1887-1888 Herkimer NY Directory
Part 2 Surnames L - Z
Herkimer County, NY

Transcribed and Donated by Linda D. Rood

The Herkimer County 1887-8 Directory is a great source for filling in the missing census records of 1890. Individuals in this directory would have likely been in the federal census of 1890. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there. All original spellings and punctuations were retained from the original records. Due to the size of the files, the directory has been split into two files.

* Explanation of abbreviations: Ave., avenue; bet., between; cor., corner; mfr., manufacturer; opp., opposite; h., house; sqr., square; bds., boards; ab., above; st., street.

- L -

LACY L. H. at furniture factory, h 37 King
LaFayette Anna, operative, bds 22 Perry
LAFAYETTE ISAAC, carpenter, h Perry lane
LaFayette John Jr. bds 16 Spinner ave
LaFayette John Mrs. H 16 Spinner ave
LaFayette Thomas, spinner, h 22 Spinner ave
Lake Eugene, shoemaker, Albany, h at Mohawk
Lake Peter, boots and shoes, Albany, h at Mohawk
Lambertson J. S. deputy county clerk, h 8 German
Lamphier Susan, widow, h 3 Washington
Lane C. F., painter, h 16 Green
Lane Mariah, widow, h 127 S Washington
LANE WILLIAM E., painter, h 127 S Washington
Lathrop F. F. (Standard Furniture Co.)
Lawrence Henry, polisher at gun factory
Lawton J. C., h Main cor Liberty
LAWTON L. A. (Henderson & Lawton), 19 Main, h 15 Court
Lawton L. J. Mrs., h 45 Washington
Lee --, at furniture factory, bds Palmer House
Lepper Peter, boots and shoes 43 Main, h do
Lepper Simeon Mrs., h 25 Washington
Lewis E. B. Mrs., h 10 Marks block, Smith
Lewis Fred, student, h 8 Mary
Lewis Ray, student, h 8 Mary
Lewis S. W. soda maker, Main cor Mary, h do
Lewis William Mrs., h 8 Mary
Liebkeman Fred, operative, h 7 Marks block, Smith
Linfield Frederick, gunsmith, h 15 Bellinger ave
Lines William, contractor, h 109 S Washington
Lints Maggie Miss, bds 39 Bellinger
LINTS S. W., assistant cashier Herkimer Bank, h 43 Washington
LITS FREDERICK, toolmaker, h 16 Washington
Loveland H. A., wines and cigars, Main, h 68 Prospect
Lubowsky Fred, barber, bds German near Main
Luke Mary, widow, h 7 Washington
Lukeman Frederick, h 7 Marks block, Smith
Lynch Mary, widow, h 41 Washington
Lynch Michael, h Eastern ave near King
Lynch William, h Dorf lane
LYON BENJAMIN D. (Clark & Lyon), h 84 Washington
Lyon Hattie Miss, h 84 Washington

