"Souvenir of Ilion" - 1904

Photos of Buildings and Scenery

Source: "Souvenir of Ilion," Ilion, N.Y.:Citizen Print. 1904. No Author.

A View of the Best Town in the Valley
Looking Down Second Street
View on First Street

Public Library
Morgan Street School Buildings
West Hill School
Water Works

Otsego street and Armory
C. B. Burch & Son, Chandler & Brown, Grimes & Pelton, G. W. Robinson, F. R. Hollister
Giblin, Carpenter and Merry Blocks (buildings)
Heacock and Brooks Blocks (building)
Heacock and Walker, Frateschi and Stabile Blocks (buildings)
Thomas, House and Hunt Blocks (buildings)
Wilcox, Union and Hotaling Blocks (buildings)
Opera House Block

Unidentified building
The Alfred Gray Grocery Store
The New Osgood
The Sterling Mills
A. N. Russell & Sons
C. C. Kellogg Sons Company

The Armory - Main Buildings
Remington Arms Co.'s Plant from Armory Hill
Remington Arms Company (sketch)
Remington Typewriter
Ilion Board of Trade (symbol - sketch)
Tucker File & Cabinet Company
The Linotype; Latest Acquisition at the Citizen Office
Jewelry Store of G. H. P. Stone

New York City Rail Road
Lift Bridge at Noon
Barge on Canal
The Old Forge
Entrance to the Gulph
Steele's Creek in the Gulph
Fox Falls: image 1   image 2
View of the Valley
West Hill View

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