Oak View Cemetery

Frankfort, NY

Part 4

Surnames G - J

An original reading of Oak View Cemetery, Village of Frankfort, Herkimer County, New York done in July 2005 by Steven Knight.

Gabel Albert H. 1904-1987 hus of Carma Allen
Gabel Carma Allen 1904-1981 wife of Albert H.
Gabryelski Edward 2/6/1914-12/29/1993 "Tec 4 US Army World War II"
Gage Ardis Finster 1912-1973
Galloway Helen J. 1855-1931 wife of James
Galloway James 1861-1921 hus of Helen J.
Garlock Ida E. Golden 1857-1927 wife of William S.
Garlock William S. 1854-1934 hus of Ida E. Golden
Gates C. Leonard 1872-1872 son of William & Fannie
Gates Emily Wightman 7/11/1846-7/31/1932 wife of Frederick
Gates Emma A. Grant 10/7/1845-no date wife of George W.
Gates Fannie A. Rodgers 4/11/1846-2/2/1916 wife of William B.
Gates Frederick 10/3/1848-8/31/1942 hus of Emily Wightman
Gates George W. 2/22/1843-no date hus of Emma A. Grant
Gates Herbert R. 3/24/1876-1/2/1933 son of Frederick & Emily
Gates Mary A. Howell 8/4/1815-1/13/1898 "Wife of William Gates"
Gates Minnie 1866-1867 dau of William & Fannie
Gates Theodore 11/16/1833-4/13/1854 "Died at Lima Peru"
Gates William 2/29/1808-1/12/1899 hus of Mary
Gates William B. 9/17/1840-5/5/1900 hus of Fannie A. Rodgers
Getman Addison G. 1845-1930 hus of Henrietta Sterling; "US Navy 1864-1885"
Getman Alice Young 1889-1987 wife of Clare T.
Getman Alma J. McCamly 8/16/1862-6/2/1928 wife of Madison; "Erected by Joseph Krause in Memory of Alma J. McCamly Wife of Madison Getman"
Getman Catharine G. 1897-1979 wife of Sanford J.
Getman Catharine Margaret 7/19/1824-9/15/1840 dau of Jacob & Nancy
Getman Charles S. 1867-1946
Getman Clare T. 1892-1972 hus of Alice Young
Getman Edith A. 1862-1905 wife of Emory I.
Getman Edith M. 1893-1984 wife of Floyd C.
Getman Emory I. 1860-1935 hus of Edith A.; In this plot there is a bronze plaque that reads "In Memoriam, Getman Memorial Church Rock Harbor, Fla"
Getman Ethel M. 1896-1897
Getman Eva Haner 1802-1865 wife of John G.
Getman Floyd C. 1882-1939 hus of Edith M.
Getman Frances M. 1894-1896
Getman H. Seymour 1865-1933 hus of Sallie T.
Getman Henrietta Sterling 1845-1943 wife of Addison G.
Getman Jacob 8/31/1789-7/5/1843 hus of Nancy Shull
Getman Jane M. died 2/24/1934 "Baby"
Getman Jay Burrill 1853-1868 son of Sanford & Lucy
Getman John G. 1801-1876 hus of Eva Haner
Getman Josiah 12/25/1825-3/10/1830 son of Jacob & Nancy
Getman Lewis G. 1858-1927
Getman Lucy D. 1819-1889
Getman Lucy Jane Burrill 1826-1909 wife of Sanford
Getman Madison 1861-1913 hus of Alma J. McCamly
Getman Marriett 1841-1895 wife of Peter
Getman Mary B. died 3/8/1852 dau of R. & M. Getman; ae. 17 yrs, 7 months & 6 days
Getman Nancy Shull 4/30/1794-10/14/1878 wife of Jacob
Getman Persis died 9/16/1857 "Wife of Robert Getman"; ae. 44 yrs
Getman Peter J. 1832-1907 hus of Marriett
Getman Ralph Abbott 1893-1975
Getman Robert 1804-1886 hus of Persis
Getman Sallie T. 1870-1949 wife of H. Seymour
Getman Sanford 1826-1913 hus of Lucy Jane Burrill
Getman Sanford J. 1890-1976 hus of Catharine G.
Getman Sarah died 2/10/1861 "Daughter of Robert & Margaret Getman"; ae. 19 yrs & 2 months
Getman Sophie L. Abbott 1867-1950
Getman Susan B. 1866-1944
Ghent Alice 1882-1975 wife of William H.
