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Will of William H. Roscoe

Ferguson Cemetery

View of Ferguson Road Cemetery from road.

Frankfort, Herkimer, NY

Ruscoe/Roscoe Graves

Ruscoe/Roscoe Graves

From left to right: 1) Almira Roscoe, stone is broken, lying on the ground, partly covered with sod; 2) Small place marker probably marking plot reserved for mother, Nancy. She went west with youngest son, David and is buried in Illinois; 3) father, Russell Ruscoe, 4) eldest son, William H. Rosco, 5 second son, Sherman H. Roscoe.

Ferguson Road Cemetery, Frankfort, Herkimer, NY

Almira Roscoe

Close up of stone for Almira Roscoe

Russell Ruscoe

Close up of stone for Russell Ruscoe

William Harlow Roscoe

Close up of stone for William Harlow Roscoe

Sherman Harlow Roscoe

Close up of stone for Sherman Harlow Roscoe

David Roscoe and Family

David Roscoe with wife, Mary Crosby Fero and two children

Frankfort Hill, Herkimer, NY

David and Mary

David and Mary

Erie Canal Lock

Early 20th century view of the Erie Canal at the Frankfort Lock.

The youngest two Roscoe sons ran boats on the Canal in the mid-19th century.

Bible Page

Page from the Bible of William Harlow Roscoe (David>Russell) showing three different spellings of the surname on a single page: Rusco, Ruscoe, Roscoe

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