Oak View Cemetery

Frankfort, NY

Part 5

Surnames K - O

An original reading of Oak View Cemetery, Village of Frankfort, Herkimer County, New York done in July 2005 by Steven Knight.

Kargelein Annie C. 1823-1902 wife of John G.
Kargelein George 1856-1880 son of John & Annie; his name & dates are listed on the family stone but a small stone in the family plot spells his name "Karkline"
Kargelein John G. 1811-1890 hus of Annie C.
Kay Ann 8/17/1854-no date wife of James
Kay James 8/26/1849-no date hus of Ann
Kear Laura Knapp 1881-1938
Kear William R. 1867-1933
Keck Andrew 1833-1915 hus of Ellen
Keck Ellen 1833-1916 wife of Andrew
Keck Eugene unreadable hus of Mary
Keck Mary 1845-1919 wife of Eugene
Keeler Alma died 1808 "Daughter of Alonzo & Sarah Keeler"
Keeler Diadama E. died 11/3/1874 wife of Seth B.; ae. 66 yrs, 4 months & 16 days
Keeler Martha Perrigo died 1925 wife of William G.
Keeler Seth B. died 6/4/1880 hus of Diadama E.; ae. 82 yrs, 8 months & 23 days
Keeler William G. died 1892 hus of Martha Perrigo
Keeler William S. unreadable
Keller Edna M. Eaton 1898-1997 wife of Richard W.
Keller Frederick J. 1856-1898 hus of Mary A. Bower
Keller Frederick W. 1890-1918 "World War Lieut. Signal Reserve U.S."
Keller George J. 1839-1919 hus of Magdalena Furrer; "Corp. Co. D 121st Regt NYV Inf."
Keller George W. 1889-1918
Keller Magdalena Furrer 1839-1905 wife of George J.
Keller Mary J. Bower 1855-1907 wife of Frederick J.
Keller Richard W. 1904-1985 hus of Edna M. Eaton
Kelly Howard H. 1900-1961
Kelly Lizzie A. 1858-1942
Kendall Ruby M. 1905-1979
Kenyon Alice 1825-1914 wife of George A.
Kenyon Denaldo F. 1850-1902 son of George & Alice
Kenyon George A. died 5/2/1885 hus of Alice; ae. 74 yrs, 6 months & 11 days
Kerr Jessie Brander 1837-1918 wife of Robert
Kerr Margaret Campbell 1798-1873
Kerr Robert 1823-1908 hus of Jessie Brander
Kiddney Gordon W. 1912-1912 son of Harry & Lena
Kiddney Harry Earl 1885-1949 hus of Lena E. Lambert
Kiddney Harry J. 1910-1927 son of Harry & Lena
Kiddney Lena E. Lambert 1882-1960 wife of Harry Earl
Kidney James Jordan (Dr.) 1917-1968 Capt. Korean War US Marines"
Kilbourn Hildreth Glassford 1887-1976
Killeen Augustus James 6/13/1873-8/1/1950 "Born June 13, 1873 at Tyrone Ireland Died August 1, 1950 at Frankfort, NY"
Kilmer Cora I. Van Nort 1874-1926 wife of Fred M.
Kilmer Fred M. 1880-no date hus of Cora I. Van Nort
Kimball Emma K. 1872-no date
Kimball Harry S. 1851-1901 hus of Theresa Flagg
Kimball Theresa Flagg 1861-1911 wife of Harry S.
Kitchen Ardella Case 1878-1961
Klevenow Alma 1903-1968 wife of Joseph
Klevenow Carl no dates with Lillian; "Infants Carl & Lilliaan"
Klevenow Joseph 1896-1965 hus of Alma
Klevenow Lillian no dates with Carl; "Infants Carl & Lilliaan"
Klevenow Marie 1868-1938 wife of William
Klevenow William 1863-1917 hus of Marie
Knapp Charles 1853-1934 hus of Ella
Knapp Ella 1856-1943 wife of Charles
Knapp Margaret Staring died 3/10/1886 "Wife of Morris Knapp"
Knapp Maurice G. 1891-1914
Knause Harriet no dates This is a large family stone with small individual stones.
Knause John no dates This is a large family stone with small individual stones.
Knause Martha no dates This is a large family stone with small individual stones.
Knause William no dates This is a large family stone with small individual stones.
Kneeskern Amy A. Sponable 1845-1917 wife of JamesK.
