1888-1889 Frankfort City Directory
Part 2 Surnames G-L
Herkimer County, NY

The Herkimer County 1888-9 Directory is a great source for filling in the missing census records of 1890. Individuals in this directory would have likely been in the federal census of 1890. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there. All original spellings and punctuations were retained from the original records and have been proofread by a third party to ensure a proper transcription. Due to the size of the files, the directory has been split into three files.

From Herkimer County 1888-9 Directory, published by Lant & Silvernail, Valatie, Columbia County, N.Y.

Robert Lorick
Contributing Editor

1888-1889 Frankfort Directory Part 2 Surnames G-L
Last Name First Title Widow Lease Information Occupation Number Town County
Gates Frederick

35 Chattanooga Tenn.
Getman Addison

14 1/2 Frankfort
Getman Charles A.

92 Frankfort
Getman Peter I.

24 Frankfort
Getman Robert

46 Frankfort
Gifford Henry W.

50 Ilion
Griffiths Henry Mrs.

11 1/2 Frankfort
Grimm Anthony

3 Frankfort
Godfrey George

1 1/2 Frankfort Hill
Gorham Eugene

45 Frankfort
Gulick Edward

24 Frankfort Hill
Guynn William

90 Frankfort Hill
Hagnes Thomas

26 Frankfort
Hall Clark

17 Frankfort
Halpin Michael

78 Ilion
Harner Frederick

7 Frankfort
Harris Thomas

34 Frankfort
Hart Barnard

48 Frankfort Hill
Harter Charles W.

20 Frankfort
Harvey James S.

42 Center
Hatfield Abraham

98 Frankfort
Helwick Charles

60 Frankfort
Hews Mary J.

150 Frankfort Hill
Hoard J. L.

43 1/2 Frankfort
Hobbs Charles

10 Center
Holdridge A. J.

90 Center
Holdridge E. G.

35 Center
Horton Ora Mrs.

1 Frankfort
Howell John

48 Frankfort Hill
Howell Thomas

37 Frankfort Hill
Hubbell C.

Frankfort Hill
Hubble Charles W.

35 Frankfort Hill
Hughs Abraham

9 1/8 Frankfort
Hughs Hugh

105 Frankfort Hill
Hulser Nathaniel

95 Utica Oneida Co.
Hungerford Daniel

58 Frankfort Hill
Hunt John

65 Frankfort
Huntley Peter

59 Frankfort Hill
Ingersoll John P.

191 Frankfort Hill
Inman C.

Frankfort Hill
Inman F.

Frankfort Hill
Inman Henry B.

131 Frankfort Hill
Jackson Dewight

85 Frankfort
Jackson John

20 Frankfort Hill
James David

48 Frankfort Hill
James Griffiths

102 Frankfort Hill
James Henry

212 Frankfort Hill
James Thomas F.

75 Frankfort Hill
James V.

Frankfort Hill
Jenkins Edward

60 Frankfort
Johns Giles

60 Frankfort
Iligg Alexander

50 Ilion
Johnson Benjamin

76 Utica Oneida Co.
Johnson J.

Frankfort Hill
Johnson O. B.

Frankfort Hill
Johnson Samuel

56 Frankfort
Johnson William

15 Frankfort Hill
Johnson William W.

48 Frankfort
Jones Benjamin

37 Frankfort Hill
Jones John

162 Frankfort Hill
Jones Owen

68 Frankfort
Jones T.

Frankfort Hill
Joslin Alfonso

60 Frankfort
Joslin Charles

99 Frankfort
Joslin George D.

59 Frankfort
Joslin Harriet

168 Frankfort
Joslin Jordan

32 Frankfort
Joslin Lewis F.

168 Frankfort
Joslin S. M.

70 Frankfort
Joslin Walter C.

10 Frankfort
Kane William

70 Center
Keeler George W.

67 Center
Keller Abraham

73 Frankfort Hill
Kingsley James &

82 Utica Oneida Co.


82 Utica Oneida Co.
Ladd Samuel

130 Utica Oneida Co.
Lawer Joseph

50 Frankfort
Leach Thomas

14 Ilion
Lewis Christopher

88 Frankfort Hill
Lewis Dennis N.

117 Frankfort Hill
Lewis N.

Frankfort Hill
Leveck Joseph

47 Ilion
Lints Noah

3 Frankfort
Lippa Jacob

42 Center
Lonis Peter

1 Frankfort
Lorey J. E.

Frankfort Hill
Lorey J. M.

Frankfort Hill
Lounis Nicholas Jr.

35 Frankfort Hill
Louis Nicholas Sr.

55 Frankfort
Luly George

36 Frankfort Hill

All spellings are as given in the original directory and will not be changed. Thank you in advance for directing ALL requests for information about persons listed to the local historical societies and libraries, not to the site coordinators.

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