Oak View Cemetery

Frankfort, NY

Part 6

Surnames P - S

An original reading of Oak View Cemetery, Village of Frankfort, Herkimer County, New York done in July 2005 by Steven Knight.

Palmer Elias died 12/18/18?? hus of Lucy Thomasae. 79yrs
Palmer Elias died 12/1826 hus of Mary; ae. 65 yrs
Palmer Elias 3rd 1823-1891 son of Elias and Lucy
Palmer Epaphroditus died 3/6/1886 ae. 95 yrs
Palmer Justin died 2/2/1858 ae. 64 yrs
Palmer Lucy Thomas 12/?/1790-2/16/1881 wife of Elias
Palmer Mary died ?/18/1819 dau of Elias and Lucy
Palmer Mary Caverly died 5/1851 wife of Elias
Palmer Nelson died 4/11/18?? son of Elias and Lucy
Palmer Roba M. died 2/14/1852 "Wife of C. E. Palmer"; ae. 52 yrs & 3 months
Palmisano Carrie Rutigliano 1887-1986
Papa Angelina 1902-1992 wife of Anthony
Papa Angelina M. 1900-1949 wife of Vito (Sr.)
Papa Anthony 1898-1959 hus of Angelina
Papa Camillo 1868-1923
Papa Dorothy 1937-1939
Papa Vito (Sr.) 1893-1987 hus of Angelina M.
Parker A. Earl 1878-1943 hus of Ethel W.
Parker Augustus 1907-1965
Parker Edwina A. 1853-1925 wife of T. Patten
Parker Ethel W. 1890-1974 wife of A. Earl
Parker Margaret Manning 1886-1917
Parker T. Patten 1847-1909 hus of Edwina A.
Parkhurst Alice E. Kenyon 1857-1944 2nd wife of Frank B.
Parkhurst Frank B. 1843-1926 hus of Ida J. & Alice E. Kenyon
Parkhurst Ida J. 1851-1870 1st wife of Frank B.
Parkhurst Margaret Budlong 1823-1901 wife of William H. H.
Parkhurst William H. H. 1813-1901 hus of Margaret Budlong
Parry Laura Gilligan 1913-1940
Parshall Arthur B. 1870-1939 hus of Elizabeth S.
Parshall Carrie Bunn 1848-1906 "Wife of Alfred G. Parshall"
Parshall Elizabeth S. 1868-1957 wife Arthur B.
Parshall Gwendolyn N. 2/9/1921-8/23/1982
Parshall Warren Mills died 6/14/1908 "Son of Arthur & Elizabeth Parshall"; ae. 14 yrs, 3 months & 10 days
Parsons Charles Francis 1876-1966 hus of Nellie Ada Barnes
Parsons Nellie Ada Barnes 1877-1970 wife of Charles Francis
Paschke Bertha Clemens 1892-1966
Patterson / Brockway "Father"
This is a large family stone with smaller stones containing name only
Patterson / Brockway "Mother"
This is a large family stone with smaller stones containing name only
Patterson / Brockway Margaret E.
This is a large family stone with smaller stones containing name only
Patterson / Brockway Raymond A.
This is a large family stone with smaller stones containing name only
Peattie Georgia P. 1875-1960 wife of William H.
Peattie William H. 1876-1953 hus of Georgia P.
Penny Fred J. H. 1890-1950 hus of Helen G.
Penny Helen G. 1899-1981 wife of Fred J. H.
Penny Rosette died 12/5/1892 wife of Seth S.ae. 71 yrs
Penny Seth S. no dates hus of Rosette
Peppas John G. 1900-no date
Peppas Nellie M. 1901-no date
Perkins Charles 1860-1923
Perkins Charles 1859-1940 hus of Elizabeth Stuper
Perkins Clyde A. 1892-1957
Perkins Elizabeth Stuper unreadable wife of Charles
Perkins Emeline Wells 1843-1915 wife of James N.
Perkins Emma J. 1874-1947
Perkins Frank 1850-1941 hus of Maggie C. Platt & Sarah F. Bamford
Perkins Helen Mae 11/18/1883-8/20/1884 "Daughter of Frank & Sarah F."
Perkins James N. 1840-1911 hus of Emeline Wells
Perkins John F. 1905-1946
Perkins Leah 1816-1889
Perkins Maggie C. Platt 1850-1875 1st wife of Frank
Perkins Sarah F. Bamford 1860-1923 2nd wife of Frank
Perri Frank D. 1968-1987
Perrigo H. V. 1837-1916 hus of Mary D.
Perrigo Mary D. 1837-1902 wife of H. V.
Petersen Clara 1893-1986 wife of Owen
Petersen Owen 1889-1960 hus of Clara
Petrie Alida died 1910 wife of Frank D.
Petrie Bertie 1870-1875 son of John & Mary
Petrie Frank D. died 1908 hus of Alida
Petrie John V. 1840-1897 hus of Mary J.
Petrie Mary J. 1844-no date wife of John V.
Petrie Wellington 1864-1885 son of John & Mary
Pettengill Cora May Reed 1876-1914 wife of Harry A.
Pettengill Harry A. 1871-1929 hus of Cora May Reed
Pettingill Alice M. 1906-1941
Pettingill Edward R. 1914-1937
Pfahls Christian J. 1850-1926 hus of Marian Watson
Pfahls Marian Watson 1854-1927 wife of Christian
Philips Emory R. died 10/12/1871
Philips Frank died 10/25/18?1
Philips Mary C. died 2/10/1886 wife of Samuel; ae. 56 yrs.