Kneeskern Charles 1881-1924
Kneeskern Harry H. 1874-1918 son of James & Amy
Kneeskern James K. 1845-1922 hus of Amy A. Sponable
Knox Earl H. 1902-1962 hus of Nellie G. Huyck
Knox Nellie G. Huyck 1900-1963 wife of Earl H.
Kohrer George H. 1869-1939 hus of Ina Mae
Kohrer Ina Mae 1870-1942 wife of George H.
Kohrer John E. 1839-1926 hus of Phoebe
Kohrer Norma M. 1894-1977
Kohrer Phoebe 1839-1925 wife of John E.
Konshaftskey Emma Richardson 1845-1884 wife of William
Konshaftskey William 1844-1895 hus of Emma Richardson; "Co. L 2nd NYH Art'
Kozachuk Chariton 1888-1964 hus of Zinowya
Kozachuk Zinowya 1887-1971 wife of Chariton
Krick Charles 1872-1946 hus of Lina
Krick Edith L. 1901-no date wife of George H.
Krick Elizabeth W. 1904-1990 wife of Floyd L. (Sr.)
Krick Emma R. Finster 1878-1948 wife of Webster W.
Krick Floyd L. (Sr.) 1904-1983 hus of Elizabeth W.
Krick George H. 1896-1948 hus of Edith L.
Krick Harold 1900-1957 hus of Iva
Krick Iva 1901-1991 wife of Harold
Krick John 9/26/1836-1/21/1910 hus of Mary
Krick John E. 1865-1937
Krick Lewis died 8/25/1868 son of John & Mary; ae. 1 yr & 3 months
Krick Lina 1881-1965 wife of Charles
Krick Louie J. died 12/11/1876q son of John & Mary; ae. 2 yrs, 2 months & 14 days
Krick Mary 9/26/1834-7/1/1912 wife of John
Krick Seymour 1898-1900
Krick Webster W. 1879-1928 hus of Emma R. Finster
Ladd Clifton H. 1902-1983 hus of May
Ladd May 1894-1962 wife of Clifton H.
Lamberson Abigail P. 1875-1940 wife of Will H.
Lamberson Anna C. 1867-1916
Lamberson Calista R. Smith 11/5/1839-9/5/1899 wife of J. Harvey
Lamberson Elton T. 2/7/1861-5/12/1868 son of J. Harvey & Calista
Lamberson Eugene S. 1862-1945 hus of Mary T. Graves
Lamberson J. Harvey 1/20/1830-3/4/1892 hus of Calista R. Smith; This stone also lists the following children but there are no birth or death dates: Eugene S. & Hiram S.
Lamberson Mary T. Graves 1862-1949 wife of Eugene S.
Lamberson W. Harvey 1904-no date
Lamberson Will H. 1869-1940 hus of Abigail P.
Lamunion Frederick H. 1874-1947
Lancaster Diane Geanne died 1/31/1959 a child's stone
Lanphere Edith M. 1888-1970 wife of William G.
Lanphere Eugenie H. 12/29/1855-8/15/1887 2nd wife of Ivon Wesley
Lanphere Hattie A. 7/6/1848-12/28/1875 1st wife of Ivon Wesley
Lanphere Ivon Wesley 7/26/1851-10/6/1888 hus of Hattie A. & Eugenie H.
Lanphere William G. 1878-1957 hus of Edith M.
LaRouche Anna E. 10/7/1895-11/7/1961 wife of John
LaRouche John 5/15/1885-12/7/1953 hus of Anna E.
Larsen Bernice M. 1903-2001 wife of Otto
Larsen Otto 1894-1975 hus of Bernice M.
Larson Amanda Carolina 8/15/1859-7/29/1897 wife of L. John
Larson L. John 10/12/1859-2/5/1928 hus of Amanda Carolina
Lauria Anthony 1917-1990 "AB 3 US Army World War II"
Lauria Joseph 1874-1948 hus of Maria
Lauria Lucy 1910-1938
Lauria Maria 1879-1976 wife of Joseph
Laventure Frank G. 5/1925-10/2003
Lawton Chester M. 1863-no date hus of Estella A.
Lawton Daniel died 1/19/1889 ae. 38 yrs
Lawton Estella A. 1853-1925 wife of Chester M.
Lawton Nancy died 12/19/1891 ae. 82 yrs
Lawton Sarah died 2/22/1894 ae. 56 yrs
Lee Charles A. 1869-1941
Lee Myron died 6/5/1843 "Son of ? & Adam Lee"
Lee Oziel H. died 6/29/1852 ae. 26 yrs, ? Months & 28 days
Leech Cora E. 5/16/1876-6/19/1876 with Flora; "Twin Children of Thomas & Angeline Leech"
Leech Flora E. 5/16/1876-6/19/1876 with Cora; "Twin Children of Thomas & Angeline Leech"
Leech Frances Davis 1856-19500 wife of Morris W.
