ella Mildred 1889-1891 "Daughter of Arthur & Harriet Hyde Civin"
Clapsattle Addison W. 1851-1920 hus of Martha A Weaver
Clapsattle John P. died 9/23/1887 hus of Lucy E. Holmes; "Co. L 2nd NYH Art"; ae. 69 yrs
Clapsattle Lucy E. Holmes died 10/23/1894 wife of John P.; ae. 69 yrs
Clapsattle Martha A. Weaver 1858-1933 wife of Addison W.
Clark Carrie E. 1874-1936 wife of Thomas P.
Clark David N. 1877-1955 hus of Ella C.
Clark Ella C. 1877-1957 wife of David N.
Clark Ella S. 1887-1962
Clark Florence R. 1898-1898 poss the dau of Thomas & Carrie
Clark James M. 1848-1933 hus of Mary C.
Clark Mary C. 1851-1938 wife of James M.
Clark Stella 6/23/1881-3/19/1947
Clark Thomas P. 1857-1929 hus of Carrie E.
Clark unreadable unreadable
Clark William unreadable "Son of R. & S. M. Clark"; this stone is very badly worn
Cleland Elkanas T. died 4/7/1861 ae. 28 yrs & 2 months
Clemenia Peter 1895-1975
Clemens Celia 1869-1905 dau of Daniel & Mary
Clemens Chauncey H. 1881-1936 hus of Ruth T.
Clemens Cora M. 1874-1899 dau of Daniel & Mary
Clemens Daniel 1845-no date hus of Mary M. Brice
Clemens Frank 1890-1905
Clemens Harold died 1905
Clemens Harold C. 1904-1937 son of Chauncey & Ruth
Clemens Jessie M. 1863-1928 wife of Webster P.
Clemens Mary D. 1865-1885 dau of Daniel & Mary
Clemens Mary M. Brice 1847-no date wife of Daniel
Clemens Mildred I. 1902-1991
Clemens Ruth T. 1881-1938 wife of Chauncey H.
Clemens Walter 1900-1906
Clemens Webster P. 1858-1948 hus of Jessie M.
Clements Ada died 1937
Clements Arthur 1878-1931
Clements Catharine 1813-1880 wife of John
Clements David died 10/18/1886 "Co. L. 2nd NYH Art." ae. 39 yrs
Clements David E. 1884-1967 hus of Grace D.
Clements Elizabeth 1908-1937
Clements Gary died 1943
Clements Grace D. 1889-1982 wife of David E.
Clements Harold A. 1908-1979 hus of Ruth E.
Clements Herbert B. 1880-1859
Clements Horace 1865-1934
Clements John 1812-1892 hus of Catharine
Clements John 1850-1899 hus of Minerva J.
Clements L. M. 1871-1920
Clements Leslie 1899-1919
Clements Linda 1879-1957
Clements Marcus 1901-1943
Clements Minerva J. 1852-1924 wife of John
Clements Ruth E. 1914-1998 wife of Harold A.
Cobb Cora E. 1900-1955 wife of Leonard H.
Cobb Leonard H. 1897-1952 hus of Cora E.
Coburn Daniel J. 9/6/1840-1/25/1910 hus of Ida V. Durst
Coburn Ida F. 1895-1977
Coburn Ida V. Durst 8/6/1860-10/24/1895 wife of Daniel J.
Coffin Damon 1893-1967 "Pvt. Co. D 348th Inf. World War I"
Colby Flossie 1899-1980
Colino John 1877-1954 hus of Josephine
Colino Josephine 1886-1962 wife of John
Collard Robert 1924-1986
Collins Cazena V. Van Patten 1813-1892 wife of Jonas H.
