Names From "Souvenir of Ilion"

West Street, Ilion, N.Y.

West Street, Ilion, N.Y. (postcard)

Source: "Souvenir of Ilion," Ilion, N.Y.:Citizen Print. 1904. No Author.

Abrams, A.W., Prof.
Abrams, Margaret Mills
Ackler, J.H.
Ackler, J.H., Mrs.
Allston, Alice Hartford
Allston, Samuel, Hon.
Angell, M.D.
Angell, May
Atherton, Mary
Auer, Fred, Mrs.
Austin, Mary A.
Avery, Frances E.

Baker, Albert, Mrs.
Baker, C.E.
Baker, C.E., Mrs.
Barnes, Anna H.
Barnes, Genevieve
Barnes, S.O., Rev.
Barnes, Willard
Bell, James, Mrs.
Bellinger, Margaret Ashley
Bennett, Flora Buck
Bennett, H .W., Mrs.
Benton, W.W.
Bornefeld, C., Mrs.
Brand, Harrison
Brand, Harrison, Mrs.
Briggs, S.A., Mrs.
Brill, Addison
Brill, Addison, Mrs.
Brocks, R., Mrs.
Brown, A.S., Mrs.
Brown, A.S., Rev.
Brown, Alfred E.
Burch, C.B.
Burch, C.B., Mrs.
Burch, Gertrude M.
Burch, H. Maude
Burch, W.W., Mrs.

Carpenter, H.R.
Carpenter, L.P., Mrs.
Carpenter, Marion
Casler, William, Mrs.
Clark, Ann, Mrs.
Clark, Charles E.
Clark, E.L., Mrs.
Clark, Flora Millard
Clark, Mary Austin
Clayton, Floyd
Clayton, Frank
Clayton, Georgianna Warner
Clayton, Henry, Mrs.
Clayton, John, Mrs.
Clayton, Joshua
Clayton, Julia E., Mrs.
Clayton, Samuel
Clinton, Ella Lyman
Clive, A.A., Mrs.
Clive, Elijah
Clive, Elijah, Mrs.
Clive, Steven, Mrs.
Coffin, Kate M.
Cohoon, Evaline, Mrs.
Coleman, Emma Stone, Mrs.
Coleman, Frederick
Coleman, William
Cone, W.T., Mrs.
Conner, Robert, Mrs.
Cook, Grace M.
Cook, W.M., Rev.
Corse, F. Dudley
Crandall, Charles
Crandall, Charles, Mrs.

Dennis, A.F., Mrs.
Dockstater, Addie M.
Doty, Addie Walrath
Doty, Caroline Hooker
Doty, Howard L.
Dotzaner, Loie (Lois?) M.
Douglass, Loretta O.
Draper, E.M., Dr.
Draper, Elizabeth H.
Duckworth, F., Mrs.
Duckworth, Mabel
Durse, M.B.
Durse, M.L.

Earl, William, Mrs.
Easton, F.E., Mrs.

Farnell, Iva Tufts
Farnell, William
Fessel, Lillian, Miss
Fessel, Philip, Mrs.
Foy, Carl
Foy, H.L.

G., F.C.
Getman, Floyd Charles
Getman, Ida
Getman, L.G.
Gibson, Estella Hulin
Goo, Peter, Mrs.
Gray, Alfred, Mrs.
Gray, Elma
Green, B.E.
Green, George W.
Grimes, A.E., Miss
Grimes, W.J.
Grimes, W.J., Mrs.

Hakes, Harvey
Hakes, Harvey, Mrs.
Hakes, Marion
Hakes, Seward
Hakes, Seward, Mrs.
Halliwell, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Hard, Celia A. Stowell
Hard, Manley S., Rev., D.D.
Harrington, Frank
Harter, Charles
Hartford, Anna M.
Hartford, William
Heiland, Jennie
Heiland, Louis G., Mrs.
Hendry, D.W.
Hendry, D.W., Mrs.
Hollis, Arthur D.
Hollis, Ruth C.
Hollis, Theron
Hollis, Theron, Mrs.
Hollister, F.R.
Hollister, L.E.
Hollister, L.E., Mrs.
Horr, Elijah, D.D.
Horr, Elijah, Mrs.
House, H.A., Mrs.
Hoyt, Alice Grimes
Hoyt, F.N.
Hoyt, L.N.
Hoyt, L.N. , Mrs.
Hoyt, Mary J.
Hubbard, Merrick
Humann, J., Mrs.
Hunt, Mary J., Mrs.

Ingersoll, Mary, Mrs.

Jenne, Anna Goff
Jenne, Elmer E.
Jepson, C.S., Mrs.
Jepson, Carie E.
Jochmus, Herman, Mrs.
Joerissen, Anna
Joerissen, Katherine
Johnson, Catherine M.
Johnson, Joseph A.
Johnson, Wm. B., Mrs.
Jones, Kate E.
Jones, Rachel K., Mrs.
Joy, Eugene, Rev.
Joy, Mary S.
Joy, O.E., Mrs.

