Henry E. MACK, deceased, the father of A. H. MACK, was born in Connecticut in 1808 and came to this county in 1818, or when ten years of age. In 1845 he married his second wife, whose maiden name was Mary J. DANA. Her father and grandfather were in the war of 1812.

Ely T. MARSH, the third son of Simeon and Betsey MARSH and grandson of Phineas HUNTLEY, was born the 9th day of June 1812, in Exeter, Otsego county, N.Y. He received the common school education of those times, and several seasons before his majority taught district school winters, and summers worked on his father's farm. Afterwards for several terms he attended Bridgewater Academy, then read law with Charles A. MANN, of Utica, and others. He was admitted to practice November 1st, 1839, and opened an office in the village of Frankfort, and is now one of the oldest members of the Herkimer county bar. He early espoused the temperance cause, and is now often called "its old war horse." He was among the earliest Good Templars of this State, and has attended every session of the Grand Lodge except two since the order was reorganized in this State in 1864, and was its representative to the London session of the international R. W. G. Lodge in July 1873. He ran for attorney-general on the Prohibition State Ticket in 1875. He was married September 15th, 1842, to Mary E. DYGERT, the second daughter of Captain William DYGERT, of Frankfort. She was an accomplished lady, and a poet of some note. She died October 18th, 1870.

John E. MAYNARD, a native of the town of Litchfield, has lived in Frankfort fourteen years. He married February 6, 1878, Flora A. BENNETT, of Frankfort; they have three children, Arthur B., Mabel A., and Ella Jenette. His place "Valley View Stock Farm," of one hundred acres is as the name indicates, situated upon a hill which gives a fine view of the surrounding country. In 1890 Mr. MAYNARD built a very fine barn for dairy and stock purposes, it being thirty-six by seventy-two feet with twenty feet posts, and basement finely arranged for thirty cows, with stalls and box stalls for horses also, it being one of the notable buildings of the town.

Melville D. MERRY was born in Frankfort, N.Y., in 1840. He was a soldier in the late war, and was a prisoner at Andersonville about four months; also during four months at Florence, South Carolina. His grandfather, John MERRY, was a soldier in the war of 1812.

Thomas McKEON, a native of Ireland, was born in 1843, and came to this country in 1850. He has been a farmer in Frankfort since 1867.

D. C. MORGAN was born in the town of Frankfort in 1846. He was a farmer till 1875. He is now engaged in the mercantile business.

Warner MUCKEY, Frankfort, the only son of eight children born to Jasper and Eve (LINTS) MUCKEY, was born in Frankfort October 22, 1844. March 4, 1862, he married Emma SLOMAKER of Frankfort, one of three children of Daniel and Elizabeth (CUMMIUS) SLOMAKER. They have two children living, Millie and Alonzo. Mr. MUCKEY has been in business in Frankfort during the past nine years, his present place of business being known as the Imperial Hotel, No. 71 Main Street, a fine building which was erected in 1889 by Wallace CROSBY.

Willard NEWELL was born in Frankfort, N.Y., in 1849. He is a farmer. His grandfather, ____NEWELL, was a soldier in the war of 1812. The grandfather of Mrs. NEWELL was also a soldier of 1812.

B. J. OWEN, Frankfort, one of three children of Hugh and Winnie (CHARLES) OWEN of Frankfort, was born in Newport October 16, 1868. Hugh, the father, was born in Wales. He came to this country in early life and settled in Frankfort about 1874. He was a butcher and shipper of cattle for several years, when he bought the fine farm where his family now lives and developed it into a fine dairy farm. He died July 27, 1892, and his son, B. J. OWEN is developing the enterprise. They have a herd of from eighty to one hundred cows and are engaged in butter-making and supplying several milk routes. Mr. OWEN employs seven men the year round. The buildings are extensive and supplied with modern improvements, among which are ten silos which have an average capacity of 100 tons each, and steam power for handling the contents.

William H. H. PARKHURST, M.D., was born in Winfield, N.Y., in 1818. He was educated at Clinton, Oneida County, and he graduated at Fairfield Medical College in 1840. He is a member of the Herkimer County Medical Society, of the medical society of the State of New York, and of the United States medical association. In 1842 he was married to Margaret, daughter of Dr. Caleb BUDLONG. They have only one son, Frank B., a graduate of the Albany Law School. Dr. PARKHURST is still in active practice.

