Oak View Cemetery

Frankfort, NY

Part 7

Surnames T - Z

An original reading of Oak View Cemetery, Village of Frankfort, Herkimer County, New York done in July 2005 by Steven Knight.

Talbot E. Medwyn 1947-1969
Tanner Burton D. 1882-1962 hus of Fannie Jenks
Tanner Fannie Jenks 1878-1967 wife of Burton D.
Tasovac Helen E. 1892-1945 wife of Steve
Tasovac Steve 1887-1959 hus of Helen E.
Taylor Almeta Hughes 1889-1961 wife of John W.
Taylor George U. 1857-1937 hus of M. Anna Whitten
Taylor John W. 1882-1960 hus of Almeta Hughes
Taylor Leah Belle 1884-1939
Taylor M. Anna Whitten 1855-1920 wife of George U.
Terbush Edna M. 1907-1972
Thaule William Frederick 1898-1972
Thomas Abigail died 7/10/1812 "Wife of Daniel Thomas"
Thomas Ada M. 1870-1946
Thomas Beatrice J. no dates dau of Edward & Julia
Thomas Beulah 1849-1929 wife of LaPierre
Thomas Edward L. (Dr.) 10/21/1846-9/25/1885 hus of Julia E.
Thomas Elias died 9/7/1842 ae. 66 yrs; "Of Woodstock ?? Who Died at Frankfort"
Thomas Ellen 4/30/1825-no date wife of Owen
Thomas John died 3/31/1887 hus of Mary Ann Evans; ae. 69 yrs, 10 months & 14 days
Thomas John D. 1869-1936
Thomas John L. 7/15/1856-9/15/1861 son of Owen & Ellen
Thomas Julia E. 12/4/1851-1/18/1929 wife of Edward L.
Thomas LaPierre 1847-1928 hus of Beulah
Thomas Margaret Boorn 1893-1973 wife of reed Everett
Thomas Margaret Jones 12/5/1822-4/22/1911 wife of Thomas
Thomas Mary died 7/14/1859 "Daughter of Timothy & Mary Thomas"; ae. 20 yrs, 2 months & ? Days
Thomas Mary Ann Evans died 9/24/1911 wife of John; ae. 88 yrs
Thomas Owen 3/14/1815-10/23/1894 hus of Ellen
Thomas Reed Everett 1898-1964 hus of Margaret Boorn
Thomas Ruth E. 1874-1929 wife of William H.
Thomas Thomas 6/16/1819-8/30/1899 hus of Margaret Jones
Thomas Thomas 1/2/1872-2/25/1886 son of Edward & Julia
Thomas Timothy died 10/1/1855 ae. 62 yrs & 23 days
Thomas William H. 1889-1922 hus of Ruth E.
Thomason James 1867-1934 hus of Margaret E. Hotaling
Thomason John 3/21/1843-1921 hus of Rachel Lawton
Thomason Joseph 1877-1937
Thomason Margaret E. Hotaling 1872-1932 wife of James
Thomason Myra 1874-no date
Thomason Rachel Lawton 11/30/1841-1914 wife of John
Thomason Samuel 4/8/1882-4/23/1882 son of John & Rachel
Thompson J. Nathan 1869-1948
Thompson Lena Sohn 1873-1955
Thompson LeRoy 1895-1938
Thompson Rita C. 1921-1940
Thompson Ruth D. Lum 1899-1984 wife of Seymour A.
Thompson Seymour A. 1898-1981 hus of Ruth D. Lum
Thorpe Henry 1846-no date hus of Mary Turner
Thorpe Mary Turner 1846-1918 wife of Henry
Thurston Burton Menter 1873-1946 hus of Cora Marriott
Thurston Clayton R. 1867-1943 hus of Louise S. Davis
Thurston Cora Hays 1861-1911 wife of William R.
Thurston Cora Marriott 1867-1942 wife of Burton Menter
Thurston Frank A. 1865-1952 hus of Mary Bouck
Thurston George Earl 7/9/1875-11/18/1961
Thurston George L. 1/15/1837-5/15/1916 hus of Helen Borden
Thurston George R. 7/16/1912-2/12/1998
Thurston Helen Borden 9/24/1838-10/3/1928 wife of Goerge L.
