Samuel HOLDRIDGE was born in Albany county in 1801, and came with his father to Frankfort in 1806. He has always been a farmer. In 1824 he was married to Lucina HARVEY, who died at the age of sixty-eight years. They had eleven children, of whom five are living. His father, Joseph, was twice married, and was the father of fourteen children. John H., a soldier in the Rebellion, was the son of Samuel.

Charles HOWELL was born in Danube, N.Y., in 1813. He became a resident of Frankfort, N.Y., in 1839. He has been a carpenter and joiner, clerk, merchant, forwarder, grocer and druggist. In 1842 he married Miss Melita WHITNEY. They have five daughters, Amanda M., Elizabeth, Sarah A., Harriet V., and Sophia M. Four of these are married. His father was a lieutenant in the war of 1812. Charles HOWELL was first lieutenant of Company K, 2nd N.Y. Light Artillery. He was in the second battle of Bull Run. He was discharged on account of disability December 2, 1862.

H. H. INGHAM was born in the town of Schuyler, N.Y., in 1840. He was first a farmer in Frankfort, then a real estate agent in Kansas, then a hotel-keeper in Utica, then a law student and magistrate in Frankfort, N.Y., to which latter office he was elected in 1875.

Dwight JACKSON was born in Frankfort, N.Y., in 1828. He has been a farmer since 1858. His father, Jacob, was in the war of 1812. His grandfather, Jacob, was a Revolutionary soldier. The gun that he carried is in the possession of Dwight.

George JOHNSON was born in this town in 1817. His principal business has been farming; but he has also been a contractor. He has held the office of supervisor one year, and magistrate during eight years. He was married in 1844 to Elizabeth F. LATUS. They have had ten children, of whom eight are living.

Samuel JOHNSON, Frankfort, one of the fourteen children of Richard and Sophia (STANNARD) JOHNSON, was born October 22, 1828, in England. His parents emigrated to this country and settled in Utica when he was two years of age. He then moved to Litchfield in 1850, and in 1875 came to Frankfort, where he has since lived. He was married January 15, 1854, to Lovi H. MATTESON, of Litchfield, one of ten children of Laban and Susan MATTESON. They had three children, Wallace Myron, Alba, and Ida (twins), all of whom are dead. Mr. Johnson runs a dairy farm, having at this time, eleven cows. Mr. JOHNSON died November 23, 1892, aged sixty-four years, one month and one day.

Aaron V. JOSLIN, Frankfort, was born in Frankfort March 11, 1836. He was one of nine children of Lewis F. and Harriet C. (VINTON) JOSLIN, both natives of town. The grandfather was Christopher JOSLIN, was born in Rhode Island, as was also his wife, Abigail (HALL) JOSLIN. They were among the early settlers of Frankfort. Aaron JOSLIN married, March 20, 1859, Rachel, daughter of William and Maria (PRUYN) BRIDENBECKER of Schuyler. She died March 13, 1874, leaving two children, Nellie, wife of R. C. STRACHAN, and Lindley A. Mr. JOSLIN married second, September 16, 1875, Sarah ADAMS, of Frankfort. In 1858 he started in business as a merchant, keeping a general store, under the name of L. F. Joslin & Son. Since 1884 he has kept a dry goods and wall-paper store.

L. F. JOSLIN resides on the farm where his father, Christopher JOSLIN, from Rhode Island, settled in an early day. He was born in 1811. He has been a carpenter and joiner and farmer. His wife was Miss H. C. VINTON. He has held the offices of supervisor and highway commissioner. His father died at the age of eighty-three years. His family consisted of eight children, of whom six are still living.

Merritt F. JOSLIN, Frankfort, the only son of Sanford and Savally (WEST) JOSLIN, of Frankfort, was born in Litchfield, July 22, 1842. Sanford, the father, was the son of David JOSLIN (who was a soldier in the war of 1812) and Ruth (MATTISON) JOSLIN. The great-grandfather, John JOSLIN, was born in Rhode Island, and came to Frankfort in early life (settled on the farm now owned by Merritt F.), where he lived and died at the age of over eighty years. His wife was Hannah JUSTIN. Savally (WEST) JOSLIN, the mother, was a daughter of William and Olive (CADY) WEST, he having been a Revolutionary soldier. Her grandfather and grandmother were William and Nancy (WILLIAMS) WEST, the third generation from Roger WILLIAMS. Her great-grandfather was William WEST, at one time Governor of Rhode Island. Merritt F. was married September 12, 1866, to Hattie C. NORTON, one of three children of Wilbur L. and Henrietta (WILCOX) NORTON. They have two children, Minnie A. and Earl S. JOSLIN.

Sanford JOSLIN was born in Frankfort in 1820. His father, David JOSLIN, came from Rhode Island about the year 1800 with the grandfather, John JOSLIN, who held the office of supervisor during fourteen consecutive years from 1806. David had seven children, of whom six are now living.

