First Annual

Benefit of


Music by Jack Smith's Orchestra

Tues, November 24th 1938
Dancing from 9PM to 1AM

The Advertisers, in Order of Appearance

Big Bill's Sea Food Grill: "Special Delicacy - Spaghetti with Lobster Sauce"; address not given

The Utica Steam Engine & Boiler Works: Engineers, Founders and Machinists, Office and Works 726-806 Whitesboro Street, Utica

PA Pro Containers: Corrugated and Fibre Shipping Containers, Utica, NY

Central N.Y. Coach Lines, Inc.: address not given

Borden's: "Since 1857 Serving the Public With Quality Dairy Products"

Stanley Transportation Co.: Stanley Duda, 511 Nichols Street, Utica

Sonne Bros., Inc.: has picture of Corona typewriter, Utica, Herkimer, Rome

The Excelsior School of Business: H.J. Conkling, Principal, 1008 Cornelia Street, Utica

Ilion Police Benevolent Assn.

Erwin L. Gienke: Optometrist and Eyesight Specialist, Capitol Theatre Bldg., Ilion

Ilion Coal Corp.: Coal, Coke, Builders Supplies, Ilion

The Ilion Central Market: "The Bargain Store of Mohawk Valley", 18 Union Street, Ilion

Klippel's Store: Esso Gas & Oil, Dairylea Ice Cream, School Supplies and Notions, 196 Second St., Ilion

Supreme Candy Company: Michael Graziadei, Prop., Novelties and Premiums, Cigars and Candies, Phonographs, Noise Makers, Utica

Schesch, The Florist: Flowers, Plants, 132 E. Main Street, Ilion

Union Hardware Company: Hardware, Plumbing and Heating, Paints, Glass, 20 First Street

Heacock Appliance Co.: Oil Burning Equipment Specialistls, Electrical and Gas Appliances, 45 First Street, Ilion

Coopernoll's Hotel: Robert Coppernoll, Prop., "All kinds of Liquors, We Serve Meals," 7 East State Street, Ilion

Utica Auto Pain Shop: formerly Winterbottom, Inc., "Our new "Bak-Like" system enables us to paint any car, any color for $10.00", 6 Dakin Street, Utica

Mohawk Coal & Lumber Co.: Lumber, Paints, Coal, 95 East Main Street, Mohawk NY

Paul's Auto Supply: authorized Dealers for Goodrich Tires, Motorola radios, 262 North Main Street, Herkimer

D.B. Smith & Company: Indian Fire Pump dealer, Utica

Ilion Lumber Company: "Everything to Build Anything", W. Main Street, Ilion

Palace Restaurant: Main St., Ilion

Panarite's Grocer: Otsego St., Ilion

Commodore Restaurant: Main St., Herkimer (above 3 businesses all within one ad)

J.E. Peterson: "Where Good Fellows Get Together", Liquors, Light Lunches, Regular Dinners, 29 Union Street, Ilion

F. Getman's Sons: Progressive Food Merchants, Ilion

H. Green: Tailor and Furrier, 51 First Street, Ilion

Bronner Floral Co.: Ilion

Watson's Restaurant: 45 W. Main Street, Ilion

Edick's Garage: Prestone, Five-Star, Zerone and Alcohol, Ilion

Ilion Cut Rate Market: "Where Ilion Meat Shoppers Meet", 14 Union Street, Ilion

Enjem's Dry Goods: 49 W. Main Street, Ilion

C.L. Wheelock: Natural Ice and Norge Distinctive Home Appliances, Upper Otsego Street, Ilion

Fred J. Heintz: Local and Long Distance Moving, 42 John Street, Ilion

The H.I. Griffith Pharmacy: 9 W. Main Street, Ilion

Dr. V.M. Becker: Veterinarian, 235 Otsego St., Ilion

Frank McGrath: Gents Furnishings, 21 Union Street, Ilion

Clark's Grill: 28 Central Avenue, Ilion

Dr. Alfred Durant: Dentist, Ilion

Nehr's Chevrolet Co.: "Used Cars With An OK That Counts", 41-43 Main Street, Ilion

The Walker Agency: Insurance, Capitol Theatre Bldge., Ilion and 117 Green Street, Herkimer

N.D. Peters & Co., Inc.: General Contractors and Building Supplies, Utica

Oneida Motor Freight, Inc.: 326 Jay Street, Utica

Maher Brothers: Suits, Hats, Topcoats, Uniform Manufacturers, Utica

Globe Home Improvement Company: Roofing, Sheet Metal, Heating, 810 Bleecker Street, Utica

W. Murray Breese: Cigars and Retail Liquor, Herkimer

The Ice Service Corp: Utica

General Outdoor Adv. Co.: "Signs of Every Description", Utica

Rodgers Art Service: Photo-engravers, at the Plaza

Standard Furniture Co.