Leech Morris W. 1859-1902 hus of Frances Davis
Leeman Albert J. 1858-1915
Leeman Catherine 1832-1918 wife of Samuel S.
Leeman Samuel S. 1829-1899 hus of Catherine
Leitz Ada 1884-1947 wife of Charles
Leitz Ann Eliza died 5/19/1857 "Wife of John Leitz & Daughter of David & Amanda Billings"
Leitz Charles 1882-no date hus of Ada
Leitz Ida 1868-1928 wife of Jacob
Leitz Jacob 1859-1943 hus of Ida
Leitz John E. 10/21/1828-1/21/1895 hus of Philippina Hoerle; "Co. D. 121st NYV Inf"
Leitz Philippina Hoerle 10/18/1837-no date wife of John E.
Lenz Matthew S. 1966-1982
Leonard Carrie 185?-1899 "Wife of William J. Leonard"
Leonard Emma ????-1892 "Wife of William J. Leonard"
Leonardson Eva Wells 1888-1969 wife of Otto J.; note same dates for hus & wife
Leonardson Otto J. 1888-1969 hus of Eva Wells; note same dates for hus & wife
Leonis Evelynn C. 1890-1970 wife of Samuel
Leonis Frank 1888-1965 hus of Margaret; "Pvt. Co. C 148 Inf. World War I"
Leonis Jennie 1856-1913 "Wife of W. L. Leonis"
Leonis Margaret 1888-1941 wife of Frank
Leonis Marietta L. 1921-2000
Leonis Paul Smith 1928-1937 "Son of Samuel & Evelyn Leonis"
Leonis Samuel 1890-1970 hus of Evelynn C.; "Sgt. QMC World War II"
Letts Allen 1904-1971 hus of Martha
Letts Donna 1938-1990 this is a metal funeral directors marker
Letts Martha 1904-1980 wife of Allen
Lewis Caroline unreadable
Lewis Catherine E. 1848-1918 wife of John G.
Lewis Earl H. 1880-1920 hus of Nellie M. Van Nort
Lewis Edith G. 3/31/1887-6/8/188? "Daughter of J. G. & K. E. Lewis; this is on the same stone with John & Catherine E.
Lewis Elizabeth G. 7/10/1803-9/17/1879 wife of Harris
Lewis Elva A. Mixter 1850-1926
Lewis Fernando 1843-1917
Lewis George R. 1/12/1842-12/5/1855 "Son of Harris & Elizabeth Lewis and Grandson of John & Elizabeth Goo"
Lewis Harris died 10/26/188? hus of Elizabeth G.
Lewis Harris 1874-1946 hus of Ruby E.
Lewis John G. 1850-1919 hus of Catherine E.
Lewis Nellie M. Van Nort 1880-1961 wife of Earl H.
Lewis Rienza Casler 1848-1916
Lewis Ruby E. 1885-1981 wife of Harris
Limpert Bessie W. 1890-1967 wife of John Valentine
Limpert Fred L. 1891-1966 hus of Mathilda E.
Limpert George Arthur 1885-1959 hus of Sarah E.
Limpert John 1855-1939 hus of Sarah E.
Limpert John V. 1916-1954
Limpert John Valentine 1880-1971 hus of Bessie W.
Limpert Mathilda E. 1892-1961 wife of Fred L.
Limpert Sarah E. 1857-1943 wife of John
Limpert Sarah E. 1883-1953 wife of George Arthur
Lin Margaret 1909-1969 wife of Wesley A.
Lindsay Anson W. 1879-1966 hus of Leola Chapman
Lindsay Bertram C. 1871-1918 hus of Vala
Lindsay Harold S. 1915-1997 hus of Iva L.
Lindsay Harriet E. Withers 1852-1907 wife of Paul G.
Lindsay Iva L. 1918-1987 wife of Harold S.
Lindsay Leola Chapman 1883-1941 wife of Anson W.
Lindsay Paul G. no dates hus of Harriet E. Withers
Lindsay Vala 1871-1965 wife of Bertram C.
Link Adam T. S. 1864-1935 hus of Carrie M. Davis
Link Carrie M. Davis 1871-1950 wife of Adam T. S.