PFHALS, Chris. J., Frankfort, was born in Utica, February 15, 1850. He was a son of Christian and Louisa (HORNUNG) PFHALS, of Utica. He learned the trade of carpenter when young, working at his trade in Ilion for several years and at the Remington Agricultural Works two years. He came to Frankfort in 1881 and worked at his trade and ran livery business until 1885, when he became owner of the bus route to the West Shore and Central depots, also express delivery and mail carrying, which he still continues. He married in 1881, Marion M. WATSON, one of six children of Oliver W. and Lucinda (CASLER) WATSON, both of Frankfort. Robert WATSON, the grandfather, was a native of Massachusetts, and came to Frankfort in the winter of 1777.

John B. REESE was born in Oneida County, N.Y., in 1828, and came to Frankfort in 1837. He has always been a farmer. He was drafted in 1862 and paid his commutation.

Charles M. RICH, Frankfort, was born in the town of Marion, Wayne county, April 20, 1858, he being one of four children of John S. and Amanda (CALDWELL) RICH. John S, the father, who has been influential in the politics in Wayne county, was born in Connecticut. Charles M., after graduating from the Rochester Business University in 1878, learned the watchmaking and jeweler trade at South Manchester, Conn. He was for about two years located with a jeweler at Fort Plain, coming to Frankfort and establishing himself in business about ten years ago, being one of the first merchants to locate here after the West Shore railroad shops were established. He was married January 22, 1885, to Blanche J. WEBSTER, one of five children of Charles W. and Julia P. WEBSTER of Fort Plain.

Seymour S. RICHARDS, M.D., Frankfort, was born in Newport, Herkimer county, December 23, 1860; he being one of two children of L. F. and Sarah (HASKELL) RICHARDS, the other being Frank J. RICHARDS. John RICHARDS, the grandfather, was born in Wales. He emigrated to New England in early life and later located in Herkimer county. Seymour S. was married April 25, 1883, to Marianetta SKIFF, daughter of Dr. Perrin A. and Marianetta (VALENTINE) SKIFF of Frankfort, they both being natives of Schuyler. Dr. RICHARDS was educated at Richfield Springs and Fort Edward, at University of Michigan at Ann Arbor one year and graduated at University Medical College at New York in March 1883, and began the practice of his profession in Frankfort where he has since remained.

Thomas RICHARDS was born in Wales in 1825. He was a farmer in that country from 1850 till 1854, when he came to America. He is now a somewhat extensive farmer and dairyman in the town of Frankfort.

Thomas RICHARDS, Jr., was born in Wales in 1847, and came to this country with his father in 1854. He is a cheese manufacturer.

Jonathan RUSSEL was born in Dutchess county, N.Y., in 1796. He came to this county in 1801. At the age of twenty-five, he removed to the farm which he now owns, and he has since been a farmer and dairyman. In 1821 he was married to Miss Mary STEWART. She died at the age of seventy-two. They had eight children---four sons and four daughters---of whom six are living. Mr. R. has held the office of commissioner of highways during eight years. He was a militia captain, and was never sued for debt.

Pardon S. RUSSELL, Frankfort, one of eight children of Jonathan and Mary (STEWART) RUSSELL, was born in Frankfort, February 13, 1830. His grandfather, Jonathan RUSSELL, was a native of New England, who emigrated to New York State in early life. His father was born in Scotland and was kidnapped when young and brought to this country. Pardon S. RUSSELL was married November 29, 1854, to Cythera INMAN of Frankfort, one of eight children of Asel and Cyntha (BALDWIN) INMAN. They have six daughters: Emma (Mrs. W. D. LEWIS), Nellie (Mrs. Jas. MCGUCKIN), Jennie (Mrs. Jas. HAGNES), Flora and Ethel. Mr. RUSSELL worked the homestead farm during the lifetime of his father, who died in his ninetieth year, since that time working his own farm. He was appointed road commissioner in 1892.

J. F. SHELDON was born in Frankfort, N.Y., in 1838. He commenced business as traveling agent for William GATES, whose daughter he married in 1859. He became a merchant in 1868, but since 1871 he has been traveling agent for William Gate's Sons.

A. N. SHERWOOD was born in 1847, in the town of German Flats. He received his education in the common school till 1858, after which he attended in Utica, Gloversville, Fort Plain, and finally Yale College, where he graduated in 1862. He then read law in the city of New York; but the profession was distasteful to him and he engaged in the service of the D. G. Shaw Blank Book Company, of New York city. His father was Benjamin SHERWOOD, who at the age of thirty-eight became a clergyman. His mother was the daughter of the Hon. Benjamin WOOD, of Haverstraw, Rockland county, N.Y.