Collins Harrison W. 1887-1901
Collins Harry died 2/12/1875 "Son of E. & M. A. Collins"
Collins Henry Case 1882-1927
Collins Jonas H. 1809-1886 hus of Cazena V. Van Patten
Collins Margella died 3/21/1882 "Daughter of E. & M. A. Collins"
Collis Charles A. 11/23/1843-2/9/1865 "Son of W. I. & R. Collis"
Collis Harriet A. died 2/6/1841 "Daughter of John C. & Elizabeth Collis"; ae. 1 month & 8 days
Collis Joseph died 11/6/1859 ae. 75 yrs, 11 months & 5 days
Collis Joseph no dates hus of Lovina S.; "In loving memory of the father and mother of W. I. Collis, also Laura A. & Lois L. & Susan S. his sisters, also of an infant niece"
Collis Lovina S. 1797-1860
Collis Lovina S. no dates wife of Joseph
Collis Maggie A. 5/9/1847-10/31/1868 "Daughter of W. I. & R. Collis"
Collis Rhoda Myers no dates wife of William I.
Collis William I. 2/27/1818-7/17/1864 hus of Rhoda Myers
Collis William M. 5/20/1852-7/4/1870 "Son of W. I. & R. Collis"
Colwell Christopher Michael 1978-1980
Conger Jason H. (MD) 1887-1964 hus of Licetna S.
Conger Licetna S. 1891-1970 wife of Jason H.
Conigliaro Joseph 1913-1997
Conigliaro Josephine 1901-1982 wife of Salvatore
Conigliaro Salvatore 1889-1944 hus of Josephine
Conkling Emma V. 1876-1953 wife of George
Conkling George 1876-1949 hus of Emma V.
Conkling Melinda 9/9/1835-4/19/1860 "Wife of C. Conkling"; on the Gates Family stone
Conley Mabel M. 1901-1976 wife of Roy M.
Conley Robert C. 1929-1999
Conley Robert W. 2/14/1947-7/5/1998
Conley Roy M. 1896-1955 hus of Mabel M.
Conrad John 1855-1905
Conte Iva M. 1901-1969 wife of Louis
Conte Louis 1907-1995 hus of Iva M.
Conte Michael 1883-1975
Conte Modesta 1888-1971
Conte Samuel 1910-1999
Cook Albert 1854-1941
Cook Albert V. died 7/4/1902 "Co. H 121st Regt. NY Vols"; ae. 62 yrs
Cook Benj. P. 7/10/1811-7/23/1901 hus of Catharine
Cook Catharine 4/26/1819-8/5/1900 wife of Benj. P.
Cook David B. 1872-1956 hus of Elizabeth A.
Cook David B. (Jr.) 1918-1967 son of David & Elizabeth
Cook Elizabeth A. 1892-1971 wife of David B.
Cook Helen Delaney 1908-1990
Cook Mary Eastman 1911-1983
Cook Walter A. 1913-1950
Cooley James Harvey 1/9/1939-4/1/2001
Coolidge Amasa died 5/25/1887 hus of Mary
Coolidge Margaret died 2/22/1887 dau of Amasa & Mary; ae. 46 yrs
Coolidge Mary 5/1/1808-?/18/1872 hus of Amasa
Coop ??tayia 1861-1890 wife of Allen
Coop Allen 1857-no date hus of ??tayia
Coop Helen S. died 5/13/1861 "? Of B. & S. Coop"
Coop Leon 1885-unreadable
Cooper John H. 1887-1948
Copeland Bessie A. 1883-1965 wife of James
Copeland James 1870-1918 hus of Bessie A.
Coretti Christopher B. 2/5/1966-5/28/1994
Costello Anna 1890-1979 wife of Jacob
Costello Anthony 1918-1990 hus of Jennie
Costello Jacob 1883-1957 hus of Anna
Costello Jennie 1921-2003 wife of Anthony
Cramer Anna B. Hall no dates wife of Frank E.
Cramer Frank E. 1862-1907 hus of Anna B. Hall
Crandall Agnes 7/29/1887-9/20/1939 dau of Lucius & Roseltha
Crandall Lucius A. 1846-1927 hus of Roseltha Becker; "Civil War Private Co. B 90th Battn"
Crandall Roseltha Becker 2/22/1853-6/13/1939 wife of Lucius A.