- M -

MABBITT JAMES C. (Mabbitt & Miller), h 22 Eastern ave
MABBITT & MILLER (James C. Mabbitt and Frank L. Miller), saloon and billiard parlor Albany near Main
MACK CHARLES M., carpenter, h 25 Mohawk
Mack George W., wagon maker 142 S Washington
Mack J. D., carpenter, h 5 Stimpson
Macksil A. W., cabinet maker, h 16 Eastern ave
Mahoney James, painter, bds S Washington near Smith
Mallory Lucy, widow, h 35 Bellinger
Mangus Jacob, shoemaker, h 63 Prospect
MANION BARTLEW, deputy sheriff, h at jail
Manion John, mason, h 131 S Washington
Manion John T., tinsmith, h 5 Prospect
Manion Martin, gate tender, h 18 Washington
MANION MARTIN, JR., spring maker, h 18 Washington
Mansion House, Main near Church
Mautler Joseph, at gun factory, h 31 Pine
Manville Furman E., dry goods Main, h 40 German
Manville M. S. (Manville's Bazaar), h 31 German
MARCKRES HARVEY A., jeweler and watchmaker 101 Main, h 77 Washington
Mark Morris, knit goods mfr Albany on Hydraulic, h Prospect cor Church
Marlock August, laborer, h 25 Smith
Marquisee Barney, shoemaker, h 23 Washington
Marriott Morris, blacksmith, bds 83 Washington
Marshall Andrew, mason, h 25 Mohawk
MARTIN WILLIAM D., laborer, h 52 Smith
Marvin Benjamin F. , clerk, h 68 Washington
Mathews Fannie, domestic, h 31 So Washington
Mathews Joseph, clerk, h 35 Prospect
MAX BROS.(George and Conrad Max), bakers and confectioners Albany near Main (See Index)
MAX CONRAD (Max Bros.) h Albany near Main
MAX GEORGE (Max Bros.) h Albany near Mai
Maxey Daniel, cabinet maker, bds Crossett House
MAXFIELD CORNELIUS, marble and granite works, Albany near Main, h 27 Main
Maxfield, Wesley, teamster, h German near corporation line
Mayton Margaret A. Mrs., h 31 Main
McChessney David, laborer, h 24 Spinner ave.
McChessney John, laborer, h 24 Spinner ave.
McComber Charles, mason, h Steele near Washington
McComber George, mason, h Lake
McComber J. E., farmer, h Prospect
McComber Zach Mrs., h 32 Lake
McCONLIFF P. J., track foreman, h Albany at toll gate
McCRAITH GEORGE M., canvasser and insurance agent, h 3 Marks block, Smith
McCraith Susie Miss, h 3 Marks block, Smith
McCreary Clarence, clerk, h 6 German
McCreary C. Mrs. H 6 German
McCUMBER JOHN E. laborer, h Washington
McDERMOTT, PETER F., prop Arlington Hotel, 2 and 11 Mohawk, h do
McGovern Ella Miss, operative, h 5 George
McGovern Frank, porter, bds Crossett House
McGovern John, cutter, h 120 Sp Washington
McGovern Mary Miss, operative, h 5 George
McGovern Patrick, laborer, h 5 George
McGRAW WILLIAM, paper maker, h German near Lake
McKENZIE H. W., salesman house 15 Court
McKENZIE WALLACE, salesman, bds 32 Washington
McKnight Alexander, painter, h Smith near So Washington
McKNIGHT HARRY, bartender, h Smith near Hydraulic
McLANE JAMES, engineer, h Dorf Lane
McLAUGHLIN WILLIAM, foreman knitting mill bds 73 Prospect
McMAHON EDWARD, wood finisher, h Smith cor Pine
McMahon John, laborer, h 21 Washington
McMarr Edward, laborer, h 25 Pine
McMath A. O. marble dealer, bds Crossett House
McNeal Henry, retired, h 57 Washington
McSuckey Moses, mechanic, h 38 Eastern ave
Mentier Joseph, at gun factory, h Pine near Smith
Metcalf Albert H. agent, h 23 Mohawk
METCALF NATHAN, street commissioner, h 23 Mohawk
Metcalf Richmond J. hotel clerk, bds 23 Mohawk
Metzler John, carpenter, h 52 Mohawk
METZGER JOHN M, stoves and tinware, 51 Main, h Washington
Metzger John W. tinsmith, h 80 Washington
Metzger William F. tinsmith, h George
Meyer Peter B. ground plaster, Eastern ave, h 31 Main
Meyers George, h rear 12 Green
Meyers Wm, operative, h rear 12 Green
Millbauer Henry, colorer, h Eastern ave near Albany
Miller Abram, laborer, h 3 Washington
MILLER BURR, clerk at Herkimer paper company, h German
Miller Clark A. bds. 125 Main
MILLER CALEB P, county treasurer, H 125 main
MILLER C. C. photographer, over 39 Main, h 17 Prospect
MILLER FRANK L. (Mabbitt & Miller) h Liberty
MILLER GEORGE C, saloon 136 S Washington, h do
Miller George E. h 21 German
MILLER GEORGE F., boat builder, h 21 German
Miller Grace Miss, h 17 Prospect
Miller J. F. tin peddler, h 27 Mohawk
Miller Martin, (at Deimel & Schermer's), bds 31 Mohawk
Miller Maude Miss, student, h 27 Mohawk
Miller Morgan, soda maker, h 32 Eastern ave
Miller Nellie Miss, operative, bds 32 Eastern ave
MILLER NELSON H, farmer, h Pine
Miller S. A, h 142 Main
Miller Sarah Miss, h 27 Mohawk
MILLER WARNER hon, (Herkimer Paper Co, limited)h German
Minnon Stella, domestic, h 83 Prospect
Minnon Susie, domestic, h 2 Albany
Mitchell Anna Miss, at knitting mill, h 33 Eastern avenue
Mitchell Edwin B, lawyer, h 4 German
MORGAN H. H, coal and wood dealer, S Wshington (sic), near Smith
Moleton Frederick, tailor, h 31 Smith
MOORE D. J. (Perry & Moore),h Washington
Moore, Oliver, lab'r, h King, opp Smith
Moos, Frederick, brickmaker, h Pine near Smith
Morris J. T. h 7 Marks block Smith
Morris Charles, cutter, h 7 Marks block, Smith
Morrison Daniel, h 46 Pine
Morris Charles, cutter, 7 Marks block (repeated)
Morse Aldan, porter, h 88 Prospect
Morse Carrie Miss, milliner, h 63 Eastern ave
Morse Charles, laborer, h 35 Washington
Morse George, h 63 Eastern ave
Morse John, cabinet maker, h King, cor Eureka ave
Morse Katie, domestic, 8 German
Morse L. W. Mrs. H 88 Prospect
Morse William H. saloon Main cor Albany, h 10 Spinner ave
Mosher John J., engineer, h King near Albany
Moss ___, boss spinner, bds 128 S Washington
MOUNT JOHN M. H 33 Prospect
Mowbray Mary, widow, h 2d ave
MUNGER CHARLES S. (Weaver & Munger) h 130 Main, pubs. Ilion Citizen and Herkimer Citizen
MUNGER H. G. dry goods Main, h 141 do
Munson Charles, h 7 Smith
MUNSON CHARLES H. supt Munson furniture factory, h Smith
MUNSON E.C. furniture man'f Washington, h S Main cor Mohawk
Munson E. A. Mrs. H 53 Washington
MUNSON FRED, wood finisher, h S Main
MUNSON GLEN P. stoves and tinware 89 Main, h 53 Washington
Munson W. E. student, h 12 S Main
MUNSON WARD P. American Express agent, h 89 Washington
Murray Helen Mrs. H 25 William
Murray Hugh, asst trackmaster, h 30 S Main
Mitchell, widow, h 32 Eastern ave
MONROE THOMAS, confectionery, 103 Main, h 4 Mary
Monroe William, clerk, bds 4 Mary
Morell George, teamster, h Eastern ave, near S Washington
Morgan Alfred, cabinet maker, bds 119 S Washington
Murray James, conductor, h 30 Mohawk
Murray T.C. justice of peace and news room, h So Main cor George
Murphy --, Spinner, bds 73 Prospect
Murphy Mary, domestic, h 2 German
Myres Mathew, hotel clerk, bds Allman House
Myers Samuel, at gun shop, h 25 Lake