Thurston J. Russell 1830-1923 hus of Jane Menter
Thurston Jane Menter 1837-1916 wife of J. Russell
Thurston Karl unreadable
Thurston Louise S. Davis 1877-1965 wife of Clayton R.
Thurston Mary Bouck 1867-1934 wife of Frank A.
Thurston William R. 1860-1915 hus of Cora Hays
Tillinghast Jerusha S. 1846-1922
Tine "Father" no dates This is a large family stone with smaller stones containing name only
Tine "Mother" no dates This is a large family stone with smaller stones containing name only
Tine "Mother" no dates This is a large family stone with smaller stones containing name only
Tine Cora B. 6/1/1857-10/11/1900 wife of Frank
Tine Frank 3/4/1859-2/28/1917 hus of Cora B.
Tine Fred J. no dates This is a large family stone with smaller stones containing name only
Tine Gertrude E. no dates This is a large family stone with smaller stones containing name only
Tisdale Benjamin E. 1869-1940 hus of Katherine R.
Tisdale Irene 1901-1904 dau of Benjamin & Katherine
Tisdale Katherine R. 1874-1967 wife of Benjamin E.
Tisdale Mary L. 1845-1887
Tooney Marie Schneider 1909-1985 wife of Raymond W.
Tooney Mildred G. 1874-1965 wife of William C.
Tooney Raymond W. 1908-1995 hus of Marie Schneider
Tooney Stephen W. 1854-1928
Tooney William C. 1874-1946 hus of Mildred G.
Torbitt Ethel E. 1887-1965 wife of George W.
Torbitt George W. 1886-1974 hus of Ethel E.
Towne Ella M. 1861-1906 wife of William C.
Towne William C. 1860-1945 hus of Ella M.
Townsend Don C. 1888-1970 hus of Mary M.
Townsend Mary M. 1898-1956 wife of Don C.
Tracy Anna C. 1855-1887 wife of Charles H.
Tracy Charles A. 1882-1958 son of Charles & Anna
Tracy Charles H. 1848-1919 hus of Anna C.
Travis Lillie E. Hays 1867-1888
Treen Audrey N. 1902-1967 wife of James W.
Treen James W. 1903-1963 hus of Audrey N.
Treen Kevin L. 2/12/1969-4/20/1973
Tretiak Eugene E. 8/26/1934-5/22/2004 hus of Martha M.; "SP3 US Army"
Tretiak Martha M. 8/26/1941-3/21/1998 wife of Eugene E.
Trevor Emma E. 1877-1929 wife of Francis
Trevor Francis 1869-1929 hus of Emma E.
Tripple Rosario Charles 3/11/1922-7/24/1998 "GM2 US Navy World War II"
Tucker Ella P. 1851-1909 wife of George N.
Tucker Frank S. 1858-1940 hus of Josephine
Tucker George N. (Dr.) 1848-1875 hus of Ella P.
Tucker Josephine 1863-1907 wife of Frank S.
Turner Edmund B. died 2/12/1891 ae. 58 yrs, 7 months & 2 days; hus. Of Esther E.
Turner Esther E. 6/22/1839-6/16/1919 wife of Edmund B.
Turner Horace Coolidge 1867-1927 hus of Jennie A. Butcher
Turner Jennie A. Butcher 5/4/1866-10/2/1917 wife of Horace Coolidge
Turner Mary Rose 1860-1936
Tyler unreadable unreadable
Uhrlau Ernestine 1844-1914 wife of William
Uhrlau William 1838-1907 hus of Ernestine
Unknown Franky 3/23/1857-12/1/1857 Listed on the Gates family stone immediately below Melinda Conkling & Aurelia Sheldon but there is no indication of the relationship
Unknown Freddie 8/31/1845-9/2/1848 Listed on the Gates family stone immediately below Melinda Conkling & Aurelia Sheldon but there is no indication of the relationship
Unreadable Andrew J. unreadable "???? NYH Art"; this is a Civil War Veteran's style stone
Unreadable C. E. C. 1859-1937 this stone is in the Crosby family plot and may be another child of W. W. & Matilda
Unreadable David unreadable
Unreadable Florence unreadable in the Whitney plot
Unreadable Henry E. unreadable
Unreadable Herman unreadable in the Whitney plot
Unreadable Lovina 1834-1910 wife of Orson J.