Cress Dorothy 1911-1991 wife of Walter
Cress Walter 1901-1957 hus of Dorothy
Crosby Adelaide no dates same stone as Emma & Fannie; dau's of W. W. and Marilda
Crosby Charles B. died 3/17/1906 hus of Mary J.;
Crosby Emma died 9/2/1870 "Daughter of Charles & Mary"; ae 1 yr & 2 months
Crosby Emma no dates same stone as Adelaide & Fannie; dau's of W. W. and Marilda
Crosby Fannie no dates same stone as Adelaide & Emma; dau's of W. W. and Marilda
Crosby George B. died 2/14/1872 "Son of Charles & Mary"; ae. 11 months & 15 days
Crosby John B. died 10/31/1865 hus of Mary E.; ae. 59 yrs, 2 months & 21 days
Crosby Marilda A. 1836-1914 wife of W. W.
Crosby Mary E. died 2/17/1872 wife of John B.; ae 66 yrs
Crosby Mary E. Keeler 1844-1885 very worn; maiden name may be "Keller"
Crosby Mary J. died 2/17/1880 wife of Charles B.;
Crosby Theodore S. 1839-1906 hus of Mary E. Keeler; 1844-1885; "2nd Lieut. Co. K 2nd NYH Art."
Crosby W. W. 1831-1902 hus of Marilda A.
Curtis "Buddie" died 11/29/1924 ae. 1 yr & 11 months
Curtis Ethel Beeching 1901-1987 wife of Winford M.
Curtis Winford M. 6/2/1897-12/25/1966 hus of Ethel Beeching; "Pvt. US Army World War I"
Cushman Maude D. 1899-1971 mother of Ward G.
Cushman Samuel N. 1912-1999
Cushman Ward G. 1912-2001 son of Maude D.
Czub Anthony 1893-1980 hus of Mary D.
Czub Edward W. 1919-1983
Czub John 1920-1982
Czub Mary D. 1892-1944 wife of Anthony
Dailey Hannah L. 1859-1925 wife of William L.
Dailey William L. 1860-1938 hus of Hannah L.
Daley Alice H. Cobb 1855-1911 wife of Herman
Daley Anthony 1905-1981 hus of Josephine L.
Daley Elizabeth Atwell 1913-1962
Daley Herman 1853-no date hus of Alice H. Cobb
Daley Josephine L. 1907-2001 wife of Anthony
D'Amelio Rocco 9/9/1919-9/9/1985 "Cpl. US Army World War II"
Damon Bessie I. 1888-1971 wife of John E.
Damon John E. 1889-1958 hus of Bessie I.
Damoth William F. no dates
Danforth Albert 1857-1933 hus of Charity Sturges
Danforth Charity Sturges 1867-1948 wife of Albert
Davenport Adam F. 1861-1945 hus of Eva M.
Davenport Eva M. 1873-1964 wife of Adam F.
Davis Abigail Waterbury 1894-1974 wife of Frank Oilver
Davis Anna C. 1871-1957 wife of Stephen
Davis Arthur B. 1876-1941
Davis Cora B. 1866-1868 "Daughter of George & Martha Davis"
Davis Edward M. 1893-1945 son of Stephen & Anna
Davis Elizabeth Charles 1849-1912 wife of George
Davis Elizabeth Myers 5/5/1824-3/28/1902 wife of Martin P.
Davis Floyd W. 1886-1961 son of Merrill & Mary
Davis George 1834-1909 hus of Elizabeth Charles
Davis George B. 10/5/1823-no date hus of Martha E. Thurston
Davis Helen L. 1857-1868 "Daughter of George & Martha Davis"
Davis Iona F. 1908-1996 "Daughter of Arthur B. Davis"
Davis James Oliver 4/30/1895-8/5/1974 hus of Abigail Waterbury; "Pvt. US Army World War I"
Davis John R. 1903-1952
Davis John R. 12/7/1823-2/12/1917 hus of Sarah M. Thurston
Davis Margaret L. 1877-1940
Davis Marguerite 1870-1940
Davis Martha E. Thurston 5/22/1833-3/4/1896 wife of George B.
Davis Martin P. 9/18/1817-7/18/1883 hus of Elizabeth Myers
Davis Mary A. Bamford 1858-1932 wife of Merrill Jay
Davis Mary E. 1883-1965
Davis Merrill Jay 1857-1924 hus of Mary A. Bamford
Davis Sarah M. Thurston 11/18/1826-4/19/1899 wife of John R.
Davis Stephen 1865-1901 hus of Anna C.