Philips Patience 1836-9/12/1914 wife of Wliber M.
Philips Rosanna A. died 186? "Wife of Wilber M. Philips"
Philips Ruth died 190? "Daughter of Frank & Carrie Philips"
Philips Samuel died 11/21/1881 hus of Mary C.
Philips Wilber M. died 9/?/1907 hus of Rosanna A.; ae. 71 yrs
Phillips Carrie Brock 1870-1947 wife of W. Frank
Phillips W. Frank 1864-1930 hus of Carrie Brock
Phinny H. Herbert died 7/19/1880 hus of Loraine
Phinny Loraine unreadable wife of H. Herbert
Phinny Mabel A. died 10/8/1880 "Daughter of H. H. & Loraine Phinny"
Pickert Amelia 1850-1926 wife of Dewitt C.
Pickert Dewitt C. 1848-1914 hus of Amelia
Pickert Edwin W. died 1922
Pickert William H. 1875-1932
Pierce Anna Elizabeth 1872-1934 wife of DeWitt
Pierce DeWitt 1875-1962 hus of Anna Elizabeth
Pierson Eliza S. died 6/17/1885 wife of Robert; ae. 65 yrs, 9 months & 6 days
Pierson Robert died 3/13/1872 hus of Eliza S.; ae. 57 yrs, 1 month & 29 days
Pileggi Joseph 1909-1981 hus of Josephine
Pileggi Josephine 1905-1984 wife of Joseph
Piper ???? M. died 9/26/1855 child of Isaac & Margaret
Piper Amasa died 1857 son of Isaac and Margaret
Piper Anna B. 1873-1952
Piper Cynthis Katherine 11/22/1845-6/11/1916 wife of Francis N.
Piper Diana A. 11/21/1806-9/18/1893 wife of Nicholas
Piper Eliza unreadable dau of Isaac & Margaret
Piper Elizabeth died 1/25/182? dau of Isaac & Margaret
Piper Frances Adams 1842-1892 wife of William
Piper Francis N. 1/15/1842-7/12/1923 hus of Cynthia Katherine; "Civil War 2nd Lt. Co. B 121st Regt NYV Inf"
Piper Frederick died 3/9/1875 ae. 87 yrs, 9 months & 22 days
Piper George V. died 2/15/1886 "Co. K 2nd NYH Art"; ae. 54 yrs
Piper Harry 1887-1887
Piper Henry M. died 10/9/1861 son of Isaac and Margaret
Piper Isaac died 2/19/1865 hus of Margaret Myers; ae. 55 yrs, 5 months & 4 days
Piper Isaac unreadable son of Isaac and Margaret
Piper James died 10/29/1863 hus of Mary; ae. 58 yrs, 7 months & 24 days
Piper John unreadable son of Isaac and Margaret
Piper John died 3/4/1851 ae. 76 yrs
Piper John died 6/27/1885 ae. 90 yrs, ? Months & 2 days
Piper Margaret Myers 7/20/1800-7/2/1893 wife of Isaac
Piper Mary died 9/19/1875 wife of James; ae 87 yrs
Piper Nellie E. 1874-1944 wife of Samuel J.
Piper Nicholas 9/12/1802-11/17/1862 hus of Diana A.
Piper Samuel J. 1876-1945 hus of Nellie E.
Piper Sarah M. 1877-1949
Piper William 1838-1917 hus of Frances Adams
Piper William 1879-1879
Pirnie Aleta Thurston 1892-1936 wife of John A.
Pirnie John A. 1890-1948 hus of Aleta Thurston
Pizzo Philip 1908-1951 "Pvt. 1st Co. Training Group Armored School World War II"
Platner Alma K. 1862-1949 wife of Bronson
Platner Bronson 1858-1919 hus of Alma K.
Platner Warren K. 1882-1918
Platts James W. 1853-1910
Polson Genevieve Farouche 1904-1944
Pooler Charles A. 1857-1901 hus of Libbie J. Bates
Pooler Libbie J. Bates 1858-1920 wife of Charles A.
Potter Content died 11/1833 "Wife of Lemuel Potter"
Potter E. D. died 6/1/1900 "29th Regt Ohio Vols"; ae. 70 yrs
Potter Frankie 1898-1950
Potter Jennie M. 1890-1920 "Wife of Arthur Potter"
Potter Mary Glenar 1863-1937 wife of William
Potter William 1866-1933 hus of Mary Glenar
Preble Albion R. died 1914 ae. 80 yrs
Preble Emma J. 6/22/1856-12/26/1899 wife of Russell M.
Preble Russell M. 7/6/1891-1/16/1892 next to Emma J.; poss. a son
Preble William H. died 4/9/1907 ae. 52 yrs
Premo Elva May Truesdell 1886-1923 "Wife of Thomas Premo"
Prentice Barbara J. 1934-1993
Prentice Louise 1910-1989 wife of Raymond H. (Sr.)
Prentice Raymond H. (Sr.) 1911-1992 hus of Louise
Prescott Adella Lewis 1863-1944 wife of Fred T.
Prescott Adella Lewis 1863-1944 wife of Fred T.
Prescott Fred T. 1857-1914 hus of Adella Lewis
Prescott Fred T. 1857-1914 hus of Adella Lewis
Prouty Frederick C. died 4/30/1886 "Co. G 8th NY Cav."