Sylvester JOSLIN came from Rhode Island in 1800, and settled on the farm where his son Hiram now lives. He was then in the midst of the forest, and his worldly effects consisted of an old horse, saddle and bridle and $40. Indians and wolves were abundant at that time, and many a red skin had been fed by Sylvester JOSLIN. The last visitor made his calls occasionally till 1858. The last time he came, he said: "Poor Jake never come again, going to the happy hunting grounds." The family of Sylvester JOSLIN consisted of seven children, of whom Hiram alone is living. Andrew, his oldest son, was quartermaster in Colonel Matthew MYER'S regiment in the war of 1812. Hiram JOSLIN was born in 1804. At his earliest recollection there were but four houses in what is now Frankfort village. He was an overseer on the canal during its construction. About 1828 he married Elizabeth H., daughter of Captain Henry HELMER. She was born in 1806, and she is now living. The mother of Hiram is still living at the age of eighty-nine.

George W. KEELER is a native of Frankfort, N.Y., where he was born in 1840. He has been a canal driver, a boatman, an artisan in the armory at Ilion, a boat owner, a tinner and hardware merchant, and he is now a cheese manufacturer.

John T. KERIVAN, Frankfort, was born in Ireland in 1844. He came to this country with his mother when five years of age. When eight years of age he went to work for the William Gates Match Works, but later went boating on the Erie Canal, returning in 1865 to the William Gates Match Works where he has since remained, rising to the position of superintendent of the Diamond Match Company, which position he now occupies (the Diamond Match Company being successors to William Gates' Sons). On February 2, 1865, he married Miss Mary A. GAFFNEY of Frankfort; they have four children living: John, Mary, James and Frederick. Mr. KERIVAN was elected supervisor of the town in February 1892.

Thomas LEECH was born in Cheltenham, England, in 1836. He came to America with his parents in 1849, and learned the trade of a machinist. At the close of the civil war he came to Ilion and entered into a contract for the manufacture of bayonets. In 1871 he became a farmer as well as an artisan, and in 1874 a farmer and dairyman exclusively. He owns a farm in Frankfort. He married Angeline, daughter of Owen and Phoebe RODMAN, in 1857. He enlisted in the Navy August 22nd, 1864; shipped in the "Kensington" from Brooklyn to Fortress Monroe, and was there drafted on the gunboat "Santiago de Cuba" of the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron. He was at the Fort Fisher fight and the capture of the blockade-runner "Lucy". A shell from Fort Fisher struck the "Santiago," threw a shower of splinters among the men, cut thirty-eight holes in Mr. LEECH's clothes, and cut his belt in two pieces, throwing it some distance, without inflicting a scratch on his skin. He was in South Carolina when the American flag was raised after the surrender of General Lee. He was discharged June 17th, 1865.

Gilbert N. LEHR, M. D., was born in Oneida county, January 13, 1857. He was one of ten children of George and Catharine (YORDAN) LEHR. George LEHR, the father, was born in Germany, and came to this country when twelve years of age. Catharine YORDAN, the mother, was a descendant of the Holland Dutch, who emigrated and settled in the Mohawk Valley at an early day. Her father was a soldier of the war of 1812, and her mother was for many years a pensioner. Gilbert N. was educated at Union Free School, Boonville, at Whitestown Seminary, two courses medical department, University of Michigan, and graduated at the University of New York city, with the class of 1880. He engaged in the practice of his profession for three years at Taberg, Oneida county, and in the spring of 1883 removed to Frankfort, where he has practiced since that time. He married September 16, 1880, Nellie G. GUE, of North Western, N.Y., one of four children of Jerome V. and Clara (KEECH) GUE. They have one daughter, Sadie M.

Dennis N. LEWIS was born in the town of Frankfort, N.Y., in 1826. In 1850 he married Mary Ann WAKE, who was born in 1832, and who is dead. In 1862 he married Mary E. RUSSEL, who was born in 1832. He has seven children by both wives, four sons and three daughters. He has held the office of constable, inspector of elections and magistrate. [See Note at end of listings!]

John LIMPERT, was born in Ilion, November 8, 1855, he being the only son living of John and Rosa (VOGEL) LIMPERT, of Ilion, both of whom were born in Germany, emigrating to this country in early life. They met in Herkimer and were there married. John LIMPERT came to Frankfort in the spring of 1882 and engaged in the clothing and gents' furnishing business. He was married in 1879 to Sarah E. FEASEL, of Frankfort, and they have five children, J. Valentine, Anna Louisa, Sarah Elizabeth, G. Arthur, and Fred L.