Davis Temperence M. 1876-1938
Davis Wayne C. 1866-1950
Davis Edward M. 1867-1956 hus of Sarah E. Fairman
Davis Fred M. 1871-1936
Davis Louise H. Sherwood 1840-1912 wife of Urial M.
Davis Sarah E. Fairman 1875-1948 wife of Edward M.
Davis Urial M. 1825-1920 hus of Louise H. Sherwood
Davis David 1841-1864 "Civil War Pri. 18th Regt. NYH Art"
Davison "Auntie" 1801-1879 This is a large family monument that is unreadable; The undividual stones in the plot contain only name and dates but no indication of relationship.
Davison "Father" 1811-1890 This is a large family monument that is unreadable; The undividual stones in the plot contain only name and dates but no indication of relationship.
Davison "Mother" 1813-1909 This is a large family monument that is unreadable; The undividual stones in the plot contain only name and dates but no indication of relationship.
Davison Amy G. 1807-1844 This is a large family monument that is unreadable; The undividual stones in the plot contain only name and dates but no indication of relationship.
Davison Emily L. died 9/12/18??
Davison Esther 1809-1835 This is a large family monument that is unreadable; The undividual stones in the plot contain only name and dates but no indication of relationship.
Davison Frank 1842-1904 This is a large family monument that is unreadable; The undividual stones in the plot contain only name and dates but no indication of relationship.
Davison Gilbert 1778-1854 This is a large family monument that is unreadable; The undividual stones in the plot contain only name and dates but no indication of relationship.
Davison Mary 1769-1848 This is a large family monument that is unreadable; The undividual stones in the plot contain only name and dates but no indication of relationship.
Davison Mary 1847-1933 This is a large family monument that is unreadable; The undividual stones in the plot contain only name and dates but no indication of relationship.
Davison Polly 1792-1865 This is a large family monument that is unreadable; The undividual stones in the plot contain only name and dates but no indication of relationship.
Davison Sarah 1783-1834 This is a large family monument that is unreadable; The undividual stones in the plot contain only name and dates but no indication of relationship.
Davison Sarah M. died ?/17/1838
Dawley Hattie M. 3/13/1877-2/19/1901 dau of Sarah
Dawley Sarah Ketchall 9/14/1854-12/9/1921
Day Blanche H. 1915-1964 wife of Roy E.
Day Emerson 1814-1896
Day Roy E. 1919-1978 hus of Blanche H.
Daz Evelyn Leonis 1924-2002
Deaner Carl G. 1901-1938
Deaner Charles F. 1876-1917 hus of Lillian B.
Deaner Clara L. 1877-1905 wife of George
Deaner George 1848-1919 hus of Clara L.
Deaner Lillian B. 1876-1961 wife of Charles F.
Deaner Margaret 1855-1931
Dee Anthony Giglio 1914-1977 "Pvt US Army"
DeGrace Gilbert 3/8/1906-3/3/1973 "PFC 105th Inf. World War II"
DeGraw Elmer died 5/11/1941 "Supply Co. 2nd Inf. World War I"; ae. 48 yrs
DeGraw Lillian Perkins 1895-1979
Delane Peter 1827-1909 "Pvt. Co/ C 24th Regt. Civil War"
Dempster Charles 3/12/1870-12/2/1953 hus of Mary A.
Dempster Harriet A. Weller 1882-1940 wife of Osborne J.
Dempster Henry L. 11/15/1905-4/5/1906 "Son of Charles & Mary Dempster"
Dempster Mary A. 1/26/1875-7/18/1955 wife of Charles
Dempster Osborne J. 1873-1954 hus of Harriet A. Weller
Dennis Grace Wickens 1876-1953 wife of William
Dennis John unreadable
Dennis Robert W 1905-1996 "MD"; son of William & Grace
Dennis William 1871-1953 hus of Grace Wickens
Dennison Carrie M. 1871-1948 wife of Fred J.
Dennison Edna J. 1888-1931 dau of Fred & Carrie
Dennison Fred J. 1867-1948 hus of Carrie M.
Dennison Royal L. 1892-1917 son of Fred & Carrie
Denslow Earl died 7/20/1889 "Son of G. E. & M. E. Denslow"; ae. 5 months & 13 days
Denslow Gould E. 1861-1938 hus of Mary G.