Perrin A. SKIFF, M.D., Frankfort, was born in West Schuyler January 4, 1826, he being one of three children of Hiram and Elizabeth J. (AKINS) SKIFF. He was married in January 1852, to Marietta VALENTINE of East Schuyler, daughter of Sidney S. and Anna E. VALENTINE. They have three children, Anna M. (Mrs. J. F. ROGERS), May E. (Mrs. Alfred BAYLESS), and Etta C. (Mrs. S. S. RICHARDS). Dr. SKIFF was educated at Clinton Freewill Institute and at Whitestown; he studied medicine with Drs. BUDLONG & PARKHURST two years, and one year with Dr. HENDERSON of Whitestown, took three courses at Albany Medical College, graduating in 1851. He then settled in Frankfort, where he has since been engaged in the active practice of his profession. Dr. SKIFF has always been interested in the welfare of the town, having acted as supervisor three terms, president of Herkimer Medical Society one term and for the past seven years has been surgeon of the West Shore Railroad.

E. LaGrange SMITH, Frankfort, one of fourteen children of Henry I. and Catherine (LA GRANGE) SMITH, was born in Schenectady county, where he lived until about sixteen years of age. He was educated in the common schools at Fairfield and at Hungerford Collegiate Institute. For two years he was connected with the Pittsburgh Daily Post, taught school at Frankfort one year, and read law with Lewis H. BABCOCK for two years, and with DENISON and EVERETT for the same length of time. In 1875 he began the practice of his profession in Frankfort, where he has since remained. He was married in 1879 to Etta M., a daughter of Col. William BRIDENBECKER, of Frankfort, she being one of seven children. They have one son, Claude Vernett SMITH.

Charles E. STARING, was born in Frankfort, October 22, 1834, he being one of eight children of Nicholas and Mary Ann (STERLING) STARING. Nicholas STARING, the father, was born in Old Stone Church, Fort Hunter, and his wife, Mary Ann, was born in the town of Schuyler. The grandfather, Adam STARING, lived in the town of Manheim. Charles E. STARING married, in October 1861, Mary C., daughter of Abram and Catharine (PHILLIPS) GRANT, of Frankfort, and they have had three children: DeWitt C., who died in September 1892; Carmaleita and Mame. Mr. STARING has always lived in Frankfort. He learned the trade of carpenter and builder in early life, which he has always followed.

Nicholas STARRING was born in German Flats, N.Y., in 1806. He was a carpenter till 1836, since which he has been a farmer and dairyman. In 1832 he married Mary STERLING. They had four sons and four daughters; of whom three daughters and two sons are now living. Charles and DeWitt, sons of Nicholas, were in the war of the Rebellion and were honorably discharged.

John H. STEPHENS, M. D., was born in Frankfort October 28, 1859, a son of Stewart and Margaret (TAYLOR) STEPHENS. He was educated at the Whitestown Seminary, read medicine with Dr. William H. BROWN of Cedarville, N.Y., graduated at the Albany Medical College in 1883, and remained with Dr. William H. BROWN of Cedarville, N.Y., his preceptor, two years, then practiced by himself in Cedarville two years. He came to West Winfield in 1889, and is still in practice there. He married May I., daughter of Clayton T. and Sarah (KERSHAW) WHEELOCK. They have one daughter, Edna J. STEPHENS.

Thank you for additional information about the Stephens' Family to Carma Stone, the granddaughter of Dr. Stephens' brother John! Carma's information brings up an important point to keep in mind when using diverse resources - the distinction between primary source and secondary source research material. Because we can't erase what appears in a published historical document, we can't directly change the information above. Primary source evidence is not cited for either the 1879 Beers history or the LDS entry. Both types of citations serve to point researchers in the direction of verifying from primary source material such as church baptismal or marriage records, which still may error in transcription. It would seem that the book compilers gathering info back in the 1870s misheard the pronunciation of Kahler:

Margaret Kahler Stephens was my mother's grandmother. My mother's father was Rozell Stephens, John's brother. I wish to give you enough evidence to change the spelling of their mother's maiden name on your site.

LDS Site Info

Stewart STEPHENS Sex: M Event(s): Birth: 31 Aug 1822 Frankfort, Herkimer, New York
Parents: Father: Roswell STEPHENS Mother: Sophia CONABLE
Source Information: Film Number: 455013
Margaret A. KAHLER Sex: F Event(s): Birth: 4 Jul 1828 Ireland
Parents: Father: John KAHLER Mother: Catharine DOWNEY
Source Information: Film Number: 1985594

Mary D. Stephens was Mary Delilah Stephens, the sister of John H., Rozell, Myron, and Franklin (Frank) Stephens.