Prutton Edna Rodgers 1874-1942 wife of Robert George
Prutton Margaret Roberts 1857-1929 this is on the Prutton family stone; it's uncertain if the surname is Prutton or Roberts
Prutton Robert George 1877-1964 hus of Edna Rodgers
Pryn Hidah (?) Ann died 6/7/1840 dau of Nancy
Pryn Nancy died 8/28/1846 "Wife of Frank Pryn"
Pryne Catharine Folts 1822-1915 wife of Harry V.
Pryne Harry V. 1817-1893 hus of Catharine Folts
Pughe Hattie F. 1877-1954 wife of Henry D.
Pughe Henry D. 1869-1943 hus of Hattie F.
Putnam J. Sternburgh 1823-1902 hus of Mary E. Joslin
Putnam Mary unreadable
Putnam Mary E. Joslin 1828-1908 wife of J. Sternburgh
Quail Daniel W. 1884-1946 hus of Grace E.
Quail Doris A. 1921-1941
Quail Grace E. 1886-1946 wife of Daniel W.
Quail James D. 1916-1965 "World War II"
Quail Margaret B. 1914-1991
Quayle Elizabeth W. 1870-1958 wife of William
Quayle Mary R. 1906-1996 wife of Robert W.
Quayle Robert W. 1903-1977 hus of Mary R.
Quayle William 1870-1942 hus of Elizabeth W.
Rathbun James N. 1879-1950 hus of Ruth A. Sloughter
Rathbun Jennie V. 1858-1949 hus of Nathan A.
Rathbun John 1909-1915 "son of Clayton & Margaret Rathbun"
Rathbun Nathan A. 1853-1935 hus of Jennie V.
Rathbun Ruth A. Sloughter 1895-1936 wife of James N.
Raux James Arthur 9/3/1937-10/7/1937 "Son of Florence Barnes & William Raux"
Raynor Charilla West 9/13/1817-2/3/1853 1st. wife of Reuben M.
Raynor Edwin W. (M.D.) 11/22/1852-3/26/1894 hus of Louise Bridenbecker
Raynor Louise Bridenbecker 1/3/1853-3/11/1924 wife of Edwin W.
Raynor Reuben M. 11/4/1820-3/1/1902 hus of Charilla West & Sarah Lamberson
Raynor Sarah Lamberson 1/28/1824-2/8/1916 2nd wife of Reuben M.
Raynor Sarah R. 12/31/1846-2/23/1851 :Daughter of R. M. & Charilla Raynor"
Read E. Earl 1892-1935 hus of Ruth P.
Read Ruth P. 1892-1977 wife of E. Earl
Reese Charles W. died 7/2/1839 ae. 11 yrs, 1 month & 12 days; "Son of David & nancy Reese"
Reese David 1860-1951
Reese David J. 1893-1924 "S Sgt. 129th Aero Squad. World War I"
Reese Elmira 1839-1922 wife of Franklin
Reese Franklin 1834-1907 hus of Elmira
Reese James H. died 4/16/1845 ae. 22 yrs, 5 months & 16 days; "Son of David & Nancy Rees (sic)"
Reese John B. 11/9/1828-12/24/1902 hus of Louisa
Reese Louisa 1/1/1838-2/4/1912 wife of John B.
Reese Nancy unreadable this stone has sunk past the death date; "Wife of David Reese"
Reickel John H. 1866-1939 hus of Stella A. Covell
Reickel Stella A. Covell 1868-1926 wife of John H.
Reiling Robert M. 1964-1994
Renk Arthur 1877-1896 son of John & Sarah
Renk John 1840-1911 hus of Sarah A.
Renk Sarah A. 1851-1927 wife of John
Rex Adah D. 1896-1972 wife of James H.
Rex James H. 1896-1989 hus of Adah D.
Rex Lyman D. 1937-1996
Rich Anne R. 1893-1976 wife of Webster C.
Rich Webster C. 1887-1975 hus of Anne R.
Richards Lafayette 1831-1909 hus of Sarah H. Haskell
Richards Marianetta S. 1860-1927 wife of Seymour
Richards Rosina N. 1839-1920 wife of Sidney D.
Richards Sarah H. Haskell 1839-no date wife of Lafayette
Richards Seymour (M.D.) 1860-1926 hus of Marianetta S.
Richards Sidney D. 1838-1914 hus of Rosina N.
Richards Thomas unreadable
Richardson Betty died 1922 dau of Parris
Richardson Burton (Jr.) 4/26/1913-6/21/1923 "Son of Elizabeth Piper"
Richardson Burton E. 3/21/1883-12/25/1974 hus of Elizabeth Piper
Richardson C. Adelaide died 5/16/1838 dau of Duane & Mary
Richardson Caroline Stoddard died 6/9/1897 wife of Isaac; there are also 4 very small unreadable stones in this plot that may indicate the burial of children
Richardson Duane died 1/16/1865 hus of Mary Emeline; ae. 56 yrs & 9 months
Richardson Edget A. 8/6/1814-3/25/1883 hus of Elizabeth Getman
Richardson Elizabeth Getman 5/8/1822-12/22/1868 wife of Edget A.
Richardson Elizabeth Piper 4/23/1884-10/29/1945 wife of Burton E.