Denslow Mary E. 1860-1898 wife of Gould E.
Denton Marion Florence Reynolds 1890-1974 wife of Raymonf Appleby
Denton Naomi Ruth 1915-1991
Denton Raymond Appleby 1890-1956 hus of Marion Florence Reynolds
DePasquale Giuseppe 1877-1971 hus of Natalizia
DePasquale Natalizia 1873-1950 wife of Giuseppe
Derslow unreadable unreadable
Deuel Jennie Williams 1863-1899 wife of Warner W.
Deuel raymond William 1882-1898 son of Warner & Jennie Deuel
Deuel Stephen Thorn 11/24/1834-2/3/1869 this is a government issue, veteran's style stone but the is no other data
Deuel Warner W. 1858-1904 hus of Jennie Willaims
Devendorf Rudolph 11/1864 "Died at Andersonville Prison Nov. 1864"
Deyle Cyrus E. 1857-1947 hus of Margaret E.
Deyle Jacob 1836-1900 hus of unreadable
Deyle John 11/25/1916-11/29/1916 son of Oren H. & Mabel U.
Deyle Mabel U. 1890-1966 wife of Oren H.
Deyle Margaret E. 1859-1925 wife of Cyrus E.
Deyle Oren H. 1887-1961 hus of Mabel U.
Deyle Rose M. Jaquays 1863-1951 dau of Oren H. & Mabel U.
Deyle unreadable died 5/27/1882 wife of Jacob; ae. 30 yrs
Dibble Charles B. 1916-1978 hus of Nella Innes Joslyn
Dibble Nella Innes Joslyn 1911-1980 wife of Charles B.
Dicks Catharine Myers 9/23/1813-6/13/1905
Diefenbacher Catharine 4/15/1809-6/29/1880 wife of Engelhard
Diefenbacher Engelhard 7/20/1810-1/31/1877 hus of Catharine; "Sgt. Co K 152nd NYV Inf"
Diefenbacher Franklin unreadable "Son of C. & E. Diefenbacher"
Diefenbacher Jacob 1845-1927 hus of Pauline
Diefenbacher Pauline 1856-1949 wife of Jacob
died 4/23/1891 "A Union Soldier"
Dodge Adrian K. 1910-1978 hus of Jessie R. & Mildred T.
Dodge Jessie R. 1908-1950 1st wife of Adrian K.
Dodge Lida K. 1880-1965 wife of Willard A.
Dodge Mary J. 1858-1915 wife of Sanders
Dodge Mildred T. 1916-1983 2nd wife of Adrian K.
Dodge Sanders 1851-1918 hus of Mary J.
Dodge Willard A. 1880-1964 hus of Lida K.
Domina Anthony 1891-1940 hus of Hazel
Domina Hazel 1895-1983 wife of Anthony
Domino Joseph (Jr.) 4/19/1947-4/19/1947
Donaghy James 1842-1905 hus of Jane Carson
Donaghy Jane Carson 1845-1912 wife of James
Dornen Mary H. 1852-1926
Douglass Caroline 1822-1917
Dreizler Carl D. 1898-1965 hus of Edythe B.
Dreizler Edward E. 1934-1977 son of Herman & Evelyn
Dreizler Edythe B. 1902-1995 wife of Carl D.
Dreizler Evelyn L. 1908-1979 wife of Herman S.
Dreizler Herman S. 1904-1970 hus of Evelyn L.
Dreizler Jacob 1865-1940
Drinking Fountain non-functioning marble drinking fountain; "W.C.T.U Memorial Fountain in Memory of Selena A. Sheaf Christie"
Dudleston Abbie 1896-1954
Dudleston Cora 1858-1926
Dudleston Daisy 1887-1968 wife of Joseph
Dudleston Gladys 1892-1920
Dudleston Harriet N. Smith 11/7/1839-7/9/1875 "Wife of Joseph J. Dudleston"
Dudleston J. W. L. 2/19/1852-5/10/1861
Dudleston James W. S. died 2/27/1816
Dudleston Joseph 1838-1913
Dudleston Joseph 1889-1980 hus of Daisy
Dudleston Joseph J. (Rev.) 1810-1896 hus of Mary Williams
Dudleston Mary Williams 1809-1892 wife of Joseph J.
