1825 New York State Census

Town of Fairfield
Part 3

1825 New York State Census, Fairfield, Herkimer Co., NY - Film 0526203

Transcribers Notes

There are many columns in the original census which are not included here since they were mostly unused. Where a mark or number WAS made, I have tried to note that item in the last "Note" column. Questions asked are about the preceeding year. The column numbering used here is not the same as in the complete census. Full list of the questions at the end.

Transcribed by Ronald J. Reid, 2003, therefore all the errors are mine.

Column 1Head of Family
Column 2The whole number of male persons in the family including the Head
Column 3The whole number of female person in the family including the Head if female
Column 4Number of male persons subject to militia duty and between 18 and 45 years
Column 5Number of male persons qualified to vote at elections
Column 6Whole number of married female persons under the age of 45 years
Column 7Whole number of unmarried female persons between 16 and 45 years
Column 8Whole number of unmarried female persons under the age of 16
Column 9Whole number of improved acres occupied by the family
Column 10Number of Neat Cattle
Column 11Number of Horses
Column 12Number of Sheep
Column 13Number of Hogs
Column 14Number of yards of Fulled Cloth in the family during preceeding year
Column 15Number of yards of Flannel and woolen cloth, not fulled, in family during preceeding year
Column 16Number of yards of linen cotton or other thin cloths in family during preceeding year

John Wood Junr251111322101201020 
Abraham Harris121110101002000 
Jeremiah Corey151110200316016001 Female birth
Varnum Kinyon34112015591100000 
Abraham Borden 23301111434050001 Male birth
Samuel Stevens32010014054125000 
Asahel Harris5301111120000140 
Asaph Foster22111011200018000 
Richard Bushnell320100150103279201612 
John Page11010001040201700 
Reuben Kelsey5501113201223971238531 Female birth
Philo Franklin23111026400225733 
Abijah Mann34110219025855172635150 
Theophilus Rix37011064010301000301 female birth
Abigail Huddleston0300020010506801 male birth,
1 male death
James Stevenson110100012001000 
Mason West4712033501343494012100 
Daniel Durkee32110200610234040 
Bethuel Greenfield110100060101257619 
Zelotus Abbott3301012451459718419 
Philip Pain3501113903346612564030 
Raymond Greenfield1111100010211410401 female birth,
1 female death
Hiram Nolton1501122010000054 
Richard Smith junr3422112000000001 person of color
not taxed
Mary Chatfield3300111000000001 male birth
Ira Tuttle541111290411144221418211 male birth
Philip Ward470104211031634242750341 person of color
not taxed
Uriah Hurlbutt65230304666142283024 
David Chassell450112252102000 
Lyman White3311102000000001 female death
Nathan Smith43120116520406002002 persons of color
not taxed,
2 female marriages
Charles Avery20417113010000000 
Jacob Williams6421111142153201445 
Dwight Bassett2311102020000001 female birth
William Bushnell111110000000000 

Mary Smith7462030010030001 person of color
not taxed
Moses Mather472106111200000 
Martin L. Bryan1156112218120200271 alien not
Jonathan Hallet1201010110020200 
Stephen Hallet220110200100000 
Pliny Pomeroy561111402101015351 male birth
Abijah Mann Junr230111101000000 
Alexander H. Buell131102050100204050 
Joseph Stevens4311111111010200 
James Hadley1470113222000000 
George Kretsinger5311101100000001 person of color
not taxed
William Hadcock221110101000000 
William Griswold4421112110225600304580 
Robert Nolton1441310301003553581515100 
Gurdon Bradley8532113113261000 
David Beers471112301002000 
Levi Beardsley6221110011010001 female birth
Margaret Mabee130001201101225001 male death
John D. Waterman19711113312120720350 
Sherlot Waterman121010101001000 
Nancy Woolson020000100000000 
Eli Raymond522110121000000 
Phinehas S. Whipple230110241101000 
Christopher Jones321201024106204835 
Gardner ?an
[Should probably be Dean.]
Angell Potter231112073102302030 
Amzi Bushnell4511022451963344060140 
Henry Kimpton24111030100110120 
Clark Smith442203014054280193080100 
John W. Tibbitts311010000000000 
Richard Smith junr4302101350103776282540701 female marriage
Hester Stevens010000001000000 
Sarah Waite320002073004162550 
Jeremiah Smith5401112852434771740301 female birth
Ira Sandford15111130000012601 female birth
Gardner West12111010230100801 male birth

Samuel Brigham32111012514732914030 
Edward Fenner22220101555012600110 
Abraham Borden 2120100125632382100 
Niles Borden2111100000000001 male birth
Bradley E. Mashall331110224581240408 
Jeremiah Mathews24111032412130015 
Robert Fenner32210106092248161230 
David Jones24000033580210006 aliens not
Richard Petrie25011136016532103540150 
Garrett N. Van Slyke63011112593343401418 
Stephen Hougtailing140110316220182040 
Arnold Wood46011056020184202060 
Joseph Petrie211110060364016950100 
Christopher Manning11010000300104835 
John Jackson34111035022040001 female birth
Adam Hadcock36111050100018120 
Seth B. Keeler4201011000000001 female birth,
1 female death
Seth Baker110100050442851100 
Daniel Eastman210110001210503215 
Charles Harris43111011541376255590 
Olney Harris4412021801954114304080 
Benoni Ford11010000000016830 
David Ford751211310035870224060100 
Benjamin Cahoon1201010285484740251 female marriage
Arthur Fenner 21111100010020050 
David Neely6311101604198696440901 male birth,
1 male death
William Chace412010002001000 
Benjamin Chace1301002302215381230 
Ephraim Chace1110100001005815821 male birth,
1 male death
Daniel Newson15001134200231101alien not
William E. Wood52111018306468331 male birth
James Borden34011123042197251660 
Zachariah Ried450110425142458252520 
Nicholas Smith2211101504117503020 
Hopestill Bradford250110460124161182045 
Jacob Jackson24120404012104692050110 

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