Link Charles A. 1848-1921 hus of Emma Simmons
Link Emma Simmons 1852-1924 wife of Charles A.
Lints Beryl Irons 1910-1990 wife of Lester E.
Lints Ella 1852-1905 wife of Horatio S.
Lints Frieda H. 1899-1956 wife of George S.
Lints George S. 1893-1951 hus of Frieda H.
Lints Gertrude May 3/23/1891-5/22/1891 dau of Henry F.
Lints Henry F. 5/24/1870-7/11/1900
Lints Horatio S. 1854-1925 hus of Ella
Lints Jacob died 12/10/1863 hus of Mary E. Muckey; ae. 34 yrs
Lints John 1830-1919 hus of Lucinda
Lints John H. 1876-1941 hus of Margaret Hughes
Lints Joseph D. 1876-1912
Lints Lester E. 1908-1989 hus of Beryl Irons
Lints Lewis J. died 2/8/1925 "Inf. Son of N. B. & W. J. Lints"
Lints Lucinda died 7/12/1874 wife of John; ae. 32 yrs
Lints Margaret Hughes 1881-1958 wife of John H.
Lints Mary E. Muckey died 1/19/1919 wife of Jacob; ae. 90 yrs
Lints Pliny A. 1859-1941 hus of Villa M. Burton
Lints Ulysses O. 1864-1938 "Corp. Co. G 2nd Regt NYV Inf. Spanish War"
Lints Villa M. Burton 1858-1922 wife of Pliny A.
Lints Wesley A. 1905-1968 hus of Margaret
Lipa Lafayette 1872-1954 hus of Nellia A. Buell
Lipa Mary E. 7/14/1862
Lipa Nellie A. Buell 1874-1942 wife of Lafayette
List Burton G. 1916-1939 son of George & Laura
List Frank C. 1894-1988
List George J. 1886-1946 hus of laura L.
List Laura L. 1890-1979 wife of George J.
Llewellyn Arthur no dates "Infant son of Elias & Sarah Llewellyn"
Llewellyn Charles no dates "Infant son of Elias & Sarah Llewellyn"
Llewellyn Elias R. 10/6/1835-11/16/1882 hus of Sarah M.
Llewellyn Jennie E. 10/28/1870-11/25/1884 "Daughter of E. R. & S. M. Llewellyn"
Llewellyn Sarah M. 4/30/1838-1/6/1875 wife of Elias R.
Lloyd T. C. died 12/4/1863 ae. 25 yrs, 8 months & 11 days
Lombardo Cosmo 5/28/1940-7/9/2005
Lonis Clara B. 1889-1911
Lonis David N. 1890-1929
Lonis Elizabeth Slater 1842-1916 wife of Peter
Lonis Ethelbert 1874-1954 hus of Mary
Lonis Floyd Milo 1892-1974 hus of Mildred Merriam
Lonis Helen Matteson 1870-1933 wife of Warren
Lonis Herbert 1871-1931
Lonis John E. 1888-1920
Lonis Martha E. 1863-1950
Lonis Mary 1872-1960 wife of Ethelbert
Lonis Mildred Merriam 1897-1987 wife of Floyd Milo
Lonis Peter 1826-1913 hus of Elizabeth Slater
Lonis Warren 1868-1950 hus of Helen Matteson
Loomis Chloe died 1/?/1846 "Wife of Henry Loomis"; ae. 45 yrs, 9 months & ? Days
Loomis Geeorge died 9/8/1857 ae. 29 yrs, 5 months & ? Days
Loomis George W. 1884-1964 hus of Marjorie E.
Loomis Havilah H. 1836-1905 hus of Jennette Alvord
Loomis Jennette died 7/?/1827 "Daughter of Henry & Chloe Loomis"
Loomis Jennette Alvord 1838-no date wife of Havilah H.
Loomis Jerry B. 1907-1997 hus of Mildred I.
Loomis Lincoln H. M. died 8/21/1866 son of Havilah & Jennette; ae. 9 months & 26 days
Loomis Marjaoie E. 1895-no date wife of George W.
Loomis Michael 9/22/1957-11/21/1957
Loomis Mildred I. 1912-1980 wife of Jerry B.
Lowe Eva E. 1884-1979
Lowell Asa died 9/22/1860 hus of Aurillo (?)
Lowell Aurillo (?) died 6/6/188? wife of Asa
Lowell John died 1840 "Soldier of the Revolution" "at Frankfort 1840"
Lowell Reuben died 6/15/1855
Lower Annie Dearie 1834-1919
Lower Helen 1860-1935 wife of William J.