Ghent William H. 1876-1962 hus of Alice
Giafaglione Angeline 1879-1923 wife of Frank
Giafaglione Frank 1880-1965 hus of Angeline
Giglio Angelo G. 2/1/1906-11/4/1987 "Pvt. US Army World War II"
Giglio Carmela 1879-1934 wife of Joseph
Giglio Joseph 1874-1967 hus of Carmela
Gilbert Cora E. 1850-1901
Gilbert Elizabeth W. 4/25/1843-11/6/1908 wife of Lemuel E.
Gilbert George B. 1854-1930
Gilbert Lemuel E. 2/8/1846-12/6/1866 hus of Elizabeth W.
Gilbert Richard 1885-1925
Gilbert Thomas 1910-1920
Gillette Frank C. 1892-1948 hus of Mary R.
Gillette Howard A. 1938-1950 "Grandson of Frank & Mary Gillette"
Gillette Josephine B. 1927-1982 wife of Robert W.
Gillette Mary R. 1896-1975 wife of Frank C.
Gillette Robert W. 1937-1997 hus of Josephine B.
Gilligan Arthur 1876-1966
Gilligan Edwin W. 1846-1920 hus of Sophia M. Howell
Gilligan Sophia M. Howell 1855-1917 wife of Edwin W.
Gilligan Tinnie 1882-1938
Gillson Ruth M. 1903-1974
Gish Clyde S. 1888-19-- hus of Lena; no death date inscribed
Gish Lena Sass 1892-1958 wife of Clyde S.
Goo Elizabeth died 6/16/1840 wife of John
Goo John 4/16/1775-2/18/1863 hus of Elizabeth
Goo unreadable unreadable
Goodier Blanche 1892-1947 wife of Harold
Goodier Harold 1892-1965 hus of Blanche
Goppert Cora Bouck 1890-1975 wife of Edward Conrad
Goppert Edward Conrad 1892-1954 hus of Cora Bouck
Gorietti Maria 11/2/1910-6/5/1996 wife of Ottorino
Gorietti Ottorino 4/2/1903-8/6/1991 hus of Maria
Grant A?sie A. 1845-1902 wife of Andrew
Grant Abram 11/19/1808-6/10/1883 hus of Catharine
Grant Abram Jr. died 4/18/1862 ae. 22 yrs, 2 months & 14 days; son of Abram & Catharine
Grant Alice H. 1867-1961 wife of Herbert
Grant Andrew 1830-no date hus of A?sie A.
Grant Catharine 11/25/1811-?/10/1893 wife of Abram
Grant Hattie died 5/2/1841 ae. 2 yrs; dau of Abram & Catharine
Grant Herbert 1864-1939 hus of Alice H.
Grants Emma 1870-1953
Grants Helen S. 1841-1904 wife of William H.
Grants May 1872-1950
Grants William H. 1843-1927 hus of Helen S.
Graves Charles 1824-1896 son of Joseph & Theodosia
Graves Elvira L. 1874-1915
Graves Emeline 1827-1843 dau of Joseph & Theodosia
Graves Grace M. 1911-1989 wife of William L.
Graves Henrietta L. 1835-1925 dau of Joseph & Theodosia
Graves Jennie E. 1866-1890
Graves Joseph 1784-1846 hus of Theodosia
Graves L. Henry 1831-1910
Graves Martha Davison 1827-1910 wife of Whitney
Graves Martin 1817-1843 son of Joseph & Theodosia
Graves Ruth B. 1814-1843 dau of Joseph & Theodosia
Graves Ruth E. 1890-1908
Graves Theodosia 1795-1887 wife of Joseph
Graves Whitney 1821-1898 hus of Martha Davison
Graves William L. 1900-1975 hus of Grace M.
Graziano Sara 1887-1954 wife of Vincenzo
Graziano Vincenzo 1883-1937 hus of Sara
Green Byron 1851-1931
Greene Emmabelle 1896-1981
Gresson Frank S. 1858-1918 hus of Margaret E.
Gresson Margaret E. 1866-1960 wife of Frank S.
Griffin unreadable unreadable
Grossman Helen M. Folts 1852-1930 wife of John E.
Grossman John E. 1845-1917 hus of Helen M. Folts
Grover Carl H. 1889-1957 hus of Mabel C.
Grover Gertrude M. Ashley 1889-1937 "Wife of Carl H. Grover"
Grover Mabel C. 1895-1981 wife of Carl H.
Gullage Charles 1870-1924
Gurney Helyne 1915-2005
Guyer Charles J. 1911-2004 hus of Flora M.
Guyer Clarence 1886-1975 hus of Mary K.
Guyer Flora M. 1913-1985 wife of Charles J.