Richardson Ella 1892-1933
Richardson Ella May 1916-1916 "Daughter of Paris & Ella Richardson
Richardson Ella N. Reese 8/8/1862-12/6/1938 wife of Irving E.
Richardson Elsie D. 1898-1972
Richardson George Pliny 1842-1903 "GAR"
Richardson Grace 6/25/1867 dau of George Pliny & Jane; same death date as Grace
Richardson H. Eliza died 10/24/1894 dau of Duane & Mary; ae. 56 yrs
Richardson Henrietta 1915-1915 "Daughter of Paris & Ella Richardson
Richardson Ida R. Burton 5/19/1851-5/12/1883 wife of Jacob
Richardson Irving E. 6/24/1855-2/28/1952 hus of Ella N. Reese
Richardson Isaac died 1865 hus of Caroline Stoddard; there are also 4 very small unreadable stones in this plot that may indicate the burial of children
Richardson Jacob 9/11/1841-9/2/1919 hus of Ida R. Burton
Richardson Jane F. Freeman 1842-1915 wife of George Pliny
Richardson Mary Emeline died 8/1/1899 wife of Duane; ae. 85 yrs & 5 months
Richardson Mildred 1919-1920 dau of Parris
Richardson Nancy Margaret 4/29/1843-9/23/1843 dau of Edget & Elizabeth
Richardson Parris 1887-1964
Richardson Rebecca died 3/3/18?? "Wife of John Richardson"
Richardson Ruth 6/25/1867 dau of George Pliny & Jane; same death date as Grace
Ridley Anna 1837-1903 wife of Thomas
Ridley Florence 1864-1888 dau of Thomas & Anna
Ridley Thomas 1835-1917 hus of Anna
Riel Mary C. Hoard 1872-1923 wife of Wilfred U.
Riel Wilfred U. 1868-1958 hus of Mary C. Hoard
Rising Richard 185?-unreadable
Roach Zilpha Gilbert 1883-1947
Robbins Ada Clemens 1880-1904 1st wife of Frank E.
Robbins Frank E. 1863-1942 hus of Ada Clemens & Helen Williams
Robbins Helen Williams 1869-1967 2nd wife of Frank E.
Robbins Ida L. 1871-1904
Roberts Cora B. 1861-1946 wife of Frank A.
Roberts Edith A. 1901-1965 wife of Idwal
Roberts Edith S. 1888-1970 wife of Milton H.
Roberts Frank A. 1854-1934 hus of Cora B.
Roberts George 1881-1928 hus of Maude Whipple
Roberts George Milton 1911-1928 "Son of Milton & Edith S. Roberts"
Roberts Harry H. 1900-1976 hus of Kathryne M.
Roberts Idwal 1896-1970 hus of Edith A.
Roberts Kathryne M. 1906-1982 wife of Harry H.
Roberts Maude Whipple 1878-1928 wife of George
Roberts Mildred G. 1898-1961 dau of Frank & Cora
Roberts Milton H. 1885-1980 hus of Edith S.
Robinson Charles unreadable this is a veteran's style stone similar to the ones for Civil War vets
Robinson Doris Getman 9/26/1901-4/29/1976
Robinson William 6/27/1889-3/4/1969 "New York Capt. Corps of Engineers World War I"
Rodgers Helen died 12/23/1854 Mary, Helen & Ida are buried next to Lucius and Mary Rodgers. The stone is the same style as theirs and only says "Sisters"; The surname of Rodgers is an assumption
Rodgers Ida died 1/13/1855 Mary, Helen & Ida are buried next to Lucius and Mary Rodgers. The stone is the same style as theirs and only says "Sisters"; The surname of Rodgers is an assumption
Rodgers Lucius C. died 8/13/1883 hus of Mary
Rodgers Mary died 3/14/1891 wife of Lucius C.
Rodgers Mary died 1/27/1839 Mary, Helen & Ida are buried next to Lucius and Mary Rodgers. The stone is the same style as theirs and only says "Sisters"; The surname of Rodgers is an assumption
Roe George W. 1912-1929 "Boy-O'-Mine"
Roe Thea Sterling 1879-1928 wife of Walter
Roe Walter 1875-1943 hus of Thea Sterling
Rogers Annie M. Skiff 1853-1895 wife of J. Frank
Rogers J. Frank 1846-1902 hus of Annie M. Skiff
Rosbrook Charles E. 1914-1971
Roscoe George 8/5/1856-9/1/1856 son of Solomon & Mary
Roscoe James died 5/12/1849 "Son of Peter & Jane Rosco"
Roscoe Jane 1831-1909 wife of John
Roscoe John 1834-1912 hus of Jane
Roscoe Mary Wilcox 1828-1913 wife of Solomon
Roscoe Patience died 1/31/1884
Roscoe Roselind 4/8/1854-8/18/1855 dau of Solomon & Mary
Roscoe Soloman 1823-1890 hus of Mary Wilcox
Rose Ada M. Johnson 1878-no date wife of Howard J.
Rose Adelbert 1880-1920 hus of Minnie Wetzel
Rose Annie 1879-1967 wife of Frank
Rose Frank 1867-1948 hus of Annie
Rose Howard J. 1876-1950 hus of Ada M. Johnson
Rose Mary J. 1843-1908 wife of "unreadable"
Rose Minnie Wetzel 1880-1964 wife of Adelbert
Rose Richard 1857-1916
Rose unreadable ????-189? hus of Mary J.