Unreadable Lyle H. unreadable
Unreadable Orson J. 1836-no date hus of Lovina; The surname is very faint but looks like "Youlen"
Unreadable Unreadable died 2/4/1813 "In the 30 Year of His Age"
Unreadable Victoria J. unreadable
Updyke Charles R. 1/13/1927-2/18/2001 hus of Mary I.; "F1 US Navy World War II"
Updyke Mary I. 1926-1998 wife of Charles R.; dau of Charles & May Isley
Valentine Anna E. died 3/30/1863 wife of Sidney; ae. 61 yrs
Valentine Anna E. died 3/8/1859 dau of Sidney & Anna; ae. 20 yrs
Valentine Sidney died 8/24/1865 hus of Anna E.; ae. 64 yrs
Valentine Stephen B. (M.D.) died 4814/1865 "Surgeon of the 121st NYV Inf., Resting Place at Ilion, NY"; ae. 33 yrs
Valentine William H. H. died 10/8/1862 son of Sidney & Anna; ae. 22 yrs
Van Allen Edward died 1/12/1909 "Co. D 2nd NYH Art."; ae. 82 yrs
Van Allen Harriet M. died 7/24/1919 "Wife of Edmond Van Allen Co. L 2nd NYH Art."
Van Allen Jane 2/14/1844-1/31/1920 "Wife of Peter Van Allen"
Van Buren Giles 3/26/1817-4/16/1893 hus of Mary
Van Buren Mary died 5/13/1882 wife of Giles
Van Deusen Albert no dates This is a large family stone with smaller stones containing name only
Van Deusen Charlotte no dates This is a large family stone with smaller stones containing name only
Van Deusen Elizabeth no dates This is a large family stone with smaller stones containing name only
Van Deusen Mae no dates This is a large family stone with smaller stones containing name only
Van Deusen William H. (Jr.) no dates This is a large family stone with smaller stones containing name only
Van Deusen William H. (Sr.) no dates This is a large family stone with smaller stones containing name only
Van Dressen Milton H. died 9/26/1900 "Co. B 14 Regt. NY Vols"; ae. 57 yrs
Van Duzen Lillian Tisdale 1851-1914 wife of Norman H.
Van Duzen Norman H. 11/20/1856-10/26/1928 hus of Lillian Tisdale
Van Nort Albert H. 1873-1926 hus of Bessie C.
Van Nort Arthur L. 9/24/1889-6/26/1960 hus of Dorcas Mae; "Pvt. 6th Co. 2nd Div. BN NY World War I"
Van Nort Belle A. 1885-1962 wife of Roselle
Van Nort Bessie C. 1872-1949 wife of Albert H.
Van Nort Christopher 1842-1925 hus of Helen M. Merrills
Van Nort Dorcas Mae 9/16/1885-10/26/1968 wife of Arthur L.
Van Nort Dorothy 1905-1906 dau of Frank & Mary
Van Nort Emma J. no dates
Van Nort Frank H. 1875-1954 hus of Mary Morris
Van Nort Helen M. Merrills 1849-1925 wife of Christopher
Van Nort Mary Morris 1869-1899
Van Nort Rosalie T. 1920-1994
Van Nort Roselle W. 1865-1936 hus of Belle A.