Guyer Mary K. 1893-1962 wife of Calrence
Guyvits Byron 1869-1945 hus of Jennie D.
Guyvits Gertrude 1912-1912 dau of Byron & Jennie
Guyvits Howard 1905-1915 son of Byron & Jennie
Guyvits Jennie D. 1872-1951 wife of Byron
Hadcock Catharine died 8/?/1852 "Wife of Joseph Hadcock"
Hagar Asa died 1822 son of Lucas & Experience
Hagar Elizabeth died 9/14/1838 dau of Lucas & Experience; ae. 1 yr
Hagar Experience died 3/26/1870 wife of Lucas
Hagar Irena A. 3/1/1852 "Wife of E. L. Hagar"
Hagar Lucas died 185? hus of Experience; ae. 58 yrs & 26 days
Hagar Mary Abagail died 5/4/1834 dau of Lucas & Experience
Hall Adah Jones 1903-2004 wife of Matthew M.
Hall Alfred F. 1908-1982
Hall Austin died 7/2/1890 ae. 3 weeks
Hall Betty Paddock 1924-2003
Hall Calista 1867-1869 dau of Horace & Mary
Hall Carrie Reese 1891-1985 wife of P. Seddon
Hall Charles C. 1911-1965 hus of Mildred S.
Hall Christopher Scott 1951-1976
Hall Clark G. 1847-1903 hus of Marlin Leach
Hall Harriet Nibbs 1888-1941
Hall Harriet W. died ?/27/1899 ae. 6 yrs
Hall Henrietta 1868-1948 wife of Pattison
Hall Horace 1844-no date hus of Mary J.
Hall Ida M. (Woodbridge) 1867-1927 wife of Warren W.
(dau of Andrew and Angeline (Eddy) Woodbridge)
Hall Isaac died ?/18/1852
Hall Jeffrey Schuyler 1958-1960
Hall Marlin Leach 1843-1920 wife of Clark G.
Hall Mary J. no dates wife of Horace
Hall Matthew M. 1884-1968 hus of Adah Jones
Hall Mildred S. 1900-1985 wife of Charles C.
Hall P. Seddon 1890-1975 hus of Carrie Reese
Hall Pattison 1860-1934 hus of Henrietta
Hall Roger S. 1937-2004
Hall Stanley M. 12/6/1917-8/18/1918
Hall Warren W. 1875-1947 hus of Ida M. (Woodbridge)
Hamer Cenie M. White 1844-1905 wife of David L.
Hamer Charles A. 1870-1949 hus of Lena E.
Hamer Charles W. 4/11/1901-7/24/1901 "Son of Cyrus & Georgia Hamer"
Hamer Cyrus W. 1873-1946 hus of Georgia A.
Hamer David L. 1838-1910 hus of Cenie M. White; "Served on the Plains Against the Indians 1851-54; A Member of the Vigilance Committee in San Francisco; Served in the Campaign with Walker in Costa Rica and Nicaragua in 1855-58; A Member of Co. C 24th NY Infantry 1861-65 1st Brigade.
Hamer Delaney H. 1876-1959 hus of Mina H.
Hamer Edward D. 1872-1955 hus of May W.
Hamer Ethel C. 1904-1964
Hamer Georgia A. 1879-1949 wife of Cyrus W.
Hamer Lena E. 1877-1943 wife of Charles A.
Hamer Levi F. 1905-1982 hus of R. Inez
Hamer May W. 1880-1964 wife of Edward D.
Hamer Mina H. 1882-1973 wife of Delaney
Hamer R. Inez 1909-1999 wife of Levi F.
Hammond Edith 1853-1907 wife of Morgan W.
Hammond Morgan W. 1847-no date hus of Edith
Haney John E. 1862-1928
Hanson Anna C. 1860-1920
Hanson Ever 1865-1920
Hanson John E. 1898-1962
Hard Esther M. 4/6/1844-8/29/1871 "Wife of Delos Hard"
Hardell Albert Peake 1/18/1897-9/5/1985 "US Marine Corps World War I"
Hardell J. George 1857-1943 hus of Jennie C. Gibbons
Hardell Jennie C. Gibbons 1861-1920 wife of J. George
Hardy Anda 1884-1956 hus of Jennie
Hardy Jennie 1868-1959 wife of Anda
Harris A. Everett 1890-1958 hus of Bernice M.
Harris Abbie A. Everett 1857-1918 wife of George I.
Harris Annie Dearie 1842-1932 wife of John
Harris Bernice M. 1891-no date wife of A. everett
Harris George I. 1853-1904 hus of Abbie A. Everett
Harris John 1841-no date hus of Annie Dearie; "Co. H 76th Regt. Penn. Vols"
Hart C. Arthur 1888-1957 hus of Cecelia A.