- N -

NELLIS BUEL J. gate tender, h 60 Prospect
Nellis Charles F. shipping clerk, h 36 Eastern ave
Nellis George W. cabinetmaker, h 44 Eastern ave
Nellis George W. Jr. printer, bds 44 Eastern ave
Nellis Harvey, knitting mill, h 68 Eastern ave
NELLIS IRVING O. physician Democrat block, h 27 Prospect
Nelson Anice Miss, h Smith near Hydraulic bank
Nelson John, carpenter, h Smith near Hydraulic bank
Nichols David, h First ave near Mohawk
Nichols Griffiths, laborer, h 85 Prospect
Nichols Irene, widow, h 9 Green
Nichols J. J. farmer, h 13 Bellinger
Nichols Rufus, laborer, h Green
Nichols Stewart, laborer, h Pine near Smith
Nims Hiram, laborer, h 27 Mohawk st

- O -

O'CONNELL Michael, trackman, h Eastern ave near Albany
O'Donnell Daniel, fireman, bds 41 Smith
O'Donnell James, laborer, bds 128 Washington
O'Donnell Michael, trackman, bds 41 Smith
O'Donnell Patrick, trackman, h 41 Smith
Olds Horace A. carpenter, h Smith near Pine
O'Leary F. J. bds Crossett House
Oliver Roswell, branch tender, h Albany near King
Orgell Albert, trackman, bds 11 Pine
Orgell Joseph, trackman, bds 11 Pine
Orgell Nicholas, laborer, h 11 Pine
Ostrander Smith, sup't knitting mill, Mohawk, h 132 S Washington
Owens John, cabinet-maker, bds 112 S Washington

