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A few of the larger cemeteries are known to have been active after the readings were taken. Many headstones did not survive, or were illegible or inaccessible at the time of the readings. And so none of these readings can be considered to be complete or accurate. Confirm listings with an on-site visit.

County-wide Records

Herkimer Co. Military Burial Report 1903
Herkimer Co. Military Burial Report 1910
Herkimer Co. Military Burial Report 1911
Revolutionary War Patriot Burials

Town of Columbia

Some Small Cemeteries: Gorsline Cemetery, Hazelton Farm, Haner Settlement, George Purchase Farm and Edick Cemeteries
Columbia Reformed Church Cemetery
Millers Mills Cemetery
Un-named Cemetery on Rte. 155
Warren Cemetery
** There is a North Columbia Church Cemetery in the Town of Columbia. It is on the west side of CR43 on Elizabethtown Road. There are 239 stones in the cemetery. For further information, please visit the cemetery in person or order a search from the Herkimer County Historical Society.
Partial Listing for Cedarville Cemetery - THIS IS A LINK TO ANOTHER WEBSITE! The coordinators of our site have no information whatsoever about this cemetery!

Town of Danube

Finks Basin Cemetery: partial reading
Fink's Basin Cemetery: Oct. 2000 full reading
Herkimer Cemetery
Herkimer Homestead Cemetery
Indian Castle Cemetery: housed on the Ft. Klock Site, please use back button to return

Town of Fairfield

Some Small Cemeteries: Davis Family Cemetery and Un-named Cemetery
Harris Cemetery
Middleville Cemetery, Rte 29
Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery

Town of Frankfort

Abandoned Cemetery
Frankfort Cemetery
Frankfort Cemetery, Ferguson Rd.
West Frankfort Cemetery Harbor
Frankfort Center Cemetery, Mucky Run Rd.
Frankfort Hill (Wetmore) Cemetery - A New 2006 Reading
Graffenburg Cemetery
Jones Road (Weaver) Cemetery
Mt. Olivet Cemetery
Oak View Cemetery

Town of German Flatts

Barringer Road Cemetery
Dennison Corners Cemetery
Ft. Herkimer Cemetery: Pt. 1  Pt. 2
Heath Cemetery
Some Small Family Cemeteries: Garlock/Yule Farm Cemetery, Two Paine Cemeteries, Two Bellinger Cemeteries, Benedict Cemetery, Gilbert Farm Cemetery, Piper Cemetery
Mohawk Cemetery:   Part 1   Part 2  Part 3   Part 4 , Families

Village of Ilion Cemetery - the Village of Ilion Cemetery's sign says "Armory Cemetery".
Part 1    Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5 

Town of Herkimer

Calvary Cemetery
Eaton's Bush Cemetery
Herkimer Home For the Aged Cemetery Records
Holy Spirit Polish Catholic Cemetery
Oak Hill Cemetery Civil War Burials 1884
St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Cemetery
Sts. Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Cemetery
Some Town of Herkimer Cemeteries: Cemetery of the Dutch Reformed Church of Herkimer, Herkimer, NY and the Oak Hill Cemetery, Ukrainian, Nellis, Small and Un-named Wakeman Cemeteries

Town of Litchfield

Goodier Cemetery
Jerusalem Hill Cemetery
Litchfield Cemetery
Some Small Cemeteries: Jones Family, Cole Family, Crane's Corners and Smiley Church Graveyards
More Small Cemeteries: Gird Family, Un-Named Rte. 145, Abandoned Brigham Road and Walker Cemeteries, and a more recent Crane's Corners reading

Town of Little Falls

Church St. Cemetery: very, very partial reading
Some Small Cemeteries: Rosencrantz, Bellinger, Hoffman-Fox, Klock-Petrie, Talcott and Burt Road Cemeteries
Hess Cemetery
Lotridge Cemetery
Old St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery
Paine Cemetery
updated 6/16/13   Fairview Cemetery - located on Route 169 South of the Dise Rd. intersection and the Burt Rd. intersection; we don't have list. Please send in your family info or partial readings.
Partial Readings
Leahman Family Stones at Fairview Cemetery
Fairview Cemetery - Leahman Family Stones 2
Wilcox Cemetery

Town of Manheim

Dolgeville Cemetery, Part 1
Dolgeville Cemetery, Part 2
Dolgeville Cemetery, Part 3
Inghams Mills Rural Park Cemetery
Faville Peck, or Sherwood, Cemetery
Old City Cemetery
Snells Bush Cemetery
Yellow Church Cemetery

Town of Newport

Irish Settlement Cemetery
Newport Cemetery, Part 1, Surnames A - B
Newport Cemetery, Part 2, Surnames C - F
Newport Cemetery, Part 3, Surnames G - K
Newport Cemetery, Part 4, Surnames L - R
Newport Cemetery, Part 5, Surnames S - Y
Pine Grove Cemetery: A New Reading
Some Small Cemeteries: Martins Corners Cemetery, Honey Hills Golf Course Cemetery, Calvinistic Cemetery

The St. John's Cemetery listings were updated by Helen Garlock and Bill & Rosemary Kelhi with interments between 2001 and 2003, and significantly updated again by Helen in August 2010. Be sure to discard previous lists and replace with this updated August 2010 list.