Mary D. STEPHENS Sex: F Event(s): Birth: 6 Jun 1864 Frankfort, Herkimer, New York
Parents: Father: Stewart STEPHENS Mother: Margaret A. KAHLER
Source Information: Film Number: 1985595

I appreciate all of the time that you give to the Frankfort, Herkimer County site. We spent many happy hours at our grandmother's and great grandmother's home in North Litchfield when we were growing up. Her small farm was on Moyer Creek , a childhood playground for Mom and her sister, who were 1921 graduates of Frankfort High School.

Sincerely, Carma Stone

John THOMAS was born in South Wales in 1817. He settled in Frankfort, N.Y., in 1832 and engaged in the manufacture of carriages, with a capital of thirty-seven cents. His net profits he first year amounted to five hundred dollars. He continued in this business till 1858, and for several years previous to that time the annual amount of his business was nine thousand dollars. He now has a farm of four hundred acres, with ample stock. He never uses segars or tobacco, and never engaged in games of chance.

G. Frank TINE, Frankfort, one of seven children of George and Catherine (ALLMAN) TINE, was born in Herkimer, March 4, 1859. George, the father, was born in Bavaria, and his wife, Catharine, was born in Germany. G. F. was married December 29, 1881, to Cora BELLE, one of six children of Daniel and Maria (PUTNAM) BRIDENBECKER of East Schuyler. He worked for twelve years in the Remington works at Ilion, the last six years as tool maker. About six years ago he entered the employ of the West Shore railroad at their shops in Frankfort, where he remains, he being foreman of the tool department at the works. Since 1889 he has been engaged with his brother in running a news room, book and general notion store, under the name of TINE Brothers.

Oscar WAGNER, Frankfort, was born in Prussia, July 6, 1862. He was one of six children of William and Mathilde WAGNER. He was educated in the schools of the city of Bromberg. In addition to the languages, etc., he was given the benefits of a scientific education. When twenty years of age he came to this country, locating in Frankfort, some nine and a half years. In 1888 he went into general contracting and building . In 1889 he erected a building, the first floor of which he occupies as a grocery and general store. It is a fine three-story building 30 x 80 feet, the upper floors of which are used as tenements. He also owns four other dwellings arranged for two families each. He is one of the thrifty men of the town. He was married March 10, 1886, to Bertha KOEPPE, a native of Prussia.

Death Card Rev. P.F. Wallace

Rev. P. F. WALLACE, Frankfort, pastor of St. Peter and Paul's Roman Catholic church, was born in Ireland, and educated at All Hallows College, Dublin. He came to this country in 1881 and entered St. Joseph's Seminary at Troy, N.Y., studying for the priesthood. He was ordained in 1886 and appointed assistant priest at St. John's church, Albany, where he remained for six years. Appointed to this parish by Right Rev. Bishop McNEIRNY, of Albany, he came to Frankfort, April 19, 1892, he being the first resident pastor, Rev. James HALPIN, of Herkimer, having officiated heretofore. A fine parochial residence is being erected beside the church, under the supervision of Fr. WALLACE.

updated 11/22/06   Father P.F. Wallace's death card was graciously contributed by Tom Hinds.

William WAYNE, Frankfort, was born in New Scotland, Albany county, June 12, 1849. His father was Anthony WAYNE, and his mother Elizabeth (REID) WAYNE. His grandfather, George WAYNE, was also born on the family homestead in New Scotland. His great-grandfather, Anthony WAYNE, came from Derbyshire, England, about the year 1770. Soon after the close of the war, he came to this country and settled in New Scotland. In 1785 he gave a half acre of ground for educational purposes and to-day a new school building stands upon the spot. William WAYNE was married January 10, 1883, to Glenova BECKER, of Central Bridge, a daughter of Abram and Ellen (WANDS) BECKER. They have one son, Raymond B. WAYNE. Since 1870 Mr. WAYNE has done business as a carpenter and builder, living in Frankfort since 1884, engaging in building and selling houses - employing some fifteen men in his business.

S. P. WEAVER was born in the town of Frankfort, N.Y., in 1874. He was a farmer in this town till 1870, when he purchased a farm near Seneca Falls for $14,000 and engaged in the milk business, which he followed till 1875, when he sold his farm for $20,000, and returned to Frankfort Center, where he now resides, blessed with health, wealth and a beautiful home. His grandfather, Peter WEAVER, was a soldier in the war of 1812.

H. B. WIDRIG was born in the town of Frankfort in 1828. He is an extensive dairy farmer.

David WILLIAMS was born in Wales in 1802, and came to America in 1838. He became a resident of Frankfort, N.Y., in 1868.

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