- P -

PADGHAM David, cheese-maker, h 7 Bellinger
PADGHAM GEORGE W. meat market, Main opp Mary, h Dorf Lane
Padgham Thomas, butcher, h 7 Bellinger
Page Harry, h Steele near so Washington
Palmer A. W. h Second ave near railroad
Palmer Barbara, widow, h 10 Prospect
Palmer Chester, druggist, Main, h 51 Washington
PALMER C W, (CW Palmer & Co), h Washington
PALMER CW & CO, (C. W. Palmer and S C Harter), grocers, Main
Palmer Joseph, h 93 Washington
Palmer Margaret, widow, h 82 Main
Palmer William, cartman, h 19 Prospect
Palmer William Mrs., h 49 Washington
Palmer William A, machinist, h Second ave
Palmer Zilpah, widow, h 51 Washington
PARK HOUSE, Mohawk, adjoining driving park
PARKER DAVID H.paper maker, h 7 Lake
Parker F E, polisher, h 7 Lake
Parks Una Miss, domestic, Bellinger opp Church
Patrick Braithwart, architect and builder, h 135 Main
Patrick Sherman, ass't book-keeper, bds 135 Main
Patrick William, clerk, h 135 Main
Paul, widow, h Bellinger opp School
Paul Charles A, fireman, h Bellinger
Paul Herbert, painter, h 5 Prospect
Paul William, stone-cutter, h Bellinger near Chu
Pearl Rufus, at paper mill, h 21 Lake
Peck Jeremiah, h Stimpson near Washington
Penney Eurastus S, fruit and confectionery, 13 Main, h same
Penney Henry R., B & O telegraph office, 13 Main, h do
Penney Ralph E.S, clerk, h 13 Main
Perry A. J. at sawmill, h 121 S Washington
Perry Bella Miss, operative, h 155 S Washington
Perry Charles, at trunk factory, h 31 S Main
Perry Delos B., painter, bds Eureka ave near King
Perry Frank, laborer, h S Washington
Perry Frederick, operative, h 5 King
Perry George W., carpenter, h 42 Mohawk st
Perry Ida C. Miss, dressmaker, h 155 S Washington
Perry Jacob, mechanic, h Steele
Perry Jacob C., laborer, h Eureka ave near King
PERRY JACOB J., machinist, h 1 Stimpson
PERRY JOHN H., at saw mill,h King near Eastern ave
Perry Louis, h Steele near S Washington
Perry Nicholas, cabinet maker, h 114 S Washington
PERRY O. H., (Perry & Moore), h 83 Washington
Perry Sanford N. typewriter, h 155 S Washington
PERRY WILLIAM F., foreman planing mill, h King near Eastern ave
PERRY & MOORE, (O. H. Perry and J. D. Moore), blacksmiths and wagon makers, S Washington near Albany
Peters James, h Pine near Smith
Peterson Philip, laborer, h 14 Green
Petrie John P. Mrs., h 71 Prospect
Petrie Mary, widow, h 52 Prospect
Petrie Sarah, widow, h 108 S Washington
Petrie S. J., mechanic, h 18 S Main
Petrie S. J. Mrs., dressmaker, h 18 S Main
Pfeiffer John, saloon, S Washington near Smith, h do
Pfeiffer William F., salesman, h Smith near Washington
PFLANZ P. G., saloon, Albany near Prospect, h 90 Prospect
Pierce Alvin, painter, h 13 Lake
Pierce C. C., slater, h 29 Bellinger
Pierce Charles, cartman, h 27 Prospect
Pierce Walter, salesman, h 29 Church
Pierce William, slater, h 29 Bellinger
Pierson John E., cabinet maker, bds Crossett house
Piper Cora Miss, teacher, h 43 Prospect
Potter Minnie Miss, operative, 9 Mohawk
Potter Olive J. Miss, h 10 Eastern
Potter Roselle, widow, h 9 Mohawk
POWELL JAMES, grocer, 53 Main, h 21 Prospect
Powell Michael, cabinet maker, h 43 Prospect
Prentice Samuel G., clerk, h 78 Washington
Prentiss Kittie Miss, h Main cor Liberty
Prentiss Lucretia Miss, h Main cor Liberty
PRESCOTT AMOS H., lawyer, h 16 Mary
PRESCOTT CHARLES W., student, h 16 Mary
PRESCOTT WILLIAM C. village treasurer, h 99 German
Preston Clark, teamster, h Albany near Deimel
Prince Joseph, b ar tender, Park house
Prosher August, laborer, h 29 William
PROWSE W. H. (Prowse & Thompson), h 24 S Main
PROWSE & THOMPSON, (W. H. Prowse and E. S. W. Thompson). Groceries, drugs and crockery, Main
Pryne Eugene, painter, h Main near Liberty
Pryne Peter Dr., h German opp Main
Puchmuller Henry, cabinet maker, h 1 Market block, Smith
Pullman Byron J. Mrs., h Smith near Bellinger
Purcell James, at gas works, h 33 Pine
Purcell Jennie, operative, h 18 Spinner ave
Purcell Maggie, operative, h 18 Spinner ave
Purcell Mary, operative, h 18 Spinner ave
PUTNAM ALBERT, trunk maker, bds 42 Mohawk
Putnam David, carpenter, h Albany near Washington
Putnam William Rev., Main opp Deimel and Schermer block

- Q -

QUACKENBUSH H. M., mfr air guns, Prospect, h 52 Prospect
QUANT W. L., blacksmith, 141 Washington, h 5 Smith

- R -

RAHFUS Jacob, lab'r, h 140 S Washington
Raithel George, cabinet maker, h 60 Prospect
RASBACH CHARLES, (Rasbach & Burill), h 23 Prospect
RASBACH MARCUS, general store, 92 Main, h Prospect
RASBACH M. W., cashier Herkimer bank, h 47 Prospect
Rau Robert, knitter, bds 128 S Washington
Rauscob Bridget widow, h 125 S Washington
Ranscob Mary Miss, finisher, bds 125 S Washington
Rauscob Michael, upholsterer, bds 125 S Washington
REANEY JOSEPH H., bookk'r Marks mill, bds Waverly house
Reardon Edward, postal clerk, h 34 Mohawk st
Reese Charles, bds 20 Pine
Reese Delavan, laborer, h 48 Pine
Reese Emma, domestic, 153 Main
Reese Harvey, carpenter, h 20 Pine
Reese Mary Jane, widow, h 3 Smith
Reese Wellington, bds 3 Smith
Renner H. H., fish dealer, h 28 Spinner ave
RICE ALBERT, undersheriff Herkimer county, h at Winfield
Rice Frederick A., colorer, h 78 Eastern ave
Rice Frederick S., at gun factory, h Smith ave
RICE JACOB P., mattress maker, h 110 S Washington
Rice James, h 6l Main
RICE MARSHALL, cabinet maker, h 110 S Washington
Rich Rosa, widow, h 29 Smith
Richards John C. farmer, h central turnpike near creek
Richardson Clifford W., cheese buyer, h 60 Mohawk St
Richardson Peter, h 56 Mohawk
Richardson Rosell M., horse trainer, h 58 Mohawk
Riddell Esther, widow, h 31 Eastern ave
Riesel Ernest, laborer, h Longshore farm
Rivenburgh Charles W., laborer, h 87 Prospect
Rivenburgh Louis, farmer, h 74 Prospect
Rivers Margaret Miss, operative, h 28 King
Robinson E. L. Miss, dressmaker, h Main cor Liberty
Robinson Hiram, teamster, h Main cor Liberty
Rock Nicholas, laborer, h 46 Pine
ROGERS EDWARD B., local editor Herkimer Citizen, h at Ilion
Rollan Charles, laborer, h 14 German
Root --, Miss, domestic, Crossett house
Root Roselle, cabinet maker, h 17 Prospect
Rowlan Charles, car driver, h 16 Liberty
Rowland Herman, teamster, h 14 Pine
Rowlands James, farmer, h 22 Lake
Rowlands Morgan, laborer, h 21 Bellinger
Rupe E., merchant tailor, 7 Green, h do
Russell, John at saw mill, h S Washington
RUST A., bottler and cheese buyer, h Main cor German
Rust Rosella A., h 153 Main

