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All previous GenConnect boards, along with Ancestry.com boards have been rolled into one message board.  Each message within this board has a category or classification of Obit, Will, etc., if it is not the default message type of a query.  To post messages you now must create or use an Ancestry.com login profile which is intended to hide your email address from the web, as all messages will now be searchable by web search engines such as Yahoo, Excite, Lycos, etc..  If your message is something other than a query be sure to add the category / classification at the time of posting!  No login profile is required to view messages.  We have been assured that these boards will remain free to the public.

As this is a new system to all of us who administer these boards as well as to you as users, we will be learning the new system together.  There are also known problems with the new system that the developers are trying to correct.  However, if you find a problem with this message board, please feel free to contact Lisa (Herk / Mont Assistant coord.) to report it, as she will be the focus in the near term for you as a visitor using this particular  board. 

As always, direct contributions of pensions, obits, wills, deeds, etc. to the site coordinator are still encouraged. They will be picked up in the main Rootsweb site search engine. GenConnect contributions do not show up in the site search engine, but show up in the GenConnect search engine (link exists on the message  board). 

Herkimer County Message Board

Montgomery County Message Board



Messages on these Boards with NO HERKIMER OR MONTGOMERY COUNTY connections on the appropriate board will be DELETED. If you've traced ancestors back to NY State or "York State" and don't know which county they lived in, please post on the New York State Unknown County Queries site. 

Because these boards are automatic, I can't change your queries or postings.  However, you may ask to have a previous posting deleted so that you may resubmit the desired posting. 

NEWBIES: Who, me? We've all been there and understand. But... it helps everyone all around when you specifically put in dates, times period, approx. age, spouse's names, township or village, etc., anything you have that will encourage a response rather than a "should I respond." Fishing expeditions for everyone of the surname CHIZZLEWIT don't generate serious response. Capitalize SURNAMES ONLY, not first names, e.g. Ebenezer SCROOGE.

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