Van Nort Sarah J. Morris 1871-1945
Van Nort George Calvin 2/22/1927-2/11/2005
Van Nort / Crossett Florence L. 1877-1957 this stone has 2 surnames with no indication as to which goes with each first name
Van Nort / Crossett Florence V. 1896-1976 this stone has 2 surnames with no indication as to which goes with each first name
Van Nort / Crossett Leslie D. 1894-1964 this stone has 2 surnames with no indication as to which goes with each first name
Van Sickle Leo E. 1923-1970
Vance J. Henry 1833-1903 hus of Margaret Ayers
Vance Margaret Ayers 1839-1927 wife of J. Henry
Vandenburgh Augustus P. died 5/12/1897 "Co. H 193rd NY Vols"; ae. 71 yrs
VanValkenberg Ceylon 1846-1919 "Co. D 6th NY Cav."; Hus. Of Rosa
VanValkenberg Rosa 1853-1926 wife of Ceylon
Varley Lesley E. 1906-1977 hus of Madeleine H.
Varley Madeleine H. 1910-1995 wife of lesley E.
Venible John H. 1895-1944
Verdura Mary L. 1916-1995 wife of Salvatore S.
Verdura Salvatore S. 1911-1985 hus of Mary L.
Vidulich Clara E. 1899-1989 wife of James M.
Vidulich James M. 1887-1958 hus of Clara E.; Cpl. Co. D. 310 Inf. World War I"
Vinton Mary Palmer 1786-1881 "Wife of Aaron Vinton"; "Daughter of Elias & Mary Caverly Palmer"
Vinton Milo A. 1821-1886 "Son of Aaron & Mary Palmer Vinton"
Vivacqua Joseph 7/14/1917-8/20/2004
Volk caroline 1871-1957
Vuillemot Bertha 1875-1922 wife of Frank E.
Vuillemot Frank E. 1869-no date hus of Bertha
Wager Rose Ella 1886-1954
Wagner Bessie Thomas McKee 1880-1958
Wagstaff Albert E. 1887-1965 hus of Edna M.
Wagstaff Edna M. 1897-1965 wife of Albert E.
Walker Arthur Raymond 1884-1974 hus of Julia
Walker Helen Katherine 1923-1998 wife of Raymond A.
Walker Julia 1894-1974 wife of Arthur Raymond
Walker Julia A. 1839-1906
Walker Raymond A. 1917-1994 hus of Helen Katherine; "US Army World War II"
Walker Robert E. 1852-1929 hus of Sarah E. Birch
Walker Sarah E. Birch 1856-1914 wife of Robert E.
Walsh Edna F. 1892-1989 wife of Edward T.
Walsh Edna Virginia 7/29/1920-11/11/1996 "Tec. 3 US Army World War II"
Walsh Edward T. 1888-1948 hus of Edna F.
Walsh Lynn B. 6/18/1925-4/23/1988 "FM3 US Navy World War II"
Ward Hattie H. 1855-1936
Wardzinski Julius 1909-1966 hus of Sophie
Wardzinski Sophie 1914-2001 wife of Julius
Waringer George unreadable "Co. L. 2nd NYH Art."
Waringer Watson S. died 1832 "Son of George & Sarah Waringer"
Warren Charles Henry 1855-1943 hus of Ella Thurston
Warren Ella Thurston 1862-1935 wife of Charles Henry
Washburn Daisy L. 1885-1954 wife of Simon J.
Washburn Russell J. 1910-1927
Washburn Simon J. 1878-1960 hus of Daisy L.
Waterbury Abigail M. 1835-1915 wife of William S.
Waterbury Lena Churchill 1873-1955 wife of William H.
Waterbury William H. 1862-1943 hus of Lena Churchill
Waterbury William S. 1833-1907 hus of Abigail M.
Waterman Amy M. 1882-1966 wife of John
Waterman Caleb 1839-1915 hus of Mary K. Lasher
Waterman Helen A. 1903-1950 wife of Paul M.
Waterman John 1877-1959 hus of Amy M.
Waterman Mary K. Lasher 1849-1911 wife of Caleb
Waterman Paul M. 1901-1968 hus of Helen A.
Waterman Ruth 1929-1984
Watkins Grace Ione 1870-1951 dau of John & Mary
Watkins John J. 1844-1921 hus of Mary Ione
Watkins Mary Ione 1846-1920 wife of John J.
Watson Alexander 1/1/1760-4/6/1840 hus of Persis; "Born at Charlestown, Mass."