- S -

SAE Annie Miss, h 90 Washington
Sae Joseph, h 90 Washington
Sae Tina miss, h 90 Washington
Schaffer Ida Miss, telephone exchange, h 79 Washington
SCHALL A. A., freight agent H., N. & P.R. R., bds Allman house
SCHELL ABRAM J., wire weaver, h Green
Schermer Joseph, clerk, h 11 Church
SCHERMER LOUIS, (Deimel & Schermer), h 11 Church
SCHINDLER ANTON, tailor, h 12 Green
Schindler Anton Jr., tailer, h 12 Green
Schmidt Balbina, widow, h Bellinger ave near Bellinger st
Schmidt Enoch, tailor, h Bellinger ave near Bellinger st
Schmidt George, hides and tallow, h 6 George
Schnarr Lena widow, h 33 Mohawk st
SCHROTT J. A., jeweler, Main, h 66 Washington
Schrott John, restaurant, Main, h 66 Washington
Schrott Lizzie miss, dressmaker, h 66 Washington
Scott Charles, machinist, h Smith near S Washington
SCULLER WALTER J., shipping clerk, bds 3 Eastern ave
Sculley Simon, laborer, h 22 Pine
SEAMAN BURT, at gun factory, bds 9 Eastern ave
Service Floy, domestic, 68 Prospect
Service Charles, carpenter, bds 112 Bellinger
SERVISS W. S. carpenter and contractor, 112 Bellinger, h do
Sevy Rose Miss, domestic, 7 Court
SEYMOUR E. A., meat market, 21 Main, h central turnpike
Shaibly Edward, h 20 German
Shaper Samuel S., h 13 Washington
Shaver Mrs., dressmaker, h 8 Georg
Shaver George Mrs., h 28 Prospect
SHAW HENRY, grocer, Albany, h 37 Eastern ave. (see index)
SHEAF J. F., (Klock & Sheaf), h 23 German
SHELL ABRAM J., weaver, bds 6 Green
Shell Hiram, carpenter, h Steele near S Washington
Shell Jacob, carpenter, bds 8 Smith
Shell Stephen, carpenter, h 6 Green
Sheldon W. E. clerk Crossett House, bds do
Shepard Charles H. foreman furniture factory, h 67 Washington
Shepard Isaac, teamster, bds 14 Eastern ave
Shoemacher Isaac, h Pine near Smith
SHOEMAKER JAMES, laborer, h 42 Mohawk st
Shoemaker William, painter, h 29 Mohawk
Sibel Catherine, widow, boarding house 32 Washington, h do
Sibel Mary Miss, h 32 Washington
SIMMS GEORGE, bookkeeper Deimel & Snell, h 31 Main
SINSMEISTER CHARLES, harnessmaker, 77 Prospect
SLUYTER EDWIN W. (Whitehead & Sluyter), h Washington
Small Adam Mrs. H 76 Washington
Small Byron, spinner, h rear 10 Green
Small Edward, compositor, h 76 Washington
SMALL GEORGE F. salesman, h 56 Prospect
SMALL JOHN J. dairyman, h Central Turnpike near Creek
Small Levi, carpenter, bds 11 Bellinger ave
SMITH ADAM J. (Devendorf & Smith), lawyer, h Prospect near church
SMITH ARTHUR T. county clerk, h Main cor Mary
SMITH CHARLES L. farmer, h East North Herkimer station H.N. & P.RR.
Smith Effie Miss, h 18 Green
Smith Enoch, tinsmith,bds 7 Smith
Smith Esther, domestic, 36 Prospect
Smith Fred, blacksmith, h Washington
SMITH GARRISON, mason, h Smith cor Bellinger
SMITH GEORGE N. farmer, h East North Herkimer station H. N. & P. RR.
SMITH GEORGE W. (Smith, Steele & Beckwith), h 142 Main
Smith Herbert, h 79 Washington
SMITH JACOB, engineer, h 18 Green
Smith Jackson, h 79 Washington
Smith Jessie Miss, h 79 Washington
Smith John H. painter, h 36 Spinner ave
Smith John R., blacksmith, h Washington near Court
Smith Joseph, teamster, h 46 King
Smith Joseph, painter, h Bellinger ave near Bellinger st
Smith Lawrence, carder, h Smith ave near King st
Smith Nellie Miss, h 18 Green
Smith Peter, painter, h 175 S Washington
SMITH ROLLIN H. surrogate Herk Co. court house, Main
Smith Sarah, widow, h 19 Lake
Smith Sidney, law student, h Main
SMITH, STEELE & BECKWITH (Geo. W. Smith, Josiah A. Steele and John B. Beckwith) lawyers, Main
Smith Stephen, farmer, h 11 Mohawk st
SMITH WILLIAM, president Herkimer bank, h German cor Stuben
Smith Willia G. spinner, h 11 Mohawk
Snell -- , widow, h King near Smith
