1825 New York State Census

Town of Fairfield
Part 4

1825 New York State Census, Fairfield, Herkimer Co., NY - Film 0526203

Transcribers Notes

There are many columns in the original census which are not included here since they were mostly unused. Where a mark or number WAS made, I have tried to note that item in the last "Note" column. Questions asked are about the preceeding year. The column numbering used here is not the same as in the complete census. Full list of the questions at the end.

Transcribed by Ronald J. Reid, 2003, therefore all the errors are mine.

Column 1Head of Family
Column 2The whole number of male persons in the family including the Head
Column 3The whole number of female person in the family including the Head if female
Column 4Number of male persons subject to militia duty and between 18 and 45 years
Column 5Number of male persons qualified to vote at elections
Column 6Whole number of married female persons under the age of 45 years
Column 7Whole number of unmarried female persons between 16 and 45 years
Column 8Whole number of unmarried female persons under the age of 16
Column 9Whole number of improved acres occupied by the family
Column 10Number of Neat Cattle
Column 11Number of Horses
Column 12Number of Sheep
Column 13Number of Hogs
Column 14Number of yards of Fulled Cloth in the family during preceeding year
Column 15Number of yards of Flannel and woolen cloth, not fulled, in family during preceeding year
Column 16Number of yards of linen cotton or other thin cloths in family during preceeding year

Jacob Jackson Junr54011215014649241430801 male birth
Philip Crist4201101632000253024 
Catharine Crist1200010153206070 
Zina Kelsey36120415032348103085601 female birth,
1 female death
Francis Griswold120101050183757101115 
Joseph Griswold21111002561273210221 female birth
Garret Parent23011020501741520601 male death
Mary Kelsey14110035061233151020 
James Wright11111002200100151 male birth,
1 male death,
1 female birth,
1 female death
Sebury West460103211001715461 male death
Elisabeth Bullard1300012220005120 
Benjamin Steven330101135114407202550 
Seth Lyman1101000000031200 
George Buell6512113451543922016401 male death
Jonathan Hurlbutt1101000301211211200 
Benjamin White330101101731033012114 
Eber Stevens3301011602336042525951 female marriage
Sebia Foster121000194002000 
Edmund Stevens4512031452133445515164 
Rhoda Willard1300110000010422 
Silas Dexter631210201101000 
Sheffield Kenyon330100210000246121430 
Barber Kenyon23111020100010120 
Ebenezar Kelly41011000510110020 
Perry Farmer
[Should probably be Tanner.]
Henry P. Green2311102110010001 male death
John Kniffing271111550306291430608 
John Young34001032100114120 
Samuel Fortune451202241003304035Owned 1 grist mill,
1 saw mill,
1 fulling mill,
1 carding machine
Lenard Fortune210010001001065801 male birth
Stephen Carpenter24120307038538143026100 
Low Carpenter25111032520011025301 female birth
Daniel Weedon461303265173082525150 
Rowland Phillips54320211606325578020117 

John Boss631102110023664175040282 female deaths
Asaph Safford31111000000004025 
Darius Safford11010001404369014000 
Henry Safford331111101912711000 
William B. Visscher630111150836411202001 female birth
Joseph Willard2202010602776827181080 
Gilbert Cory24010308527354111535601 female marriage
Joshua Bushnell331201150185429402040 
Joshua B. Bushnell631111145163185121602 male births
George Lawton43010111002824011191650 
Jonathan Bigford220100008081151540 
Calvin Salisbury6811122701625011191275 
Joshua Young4622013601723592810140 
Artemus Young311110001002101535 
Shibnah Nichols331111195252358201040 
Jeremiah Pratt23111023100200111 male birth
Joseph Lawton4622031121264831540150200 
Philip Ellis431101213521235151030301 female death
Alden Gage43320201404055026203050 
Sylvanus Gage221110100000102040 
Thomas Talman14010313114115420120 
Benjamin Richards25111125524428142236211 female birth
Sandford Chittendon211110045152235301040 
Benjamin Norton110100001002000 
William Sherwood3412111601623510201250 
Samuel Evans4412102601633018302045 
Joel Herrick33101021104014140 
Enos Tyler2412102101101000 
Henry Sherwood441111250113203301520 
Sylvanus Halsey57011152670205251571 
Nathan Hiscock25020310111803030160 
Daniel Bushnell110100030152107141777 
Bashway Hawkins0100000000000510 
Asa Chi?field3201110652725483040137 
Archibald Tyler331210329602962560201 male birth
Abraham Neely531111020058580216510125 