Alonzo M. LINTS was born in Frankfort, April 22, 1856; he was the only child of Jacob J. and Mary E. (MUCKEY) LINTS, both natives of this town. His grandfather was Peter LINTS; his great-grandfather emigrated to this country from Germany. Alonzo M. was married in 1879 to May A. CROSBY, one of three children of W. W. and Marillda (HARRIS) CROSBY, of Frankfort. He is one of the enterprising young men of the town; he has served as town clerk and trustee of the village and was village president in 1884. He has also been occupied as general foreman and inspector for State work and canal repairs.

George LINTS was born in Frankfort, N.Y., in 1823. He commenced business on his own account in 1849. He has been a farmer and a carpenter. He was also a merchant at Frankfort during two years. He has held the office of collector. Jacob LINTS, his grandfather, was a Revolutionary soldier. Peter WEAVER, the father of Mrs. LINTS, deceased, was in the war of 1812. Mr. LINTS had four children by his first wife and one by his second---three sons and two daughters.

D. Frank LLOYD, son of David J. LLOYD, of Frankfort, N.Y., was born in Utica, N. Y. in 1859, and removed to Frankfort the following year, passed his boyhood days in that village and entered Hungerford Collegiate Institute, Adams, N.Y., as a student in 1873, from which he graduated with honors in 1876. In the following year he entered upon the study of law in New York city, and passed his final examinations and was admitted to practice in the year 1881. Immediately after his admission to the bar Mr. Lloyd was appointed by N. H. DECKER, who was at that time the largest railroad contractor in the country, as his confidential advisor and attorney, and was placed in charge of all his railroad contract work, which was being carried on in this State as well as in the States of Illinois, Michigan and Indiana, and continuing with him until his death, about three years afterwards. Mr. Lloyd then resumed the practice of law in New York city, and became a member of the well known firm of Ingersoll, Carty & Lloyd; the firm enjoys a large and lucrative practice, having offices in New York, Washington and Philadelphia, representing several large estates and corporations. Mr. Lloyd, while yet a young man, is identified with several large corporations, being secretary and treasurer of the New York Cable Railway Construction Company and the American Visual Telegraph Company, and is president of the Westchester Automatic Lighting Company, as well as director of several other corporations. Mr. Lloyd was married in 1890 to Miss Anita HEINEMANN, of Berlin, Germany. He is a member of several clubs of the metropolis, and is well known to New Yorkers, as well as throughout Herkimer county.

D. G. LLOYD was born in 1832 in Montgomeryshire, Wales, where he learned the trade of a machinist. He came to America in 1849, and settled in Frankfort in 1858. He has worked at his trade in the Gates match factory. He 1850 he married Jane C., youngest daughter of G. O. JONES, of Oneida, N.Y. They have three children, Mary J., George H., and D. Frank. Mr. LLOYD is president of Frankfort village.

John LOFTIS, was born in Frankfort, September 8, 1844, being the youngest of six children of John and Bridget LOFTIS, who emigrated to this country from the Emerald Isle in the year 1832. The subject of this sketch was but three years old when his father died, and the care of rearing and educating the children frugality, respect and usefulness was the sacred heritage of their courageous and devoted mother, who, surving her husband for a third of a century, died in 1883, at the golden age of seventy-three years. Of this family James and Thomas were volunteers in the Union army, the former dying in the service of his country, while the latter now resides at Frankfort village. April 22, 1880, John LOFTIS was united in marriage to Catharine McCANN , of Utica, N.Y. They have two sons: Charles W. and James F. LOFTIS. Early in life Mr. LOFTIS learned the carpenter trade, and for several years prior to 1867, was occupied as a carriage maker, at which time he engaged in the mercantile business as a retail grocer. In 1876 he erected the large and commodious building he now occupies, the upper floor of which is Loftis Hall. By close attention and strict integrity Mr. LOFTIS has built up an extensive mercantile business, and now is one of the foremost merchants of Frankfort village. In politics Mr. LOFTIS is a Democrat and has served the town as supervisor during the years 1886-7-8.

George LULEEY, a native of Germany, was born in 1827, and came to this country in1852. He is a farmer and stone mason. In 1854 he married Elizabeth SUMBINGER. They have had fifteen children, of whom thirteen ---six daughters and seven sons----are living.


The work you have done on this site is wonderful.

I reviewed the Frankfort Family Sketches looking for some information on my great grandfather Dennis N. Lewis. The write-up provided states "In 1862 he married Mary E. Russell, who was born in 1832."

Based on information that I have and based on discussions with my Great Aunt Ruth E. Lewis (age 90 years), Dennis N. Lewis married Elizabeth Russell on 4/16/1862. The Reverend John Ward performed this marriage ceremony. Elizabeth was known as Betsey by her family. There was a Mary Russell who was Elizabeth's sister and Mary was born in 1827. Could the reference to Mary E. Russell above possibly be a typographical error? [This is not a typo - this was what was written down many years ago when compiling the sketches.]

Any feedback you provide will be appreciated. Thanks!

Evelyn P. Newby
Great great granddaughter of Dennis and Elizabeth Russell Lewis.

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