The following lists were transcribed from original records back in the 1930s by (Mrs. Henry) Alice Payne Gardner, Utica, N.Y. for the General Winfield Scott Chapter N.S.D.A.R., West Winfield, NY. All spellings are as on the original typescripts. For a brief period in the late 1840s New York State clerks were supposed to keep records of births, marriages and deaths. Record-keeping was inconsistent from county to county and many of these records did not survive. The lone 1865 record here was probably done in conjunction with the 1865 NY State Census. No more records on hand, but this page will be updated later on in the winter.

Miscellaneous Town Clerk's Death Records
Herkimer County, NY

Town of Stark, Year Ending 31 December 1847
May 3 Ann Landi34married
May 24 Elizabeth Shaul85married
June 6 David Young 49married
June 27 Elizabeth Guywith74married
August 10 Christina Putman
(Little Falls)
60 married
December 5 Mary Van Horne21 married
Dated Stark Jan. 15, 1848, Parret Star---

Town of Litchfield, Partial List of Deaths From Town Clerk's Returns, Year Ending June 1, 1865
Zurviah Nichols d. June 25, 1864 b. Mass Widower ae 81
Ann Butcher d. July 3, 1864 b. Eng. married ae 70
Janett Rider d. July 29, 1864 b. NY State married ae 48
Edward Congdon d. 1864 b. NY State married ae 25
Anna Gallup d. Sept. 5, 1864 b. Conn. widow ae 69
Samuel Wheelock d. Dec. 9, 1864 b. NY State married ae 71
Alice A. Woodbridge d. Feb. 20, 1865 b. Eng. single ae 24
Harvey Devendorf d. April 1865? b. NY State widower ae 87

Town of Wilmurt, Year Ending 31 December 1848
Sep. 10 James Wilkins ae 21 married
Sep. 13 Ann Wilkins ae 54 married
Sep. 17 Margaret Colwell
(Town of Ohio)
ae 22 married
Dated Jan. 25, 1849 - Harvey Hathaway, Town Clerk

Town of Warren, Year Ending 31 December 1848
Jan. 24 Olive Starkweather ae 81 married
Feb. 6 P.P. Hoyer ae 73 married
Feb. 17 Nathan Starkweather ae 90 married
Feb. 23 A.S. Spencer 34 days
Mar. 24 Marcus Sternberg ae 75 married
Mar. 30 Sally Peck ae 57 married
Apr. 20 Jeptha Bingham, physician ae 22 married
Apr. 29 Philip Harter ae 86 married
June 16 David McIntyre ae 14
July 15 John Eckert
Palmyra, Wayne Co.
ae 31
Sept. 19 Mary Belshaw, housekeeper ae __ married
Sept. 19 David Harter ae 4
Sept. 19 James Harter ae 3
Oct. 10 M.H. Sternberg ae 11
Oct. 12Dorcas Webb ae 80 married
Oct. 15 R.G. Starkweather ae 33 married
Oct. 19Alexander Gardner 3 mos.
Dec. 15 Julia Belshaw ae 36
Dec. 23 Benjamin Sweet ae 83 married

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