Duesler Amanda ?/20/1879-2/9/1914
Duesler Anna 1873-1945 wife of Brockway
Duesler Anna Goo 1/15/1841-2/?/1898 wife of Stephen B.
Duesler Barbara 7/4/1872-10/13/1913
Duesler Brockway 1865-1933 hus of Anna
Duesler Stephen B. 1/31/1846-12/6/1909 hus of Anna Goo
Duffell Carrie A. Cobb 1855-1906 "Wife of E. L. Duffell"
Duggleby Helen L. 1908-1994 wife of William H.
Duggleby William H. 1904-1967 hus of Helen L.
Dulak Louis E. 1/1/1919-5/8/1987 "US Army World War II"
DuMont Joseph H. 8/8/1887-3/31/1974 hus of Lelia M.
DuMont Lelia M. 1/7/1888-2/19/1960 wife of Joseph H.
Dunham Fay L. 1871-1960
Dunn Alice E. 1881-1938 wife of Frank U.
Dunn Frank U. 1879-1968 hus of Alice E.
Dunn Howard R. 1903-1974
Durst Edwin died 7/20/1854 "Adopted Son of Reuben & Martha Randall"; ae. 24 yrs
Durst Marcia W. 1833-1898 wife of Norman W.
Durst Norman H. 1824-1912 hus of Marcia W.
Durst William S. 1866-1895 son of Norman & Marcia
Dygert Abram 4/24/1830-11/2/1874 son of John & Elizabeth
Dygert Alexander W. 8/26/18??-1/16/1881 son of John & Elizabeth
Dygert Ann unreadable wife of Daniel; stone is sunken
Dygert Barbara 10/11/1818-10/21/1861 dau of John & Elizabeth
Dygert Belinda died 7/11/1902 wife of Jacob; ae. 81 yrs
Dygert Daniel F. 2/29/1828-4/29/1881 hus of Ann
Dygert Elizabeth died 3/21/1860 wife of Rudolph; ae. 33 yrs
Dygert Elizabeth 11/1/1795-1/7/1884 wife of John
Dygert Elizabeth 1/2/1822-?/?/1904 dau of John & Elizabeth
Dygert Emeline 10/29/18??-12/21/1902 dau of John & Elizabeth
Dygert Emily H. died 10/13/1850 "Daughter of Jacob & Belinda Dygert"; ae. 6 months & 23 days
Dygert Harriet D. unreadable "Infant Daughter"; dau of John & Elizabeth
Dygert Harvey unreadable son of John & Elizabeth
Dygert Henry died 10/13/1833 hus of Lana; ae. 42 yrs, 10 months & 7 days
Dygert Jacob died 3/7/1894 hus of Belinda; ae. 798 yrs, 4 months & 23 days
Dygert John 3/4/1827-3/30/1860 son of John & Elizabeth
Dygert John (Hon.) 2/24/1792-3/18/1854 hus of Elizabeth; This is a large badly worn stone with John & his wife plus 13 children listed. There appears to be small stones for only Alexander, John Harriet & Harvey.
Dygert John W. died 5/8/1849 ae. 23 yrs, 6 months & 16 days
Dygert Lana died 1/28/1873 wife of Henry; ae. 76 yrs, 6 months & 23 days
Dygert Lucy C. died 9/?/1860
Dygert Margaret 9/5/1823-no date dau of John & Elizabeth
Dygert Martin L. died 9/25/1873 son of Jacob & Belinda
Dygert Mary A. unreadable dau of John & Elizabeth
Dygert Mary Ann died 10/15/1860 "Daughter of Daniel & Ann Dygert"
Dygert Mary L. 4/2/1826-8/9/1912
Dygert Portia E. 1839-1853 dau of John & Elizabeth
Dygert Rudolph unreadable hus of Elizabeth
Dygert Rudolph W. 5/17/182?-1854 son of John & Elizabeth
Dygert Sylvanus F. 11/8/1837-7/28/1860 "In Saul, Wis."; son of John & Elizabeth
Dygert William died 9/12/1855 ae. 37 yrs

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