Kellogg, F.H., Mrs.
Kern, E.G., Mrs.
King, Clara E.
King, R.E.
Knandel, Flora J.

Le Roy, D.F., Mrs.
Leonard, J.B.
Leonard, J.B., Mrs.
Levis, A.F., Mrs.
Lewis, Jennie V.
Lewis, Lillian Leach
Lewis, Marshall
Loomis, Chester
Loomis, Chester, Mrs.
Loucks, A.C., Mrs.
Loucks, A.C., Rev.
Luce, Elizabeth Goo

Manggang, Rose, Mrs.
Marhaber, Peter, Mrs.
Marsland, William
Mauser, Agnes, Mrs.
Mauser, Bertha
Mauser, Carrie
McLean, Guelma W.
Merry, Addie
Merwin, Emily, Mrs.
Miller, Anson, Mrs.
Miller, Bertha Bellinger
Miller, Charles E., Rev.
Moran, Kathrine

Newth, N.J.
Newth, N.J., Mrs.

O'Brien, Helen Ryan
Ogden, C.L., Mrs.
Osgood, Fannie E.

Patterson, Bertha Remington
Pelton, Florence Caswell
Pelton, J.R.
Perkins, Anna, Miss
Pierce, Addie M.
Pierce, D.F.
Pierce, Marion L.
Pierce, Minnie Elizabeth
Poland, A.G., Prof.

Quinn, Jno. V., Rev.

Rankin, A.E., Mrs.
Ray, W.B., Mrs.
Redway, Mabel S.
Reese, Ella, Mrs.
Reese, W.H., Rev.
Remington, E.
Remington, Lola Briggs
Remington, Philo E.
Richards, Martin
Richards, Martin, Mrs.
Richardson, A.D.
Richardson, A.D., Mrs.
Richardson, Carrie L.
Richardson, Thomas, Mrs.
Ross, D.G.
Ross, Lela B.
Ross, Leon G.
Rudd, J. Holland
Rudd, J. Holland, Mrs.
Russell, A.N.
Russell, Albert B.
Russell, Clara Angell
Russell, Geo. R.
Russell, Mary, Mrs.
Russell, Rae M.
Russell, Samuel T.
Russell, Sophia Jones

Sackett, Frank
Sackett, Frank, Mrs.
Schell, A., Mrs.
Scudder, H.D.
Scudder, H., Mrs.
Seamans, I.C.
Seymour, M.G., Mrs.
Seymour, M.G., Rev.
Shepherd, George, Rev.
Shepherd, Gertrude A.
Shepherd, T.B., Mrs.
Shepherd, T.B., Rev.
Shineman, Clara
Skeel, Harlowe, Rev.
Skeel, L.L., Mrs.
Skinner, S.W.
Sloan, Elizabeth
Snell, C. Ed.
Steele, Adeline, Mrs.
Steele, Frances
Stone, Lucy Miller, Mrs.
Suters, Thomas

Taylor, Arthur, Mrs.
Thomas, E.F.
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Robert Mrs.
Truax, Mary A.
Tufts, O.B.
Tufts, O.B., Mrs.
Turner, Wm., Mrs.
Twiss, Freeman K.
Twiss, Nina H.

Van Alstine, Wealthy, Mrs.
Van Gumster, Adela
Van Gumster, Catherine
Van Gumster, James, Mrs.
Van Gumster, John Jr.
Van Gumster, John Sr.
Van Gumster, Mrs. John Sr.

Walrath, L.B., Mrs.
Wardle, W.E., Mrs.
Warner, Ida C.
Warner, R.W., Dr.
Watts, Carlton C., Mrs.
Webster, A.A.
Webster, A.A., Mrs.
Webster, Louis D.
Webster, Mae D.
Whitfield, Ida Doty
Whitfield, Inez Harrington
Whitfield, James A.
Whitmore, Henry C.
Whitmore, Sadie Babcock
Williams, E. Jennie
Williams, J.S., Mrs.
Wood, Judson I.
Wood, Judson I., Mrs.
Wood, Mary
Wright, George, Mrs.

Young, Orville, Mrs.

Zimmerman, Adelaide E.
Zimmerman, R.S.
Zimmerman, R.S., Mrs.
Zimmerman, Seward
Zimmerman, Seward, Mrs.

From Jerome A. Walrath: "I believe the Mrs. L. B. Walrath to be Sophronia Wheeler, wife of Leonidas B. Walrath. They had a daughter Addie. This is from the line of Adam Walrath and Magdalena Klock."

From Lisa Slaski: "Martin Richards is the son of John C. Richards of the town of Ohio, Wilmurt and the city of Herkimer. Mrs. Martin Richards is Frances Sarah Brockett daughter of Leonard A. Brockett of the town of Salisbury."

Some individuals are listed in the large Ilion Cemetery on our site. For other and further information about individuals listed, we refer you in advance to the Herkimer County Historical Society.

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