St. John's Cemetery, Part 1, Surnames A - E
St. John's Cemetery, Part 2, Surnames F - L
St. John's Cemetery, Part 3, Surnames M - Q
St. John's Cemetery, Part 4, Surnames R - Z
Swezey-Bromley Cemetery aka Swezey Hill Cemetery
Thomas Family Cemetery

Town of Norway

Fairview Cemetery Burial Permits, 1890-1942
Fairview Cemetery Burial Permits, 1949-2000
Fairview Cemetery, Partial Readings
Fairview Cemetery, Norway (Complete)
Hurricane Cemetery
Hurricane Cemetery Burial Permits, 1915-1943, some earlier
Hurricane Cemetery Burial Permits, 1944-2000
Norway Cemetery
Norway Village Cemetery Burial Permits, 1896-1942
Norway Village Cemetery Burial Permits, 1944-1999
Some Small Cemeteries: abandoned Nichols, abandoned next to school, Barnes (the latter two are the same cemetery), Elm Tree Road aka Reynolds, Sweet and Sherman Cemeteries

Town of Ohio

Brondstatter Cemetery
Bull Hill Cemetery
updated  Rickard Photos 2/27/16   German Settlement Cemetery
Ohio Cemetery
Pardeeville Cemetery
Wendover Cemetery

Town of Russia

Bickford-Robertson Cemetery
Century Cemetery
Gravesville Cemetery
Poland Cemetery: early reading
Poland Cemetery: 2003 Reading
Wheelertown Cemetery
Woodin Corners Cemetery

Town of Salisbury

Curtis Corners Cemetery: a new 2000 reading
Dibble Cemetery: a new 2000 reading
Fairview Cemetery: formerly called Rural Grove
Fairview Cemetery Photos
Peck Cemetery
St. Bridget's Catholic Cemetery: new 1999 reading
St. Bridget's Catholic Cemetery: incomplete 1930s reading
5 Small Cemeteries: Darling, Comstock (Slip), Stoddard, Abandoned Grassell, Abandoned Bradley
Salisbury Rural Cemetery: a link off site to Doris McIntosh's listings of the cemetery. Currently there are new additions thru November 9, 2010, thank you to Doris and Helen Ives. Elaine Carlin is the Salisbury Town Clerk.
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4
Part 5   Part 6   Part 7
History of Salisbury Rural Cemetery
Yale Monument at Salisbury Rural Cemetery
Salisbury Rural Cemetery Photos
Stratford Cemetery

Town of Schuyler

Wood Cemetery and West Schuyler Cemetery
updated 6/24/2013   Some Small Cemeteries: Carder, Sterling, Ladd Farm, Tallman Farm, Harrington, Budlong, Hiram Tanner, Warren D. Baker and Burton Cemeteries; Minott Road Cemetery
Miller-Dutchtown Cemetery: Full Reading
Miller-Dutchtown Cemetery: Partial reading - the McGraw Monument

Town of Stark

Fort Cemetery
Oatsquak Cemetery Records: a link off site
Private Plots of Stark: a link off site
Some Small Cemeteries: Moyer, Walrath, Gersham Smith, Shaul, and DeGarmo Cemeteries
More Small Cemeteries: Un-named Roof, Un-named Route 80, Elwood, Champion, Geywitts, Sloughter, Hawn, Matt Smith, Whieting, Young, Price, Fort, Un-named near Price Farm, and Ward's Hollow
Van Hornesville Cemetery
Willse Cemetery
Wright Family Cemetery

Town of Warren

updated 7/4/12  Crain Cemetery
Some Small Cemeteries: Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery, Bloomfield Cemetery and Paul Crim Cemetery; added Pooler Cemetery and Paul Crim Cem. update
More Small Cemeteries: Un-named Cemetery at Little Lakes, McCredy Cemetery, Un-Named Cemetery on Little Lakes Road, and Helmer Cemetery
Highland Rural Cemetery Burials - 2007 list from the Cemetery Association
New Cemetery at Jordanville: bka Highland Rural Cemetery, old list
Old Cemetery at Jordanville
Little Lakes Cemetery
Samuel Atkins Gravesite

Town of Webb/Wilmurt

River View Cemetery: incomplete reading
River View Cemetery: much more recent reading on the Town of Webb Historical Association page! Click into "Local Links" on left-hand menu bar.

Town of Winfield

Abandoned Cemetery Near Babcock Hill
Abandoned Cemetery on Wall Street
Day Cemetery: now known as Tennessee Road Cemetery
East Winfield Cemetery
Kellogg Family Cemetery
Meetinghouse Green Cemetery
Old Baptist Cemetery
"Old Day" Cemetery: now known as Tennessee Road Cemetery
St. Joseph Cemetery
Stiles Cemetery - Old Reading
Stiles Cemetery - New Reading
West Winfield Cemetery
Wood Family Cemetery

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