Watson Amy Joslin 3/30/1792-?/?/1835 wife of Robert
Watson Catherine 1854-1926 wife of Frank A.
Watson Clinton R. 1868-1914
Watson Frank A. 1851-1885 hus of Catherine
Watson Frank B. 1873-1934 hus of Jessie G.
Watson Jessie G. 1875-1961 wife of Frank B.
Watson Lucinda C. 1830-1912 wife of Oliver W.
Watson Mary H. unreadable wife of William
Watson Oliver W. 1822-1885 hus of Lucinda C.
Watson Persis 4/?/1762-6/2/1844 wife of Alexander; "Born at M?????augh, Mass."
Watson Robert 1/14/1786-12/?/1862 hus of Amy Joslin
Watson William 1862 hus of Mary H.
Wayne Glenora Mae Becker 1860-1943 wife of William
Wayne Raymond B. 1886-1908 son of William & Glenora
Wayne William 1849-1913 hus of Glenora Mae Becker
Weaver "Father" no dates This is on the same stone with "Mother", ther may not be a burial here
Weaver "Mother" no dates This is on the same stone with "Father", ther may not be a burial here
Weaver Arthur S. 1881-1968 hus of Evelyn H.
Weaver Barbara 1868-1926 wife of John
Weaver Daniel L. 1872-no date hus of Gertrude
Weaver Edna D. 1882-1964 wife of Wayne P.
Weaver Elizabeth 1848 wife of Rev. John P.
Weaver Evelyn H. 1890-1978 wife of Arthur S.
Weaver Gertrude 1870-no date wife of Daniel L.
Weaver Jacob 2/28/1818-11/25/1890 hus of Mary A.
Weaver Jesse E. 1883-1966 hus of Mary L. Fuller
Weaver John 1838-1911 hus of Barbara
Weaver John H. 8/3/1875-4/6/1892
Weaver Joseph Russell 1810-1894
Weaver Mary A. 4/20/1825-10/21/1888 wife of Jacob
Weaver Mary E. Morgan 1842-1915 wife of Simon P.
Weaver Mary L. Fuller 1881-1967 wife of Jesse E.
Weaver Mary Potter 1848-1915 "Wife of John Weaver"
Weaver Rev. John P. 1862 hus of Elizabeth
Weaver Simon P. 1844-1923 hus of Mary E. Morgan
Weaver Wayne P. 1879-1964 hus of Edna D.
Weaver William W. died 12/26/1880 ae. 21 yrs & 3 months
Webb Charles H. 1910-1994 hus of Mildred F.
Webb Mildred F. 1915-1985 wife of Charles H.
Webster Mildred R. Frank 1900-1993 wife of Stewart H.; note coincidence of dates for husband & wife
Webster Stewart H. 1900-1993 hus of Mildred R. Frank; note coincidence of dates for husband & wife
Weeden Clara R. 1864-1944 wife of Willis L.
Weeden Willis L. 1855-1910 hus of Clara R.
Welch Jospeh F. 1872-1943 hus of Leah Taylor
Welch Leah Taylor 1879-1964 wife of Joseph F.
Weller Adam H. 1880-1966 hus of Bertha A.
Weller Bertha A. 1879-1963 wife of Adam H.
Wells Albert R. 1918-2002 hus of Marie Rebaud; "Married 5/11/1940"
Wells Bertha A. 1897-1963 wife of Ralph D.
Wells Claude 1889-1969 hus of Louise V.
Wells Ethel H. 1890-1952 wife of Uriah F.
Wells Ethel L. 1897-1990 wife of John H.
Wells Etta Earls 1861-1916 wife of Uriah F.
Wells Jennie Goodrich 1864-1914 wife of John H.
Wells John H. 1893-1964 hus of Ethel L.
Wells John H. 1860-1921 hus of Jennie Goodrich
Wells Louise V. 1898-1980 wife of Claude
Wells Marie Rebaud 1915-2002 wife of Albert R.; Married 5/11/1940"
Wells Marion E. 1919-1931
Wells Ralph D. 1892-1972 hus of Bertha A.
