The (Dutch) Reformed Church of Herkimer, NY

Source:  "Panorama and History of Herkimer, NY, 1725-1900," written and compiled by Thomas C. Murray, sketches by A.P. Zintzmaster and D.J. Devendorf, published by Miss Flora L. Wood, book held at the Frank J. Basloe Library, Herkimer, NY.


B/W photo-copy from source

The (Dutch) Reformed Church
located on the northwest corner of Church and Main streets in Herkimer, NY.

Photo taken July 2000
Courtesy of Lisa Slaski

       The history of the Reformed Church in Herkimer dates back almost to the very beginning of the Palatine emigration from the Rhine in Germany to this country.  It thus ante-dates any other organization in this section with the sole exception of the Fort Herkimer Reformed Church, which has now but a nominal existence.  In 1725, long before the formation of the village, a few pioneers of civilization in this part of the Mohawk region, founded this church.  Little is known of these early years because the French with the fierce Indians as allies, destroyed the church building, together with all the records, on November 12, 1757.

        Some time afterward a new church building was erected, and this was destroyed by fire on January 25, 1834.  But another, the present building, was erected immediately on the original site.

        The church has a lengthy history and a most weighty one.  Its original members performed a splendid work as frontiersmen prior to the Revolution, having fought with great distinction under the able leadership of General Herkimer, while others, with conscientious loyalty, aided our American government.  A great many names of these splendid characters are familiar today because they are borne by their direct descendants.

        Upon the county and the state the venerable Reformed Church has stamped her character seal.  she has been connected with every important historic scene since the early part of the eighteenth century and has both given and suffered much.  The Episcopal and the Methodist Episcopal congregations are, for the greater part, branches, and much of their solid prosperity is due to tried virility of the mother church.  But although aged, she is not wearied and enfeebled.  With worth and strength tested by experiences both sad and joyous, she is at the present time casting forth the best of influences for the betterment of this community.  New life and vitality is experienced by the applied energy of the present and youngest of its pastors.  All the departments of its many activities are becoming instinct with energy, and promise to exert a continued pressure against evil and in behalf of the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Rev. Abraham Rosenkranz
(acting pastor in connection with Fort Herkimer Church)
Rev. D. Christian A. Pick
(acting pastor in connection with Fort Herkimer Church)
Rev. John Peter Spinner
(acting pastor in connection with Fort Herkimer Church)
Rev. James Murphy, D. D.
(colleague of Rev. J. P. Spinner 1837-1841)
Rev. Cornelius S. Mead 1849-1859
Rev. Hugh B. Gardiner 1860-1864
Rev. Jeremiah Petrie 1864-1869
Rev. Gainsworth D. W. Consaul 1869-1877
Rev. Ralph Watson Brokaw 1877-1882
Rev. henry Miller Cox 1882-1890
Rev. John G. Gebhard 1891-1900
Rev. Chalmers P. Dyke 1900-


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