Hart Cecelia A. 1890-1952 wife of C. Arthur
Harter Charles died 1/4/1907 "Co. A 152nd Regt. NYV Inf."
Harter Charles W. 1853-1927 hus of Mary B.
Harter Chauncey C. 1859-1942 hus of Nellie A.
Harter Cora B. 1875-1946
Harter Gladys E. 1896-1990 wife of Robert K.
Harter Harvey ?/27/1881-?/?/? hus of Mary E. S.
Harter James W. 1884-no date
Harter John S. 1845-1879
Harter Lota died 1886 dau of Chalres & Mary; ae. 9 months
Harter Margaret 1844-1914
Harter Mary A. 1823-1893
Harter Mary B. 1856-1930 wife of Charles W.
Harter Mary E. S. 3/22/1882-10/25/1918 wife of Harvey
Harter Nellie A. 1859-1948 wife of Chauncey C.
Harter Robert K. 1898-1943 hus of Gladys E.
Harter Ross B. 1887-1934
Hartford M. Anna 1855-1930 wife of William
Hartford William 1843-1914 hus of M. Anna
Harvey Cornella C. 1859-1859
Harvey Gertrude J. 1862-1881
Harvey Laura E. 1831-1918 wife of Sewell
Harvey Maragret C. 1903-1979 wife of Paul R.
Harvey Mary I. Shepherd 1906-1992 Wife of Raymond G.
Harvey Paul R. 1898-1985 hus of Margaret C.
Harvey Raymond G. 1908-1951 hus of Mary I. Shepherd
Harvey Sewell 1825-1872 hus of Laura E.
Haskell Clarissa died 11/21/1872 wife of Darius
Haskell Darius died 6/?/1882 hus of Clarissa; "Co. D 9th NYH Art."
Haskell Ida Eugenia died 5/23/1851 "Daughter of James & Anna Aliza Haskell"
Hatch Muriel M. 1900-1930 dau of William & Nettie
Hatch Nettie N. 1874-1952 wife of William
Hatch William 1869-1937 hus of Nettie N.
Hawes Frank A. 1883-1954
Hawkins S. C. 9/26/1812-4/14/1893
Haynes Alan F. no date "Infant son of Perry & Dorothy"
Haynes Charles 1862-1930 hus of Eudora L. Marsh
Haynes Dorothy M. 1915-1969 wife of Perry S.
Haynes Eudora L. 1892-1980
Haynes Eudora L. Marsh died 2/25/1892 wife of Charles; ae. 27 yrs
Haynes Herbert C. no date "Infant son of Perry & Dorothy"
Haynes Lawrence J. no date "Infant son of Perry & Dorothy"
Haynes Perry S. 1909-1973 hus of Dorothy M.
Hays Emma Parker 1842-1912
Hays Issac A. 1838-1920
Hays William E. (M.D.) 1867-1930
Healy Catherine M. 1905-1965 wife of Earl E.
Healy Earl E. 1906-1957 hus of Catherine M.
Heath Doris Stewart 1900-1926
Hecox Ivanowna Freeman 1834-1853 "Wife of P. S. Hecox"
Heinig Thomas Michael died 12/28/1991
Helmer Alma Watson 1850-1927 wife of Orville
Helmer Orville 1849-1874 hus of Alma Watson
Hemenway Charles S. 1913-1994
Hendrickson Charles C. 1880-1940 hus of Lydia Lewis; "Spanish War Sgt. Cal'y 11th NY"
Hendrickson Lydia Lewis 1880-1936 wife of Charles C.
Hendrickson Lydia Lewis 1880-1936
Hendry Delbert L. no dates hus of Lulu M. Clemens
Hendry Lulu M. Clemens 1883-1906 wife of Delbert L.
Henrdrickson Charles C. 1880-1940 "Spanish War Sgt. Cal'y 11th Rgt. NY"; hus of Lydia Lewis
Henry H. Perley 1886-1951 hus of Mae Prescott
Henry H. Perley 1886-1951 hus of Mae Prescott
Henry Mae Prescott 1888-1961 wife of H. Perley
Henry Mae Prescott 1888-1961 wife of H. Perley
Hensler Capt. Lambert died 1869 "Co. ? 152nd NY Vol."
Hicks Frank P. 1840-1932 "Pvt. Co. L 5th NYH Art."
Higgins Emma Jane 1852-1930 wife of James
Higgins James 1847-1930 hus of Emma Jane
Hill Abraham 1852-1918
Hill Alice 1899-1979
Hill Henrietta died 1900 "Daughter of Minnie & William Hill"; ae. 4 months
Hill Minnie P. 1879-1948 wife of william H.