Rose Charles M. 1862-1942 hus of Etta M. Bentley
Rose Etta M. Bentley 1866-1938 wife of Charles M.
Rose Stanley G. 1890-1912 son of Charles & Etta
Rosenkranz Anna Becker 1859-1927 wife of John F.
Rosenkranz John F. 1889-1957 hus of Anna Becker
Ross Guy Darius (D.D.S.) 1887-1939
Ross Harry Tynt 8/23/1859-1/9/1911 hus of Minnie E. Greene
Ross John Parker 1911-1986
Ross Minnie E. Greene 1865-1960 wife of Harry
Rothberg Louise Boorn 1920-1948
Rowell Harry D. 7/12/1932-1/10/1996
Rowland Edward W. 5/27/1916-12/21/1981 "US Army World War II"
Rushmer Viola Pryne 1853-1936 wife of William H.
Rushmer William H. 1854-1929 hus of Viola Pryne
Russell Charles H. 7/20/1851-12/14/1906 hus of Estella (Alvord)
Russell Estella 7/3/1862-12/11/1932 wife of Charles H.
(dau of James and Lois (Monroe) Alvord)
Russell Florence L. 1885-1959 wife of Harry C.
Russell Harry C. 1886-1962 hus of Florence L.
Russell Harry T. 1910-1964
Rutherford Ethel B. 1904-1996 wife of William I.
Rutherford William I. 1886-1968 hus of Ethel B.
Rutigliano Rocco 1877-1946
Rutledge Eva Lonis 1893-1991
Sage John no dates
Sage Thelma no dates
Sanders Roberta J. 1944-1977
Sarno Joseph G. 1916-1982
Sass Catharine Brucker 1830-1904 wife of John
Sass Frank L. 1863-1953 hus of Julia A. Tucker
Sass George H. 1860-1917 hus of Mary E. Davies
Sass John 1826-1911 hus of Catharine Brucker
Sass Julia A. Tucker 1861-1955 wife of Frank L.
Sass Mary E. Davies 1869-1930 wife of George H.
Sauter Louise Z. 1840-1916
Sax Elizabeth Rapp 8/2/1888 "Wife of Nicholas Sax"
Scalzo Paul 1922-1990
Scammell Burton 1857-1927 hus of Mary A.
Scammell Mary A. 1855-1951 wife of Burton
Scammell Minnie C. 1881-no date
Scanlon Frances C. 1/29/1944-3/29/2004 wife of William P.
Scanlon William P. 5/8/1942-1/20/1999 hus of Frances C.
Schafer Alan H. unreadable this is a veteran's style stone
Schafer George H. 1887-1947 son of Henry & Mary
Schafer Henry 1867-1910 hus of Mary Hildenbrand
Schafer Mary Hildenbrand 1864-1937 wife of Henry
Schaffer Harold V. 1908-1993 hus of Veronica B.
Schaffer Rouland H. (Sr.) 5/11/1937-3/7/2001
Schaffer Veronica B. 1910-1960 wife of Harold V.
Scheutzow Elsie M. 1898-1983 wife of William J.
Scheutzow William J. 1902-1973 hus of Elsie M.
Schiller Alfred H. 1889-1974 hus of Bessie L. & Gertrude Miller
Schiller Bessie L. 1897-1952 1st wife of Alfred H.
Schiller Gertrude Miller 1895-1982 2nd wife of Alfred H.
Schmutz Joseph 1888-1907
Schneider Ada Blanche 1912-1978 wife of Ralph H.
Schneider Leopold 1869-1962 hus of Marion H.
Schneider Marion H. 1874-1942 wife of Leopold
Schneider Ralph H. 1905-1971 hus of Ada Blanche
Schrader Aileen 1900-1930
Schrader Jo Ann 1924-1965
Schrader Otto Theodore died 6/22/1929 "Coxswain US Navy"
Schulz Libbie K. 1876-1927
Schulz Paul 1872-1945
Schulz Pauline died 10/19/1918 ae. 5 yrs
Schwerdt Ellen G. 1902-1988 wife of Paul G.
Schwerdt Paul 8/17/1925-6/15/1996 hus of Marion; "Sgt. US Army Air Corps World War II"
Schwerdt Paul R. 1904-1969 hus of Ellen G.
Scribber Margaret H. 1855-1933 "Wife of G. H. Scribber"
Seaman Ella Waterbury 1859-1940 wife of George I.
Seaman Frank W. 1883-1943
Seaman George I. 1850-1907 hus of Ella Waterbury
Seaman Hazel 1866-1977 dau of George & Ella
Seamon Lillian M. 1859-1934 wife of Milo W.
Seamon Milo W. 1856-1889 hus of Lillian M.
Seeber Anna F. 1879-1963 wife of Hess J.
Seeber Hess J. 1878-1951 hus of Anna F.
Seeber Irving A. 1898-1980
Seelbach Charles 1876-1912
Seelbach Elizabeth 1906-1987 wife of Harold
Seelbach Harold 1904-1981 hus of Elizabeth
Seeley William J. 1862-1937
Seely Christina 1823-1916
Seger Francis B. no dates son of James & Julia; ae. 1 month
Seger James died 6/24/1877 hus of Julia A.; ae. 52 yrs & 10 months
Seger Julia A. 8/30/1842-9/20/1880 wife of James; "Daughter of L. C. & M. Rodgers"; ae. 38 yrs & 20 days
Seiter Michael died 6/2/1902 "Co. H 41st NY Vols."; ae. 71 yrs
Seymour Adeline 1852-1915 wife of John
Seymour Arthur C. 12/19/1875-12/26/1963 hus of Gussie Grossman
Seymour Charlotte H. 1883-1969 wife of John Raymond
Seymour Eva 1877-1918 wife of Herbert
Seymour F. Eugene 1883-1964 hus of Inez Dunham
Seymour Gussie Grossman no dates wife of Arthur C.
