1825 New York State Census

Town of Fairfield
Part 2

1825 New York State Census, Fairfield, Herkimer Co., NY - Film 0526203

Transcribers Notes

There are many columns in the original census which are not included here since they were mostly unused. Where a mark or number WAS made, I have tried to note that item in the last "Note" column. Questions asked are about the preceeding year. The column numbering used here is not the same as in the complete census. Full list of the questions at the end.

Transcribed by Ronald J. Reid, 2003, therefore all the errors are mine.

Column 1Head of Family
Column 2The whole number of male persons in the family including the Head
Column 3The whole number of female person in the family including the Head if female
Column 4Number of male persons subject to militia duty and between 18 and 45 years
Column 5Number of male persons qualified to vote at elections
Column 6Whole number of married female persons under the age of 45 years
Column 7Whole number of unmarried female persons between 16 and 45 years
Column 8Whole number of unmarried female persons under the age of 16
Column 9Whole number of improved acres occupied by the family
Column 10Number of Neat Cattle
Column 11Number of Horses
Column 12Number of Sheep
Column 13Number of Hogs
Column 14Number of yards of Fulled Cloth in the family during preceeding year
Column 15Number of yards of Flannel and woolen cloth, not fulled, in family during preceeding year
Column 16Number of yards of linen cotton or other thin cloths in family during preceeding year

David Cole1311102502733610121125 
Tavis Cole1111100000001212241 male birth,
1 male death
Asahel Burlingame32010105574287020140110 
Daniel S. Neely131110280113287015401 female birth
Joseph Teal41110001002266611343570 
Umphrey E. Avery62111101220221212301 male death
Samuel Jackson34011039101941215631 male birth
Isreal Jones330101111002000 
Samuel Franklin420110172003000 
Lyman White3311102000000001 female death
John Arnold3501040301322553015200 
George Arnold34010133013231112840701 female death
Jeremiah Borden44010032200247560 
Newel Robinson1401012840341072234 
Jered Griffing13010116514520212200 
John W. Griffing43111110611213148301 female death
Patienu Hillard020001000000800 
Asa Andrews2211101551632111102720 
Chandley Lambert330010200200000 
Elisha Eaton340102160175431835060 
Horeau Graves131110203041714501 female birth
Zelora Eaton1200101000020160 
David Brown130102000004153523 
Calvin Carpenter23010204120110300 
George Brown5111100150124351183040 
John Eaton120101095449262010820 
Cumfort Eaton320110111132214110 
John Eaton Junr340111200000204050 
Erastus Hall22010013052106926701 female marriage
in family
Moses Hall3302011409422141518351 female death
William Halliock6322120406063202520 
Joseph Young42010103100341035Owns 1 Grist Mill
Sidny Ward320002050104052035401 female death
Daniel Sheldon12000o1100000020 
Silas Johnson241101242084104520 
Zadock Wheeler1201010110103706 

Jeremiah B. Cooper31011007034124100 
Peter Dygert511100020521911000 
Griswold Enos4201101132111242620 
Parley Eaton431210252424221250301 female birth
John Wood 2441111188673014060101 female marriage
in family
William Arnold2202041100222409203020 
Oia Harvey351212130532951260120 
Nathan Haile7412030501424763665177 
Richard Haile1101000451220400160 
Gardner Harris43011017997314635351 pauper in
Gideon Harris220000000000000 
Henry Harris33011020000065001 pauper in
William Thurston34011122950193204550 
Achsa Barton0200010010019103715 
George H. Stevens1111100256103000 
William D. Gray35010401200230050 
Joseph Paul26110230503510103 
Jacob I. Cristman6401103351064822403015 
William B. Dexter441110350922610142030 
James Cole43111012080156402001 male birth
Ebenezar Palmeter4501113501753213304085 
John Arnold 24312110120107754020121 male birth
John Green5611032702143711304070 
Cyrus Potter43231104019432102030881 female marriage
Elihu Marshall46121326026531932351201 female marriage
Samuel Houghton35011126018454112820195 
Rachel Spencer010000020201910250 
Walter D. Haile312201010011528522700 
Eliab Pierce2311011217330352517 
Oliver Arnold4501104186006000 
Thomas Fenner7501122481344283647128 
Job Arnold4412110120441164222020801 female marriage,
1 male death
Thomas Arnold150102270233626484050 
Abraham Arnold12000100100181220 
Nathan Fenner44211211305075722303523 
George Fenner341111200000222057 

Nathan Arnold5422111130406831970801501 female marriage
Sylvester Barton3211010110101395203015 
Haile Barton371114280136459226080 
Caleb Harris241110100000650100 
Stephen F. Carpenter462310510033166511324020 
Ephraim Tucker661210535102306241842 
Gardner Green53122010300400801 female marriage,
1 male birth
Mical Eaton2300102300000051 alien not
Ira Harris251110421134101012 
Paul Nelson2211101651221878001 male birth
William Brown1201001121012192340 
Timothy Borden33010111001323010201548 
John Franklin110100040102189122540 
Mason Franklin24111030400210200 
Daniel Griffis220100170254548103280 
Minor A. Griffis110110000100313501 male death
Ashbill Martin321110101000000 
Stephen Brayton4413111130438511620650 
Edward Manning241110301002000 
Hoveay Williams111010000000000 
Arthur Fenner311100040124321182028 
Charles Arnold3411121601724711201150 
John Whitman2301020351443582065190 
John Wood33111112513332111630130 
Asahel Fenner33012003070167161140 
Elijah Jackson31011000000021150 
Daniel Wood330110260634012153001 female birth
David Morey66230237534750163070200 
Eliphalet Parkis2601032602054213122060 
Horace? Robinson222210030500252501 Fem. Marriage.,
1 male birth &
Lyman Parkis3211101708310116220 
Wiel? Parkis211110001191000 
George Parkis521101040433482550641 Female Marriage,
1 male death
Amos Parkis211110001236012201 male birth
William H. Gordon5321120211000001 person of color
not taxed
Lyman Kinyon1401103000000200 

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