Snell Aaron, contractor and builder, h 120 S Washington
SNELL C. R. (Deimel & Snell), h 86 Main
Snell David W. mechanic, h Smith near Hydraulic
Snell Fannie Miss, dressmaker, h King opp Smith
SNYDER CHARLES E. law clerk, h 49 Eastern ave
Snyder David w. carpenter, h 49 Eastern ave
Snyder Harry, student, h 49 Eastern ave
Souder Romaine, teamster, h 88 Prospect
Sparbier George, at furniture factory, bds 1 Albany
Spicer Wallace, bank clerk, bds 47 Prospect
Spink Monroe, fireman, h Dorf lane
Spinner Charles C. clerk, h Liberty near Prospect
Spinner Peter D. h 19 Mohawk st
Sponable Herman, commercial agent, h 82 Washington
Sponable Herman Mrs. H, 82 Washington
Spoon Frank, painter, h Albany near Hydraulic
SPRAGUE GEORGE H. engineer, h 61 Prospect
STACY CHARLES, artist and insurance agent, h 29 S Main
STACY E. H. wines and liquors Main cor Albany, h 29 S Main
STANDARD FURNITURE CO., office Eastern ave
Stansel Ada Miss, operative, bds 7 King
Stansel Peter, carpenter, h 7 King
STANSELL WILLIAM H. carpenter h 52 Eastern ave
Stearns O. G. farmer, h 29 Prospect
STEELE ABRAM B. (Steele & Prescott) h Main cor Mary
Steele George, h 108 S Washington
STEELE JOSIAH A. (Smith, Stele & Beckwith), h 113 Main
Steele Mamie E. Miss, h 113 Main
Steele Robert E. student, h 113 Main
? And Wm. C. Prescott) lawyers, Fox block, Main
STEELE & PRESCOTT (Abram B. Steele) [I think this goes with previous - but typed as is]
Stephens George, photographer, bds 32 Washington
Sterns Hiram, carpenter, h 37 Prospect
STEWART CHARLES, wheelwright, h 131 Main
STEWART HENRY G. blacksmith, bds 131 Main
STEWART J. H. wagonmaker, 122 Main h 131 do
STIMSON GEORGE C. mfr turf goods h 65 Main
Stimson Nathaniel A. postal clerk, bds 65 Main
STIMSON SAMUEL W. real estate agent, h 65 Main
Stoddard Crawford A. cabinet maker, h 124 S Washington
Stoddard Woolard A. mechanic, h 157 S Washington
Stoker Wartburger, widow, h 12 George
Strouse Katherine, widow, h 6 George
SUITER A WALTER, physician, Main cor Court, h do
SUITER JAMES A. harnesses and trunks Albany near Main, h 37 Washington
SUITER JAMES A JR. harness maker, h 37 Washington
Swart Elias, laborer, h 84 Prospect
Swift William, laborer, h 11 Court
Syllabach Jacob Jr. finisher, h Steuben
Syllabach John, farmer, h 9 Bellinger
Syllabach Zora Miss, domestic, 19 Bellinger

- T -

TABER Ira Mrs. H 84 Washington
TABER WILL I. bookkeeper Herkimer bank, h do
TALCOTT H. W. marble works 15 S Main, h 10 Smith ( See index)
Tanner Rensellar S. carpenter, h Smith near S Washington
TAYLOR STEPHEN, meat market, h 46 Mohawk st
Thayer Addison E. clerk, h 30 King
THAYER GEORGE C. (Hilts & Thayer), bds 67 Washington
THEIDE AUGUST, laborer, h rear 31 Mohawk st
Thiel Herman, --- h Steele
Thomas George, -- bds 13 Washington
THOMPSON E.S.W.(Prowse & Thompson), bds Allman House
Thompson Frank Farmer, h 26 Lake
Thompson Washington, cook Crossett House, h 44 Pine
THYLER ROBERT H. at paper mill, h Dorf lane
Tillinghast Belle Miss, seamstress, h 63 Bellinger
Tower Julius, bds Palmer House
Traver Annie, domestic, 64 Mohawk st
Traver Jacob H. machinist, h Euraka ave cor King
Traver Joseph H. millwright, h King cor Euraka ave
TRAVER MILTON A. spinner bds Eureka cor King
Trenbeth Frank, bookkeeper, h 31 Eastern ave
TRENBETH HENRY, carriage, wagon and sleigh mfr rear 57 Washington, h 31 Eastern ave.
TURNIER LOUIS, watchmaker, h Bellinger ave
Tupper Orvilla Mrs. h 112 S Washington
Tyce Charles, operative, bds 122 S Washington
Tyler Emma Miss, operative, h Dorf lane
Tyler Jacob, at paper mill, h 15 Lake
Tyler Margaret, widow, h Dorf lane
TYLER ORSON E. coachman, h 5 Hydraulic bank