Wells Uriah F. 1890-1959 hus of Ethel H.
Wells Uriah F. (Sr.) 1861-1930 hus of Etta Earls
Welter John 1836-1904
Wessell "Mother" 1839-1929 This stone just says "Mother" and is in the Wessell plot. I've assumed that the surname is Wessell.
Wessell Charles E. 1861-no date hus of Minnie
Wessell Minnie 1866-1933 wife of Charles E.
West Alice 1868-1940
Wetmore Augusta G. 1881-1971 wife of Earl C.
Wetmore Carolyn A. 1911-1934
Wetmore Charles W. 1923-1992 hus of Frances Morriss
Wetmore Earl C. 1878-1964 hus of Augusta G.
Wetmore Frances Morriss 1919-1998 wife of Charles W.
Whipple Grace V. Gilbert 1877-1906
Whipple John D. 1875-1958 hus of Leta Ebensperger
Whipple Joseph S. 1839-1919 hus of Letticia Van Antwerp
Whipple Leta Ebensperger 1878-1966 wife of John D.
Whipple Letticia Van Antwerp 1844-1917 wife of Joseph S.
Whitcomb Dorothy Emrich 1911-1970 wife of John
Whitcomb John 1910-1955 hus of Dorothy Emrich
Whitcomb Maude Beckwith 1885-1921
Whiteman Hattie 1888-1943 wife of Reuben W.
Whiteman Reuben W. 1883-1968 hus of Hattie
Whiting Charels 1877-1942
Whitney Catharine Getman 10/1/1812-5/11/1888 wife of Cole M.
Whitney Cole M. 1/23/1814-8/7/1875 hus of Catharine Getman
Whitney Cordelia M. 3/17/1855-3/15/1856 dau of Cole & Catharine
Whitney Cornelia C. 5/29/1840-8/29/1842 dau of Cole & Catharine
Whitney George E. 1/19/1894-6/13/1984 hus of Helen McDonald; "PFC US Army World War I"
Whitney Harvey A. 5/2/1847-1/12/1913 "Corp. of Co L 4th regt NYH Art. Enlisted 5/16/1863 Discharged 9/26/1865"
Whitney Harvey A. 1892-7/1/1927 "Pvt. 1 Cl. 50 Aero Sqdn"
Whitney Helen McDonald 1899-1987 wife of George E.
Whitney Katherine Flynn 1863-1953
Whitney Madison P. 1838-1902 hus of Sarah Clark; "Capt. Co. B 5th Regt Conn. Vols.'
Whitney Sarah Clark 1842-1913 wife of Madison P.
Wickens Hannah E. 1836-1926 wife of William E.
Wickens Harry 1867-1914
Wickens W. J. 1856-1881
Wickens Willaim W. 1830-1908 hus of Hannah E.
Widrick A. Leroy 1890-1971 hus of Emmaline P.
Widrick Arthur R. 1882-1928 son of Frank & Ida
Widrick Becker D. 1869-1913 hus of Nellie Golden
Widrick Catharine died 1/5/1857 "Wife of Conrad Widrick"; ae. 61 yrs & 17 days
Widrick Charles M. 1836-1925 hus of Margaret M. Tallman
Widrick David died 10/13/1904 ae. 83 yrs; "Co. B 121st NYV"
Widrick Emmaline P. 1907-1990 wife of A. Leroy
Widrick Ford A. 1875-1948 hus of Mae Demarest
Widrick Frank R. 8/18/1855-11/23/1897 hus of Ida M. Krick
Widrick George W. died 5/28/1871 "Son of D. & E. Widrick"; ae. 20 yrs
Widrick Hazel 8/26/1888-1/17/1899 dau of Frank & Ida
Widrick Ida M. Hawley 1865-no date wife of Walter P.
Widrick Ida M. Krick 1868-1931 wife of Frank R.
Widrick Jacob L. 3/8/1844-12/?/?? hus of Lucinda Daley
Widrick Lucinda Daley 6/?/1843-???? wife of Jacob L.