William Fox5311011601202483000 
William Jackson74221021806076821604060 
Miles Beach4411102501120412020 
Alexander Ayres211110035122230465 
Daniel Griswold3301002063218000 
Braddock Dickerson1101000181118115817 
John Dicky2311101631124302050 
Joseph Mattison4501022901511612302030 
Robert Easterly73120115012228145010120 
William Foot3401003010020701 female death
John Brown222110101000005 
Stephen Ayers3511013602733794540130 
Lewis Raynor350110430208220403501 male birth
Thomas Mattison24101036105012120 
John Raynor210110064011314038 
David Raynor45111046019227101616501 male birth
Stephen Raynor1201000000007725 
Asa Mattison6302111100292291716460 
Nathan Green1100000182010412020 
Bela Norton3311111701621011815401 female birth
Wantan? Nichols6422103903005317503080 
Oliver Whitford421110125602012205020 
Christian Rees4411021602322312501260 
Alvah Tanner631211140192941616301 male birth
Smith Tanner31010004061810001 male death
Philip Rees321110010030626601001 female marriage
John Dieffendorf43111021001865014102001 pauper in family
Charles Willard541210300000304050 
Merrils Huddleston23111022572206121370 
George Harter5101100458004000 
Lodowick Moyer550100140114151830030 
John Davis4311102206215320030 
John Markel120100101000000 
Cyrus M. Johnson431202095247608353050 

I Cyrus M Johnson Marshall of the town of Fairfield in the County of Herkimer duly apointed under the act entitled "an Act to provide for taking the further Enumeration of the Inhabitants of this State & for procuring useful Statistical Tables" passed April 8, 1825, do hereby certify on oath the within returns under the said Act to be true to the best of my knowledge and belief - Subscribed and sworn to this 14th day of November 1825 before me.

Cyrus M. Johnson

Hiram Nolton First Judge of Herk. Cour. Pleas

Complete List of Categories:
1. head of Household
2. # of males in the family
3. # of females in the family
4. # number of family members subject to military duty 18-45 yrs of age
5. Members of family eligible to vote
6. Aliens or not naturalized
7. Paupers in Family
8. Persons of color not taxed
9. Persons of color taxed
10. Persons of color, taxed, that are qualified to vote in county and state elections.
11. married females less than 45 years of age
12. unmarried females age 16-45 years of age
13. Unmarried females less than 16
14. Married females with family member presiding in the preceding year
15. Number of male/female births in preceding year (# male or female births)
16. number of male/female deaths in preceding year (# of male/female deaths)
17. Acres of improved land occupied by family
18. number of cattle (cattle)
19. Number of horses (horses)
20. number of sheep (sheep)
21. number of hogs (hogs)
22. Yards of fulled cloth produced the domestic way (yds of cloth)
23. yards of flannel or other woolen cloths not fulled produced in the domestic way
24. yards of linen, cotton or thin cloths produced in the domestic way
25. # of grist mills owned by family
26. # of saw mills owned by family
27. # of oil mills owned by family
28. # fulling mills owned by family
29. Carding machines owned by family
30. Cotton factories owned by family
31. Woolen factories owned by family
32. Cotton + wools mills owned by family
33. Iron works owned by family
34. # of Trip Hammers owned by family
35. # of distilleries owned by family
36. # of asheries owned by family

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