Lower Joseph died 11/28/1890 "Co. B 152nd NY Vols"
Lower William J. 1857-1944 hus of Helen
Lowry Maude 1883-no date wife of Robert J.
Lowry Robert J. 1882-1944 hus of Maude
Ludwig Alice Addison 1884-1928 wife of Max O.
Ludwig Charles 1890-1922
Ludwig Max O. 1881-1941 hus of Alice Addison
Ludwig Walter E. 1894-1970 hus of Wilma S.
Ludwig Walter W. 1912-1950 son of Max & Alice
Ludwig Wilma S. 1897-1990 wife of Walter E.
Luft Eva Alice 1860-1950 wife of John H.
Luft John H. 1851-1912 hus of Eva Alice
Luther Elma M. 1914-1991 wife of George J.
Luther George J. 1911-1967 hus of Elma M.
Lutz Bertina 1882-1959
Mack Everett J. 1850-1935 hus of Julia C. Thurston
Mack Julia C. Thurston 1857-1929 wife of Everett J.
MacMillan Martha 1857-1939 wife of William
MacMillan William 1856-1929 hus of Martha
Madrid Cora A. 1876-1961
Mahanna John J. 1915-1983 hus of Lena W. Kraft; "US Navy World War II"
Mahanna Lena W. Kraft 1909-1992 wife of John J.
Mahanna Mary Taylor 1888-1947
Mahar Nettie Folts 1881-1961
Mann Abnar died 5/16/18?? son of Amasa & Anna
Mann Amasa died 7/23/1885 hus of Anna
Mann Anna died 3/28/1885 wife of Amasa; ae. 81 yrs
Mann Franklin died 8/10/1861 son of Amasa & Anna; "Who Fell at the Battle of Wilson Creek, MO"
Mann Sarah died 3/12/1873 dau of Amasa & Anna
Manning Emma T. 1870-1947 wife of Ulysses G.
Manning Ida T. 1898-1979 dau of Ulysses & Emma
Manning John R. 1898-1953 son of Ulysses & Emma
Manning Lloyd W. 1898-1947 son of Ulysses & Emma
Manning Lucinda Smith 1866-1921
Manning Selina 5/4/1869-3/6/1890 "Daughter of John & Margaret Manning"
Manning Ulysses G. 1867-1938 hus of Emma T.
Manning William unreadable stone is sunken below the death date; "Co. G 34th NYV Inf."
Markle Sarah Sass 1866-1933 wife of William
Markle William 1865-1950 hus of Sarah Sass
Marmon Garold G. 7/30/1896-6/?/1947 "Pvt. 107th Inf 27D New York World War I"
Marshall "Daughter" no dates in the same plot as George W. & Elizabeth H.
Marshall Dr. Guy C. died 11/22/1836 hus of Wealthy Murray
Marshall Elizabeth H. Warren 1853-1913 wife of George W.
Marshall Emily C. died 4/?/1837 wife of L. D.
Marshall George W. 1846-1933 hus. of Elizabeth H. Warren
Marshall James no dates in the same plot as George W. & Elizabeth H.
Marshall L. D. unreadable hus of Emily C.
Marshall Wealthy Murray died 11/8/1866 wife of Dr. Guy C.; ae. 59 yrs, 7 months
Martin Helen B. 1905-1991 wife of William T.
Martin Ida L. 1873-1961 wife of Joseph
Martin Joseph 1877-1936 hus of Ida L.
Martin Mathias 1873-no date hus of Susan
Martin Reita E. Dodge 1908-2001 wife of Walter A.
Martin Susan 1872-1948 wife of Mathias
Martin Walter A. 1907-1991 hus of Reita E. Dodge
Martin William T. 1905-1995 hus of Helen B.
Mason Aaron died 9/27/1833 hus of Huldah H. Howel; Aaron & Huldah are listed on the same stone so the assumption is that they are husband & wife
Mason Emma J. 10/15/1851-2/20/1940 wife of Nathaniel H.
Mason Fannie died ?/15/1842 "Wife of Daniel Mason"
Mason Huldah H. Howel unreadable wife of Aaron; Aaron & Huldah are listed on the same stone so the assumption is that they are husband & wife
Mason Nathaniel H 2/22/1854-10/4/1920 hus of Emma J.; "Co. H 8th Regt NYV Inf"
Masterson Ellen E. 1857-1910 wife of Patrick
Masterson Patrick 1852-1918 hus of Ellen E.