Widrick Luman 1833-1911 hus of Martha L. Muckey
Widrick Mae Demarest 1893-1967 wife of Ford A.
Widrick Margaret M. Tallman 1841-1933 wife of Charles M.
Widrick Martha L. Muckey 1840-1917 wife of Luman
Widrick Nellie Golden 1870-1951 wife of Becker D.
Widrick Walter P. 1861-no date hus of Ida M. Hawley
Wiedeman Harold S. 1906-1937
Wilcox Charles died 8/5/1907
Wilcox Earl Allen 2/23/1918-3/7/1964 "New York T Sgt. Co. F 180 Inf. World War II BSM & 3 OLC"
Wilcox Erlau 1886-1949
Wilcox Erlau Rickert 1912-1919 "Son of E. H. & B. R. Wilcox"
Wilcox George F. 1851-1906 hus of Isabella
Wilcox Isabella 1852-1938 wife of George F.
Willard Charles A. 1845-1901 hus of Emma J. Dygert
Willard Emma J. Dygert 1855-1919 wife of Charles A.
Williams Alanson 1832-1869
Williams Albert R. 1866-1872
Williams Bertha Becker 1886-1969 wife of Cahrles H.
Williams Carolyn 1905-1977
Williams Charles H. 1884-1954 hus of Bertha Becker
Williams Charles R. 1904-1919
Williams Emily A. 4/10/1861-9/11/1942 wife of Frank E.
Williams Frances Ada 11/14/1879-10/14/1918 dau of Frank & Emily
Williams Francis 1835-1898 hus of Mary A.
Williams Frank E. 4/13/1855-11/5/1909 hus of Emily A.
Williams Frank J. 1876-1945 hus of Louise B.
Williams George died 1877
Williams Grace L. 1882-1961
Williams Herbert 1830-1877 hus of Mary Ann
Williams Herbert L. 1864-1936 son of Herbert & Mary Ann
Williams Louise B. 1878-1961 wife of Frank J.
Williams Mary A. 1842-1915 wife of Francis
Williams Mary Ann 1829-1901 wife of Herbert
Williams Ralph S. 7/24/1889-10/8/1958 "New York Pvt. Co. M 313 Inf. World War I PH"
Williams Roger F. (Rev.) 1902-1975
Williams Thomas 1865-1923
Wilson Charlotte T. died 4/14/1865 "Daughter of Jonas & Catharine Zoller; "Wife of D. H. Wilson"; ae. 30 yrs, 7 months & 4 days
Wilson Martha M. died 9/20/1856 "Daughter of Robert & Ann Wilson"
Wilson Merrell M. 1900-1969 wife of Parker L.
Wilson Norma M. Dodge 1929-2002
Wilson Parker L. 1900-1948 hus of Merrell M.
Wiltgen Anna L. 1881-1958 wife of Edward
Wiltgen Edward 1877-1970 hus of Anna L.
Wiltgen Ronald E. 1919-1923 son of Edward & Anna
Winckel George 1843-1923 hus of susan L.
Winckel George 1855-1965 hus of Mary
Winckel Mary 1887-1965 wife of George
Winckel Susan L. 1847-1922 wife of George
Wincowski Richard J. 1927-1971
Winslow Chester J. 1891-1958 hus of Pauline L.
Winslow Pauline L. 1889-1968 wife of Chester J.
Wishart Bert died 12/20/1936 "3rd Co. 152nd Depot Brigade"
Wishart Charles no dates hus of Sov??
Wishart Frank 1898-1919
Wishart Fred 1885-1929
Wishart Fred 1880-1928
Wishart George H. 1895-1971
Wishart Louise 1874-1928
Wishart Pearl M. 1924-1951
Wishart Sov?? 4/16/1847-11/8/1902 wife of Charles
Wolcott Eliza died 5/10/1855 ae. 48 yrs, 2 months
Wolcott Erastus died 11/13/1853 hus of Eliza; ae. 52 yrs, 7 months & 3 days
Wood Celia E. Harvey no dates wife of E. Jay
Wood E. Jay 1849-1911 hus of Celia E. Harvey
Wood Emma D. 1859-1929 wife of Marcus L.