Seymour Herbert 1877-1948 hus of Eva
Seymour Inez Dunham 1897-1941 wife of F. Eugene
Seymour John 1853-1938 hus of Adeline
Seymour John Raymond 1879-1952 hus of Charlotte H.
Seymour Kenneth L. 1912-2003
Seymour Kenneth L. 1939-1996
Shannon Hannah 1854-1926 wife of John W.
Shannon John W. 1847-1920 hus of Hannah
Shannon Raymond A. 1884-1947 son of John & Hannah
Shannon William P. 10/31/1943-12/14/2003
Shaw Ella C. Hoke 1886-1956 wife of Homer A.
Shaw Homer A. 1864-1922 hus of Ella C. Hoke
Shearer Robert M. died 2/16/1845 hus of Susan Tibbits; ae. 44 yrs
Shearer Susan Tibbits died 5/14/1878 wife of Robert M.; ae. 65 yrs
Shedd Lena 1870-1944
Sheldon Aurelia 2/4/1838-1/14/1889 "Wife of J. F. Sheldon"; on the Gates family Stone
Sheldon Aurelia died 2/14/1889 "Wife of John Sheldon, Daughter of William & Mary Gates"; ae. 50 yrs
Sheldon Irving W. 1/10/1842-6/3/1887
Sheldon John died 1/23/188? ae. 43 yrs
Sherman Charles B. 1914-1986 hus of Doris E.
Sherman Doris E. 1917-1986 wife of Charles B.
Shoen Helen G. 1897-1982 wife of Walter
Shoen Walter 1893-1975 hus of Helen G.
Sims Clifford S. 1899-1942 hus of Frances Ione
Sims Frances Ione 1907-11999 wife of Clifford S.
Skiff Marietta C. Valentine 1831-1890 wife of Perrin A.
Skiff Perrin A. (M.D.) 1827-1895 hus of Marietta C. Valentine
Skinner Edgar W. 1892-1933
Skinner Franklin R. 1862-1938 hus of Minnie
Skinner Mabel I. Donovan 1890-1950
Skinner Minnie 1867-1920 wife of Franklin R.
Skinner Raymond C. 7-31/1902-5/22/1949 "New York Pvt. 748th Tank BN World War I"
Skoglund Anna S. Carlson 1858-1897 wife of Charles J.
Skoglund Charles J. 1855-1924 hus of Anna S. carlson
Slater Gladys Sims 1895-1960
Slocum Albert L. 1896-1989 hus of Rocella A.
Slocum Chester (Jr.) 1898-1914 son of Chester & Estella
Slocum Chester W. 1871-1919 hus of Estella B.
Slocum David 1844-1912 hus of Margaret
Slocum Estella B. 1874-1957 wife of Chester W.
Slocum Howard E. 1895-1967 "Pvt Co. G 325th Inf World War I"
Slocum Julia Ball 1919-1994
Slocum Margaret 1852-1934 wife of David
Slocum Rocella A. 1897-1988 wife of Albert L.
Slocum Ruth A. 1916-1986
Sloughter Charles 1881-1914 hus of Jennie G. Kneeskern
Sloughter Jennie G. Kneeskern 1872-1895 wife of Charles
Small Stacey L. died 11/18/1975
Smaltz Carrie A. 1863-1944 wife of Frank D.
Smaltz Frank D. 1862-1949 hus of Carrie A.
Smaltz Rachael 1891-1977 dau of Frank & Carrie Smaltz
Smith Alberts Pritchard 1880-1957 wife of Cahrles W.
Smith Ann Celia C. Johnson 8/31/1812-3/22/1885 wife of Patrick M.
Smith Arthur L. 1883-1935 hus of Josephine Moyer
Smith Charles W. 1878-1963 hus of Alberta Pritchard
Smith Claude V. 1882-1916 son of E. LaGrange & Etta
Smith DeLila Weldon 1867-1936 wife of Howard M.
Smith E. LaGrange 1847-1920 hus of Etta M. B.
Smith Emma C. 6/14/1848-8/22/1886 dau of Patrick & Ann Celia; note the same birth & death dates as Emma C.; these are on the same family stone
Smith Emma M. 1856-1938 wife of James E.
Smith Etta M. B. 1848-1934 wife of E. LaGrange
Smith Howard M. 1865-1922 hus of DeLila Weldon
Smith J. S. 1823-1901
Smith James 12/22/1822-1/24/1901 hus of Mary
Smith James E. 1854-1907 hus of Emma M.
Smith Jean 1919-1922 "Infant Daughter of E. L. & Hilda Weeden Smith"
Smith Jean Jennie 1917-1998
Smith Josephine Moyer 1891-1968 wife of Arthur L.
Smith Leslie W. 1890-1918 son of Howard & DeLila
Smith Lida L. 1851-no date wife of Rufus H.
Smith Mary 1848-1868 dau of J. S.
Smith Mary 9/30/1842-no date wife of James
Smith Menzo F. 1858-1909 hus of Rose E.