Mathews Andrew 11/23/1919-7/9/1974 "Pvt. US Army"
Mathews Charles M. 1913-1953
Mathews John W. 1915-1983 "Tec 5 US Army World War II"
Mathews Walter 1886-1982
Matthews Dirya 1892-1930
Matthews Lucille Sweeney 1922-1982 wife of Robert J.
Matthews Richard R. 12/15/1935-7/4/2003 "SP3 US Army Korea"
Matthews Robert J. 1920-1963 hus of Lucille Sweeney; "PFC 67th Coast Artillery Anti Aircraft World War II"
Maxwell Elizabeth Stuper 1873-1942
Maynard Dennis died 1/7/1845
Maynard Flora A. Bennett 1858-1919 wife of John E.
Maynard John E. 1853-1928 hus of Flora A. Bennett
McAllister Harriet S. 1901-1988
McCamly Arthur W. died 11/6/1881
McCann Ruby 1934-2000 "Rose"
McCarthy Morgan B. 1895-1919 "2nd Leut. F.A.R.D.
McChesney Harriet 1837-1921
McClements Robert S. 1872-1916 hus of Sara W.
McClements Sara W. 1872-1951 wife of Robert S.
McCoy Clisty 1876-1952
McCullen Dewey B. 1913-2002 wife of Henry F.
McCullen Henry F. 1909-1986 hus of Dewey B.
McDonald Edna 1901-1982
McDonald Lettia Joynt 1871-1949 wife of Paul D.
McDonald Paul D. 1871-1934 hus of Lettia Joynt
McGirr Ella Ruth 1896-1897
McGirr Rachel May 1897-1898
McGonigal James J. 1883-1966 hus of Mildred V.
McGonigal Mildred V. 1889-1963 wife of James J.
McGowan Amelia L. 1869-1955 wife of Samuel S.
McGowan Samuel S. 1864-1929 hus of Amelia L.
McIntosh Blanche 1871-1954
McKay Charles 1909-1993
McKay Edna E. 1912-1955
McKay Ida S. 1878-1963 wife of John E.
McKay John E. 1874-1953 hus of Ida S.
McKay Margaret 1901-1986
McKee Robert Ira 1871-1950
McKeown Elizabeth 1869-1936 wife of Frank
McKeown Frank 1869-1931 hus of Elizabeth
McMannony John 1840-no date hus of Sarah
McMannony Sarah 1836-1912 wife of John
McMurray Eleanor J. 1939-1962
McRorie Frances S. 1897-1958 wife of Louis K.
McRorie Harvey C. 1870-1917 hus of Lillian S.
McRorie Lillian S. 1873-1943 wife of Harvey C.
McRorie Louis K. 1892-1958 hus of Frances S.
McRorie Marian E. Williams 1902-1969 wife of Varner T.
McRorie Varner T. 1898-1967 hus of Marian E. Williams
McWharf Caroline 1905-1985
Menard Bertha Hill 1905-1963 wife of Edward D.
Menard Edward D. 1903-1943 hus of Bertha Hill
Mercer Lydia A. 1853-1931 wife of Samuel G.
Mercer Samuel G. 1867-1934 hus of Lydia A.
Miles Dale M. 1915-1985 hus of Shirley M.
Miles Merlin C. 2/14/1917-1/30/1966 "Sgt. 5 Photo Recon. SQ AAF World War II"
Miles Shirley M. 1922-1982 wife of Dale M.
Millar James unreadable This is a Civil War veteran's stone but is badly worn and stained
Miller Adam 1846-1932 "Co. D. 194th Regt. Penn."
Miller Agatha L. Lints 1865-1922 wife of David H.
Miller David H. 1867-1927 hus of Agatha L. Lints
Miller Dorothy S. 1909-1998 wife of W. Courtland
Miller Fred 1855-1935 hus of Sarah Haver
Miller Mildred E. Knapp 1884-1916 "Wife of E. Parke Knapp"
Miller Sarah Haver 1848-1938 wife of Fred
Miller W. Courtland 1898-1976 hus of Dorothy S.
Miller William B. 1916-1990 "Tec 5 US Army World War II"
Minosh Ann 1926-1993 wife of Dominick
Minosh Dominick 4/20/1922-4/7/1992 hus of Ann; "Sgt. US Army World War II"
Mixter John R. 1844-1911
Moore Lincoln 1852-1921 hus of Mahala J.
Moore Mahala J. 1869-1933 wife of Lincoln
Moore Mary Sims 1865-1957
Morath Frances Joslin 1911-1978 wife of George H.