Hill Pearl 1882-1920
Hill Robert S. died 1901 "Son of Minnie & William Hill"; ae. 5 months
Hill William H. 1874-1946 hus of Minnie P.
Hills Jennie C. 1889-1981 wife of Leroy N.
Hills Leroy N. 1885-1961 hus of Jennie C.
Hinds George 1896-1957
Hinds Gertrude 1898-1975
Hinds Ira T. 1874-1947 hus of Jennie
Hinds Jennie 1874-1958 wife of Ira T.
Hitchman Edna R. Bouck 1878-1967 wife of Stanto H.
Hitchman Stanton H. 1875-1948 hus of Edna R. Bouck
Hoard "Father" 1845-1932
Hoard "Mother" 1849-1877
Hoard Andrew J. 1858-1910
Hoard Emma J. 7/9/1849-3/20/1877 "Daughter of William & Rhoda Collis
Hoard George T. died 9/11/1849 son of John & Margaret; ae. 2 yrs, 9 months & 6 days
Hoard John died 8/7/1826 hus of Sarah; ae. 46 yrs
Hoard John L. died 2/15/1891 hus of Margaret E.; ae. 66 yrs, 5 months & 7 days
Hoard Maggie 1873-1875
Hoard Maggie 4/28/1873-1/30/1875 dau of Maggie Hoard
Hoard Margaret E. died 3/9/1903 wife of John L.; ae. 78 yrs, 6 months & 11 days
Hoard Samuel died 1/7/1876 ae. 56 yrs, 7 days
Hoard Sarah died 3/17/1840 wife of John; ae. 60 yrs
Hocking Fannie L. 1902-1973 wife of William
Hocking Maude A. 1865-no date wife of William R.
Hocking William 1903-1986 hus of Fannie L.
Hocking William R. 1850-1927 hus of Maude A.
Hodge Benjamin 1874-1960
Hoffer Bessie L. Diamond 5/18/1882-5/31/1941 wife of Emil
Hoffer Emil 2/17/1872-7/28/1951 hus of Bessie L. Diamond
Hoffer Lucille M. DeNegris 12/25/1910-9/13/1986 wife of Lyle D.
Hoffer Lyle D. 6/23/1913-12/7/1988 hus of Lucille M. DeNigris; "US Navy World War II"
Hoffer Minnie Ellsworth 1872-1940 wife of Otto
Hoffer Otto 1880-1938 hus of Minnie Ellsworth
Hogle William S. 7/4/1898-2/3/1978 "US Army Worls War II"
Holdredge Elizabeth 10/5/1844-1/17/1932 wife of Seymour W.
Holdredge Seymour W. 7/31/1841-2/9/1918 hus of Elizabeth
Holdridge A. Judson 1830-1918 hus of Angie L.
Holdridge Angie L. 1839-1902 wife of A. Judson
Holdridge Anna M. 1847-1915 wife of Elon G.
Holdridge C. B. died 12/7/1860 ae. 35 yrs
Holdridge Charles E. (Dea.) died 12/17/1871 hus of Isabel & Ruth; ae. 78 yrs
Holdridge Dayton died 2/19/1866 "Son of C. B. Holdridge"
Holdridge Elon G. 1835-1910 hus of Anna M.
Holdridge Isabel died 11/25/1828 1st wife of Charles E.; ae. 24 yrs
Holdridge Martha J. 1830-1906 wife of C. B.
Holdridge Ruth died 5/28/1887 2nd wife of Charles E.; ae. 85 yrs
Hollenbeck Alvin C. 1899-1986
Hollister Leta A. 1902-1995 wife of Newcomb
Hollister Newcomb 1895-1955 hus of Leta A.
Hollister Ted died 1929 "Infant"; son of Newcomb & Leta
Holmes Harriet died 7/19/1815 wife of William B.; ae. 30 yrs & 9 months
Holmes Mary Harvey 1783-1853 wife of Samuel
Holmes Mary J. 2/?/1879 ae. 25 yrs; "Daughter of Samuel & Mary Holmes"
Holmes Samuel 1780-1837 hus of Mary Harvey
Holmes William B. died 9/17/1815 hus of Harriet; ae. 31 yrs
Holmes William Henry died 3/20/1816 son of William & Harriet; ae. 1 yr
Horan Mabel M. 1895-1956 wife of Timothy E.
Horan Robert 1913-1961 hus of Ruth W.
Horan Ruth W. 1914-1985 wife of Robert
Horan Timothy E. 1887-1950 hus of Mabel M.