- U -

UHLEE H. M. P., N. Y. C.freight agent, h 67 Prospect
Uhlee Hurbert C., painter, h 48 Prospect
Uhlee John C., tailor, h 48 Prospect
Uhlee John H., mail carrier, h 48 Prospect
Untz Charles, colorer, h 5 Marks block Smith
Upright Ida Miss, Allman House
Urtman Albert, tinsmith, h 34 Spinner ave
Urtman Delia Miss, operative, 34 Spinner ave
Urtman Samuel, night watchman, h 34 Spinner ave

- V -

VAN ALSTINE George W., bds Mansion House
Van Allstyne John, saloon, bds Waverly House
Van Hennik William, cabinet maker, h 14 Perry lane
Van Hennik Neil, cabinet make, h 10 Perry Lane
Van Horn Harvey, carpenter, h 20 Green
Van Horn Sarah, widow, h 20 Green
Van Slyke Garrett, h Mohawk cor Prospect
Veeder Nicholas, h Smith ave
VILLHOUR WILLIAM, branch tender, h S Washington cor Steele
Voight Henry, tailor, h Smith near Pine
VOLK CHARLES, at gun factory, bds 78 Pine
Voorhees Henry, laborer, bds Creek road
VROOMAN JOHN W. lawyer, h 70 Washington