Morath George H. 1909-1990 hus of Frances Joslin
Morgan Charles W. 1849-1909 hus of Cornelia M.
Morgan Cornelia M. 1852-1931 wife of Charles W.
Morgan Helen 1850-1970
Morgan Herbert E. 1873-1900 hus of Lynn Wood
Morgan Jay L. 3/9/1890-3/23/1957 "New York Pvt. 51 Pioneer Infantry World War I"
Morgan John H. 1828-1900 hus of Sarah Ann Hay
Morgan Lynn Wood 1886-1906 wife of Herbert E.
Morgan Sarah Ann Hay 1832-1891 wife of John H.
Morris Anna Hill 1878-1938 wife of Earl P.
Morris Ansel T. 1908-1990 "US Army World War II"
Morris D. Homer 1874-1888 son of Seymour & Jane
Morris Earl P. 1876-1934 hus of Anna Hill
Morris Jane M. 1845-1903 wife of Seymour C.
Morris Nealton 1920-1962 "Pvt. Trans Corp World War II"
Morris Seymour C. 1839-1907 hus of Jane M.
Morris Theodore 1903-1961
Mosher Dwight H. 1888-1942
Moss Elbert R. 1892-1961 hus of Leta M.
Moss Leta M. 1893-1973 wife of Elbert R.
Mower Burton E. 1880-1953 hus of Nellie W.
Mower Nellie W. 1883-1963 wife of Burton E.
Mower Ruth J. 1918-1934 dau of Burton & Nellie
Moyer / Congdon Anna E. 1936-1936 this stone has 2 surnames with no indication as to which goes with each first name
Moyer / Congdon Charles Died 1964 this stone has 2 surnames with no indication as to which goes with each first name
Moyer / Congdon Gladys 1904-1957 this stone has 2 surnames with no indication as to which goes with each first name
Moyer / Congdon Jane died 1936 this stone has 2 surnames with no indication as to which goes with each first name
Moyer / Congdon Larry 1937-1970 this stone has 2 surnames with no indication as to which goes with each first name
Moyer / Congdon Larry (Jr.) 1958-1979 this stone has 2 surnames with no indication as to which goes with each first name
Moyer / Congdon Lenore 1895-1970 this stone has 2 surnames with no indication as to which goes with each first name
Moyer / Congdon Tracy died 1957 this stone has 2 surnames with no indication as to which goes with each first name
Muckey Emma 1849-1920 wife of Warner
Muckey Warner 1844-1914 hus of Emma
Murphy James F. 1930-1999
Murphy Ronald W. 9/4/1920-2/6/1990 "Son of William & Bertha Cole Murphy"; "Cpl. World War II Battle of the Bulge"
Murray Ruthe Whipple 1900-1987
Murtaugh Isabell C. 1868-1963 dau of John & Isabell
Murtaugh Isabell V. 1844-1876 wife of John
Murtaugh James 1795-1870 "Father of John Murtaugh"
Murtaugh John 1841-1907 hus of Isabell V.; "US Navy"
Myers Allen W. 1929-1930 son of Jay Allen & Ellen M.
Myers Catharine died 8/17/1864 wife of George; ae. 81 yrs, 4 months & 12 days
Myers Charles 1823-1908 hus of Margaret
Myers Edith A. 1860-1951 wife of Herbert H.
Myers Edith A. 1869-1951 wife of Herbert H.
Myers Elizabeth 1803-1866
Myers Elizabeth died 1/4/1831 wife of Harry F.; ae. 46 yrs & 3 months
Myers Elizabeth 7/17/1792-?/21/1849 wife of John
Myers Ellen M. Carney 1889-1971 wife of Jay Allen
Myers George died 1/30/1855 "Son of George & Catharine"; ae. 11 yrs, 11 months & 9 days
Myers George died 8/8/1863 hus of Catharine; ae. 81 yrs &10 months
Myers Hannah Baker died 8/11/1878 wife of Jeremiah; ae. 51 yrs, 8 months & 5 days
Myers Henry F. died 1/7/1830 hus of Elizabeth
Myers Herbert H. 1869-no date hus of Edith A.; ae 51 yrs, 10 months & 16 days
Myers Herbert H. 1869-no date hus of Edith A.