Horton B. Flora 1882-1962
Horton Bernadette 1897-1953 wife of George
Horton Charles E. died 9/2/1867 "Son of James & Orra"; ae. 22 yrs, 7 month & 3 days
Horton Edgar J. died 9/13/1852 "Son of James & Orra"; ae. 1 month & 20 days
Horton Edith 1888-1918
Horton Elsie 1872-1947
Horton Flora Abigail Joslin 4/25/1847-10/10/1927 wife of George Calvin
Horton G. Mabel 5/17/1876-4/14/1878 "Daughter of George & Flora"
Horton George Calvin 7/10/1843-5/30/1898 hus of Flora Abigail Joslin
Horton George H. 1895-1955 hus of Bernadette
Horton Ida J. died 9/11/1858 "Daughter of James & Orra"; ae. 9 months & 28 days
Horton James 1820-10/18/1870 hus of Orra A.
Horton John 1845-1920
Horton Lucinda 1867-1955
Horton Orra A. 1820-1914 wife of James
Horton Rose 6/23/1875-7/2/1875 "Daughter of George & Flora"
Hosford H. Elmer 1895-1981
Hotaling Charles 4/10/1848-1/21/1918
Hotaling Leon C. 6/5/1868-1/2/1922
Hotaling Liva J. Casler 7/14/1840-10/23/1927 wife of T. C. S.
Hotaling Mary E. died 3/11/1852
Hotaling Peter 1824-1870
Hotaling Rebecca Fryer 1824-1884 wife of William
Hotaling Seth 1845-1881
Hotaling Susan 1802-1961 "Wife of P. W. Hotaling"
Hotaling T. C. S. 10/23/1832-6/30/1904 hus of Liva J. Casler
Hotaling William 1822-1889 hus of Rebecca Fryer
Hotaling Willie 1860-1863
Houghton John 1817-1897 hus of Olive
Houghton Olive 1825-1907 wife of John
Houser Richard H. 1928-10/6/2000
Houston Thomas (Rev.) died 12/3/1845 "Pastor of the Baptist Church in This Village"; ae. 34 yrs
Howe Dollie G. 1860-1914 wife of Robert E.
Howe Louise 1898-1930 dau of Robert & Dollie
Howe Robbie 1892-1897 son of Robert & Dollie
Howe Robert E. 1865-1949 hus of Dollie G.
Howell Charles died ?/18/1894 hus of Melita Whitney; "1st Lieut. C. K 2nd NYH Art."
Howell Eliakim F. died 1/7/1901 hus of Estella; "Co. K 2nd NYH Art."
Howell Estella died 4/?/1861 wife of Eliakim F.
Howell Melita Whitney 1/22/1817-4/2/1911 wife of Charles
Howell Muriel Widrick 1918-1981 wife of Woodrow; "Daughter of Ford & Mae Widrick"
Howell Woodrow 1912-1987 hus of Muriel Widrick
Hoyle Marie Whitney 1895-1943
Hoyt Fred A. 1870-1949 hus of Jessie B.
Hoyt Jessie B. 1866-1953 wife of Fred A.
Hudd "Father" 1817-1877
Hudd "Mother" 1821-1873
Hudd Arnold 1864-1922
Hudd Helen 1885-1920
Hughes Adelaide Crosby 1875-1901 "Wife of Richard Hughes"
Hughes Ann Lloyd died 183? "Wife of Richard Hughes"
Hughes Clifford 1885-1901 son of William & Mary Hughes"
Hughes Grace H. 1896-1953 wife of William
Hughes Idwal E. 1904-1981 hus of Lily C.
Hughes Lily C. 1903-1962 wife of Idwal E.
Hughes Mary Blair 1856-1926 wife of William
Hughes Roscoe Kendall 12/12/1925-10/27/2001 "SN US Navy World War II"
Hughes William 1855-1915 hus of Mary Blair
Hughes William 1888-1956 hus of Grace H.
Hull Lillie Kneeskern 1879-1936 wife of Walter
Hull Walter 1871-1944 hus of Lillie Kneeskern
Hulsaver Alice M. 1865-1936 wife of Stephen G.
Hulsaver Stephen G. 1862-1943 hus of Alice M.
Hulser James M. 5/25/1810-7/27/1888 hus of Louisa Woodruff; "Captain in Co. I 2nd Regt. NYHA"
Hulser Louisa Woodruff 7/16/1820-5/23/1894 wife of James M.