Wood Henry 1841-1896 hus of Margaret
Wood Marcus L. 1851-1923 hus of Emma D.
Wood Margaret 1837-1910 wife of Henry
Woodard Rose A. Maneen 1921-2000
Woodbridge Mamie 1887-1909 "Wife of R. T. Lewis"
Worden Elsie Leuella 1900-1904 dau of Frank & Myra
Worden Frank E. 1878-1937 hus of Myra A.
Worden Frank E. 1886-1964 hus of Lena Emrich
Worden Gladys no dates this is a metal funeral directors marker
Worden Lena Emrich 1887-1974 wife of Frank E.
Worden Myra A. 1876-1969 wife of Frank E.
Wright Ann Laughlin 1807-1876 "Wife of Hugh Wright M.D."
Wright Doris Clark 1909-1997 wife of Monroe B.
Wright Maria R. 2/27/1816-1/31/1869
Wright Monroe B. 1906-1975 hus of Doris Clark; "T/4 World War II"
Wright Sarah A. Howell 11/23/1847-7/11/1885 "Wife of Reuben Wright"
Wurzbacher George 1888-1979 hus of Margaret
Wurzbacher Georgetta 1919-1951
Wurzbacher Gertrude 1914-1997
Wurzbacher Margaret 1892-1950 wife of George
Yack Harriet A. Swift 1857-1918
Yack John 1852-1921 hus of Harriet A. Swift
Youlen Susan K. 1864-1936
Young Edgar I. 1879-1942
Young William died 7/2/1880 "Co. B 121 st Regt NYV Inf"; ae 48 yrs
Youngs David James died 6/15/2000 "DJ"
Yule Arthur J. 1877-1965 hus of Mabel J. Crosby
Yule Clarence S. 1904-1978 hus of Ina Gillson
Yule Donald C. 1936-1982 son of Florence A.
Yule Florence A. 1906-1990 mother to Donald C.
Yule Ina Gillson 1900-1990 wife of Clarence S.
Yule Mabel J. Crosby 1876-1945 wife of Arthur J.
Yule Seeley S. 7/4/1847-1/25/1940 hus of Viola M. B.
Yule Viola M. B. 9/16/1850-5/30/1892 wife of Seeley S.
Zoller Burton died 1901 hus of Lucinda; "Co. B 14th Regt NYV Inf"
Zoller Catharine 1812-1909 wife of Jonas
Zoller Christine Nielsen 1876-1929
Zoller Harriet L. 1837-1899 wife of James J.
Zoller James J. 1836-1890 hus of Harriet L.; son of Jonas & Catharine Zoller
Zoller Lieut. Jonas died 2816/1865 hus of Catharine; " Co. L 2nd Regt NYH Art."; "Died Feb 16, 1865 at Georgetown Hospital, D.C. from wounds received in action at Deep Bottom, VA Aug. 14, 1864 ae. 53 yrs, 8 months & 15 days"
Zoller Lucinda 1843-1912 wife of Burton
Zoller Raymond 1884-1913
Zoller Wellington died 5/12/1866 son of Jonas & Catharine; ae. 27 yrs, 7 months & 21 days
Zuba Henry 1890-1970 hus of Lottie
Zuba Lottie 1891-no date wife of Henry

1/29/06 - Additional information about members of the Alvord, Bouck, Hall, Russell, Stephens & Sweet families that appears in parentheses throughout this list was provided by Carma (Bull) Stone.

"Please note these corrections and additions to my ancestors' listings on the Herkimer/Montgomery GenWeb site. I was overjoyed when I located them on your site. A big thank you to Steven Knight for reading the cemetery. I know that the Alvord stones were difficult to read. My great grandparents, Millard H. and Anna Ketchall/Ketchell have one of the most beautiful stones I have seen. At the time of Grandma Sweet's death she was the widow of James Sweet."

Part 1 Surnames A - B
Part 2 Surnames C - D
Part 3 Surnames E - F
Part 4 Surnames G - J
Part 5 Surnames K - O
Part 6 Surnames P - S

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