- W -

WADE Aaron, painter, bds 68 Smith
WADE ELIAS, shoemaker, bds 68 Smith
Wade Moses, shoemaker, h 68 Smith
Waldby Ceylon, at gun factory, h 35 Bellinger
Waldby Elmer, helper, h 35 Bellinger
Walrad James H. cabinet maker, h S Washington near Smith
Walrath Charles, mason, h 18 Liberty
WALRATH HERMAN D. mason, Main near Church, h do
Walrath John A. h 18 Liberty
Walrath Peter, bds Smith near Bellinger
Walrath Reuben, mason, h 18 Liberty
Walrath Robert, mason, h 179 S Washington
Walthart Edward, spring maker, h 18 Prospect
WALTHART FREDERICK, trunk maker, h 11 Prospect
WALTHART SAMUEL J. peddler, h 11 Prospect
Walts Hram, carpenter, h Smith near S Washington
WARBURTON CHARLES, foundry rear of paper mill, h 7 Mohawk
Warburton Libbie Miss, clerk, h 7 Mohawk
Warburton Lettie Miss, student, h 7 Mohawk
WARBURTON W.E. moulder, h 7 Mohawk
Ward H. J. student, bds Main
WASHBURN & HELMER, (E. Washburn and G. M. Helmer), grist mill, Eastern ave near S Washington
WASHBURN ELISHA, (Washburn & Helmer), h 61 Main
Waterbury Charles, painter, h First ave near Mohawk st
Waterbury Frank, painter, h First ave near Mohawk st.
Waverly House, 77 and 79 Main
Weaver Frederick, constable, h 65 Washington
Weaver George, clerk, h Smith near Hydraulic
WEAVER GEORGE W. (Weaver & Munger), h at Ilion
WEAVER & MUNGER, (George W. Weaver and Charles S. Munger), publishers Ilion Citizen and Herkimer Citizen, also book and job printers, Herkimer office Citizen building, Main st
Weaver Jacob, justice of the peace, h 31 Washington
WEBER FRED J. barber, 55 Main, h 59 do
Weber George, clerk bds 47 Prospect
Weber George, clerk, h 59 Main
Weber J. H. lawyer and justice of the peace, Main near Albany
Weber Peter, farmer, h 19 German
Weber William W., farmer, h 9 Prospect
Wecks Ira, blacksmith, rear 57 Washington, h 57 do
Weingates Ursula, widow, h 12 Green
Welch Emma, domestic, 88 Washington
Welch Frank, farmer, h 35 Smith
Welch George, cabinet maker, h 35 Smith
Welch Martin,m trackman, h Albany near King
Welch Morgan, laborer, h 9 Smith
Welch Orin, laborer, h 85 Prospect
Welch Patrick, laborer, h 35 Smith
Welch William, laborer, h 35 Smith
Welpe George, tailor, bds 29 Smith
WELPE THOMAS, spring bed maker, h 29 Smith
West E. M. Mrs. h 35 1/2 Prospect
West George W. at West. Un. Tel. office, h 35 Prospect
WEST LEWIS P. clerk at post office, h 12 Washington
Westcott Louis, clerk Crossett House, bds do
Wheeler Charles E. shipping clerk, h Smith near Hydraulic
White Frank, driver, h 13 Pine
White James, laborer, h Smith near Hydraulic
Whitehead Oscar R. clerk, bds Washington
WHITEHEAD WILLIAM H. (Whitehead & Sluyter), h 32 Mohawk
WHITEHEAD & SLUYTER (William H. Whitehead and Edwin W. Sluyter), grocers 91 Main (See index)
Whitmore Henry, barber, bds Palmer House
Whitmore William, blacksmith Min, h 23 Smith
Whitty Annie Miss, housekeeper, h 92 Washington
Wicks Henry, carpenter, h Stimpson near S Washington
Wicks Lizzie, domestic 37 Main
Widrick Charles, laborer, h Dorf lane
WILBUR A. Supt. N. & P.N.G. Railway Co. h 15 Mary
Wilcox J. S. insurance agent, bds Allman House
Wilds Kittie Miss, bds Pine cor Smith
Wilds Theodore, cabinet maker, h Pine cor Smith
Will Philip Mrs. h 23 S Main
WILLIAMS ALBERT, clerk, h 4 German
Willis John, cabinet maker, bds 119 S Washington
WILLIS M. P. farmer, h 138 Main
Wilson Andrew, painter, h 14 Spinner ave
Wilson Carrie Miss, operative, bds 34 King
Wilson E. A. Miss, ticket agent Central railroad, h Albany near S Washington
Wilson J. A. Mrs. h Albany near S Washington
Wilson Martin, office boy Marks mill, bds Green
Wilson Richard, h 16 Court
WILSON S. chief of police, h 18 Court
Wilson Watson, fireman, h 23 Lake
Wilson W. G. farmer, h 24 Lake
Wilson William Mrs. operative, h 34 King
Wing L. P. Mrs. h 11 Mary
Winnie ---, h Eureka ave near King
WINNIE HENRY, nickel plater, h Smith near Main
WIRES P. G. foreman, h 189 Green
Winnie Susie Miss, h Smith near S Washington
Wires Bloom, cabinet maker, h 35 Eastern ave
Witherstine Addison, shipping clerk, h Smith
WITHERSTINE C. C. (H. P. Witherstine & Co.), h 2 Albany
Witherstine Edwin, cutter, h 64 Eastern ave
Witherstine Fred, bds 117 S Washington
Witherstine Hattie Miss, operative, h Smith ave
WITHERSTINE H. P. ( H. P. Witherstine & Co.) h Prospect
WITHERSTINE H.P. & CO.(C. C. Witherstine), publishers Herkimer Democrat, also book and job printers, Democrat block, Main
Witherstine Lucinda, widow, h Smith
Witherstine Peter, carpenter, h 117 S Washington
WITHERSTINE WILLIAM, lawyer, Democrat block, h Smith ave
Witsell John, carpenter, h 122 S Washington
Wolever Geo. Packer, h 10 Marks block Smith
WOLEVER SANFORD, carpenter, h 9 Marks block Smith
Wolf Frank, saloon, 21 Smith, h do
Wolf Fransica Miss, bds 11 S Main
WOOD CHARLES R. at furniture factory, h Albany near Washington
Wood Elmer E. cabinet maker, h Albany near Washington
Wood George C. carriage and sign painter, h 22 S Main
Wood Menzo R. finisher, bds 22 S Main
Wood Merton H. cabinet maker, bds Albany near Washington
Wood Orrin, at gun factory, h 45 Bellinger
WOOD PALMER M. coal and wood dealer, Herkimer and Mohawk office Citizen building Main, h 66 Prospect
Wood Rodman, h 50 Prospect
WOOD R. R. bookkeeper, h 66 Prospect
Woodin Geo, bds 116 S Washington
Woodrick Charles, h Dorf lane near German
WOODRICK GEO, spring bed maker, h German near Dorf lane
Woodrick George, finisher, h 59 German
Woolever Geo. At paper mill, h 18 Lake
Woolever Elida Mrs. h 14 Lake
WOOLEVER SEYMOUR J. mason, h Smith near Main
Wright Wm. Miller, bds 112 S Washington
Wright Wm. B. dye works 39 Bellinger, h do

- Y -

YOUNG Arthur, clerk, h Main near German
Young B. F. h 8 Lake
YOUNG WILLIAM, foreman, bds 42 Mohawk st
Young ---, widow, h 151 Main

- Z -

ZIE Ella, finisher, bds 14 Eastern ave
ZINTZMEISTER JOHN, harnessmaker, 45 Main, h Liberty cor Prospect
ZINTZMEISTER JOSEPH, matress maker, h Prospect cor Liberty
Zuba Joseph, laborer, h Smith near Pine
Zuba Michael, laborer, h Smith near Pine

IMPORTANT: All spellings are as given in the original directory and will not be changed. Thank you in advance for directing ALL requests for information about persons listed to the local historical societies and libraries, not to the site coordinators.

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