Hulser Luke W. 6/17/1844-9/25/1845 son of James & Louisa
Hunt Annie Bargy 1874-1956
Huntley Emily Morse 1829-1898 wife of Peter
Huntley Nettie 1856-1911
Huntley Peter 1825-1907 hus of Emily Morse
Huyck Maria 11/29/1814-4/29/1891 wife of William
Huyck Nellie L. 1893-1968 wife of Seymour A.
Huyck Seymour A. 1887-1951 hus of Nellie L.
Huyck William 11/1/1822-6/20/1889 hus of Maria
Hyde "Unreadable" Gordon no dates wife of Charles
Hyde Charles no dates hus of "unreadable" Gordon
Hyde Eugene F. 1931-1960
Ingham Arletta Davis 1849-1930 wife of Horace G.
Ingham Arletta Davis 1849-1930 wife of Horace G.
Ingham Charles B. died 1882 ae. 80 yrs
Ingham G. Smith 1849-1933
Ingham G. Smith died 7/5/1882 hus of Harriet G.; ae. 80 yrs
Ingham Hamilton H. 1839-1920 hus of Helen Carder
Ingham Harriet G. died 1865 ae. 54 yrs
Ingham Harriet G. died 11/2/1866 wife of G. Smith; ae. 54 yrs
Ingham Hattie E. unreadable
Ingham Helen Carder 1848-1914 wife of Hamilton H.
Ingham Helen M. died 1874 ae. 38 yrs
Ingham Helen M. died 5/7/1874
Ingham Horace G. 1844-11/14/1905 hus of Arletta Davis; ae. 61 yrs
Ingham Horace G. 1844-1905 hus of Arletta Davis
Inman Fay T. 1892-1963
Inman George 1852-1927 hus of Sarah J. Thurston
Inman Sarah J. Thurston 1858-1929 wife of George
Irons Allen Eugene 8/7/1985-8/20/1985
Irons David A. 1881-1967 hus of Mary E. Graves
Irons Edna D. 1912-1983 wife of Edward G.; note same dates for hus & wife
Irons Edward G. 1912-1983 hus of Edna D.; note same dates for hus & wife
Irons Gordon F. 1/13/1926-6/5/1963 "SP 5 US Army World War II"
Irons Mary E. Graves 1888-1967 wife of David A.
Isley Charles Henry 1886-1947 hus of May Cora Winters
Isley May Cora Winters 1894-1942 wife of Charles Henry
Jackson Alice H. 1913-1979 wife of Miller C.
Jackson Andrew C. 1883-1971 hus of Mabel A.
Jackson Dominick 1916-1990
Jackson John W. (Bud Fowler) 1858-1913 "Black Basketball Pioneer, Erected by SABR 7/25/1987"
Jackson Kenneth T. 3/24/1969-7/28/2003
Jackson Mabel A. 1882-1962 wife of Andrew C.
Jackson Miller C. 1911-1984 hus of Alice H.
Jacobs Stuart A. 1900-1957
Jacopelle Laura no dates funeral director's marker
Jacopelle Scott A. 4/7/1974-6/29/1997
Jacquays Joyce Miles 1945-1966
James George 1859-1944 hus of Sarah Langley
James Sarah Langley 1862-1942 wife of George
Jeffalone Frank P. 1945-1951
Jeffalone Paul S. 11/6/1947-2/18/1995
Jeffalone Rose G. 1921-1997 wife of Sam
Jeffalone Sam 1903-1981 hus of Rose G.
Jenkins Earl Preble died 1910 ae. 1 yr & 3 months
Johnson Ada 6/12/1860-1860 with Alba; "Twin Children of Wallace & Lovi Johnson"
Johnson Ada Fralick 1873-1953 wife of Charles J.
Johnson Alba 6/12/1860-1860 with Ada; "Twin Children of Wallace & Lovi Johnson"
Johnson Arthur J. 1888-1911
Johnson Caroline unreadable stone has fallen & is partially covered by sod
Johnson Charles J. 1863-1932 hus of Ada Fralick
Johnson Clara H. Day 1869-1940 wife of john R.
Johnson Emma J. died 10/11/1879 "Wife of Rev. Herbert B. Johnson, Daughter of Thomas & Angeline Leech"; ae. 18 yrs, 4 months & 2 days
Johnson Jacob 1864-1919 hus of Myrtle
Johnson John 1883-1923
Johnson John R. 1881-1936 hus of Clara H. Day
Johnson Lovi H. Matteson 12/4/1834-10/23/1912 wife of Samuel
Johnson Moses H. 18??-1897
Johnson Myrtle 1881-1964 wife of Jacob
Johnson Samuel 10/22/1828-11/23/1892 hus of Lovi H. Matteson
Johnson Wallace M. 1/12/1857-5/19/1859 son of Wallace & Lovi
Johnson Walter R. 1904-1913 son of John & Clara
Johnson Caroline M. 12/17/1817-10/29/1895 wife of Jesse W.