Smith Patrick M. 9/18/1807-8/15/1884 hus of Ann Celia C. Johnson
Smith Rose E. 1857-1942 wife of Menzo F.
Smith Roy W. 6/16/1942-7/14/2000
Smith Rufus H. 1850-1927 hus of Lida L.
Smith Sarah L. died 9/18/1854 "Wife of Teyon Smith"; ae. 44 yrs, 10 months & 14 days; this person is buried in the "Hoard" family plot which may indicate that her maiden name was Hoard
Smith unreadable 1818-1907 wife of J. S.
Smith Willard M. 6/14/1848-8/22/1886 this may be a son of Patrick & Ann Celia; note the same birth & death dates as Emma C.; these are on the same family stone
Smith Russell 1946-1987
Snyder Alice C. 1914-1999 wife of C. Laurie
Snyder C. Laurie 1910-1983 hus of Alice C.
Snyder Mabel Slocum 1878-1908
Sorenson Adeline H. 1907-1988 wife of Martin J.
Sorenson Hans 1892-1906
Sorenson James 1889-1937
Sorenson James J. 1856-1898
Sorenson Martin J. 1899-1968 hus of Adeline H.
Sorenson Nelson 1897-1944 "World War I Inf. Pvt."
Soules Frank 1892-1968
Soules Paul D. 1932-1993
Spalling Roce Falcone 1908-1992
Spatol Anthony J. 1903-1983 hus of Carmela
Spatol Carmela 1907-1997 wife of Anthony J.
Speece Betty Marie 1922-1929
Speece George O. 1863-1937
Speece Harry E. 1867-1949 hus of Mary Bargy
Speece Hiram G. 1893-1983 hus of Emma W.; "World War I"
Speece Mary Bargy 1873-1906 wife of Harry E.
Speece Robert W. 1931-1953 "US Ait Force A-1c 3921 Recon. Tech. SQD"
Speece Warren H. 11/6/1920-4/30/1994 "S Sgt. US Army World War II"
Spencer Irene Squire 1895-1922
Spinner J. D. 1882-1930
Squire Charles G. 6/6/1907-9/7/1996 hus of Coral Stoddard
Squire Charles G. 1867-1950 hus of Christina W.
Squire Charles G. 1867-1952 hus of Christina W.
Squire Christina W. 1869-1955 wife of Charles G.
Squire Christina W. 1869-1955 wife of Charles G.
Squire Coral Stoddard 2/2/1910-3/25/1975 wife of Charles G.
Squire Frank W. 1912-1993
Stafford Curtis W. 1869-1938 hus of Frances Turner
Stafford Frances Turner 1880-1933 wife of Curtis W.
Stalloch Edith 1871-1952 wife of Emil
Stalloch Edith died 1915 "Infant Daughter of John & Jessie Stalloch"
Stalloch Emil 1862-1944 hus of Edith
Stalloch Jessie 1886-1963 wife of John
Stalloch John 1888-1976 hus of Jessie
Stalloch Mary 1920-1982
Stanton Anna 1812-1887
Staring Allen N. 1952-1998
Staring Andrew J. 1842-1895 hus of Catharine E.
Staring C. Arvilla 9/26/1867-4/12/1951 wife of DeWitt
Staring Carmaleita 1873-1910
Staring Catharine E. 1842-1925 wife of Andrew J.
Staring Catharine M. Grants 1836-1916 wife of Charles E.
Staring Charles E. 1834-1910 hus of Catharine M. Grants
Staring DeWitt 12/31/1864-9/15/1892 hus of C. Arvilla
Staring Emily D. Williams 1863-1921 wife of Fred D.
Staring F. Eugene 1855-1904 hus of Helen L. Bagley
Staring Fred D. 1860-1929 hus of Emily D. Williams
Staring Helen L. Bagley 1859-1875 wife of F. Eugene
Staring Herbert 1883-1968
Staring Isaac N. 1844-1923 hus of Miriam A. Edick
Staring James 1918-1992
Staring Jay H. 4/28/1891-5/24/1896 son of DeWitt & Arvilla
Staring Laura 1888-1980
Staring Lillian 1883-1971
Staring Mary died 7/19/1855 "Wife of Nicholas Staring"; ae. 77 yrs
Staring Mary Ann 7/13/1808-6/7/1883 wife of Nicholas
Staring Miriam 1911-1920
Staring Miriam A. Edick 1854-1897 wife of Isaac N.
Staring Nettie 1886-1974
Staring Nicholas 9/3/1806-8/23/1883 hus of Mary Ann
Staring Norbert D. 1928-1971
Staring Wellington J. died 2/?/1872
Stark Asa B. 1889-1953 hus of Lettie Smith
Stark Lena Rushmer 1883-1970 wife of Roscoe
Stark Lettie Smith 1888-1951 wife of Asa B.
Stark Robbie 10/4/1951-11/7/1951
Stark Roscoe 1893-1943 hus of Lena
Starling Lovina A. died 1822 wife of Peter A.; ae. 60 yrs & 2 months
Starling Peter A. died 8/13/1836 hus of Lovina A.; ae. 70 yrs
Stearns Jacob H. 2/15/1875-11/25/1897
Steele Arthur 1851-1870 "Son of William & Mary Steele"
Steele Mary 1818-1887 wife of William
Steele William 1812-1905 hus of Mary
Stephens Iva F. (Alvord) 1885-1969 (dau of Millard and Anna Alvord; widow of Rozell Stephens)
Stephens Myron E. 1910-1914 (son of Rozell and Iva (Alvord) Stephens)
Sterling Adam H. died 3/2/1899 "Co. C 22nd NY Cav."; ae. 53 yrs
Sterling Addie 1840-no date wife of Daniel J.
