Town of German Flatts
Herkimer County, NY

Source: "Boyd's New York State Directory, 1872-3," business directory and gazetteer, by Andrew Boyd, Syracuse, N.Y., 1872

Fort Herkimer, Herkimer Co.

Dority Timothy, canal grocer
Joyce B. grocer

Ilion, Herkimer Co.

A thriving and rapidly increasing village, 12 miles east of Utica and 83 miles from Albany, on the N. Y. C. & H. R. R. R., with a population of over 4,000. It was incorporated March, 1865. It has two hotels, a weekly newspaper, a bank, Morgan & Co.'s brewery, and many large stores. The most prominent features of the place are E. Remington & Sons' fine arm manufactory, the Remington Empire Sewing Machine Co. and the Remington Agricultural Works, which establishments give employment to a large number of men. The Erie Canal runs through the business portion of the village.

Ackler Philo, carpenter and builder, Main
Bach & Sterling, butchers, Main
Ballou C. H. wood yard. Main
Barlow & Worthington, butchers, Main
Borden Job R. carpenter, Morgan
Bremer Charles, boots and shoes, Railroad
Brill & Russell, lumber dealers, Main
Call Mary, fish, vegetables, &c. Canal
Castle Horace A. milliner, Morgan
Chappell & Ross, country store, Main
CHENEY & JONES, wagon makers, Main
Comroy James 0. hair dresser, Main
Cosgrove & Vincent, butchers, First
Crawford J. F. mowers, Main
Cutler George W. postmaster and bookseller and stationer, First
Day George J. paper hangings, Main
DELANO & CO. grocers and flour dealers, Railroad
Dygert J. M. brewer, Main
Eldred S. F. drugs and groceries, Otsego
Floyd & Jones, blacksmiths, Main
GRAVES GEORGE, physician, Canal
Green W. C. & H. steam planing mill, Otsego
Hamilton Granville, tobacconist, Dygert's Block
Harrington B. & Son, steam saw mill, Otsego
Harter Benjamin, blacksmith, Main
Holland Thomas, candy, Dygert's Block
Hotaling William, groceries and liquors, Main
Howell A. L. furniture, Otsego
Hoyt J. S. music and stationery, First
Huntley Russell, stoves and hardware, Otsego
Hutchinson Thomas G. merchant tailor, First
Ilion Book Agency, E. Remington, prop. First
ILION CITIZEN (The), Joseph Jones, editor and business manager, Main
ILION NATIONAL BANK, Philo Remington, pros. Samuel Remington, vice-pres.
Floyd C. Shepard, cash.. D. Lewis, asst. cash. -Main
Irlam John, toys and confectionery, Main
Jacobs Henry C. photographer, Main
Jepson C. S. news, toys and confectionery, Main
Johnson C. & Co. dry goode, First
JONES JOSEPH, book and job printer and publisher of the Ilion Citizen, Main
Kassing Bros. carpenters, Morgan
Kennedy Thomas, news dealer, First
Kirkland George F. fancy goods, Dygert's Block
Lewis H. H. meat market, Main
Lewis & Pelton, hardware, &c. Otsego
Long Wm. W. hotel, Main
Lubowsky Herman, barber, Railroad
Maben H. B. physician, First
McWenny F. P. lawyer, Main
Merry's L L Son & Co. drugs and groceries, Main
Mohawk & Ilion Gas Light Co. Canal
MORGAN & CO. maltsters and brewers, Canal
Morgan, Hunt & Fish, coal and flour, Main
Myers J. H. butcher, First
Ogden Joseph P. druggist, Otsego
Outwater Wm. painter, Otsego
Owen & Rasbach, shoes, Otsego and market, Second
Page W. H. book and job printer, Main
Pelton J. B. justice peace, Otsego
Redway A. P. dry goods, Main
Reese & Getman, billiards, Main

REMINGTON AGRICUL'AL WORKS, P. Remington, Prest; Thos. Richardson, Vice Prest.; J. C. Devereux, Treas. and Sec.; A. M. Ross, Sdpt. Clark and Canal

REMINGTON E. & SONS, manfrs. of fire arms of every description. Samuel Remington, Prest.; Philo Remington, Vice Prest. ;Eliphalet Remington,Treas.; W. C. Squire, Sec., Otsego; New York office 193 Broadway

REMINGTON EMPIRE SEWING MACHINE CO. J. T. Jones, Supt. Main, New York office, 294 Bowery, (See adv.)