Johnson Charlotte M. 3/20/1845-3/25/1888 dau of Jesse & Caroline
Johnson Elizabeth W. 4/25/1843-11/6/1908 dau of Jesse & Caroline
Johnson Jesse W. 4/25/1806-10/22/1894 hus of Caroline M.
Jones Bert E. 3/29/12883-7/8/1971 hus of Margaret D.
Jones Blanche Leech 1883-1879 wife of Warren Clark
Jones Elmer 1874-1895
Jones Eva B. 1894-1958 wife of Robert T.
Jones Helen M. 5/21/1906-1/23/1973
Jones Maragret D. 1/1/1883-4/23/1974 wife of Bert E.
Jones Marion F. 1912-2003 wife of Ralph
Jones Mary H. Sorenson 1897-1995 wife of Nathaniel
Jones Nathaniel 1892-1968 hus of Mary H. Sorenson; "Co. M 107th Inf. World War I"
Jones Quentin W. 1927-1994
Jones Ralph 1898-1949 hus of Marion F.
Jones Robert T. 1890-1988 hus of Eva B.
Jones Roland 1832-1896
Jones Warren Clark 1891-1980 hus of Blanche Leech
Joslin Aaron Vinton 1836-1905 hus of Sarah Adams
Joslin Abigail 11/16/1778-11/10/1847 wife of Christopher
Joslin Amanda 1833-1912
Joslin Chrissy 1818-1894
Joslin Christopher 4/23/1778-9/15/1858 hus of Abigail
Joslin Clarence H. 1852-1914
Joslin Elizabeth H. 10/25/1806-10/?/1879 wife of Hiram
Joslin George D. 1789-1868
Joslin Hamilton H. died 8/11/1820 "Son of H. & E. Joslin"
Joslin Hannah ?/26/1824 ae. 60 yrs
Joslin Harriet C. Vinton 1/2/1815-1/8/1890 wife of Lewis Francis
Joslin Helena B. 1877-1931 wife of Lindley A.
Joslin Hiram 8/21/1804-4/23/1877 hus of Elizabeth
Joslin Irwin 3/5/1860-5/18/1889
Joslin Isabell 8/29/1828 "Daughter of John & Jehannah"
Joslin Jehannah A. 4/21/1804-1/9/1872
Joslin John 1797-1849
Joslin John died 10/25/1811 ae. 78 yrs
Joslin Jordan 1823-1897 hus of Margaret A.
Joslin Julia M. 1852-1907
Joslin Lara B. 1860-1893
Joslin Lewis Francis 12/18/1811-3/25/1884 hus of Harriet C. Vinton
Joslin Lindley A. 1871-1944 hus of Helena B.
Joslin Lindley M. 11/29/1840-10/4/1867
Joslin Louisa died 8/?/1814 "Daughter of H. & E. joslin"
Joslin Margaret A. 1819-1885 wife of Jordan
Joslin Maria W. 1785-1877
Joslin Martha H. 1839-1923
Joslin Mary 1752-1816
Joslin Milton L. 1857-1888 son of Jordan & Margaret
Joslin Pliny 11/11/1837-4/9/1891 "Capt. C. K 2nd NYH Art. From 12/6/1861 In Libby Prison 3 Months Breveted Major 7/25/1864 Mustered Out 10/22/1864 Died Yountville Cal."
Joslin Sarah 1821-1898
Joslin Sarah Adams 1838-1916 wife of Aaron
Joslin Sidney M. 1/10/1843-3/13/1873
Joslin Sylvester unreadable hus of Hannah
Joslin Walter C. 1860-1941 son of Jordan & Margaret
Jouben Ella Payne 1850-1915
Jouben George H. 1871-1904
Jouben Jessie M. 1876-1907
Judd Andrew J. unreadable "Son of George Washington Judd"
Judd George C. died 1836 "Son of George Washington Judd"
Judge Grace E. 11/24/1894-9/26/1982 wife of Ralph F.
Judge Ralph F. 5/25/1894-1/9/1982 hus of Grace E.

Part 1 Surnames A - B
Part 2 Surnames C - D
Part 3 Surnames E - F
Part 5 Surnames K - O
Part 6 Surnames P - S
Part 7 Surnames T - Z

1/29/06 - Additional information about Warren W. Hall and Ida M. Woodbridge Hall that appears in parentheses was provided by Carma (Bull) Stone.

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