Sterling Addie May Kempton 1859-1920 wife of Frank
Sterling Charles M. 1896-1929
Sterling Daniel J. 1827-1897 hus of Addie
Sterling Frank 1859-1931 hus of Addie May Kempton
Sterling Frank 1894-1918
Sterling H. Ophelia Root 1835-1907 wife of Nicholas J.
Sterling John Lafayette 1869-1900
Sterling John O. 1852-1938 hus of Mary Burns
Sterling Lewis L. 1882-1959 hus of Mary E.
Sterling Lilah M. 1897-1971 wife of Willard Y.
Sterling Margaret E. 1867-1950
Sterling Mary Burns 1851-1911 wife of John O.
Sterling Mary E.

Sterling Nicholas A. 1843-no date hus of Sarah M. Hoard
Sterling Nicholas J. 1822-1907 hus of H. Ophelia Root
Sterling Sarah Lee 1888-1939 dau of Frank & Addie May
Sterling Sarah M. Hoard 1844-1909 wife of Nicholas A.
Sterling Willard Y. 1895-1949 hus of Lilah M.
Sterratt Jane A. 1854-no date wife of Thomas F.
Sterratt Thomas F. 1853-1921 hus of Jane A.
Stevener Flossie Smith 1893-1971 wife of Michael
Stevener Michael 1889-1971 hus of Flossie Smith
Stevens Harriet S. Reed 1825-1905 "(2nd) Wife of William R. Stevens"
Stevens Julia 5/4/1818-6/12/1863 1st wife of William R.
Stevens Samuel unreadable hus of Sarah
Stevens Sarah unreadable wife of Samuel
Stevens Wilford Roselle 10/17/1855-3/17/185? "Son of William & Julia Stevens"
Stevens William Herbert 12/25/1856-4/20/1874 "Son of William & Julia Stevens"
Stevens William R. 11/13/1811-8/26/1886 hus of Julia
Stewart Anna K. 1885-1954 wife of george H.
Stewart Ethel Bixby 1878-1942 wife of Gail
Stewart Gail 1871-1938 hus of Ethel Bixby
Stewart George H. 1879-1963 hus of Anna K.
Stockbridge Joseph died 1883 "Co. K 152nd Regt. NY Vols"
Stoddard Alfred T. died 4/18/1878 "Son of E. G. & Mary Ann"; ae. 1 yr, 5 months & 1 day
Stoddard Annie B. 1839-no date wife of Willard F.
Stoddard Arthur 1873-1925 hus of Mary
Stoddard Cora P. died 7/10/1872 "Daughter of E. G. & Mary Ann"; ae. 7 months & 7 days
Stoddard Josie M. died 7/27/1876 "Daughter of George M. & Jennie H."; ae. 8 months & 1 day
Stoddard Mary 1877-1940 wife of Arthur
Stoddard Mary Ann died 1/6/1870 "Wife of E. G."; ae. 45 yrs
Stoddard Willard F. 1843-1917 hus of Annie B.
Stone Ada E. 1876-1938
Stone Arthur H. 1876-1949 hus of Flora G.
Stone Flora G. 1881-1957 wife of Arthur H.
Stone Leroy A. 1910-1913 son of Arthur & Flora
Stone Orilla Joslin 1837-1920
Stone Walter 1907-1943 son of Arthur & Flora
Storms Lewis died 5/19/1891 ae. 69 yrs, 2 months & 4 days
Storms Margaret died 4/4/1847 "Wife of John G. Storms"
Strachan Helen Joslin 1865-1922 wife of Robert G.
Strachan Robert G. 1862-1933 hus of Helen Joslin
Strail Elizabeth 1834-1905
Stubley Charles 1872-1937 hus of Isabelle
Stubley Isabelle 1868-1921 wife of Charles
Sturges Eunice H. 1874-1940 wife of George M.
Sturges George M. 1869-1939 hus of Eunice H.
Sullivan Albert W. 1917-1985 hus of Frances M.
Sullivan Charles E. 1916-2004
Sullivan Frances M. 1922-1991 wife of Albert W.
Sullivan Ralph T. 1913-1940
Sullivan Ross M. 1890-1935
Sumner Julia 1830-1908 "Erected by F. F. D."
Sumner Perrin 11/2/1855
Swanson Herbert J. 12/14/1918-2/1/1988 "UC Navy World War II"
Swarts Frederick J. 1883-1971
Swarts Margaret 1850-1933
Sweet Edna M. Stalloch 1893-1986 (widow of James Sweet)
Swift Charlotte A. 1848-1921 wife of Delos E.
Swift Delos E. 1845-1918 hus of Charlotte A.
Swift Ella M. 1855-1921 wife of Rozell B.
Swift Rozell B. 1851-1921 hus of Ella M.
Swiger Carl H. 3/6/1924-4/6/2001 hus of Lavina F.
Swiger Lavina F. 7/29/1925-10/11/2000 wife of Carl H.

1/23/06 - Additional information about members of the Russell and Stephens families that appears in parentheses was provided by Carma (Bull) Stone.

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