Myers Hiram died 8/6/1862 son of Jeremiah & Hannah; ae. 15 yrs & 6 months
Myers Isaac died 7/21/1857 "Son of George & Catharine"; ae. 45 yrs, 6 months & 19 days
Myers Jay Allen 1884-1931 hus of Ellen M. Carney
Myers Jeremiah 2/17/1821-12/12/1901 hus of Hannah Baker
Myers John ?/24/1787-???? hus of Elizabeth
Myers Lizzie Ingham died 7/26/1923 wife of Michael D.; ae. 85 yrs
Myers Lizzie Ingham died 7/26/1923 wife of Michael D.; ae 85 yrs
Myers Margaret 1843-1939
Myers Margaret 1821-1915 wife of Charles
Myers Michael D. died 11/6/1879 hus of Lizzie Ingham; ae. 44 yrs
Myers Michael D. died 11/6/1879 hus of Lizzie Ingham; ae. 44 yrs
Myers samuel 1/23/1822-???? ae. 57 yrs
Nash Aaron died 10/29/??
Nellis Eva C. 1901-1979 wife of Martin H.
Nellis Martin H. 1902-1963 hus of Eva C.
Nicastro Cross 1917-2002 hus of Dorothy
Nicastro Dorothy 1921-1983 wife of Cross
Nicolette Gracesue 11/12/1942-3/27/2003
Nipe Charles R. 12/8/1918-11/7/1975 "Tec 5 US Army World War II"
Nipe Charles W. 1852-1923 hus of Mary C.
Nipe Christine D. 1884-1942 wife of George K.
Nipe Eva O. 1863-1939 wife of Lansing
Nipe George K. 1882-1944 hus of Christine D.
Nipe Infant died 10/7/1900 "Infant Daughter of George & Christine Nipe"
Nipe Jane Ann 1919-1967 dau of George & Christine
Nipe Lansing 1860-1916 hus of Eva O.
Nipe Mary C. 1854-1919 wife of Charles W.
Nolton Augustus S. 1824-1899 hus of Millicent Shepard
Nolton Calista died 3/9/182? "In the 23 Year of Her Age"; "Buried at Middleville"
Nolton Carrie 1862-1863 dau of Augustus & Millicent
Nolton Millicent Shepard 1827-1867 wife of Augustus S.
Northrup Helen 1836-1910 wife of Joseph
Northrup Joseph 1840-1892 hus of Helen
Northrup Lula Ward died 1898
Norton Willis H. 1863-1935
Nourse Sarah M. Smith 5/29/1841-8/22/1875 "Wife of Edwin H. Nourse"
Nuese Geneva C. 1907-2003 wife of Lawrence H.
Nuese Lawrence H. 1899-1984 hus of Geneva C.
O'Brien Ethel M. 1904-1988 wife of Lloyd G.
O'Brien Lloyd G. 1895-1963 hus of Ethel M.
O'Connor Bertha died 1904 ae. 3 months
Oliver Edythe Weaver 1/7/1891-11/9/1976 wife of George Frederick
Oliver George Frederick 11/2/1885-12/17/1969 hus of Edythe Weaver
Olsen Ella L. 1898-1968 wife of Harold F.
Olsen Harold F. 1898-1970 hus of Ella L.; "Co. M 1st Regt. World War I"
Onofaro Joseph 1890-1958 hus of Louise
Onofaro Louise 1910-2002 wife of Joseph
Orendorf Eveline E. unreadable "Daughter of H. & E. H. Joslin"
Orman Margaret 1825-1908
Osborne Steven Richard 4/15/1959-6/1/1983
Ostrander Edward 5/27/1841-1/27/1916 "Co. I 121st NY Vols."
Ostrander Lavina died 8/20/1877 "Wife of James Ostrander"; ae. 54 yrs
Ostrander Susan B. 1878-1963 wife of William J.
Ostrander William J. 1873-1950 hus of Susan B.
Overacker Margaret died 18?? "Daughter of ? & Sarah Overacker"
Owen Ada Platiner 1893-1991
Owen Ada Williams 1881-1942 wife of John D.
Owen Bertram J. 1868-1926 hus of Jessie Beckwith
Owen Eva Bayliss 1878-1931
Owen Hugh 1844-1892 hus of Winifred C.
Owen Jennie G. 1870-1875
Owen Jessie Beckwith 1868-1917 wife of Bertram J.
Owen John D. 1880-1955 hus of Ada Williams
Owen Margery Bayliss 1913-1918
Owen W. Raymond 1882-1957
Owen Winifred C. 1846-1933 wife of Hugh

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Part 2 Surnames C - D
Part 3 Surnames E - F
Part 4 Surnames G - J
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