Rhodes James B. fancy goods, Dygert's Block
Richardson Thomas, lawyer, Main
Robinson Geo. W. boots and shoes, Main
Roche & Co. merchant tailors, Main
Rogers J. F. jeweler, First
Royle Benjamin H. ladders, West Hill
Rudd & Coe, jewelers, Main
Scriber George H. clothier, Main
Simpson Henry, boots and shoes, Dygert's Block
SMALL J. & E. hotel, Main c. Otsego
Smith Chas. E. dentist, Otsego
Smith G. & Co. boots and shoes, Main
Smith & Shepard, shoes and clothing, Railroad
SNYDER A. dining saloon, Dygert's Bl'k
Southworth & Co. stoves and tinware, Main
Stoddard Willard F. tobacconist, First
Tallman Clarence E. dentist, Otsego
Underwood John M. livery stable Third
Vanderburg David W. physician, Main
Vickerman James, plaster mill, Otsego
Walker Edward S. physician, Canal
Warner Franklin C. tobacconist, Railroad
Whitney Henry, livery stables, Morgan and Otsego
Wiengetz Francis, harness maker, Dygert's Block
Wildey C. C. sewing machines, First

Paine's Hollows, Herkimer Co.

Greene Henry H. physician
Wick John G. & Co. country store

Mohawk, Herkimer Co.

A canal village, 2 miles west of Herkimer and 1 mile east of Ilion, with which places it is connected by horse cars running every few minutes through the day. It was incorporated 16th April, 1844, as a post office, 4 churches, a bank, several stores and 8 hotels. Its population is about 2,000.

Allen H. & Son, furniture, Main
Bridensteine Alouzo, prop. American Hotel, Main c. Otsego
BROOMHALL GEORGE, maltster, Ann c. Canal
Butman J. J. photographer, Main
Casey James E. physician, Main
Chrisman Charles, Otsego House, Otsego
Cohen Levi, merchant tailor Main
Crim J. S. F. dry goods, Main
Cunningham Brothers, drugs, Main c. Otsego
Davis E. billiard saloon, Main
Devendorf A. C. tailor, Main
Fake Isaac, grocer, Main
Ferrell Miles, cooper, Warren
Ford John, restaurant, Main
Franks William, bakery, Warren
Grant Gaylord, drugs, Main
Hammond Artimus, barber, Main
Haworth Robert T. meat market, Columbia
Howell A. L. furniture, Otsego
HUNT RACINE B. book and job printer Main
Johnson Chauncey, iron foundry, Warren
Kinne & Clark, blacksmiths, Otsego
Kirley Win. P. tinsmith, Main
Lake Peter, boots and shoes, Columbia
LASHER W. J. & CO. dry goods, Main
Lewis James, dentist, Main
Mabbett Bros. groceries and hotel, Main
Marshall & Walker, hardware and dry goods, Main
Morgan & Rafter, lawyers, Main
Morse E. H. marble works, Main
National Mohawk Valley Bank, Main
Paine C. B. eating house, Main
Payne DeWitt C. lumber, Canal
Peters S. W. & Co grocers, Ann c. Canal
Petrie Wm. H. harness maker, Main
Prince M. C. jewelry, Main
Roback Isaac, boots and shoes, Main
Schall Jonas & Son, merchant tailors, Main
Shoemaker Andrew, tanner, Main
Shoemaker James M. lawyer, Main
Smith S. 0. meat market, Main
Soloman David, clothier, Main
Van Slyke & Freeman, drugs, Main
Wells J. H. tinsmith, Main
Wheeler & Quackenbush, livery, Otsego
WIGHTMAN J. N. maltster, Canal
Wightman, Devendorf & Co. dry goods, Main
Wilcox F. S. lawyer, Main
Woodruff L. J. carriage maker, 0tsego

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