Richfield Service: Ed. Baldock, Prop., Cars Greased, Oil Changed, 111 East Main Street, Ilion

The Ramp Garage: Fred J. Rath, Gen. Mgr., Washing, Simonizing, Lubricating, 125 Oriskany Street West, Utica

Hall's Pharmacy: Marguerite L. Hall, Prop., The Rexall Store, 46 Otsego Street, Ilion

Ilion Auto Parts: Auto Glass Installed, Used Tires, 24 W. State Street, Ilion

Burrill Saw & Tool Works: A.S. Burrill, Manufacturers of Paramount Band Saws, Ilion

Roach's Liquor Store: 53 First Street, Ilion

J. Shuman Hower: Snow Plows, Air Compressors, Air Tools, etc., 85 North Genesee St., Utica

St. Regis Restaurant: Italian and American Food, Corner Catherine and Clark Street

Associated Laundries: Frank J. Kenney, Mgr., 17 Main Street, Ilion

The Babcock Beauty Salon: "Have a 'Zotos' budget wave - 'Vapor Marcel' for your next permanent", 18 Otsego Street, Ilion

Mohawk Valley Investing Company: "For 30 Years Specialists in Utica and Central New York Securities," 238 Genesee Street, Utica

Herkimer County Coal Co.: Jet Black Lehigh Premium Coal, 7 East Main Street, Ilion

The Home Appliance Store: 39 W. Main Street, Ilion

Hotel Ilion: R. DeLuke, Mgr., Room and Board by Day or Week, 12-14 Morgan Street, Ilion

Ilion Plumbing & Heating Co., 13 First Street, Ilion

The Smart Shoppe: Ladies Ready to Wear, 50 Otsego Street, Ilion

Cole's Trucking Service: Ilion, location not given

Fuller's Variety Store: 20 Otsego Street, Ilion

Fay Hubbell: Range and Fuel Oil, location not given

Johnson Cash Coal Co.: 204 E. Clark Street, Ilion

Frank P. Bonn: Sporting Goods, Fishing Tackle, Guns and Ammunition, 1-7 Union Street, Ilion

Smith Bros.: Dodge and Plymouth, 165 W. Main St., Ilion

Ilion Fruit Store: Joe Costanza, Prop., 18 Central Ave., Ilion

C.M. Bowman: Meats and Groceries, 206 John St.

Williams Radio Shop: 23 E. Main St., Ilion

Statia Specialty Shop: Anna M. Statia, Dresses, Hats, Gowns, Gloves, Lingerie, etc., 15 Main Street, Ilion

Putnam's Valley Dairy: Milk Products, 159 Third Ave., Ilion

White's Grill: Sam White, prop., 12 Union Street, Ilion

Home Service Co.: Beverages For All Occasions, 80 W. Main St., Ilion

Easy Washer Shop: Service all makes of washers and ironers, 30 Central Ave., Ilion

Lillie & Rasbach, Inc.: Manufactureres of Peanuts, Salted Nuts, Potato Chips, Etc., Ilion

J.A. Schaetzle: Shotes, 16 Otsego Street,Ilion

Packy's Owl Restaurant: All Legal Beverages, 20 Central Avenue, Ilion

O.M. Wood Food Shoppe: 6 MorganSt.,Ilion

J.E. Brandt: Meats, Groceries, etc., 92 E. Main St., Ilion

Wertheim: appears to be a variety store, 51 W. Main Street, Ilion

Law Brothers Contracting Corp.: General Contractors, Herkimer

Rubin Sales Co., Inc.: 556 Bleecker Street, Utica

Montgomery Ward Retail Store: Herkimer

Dahl Motors: Ford, Lincoln, Lincoln Zephyr, service, Elizabeth St. at First, Utica

Smithson Feed Company: Dairy and Poultry Feed, mason's supplies, 150 Central Avenue, Ilion

Utica Car Exchange: Body Repairing, Painting, 510 Elizabeth Street, Utica

Swatling-Peattie, Inc.: gasoline and motor oil, range and fuel oil, Ilion and Herkimer

Stanley Weiss: Roofing, 524 La Fayette Street, Utica

Chirico Restaurant: Italian and American Food, 121 Smith Street, Herkimer

B. Cady: Grebe Radios, radio repairing, 31 West Street, Ilion

Max Rudolph: Junk Dealer, 144 E. River Street, Ilion

Fake & Hynes' Garage: General Repairing, Batteries, Tires, etc., 19 Central Avenue, Ilion

Shanty Grill: 22 Union Street, Ilion

Micky's Diner: Open 24 Hours, Ilion

Giblin Coal Co.: Blue coal, coke & fuel oil, 10 East Main Street, Ilion

Idle Hour Billiard: 2 East Main Street, Ilion

Public Market: fancy fruits, vegetables, distributor of White Rose Products, Ilion

Lincoln Elevator Co.: 130 Hotel Street, Utica

Marino's Restaurant: American and Italian Cuisine, Corner First and Catherine Streets, Utica

Dr. Charles W. Lanning: 107 Court Street, Herkimer

Keehle Garage: Chevrolet, Plymouth & Dodge Cars, 418 LaFayette Street, Utica

Mahan's Hardware: wall paper, Pittsburgh Paint, hardware, 27-29 First Street, Ilion

Brennan's Utica Brake Service Inc.: Bendix and Lockheed Brake Service, 1809 Genesee St., Utica

Natale Trucking: freight delivery, furniture moving, 1541 Mohawk St., Utica

Gorman Novelty Co., Inc.: Utica

Dr. H.F. James

Lenchner's Fur Shop: fur repairing, storage and cleaning, 130 Genesee Street, Utica

Joseph O'Brien Leather Finish Corp.: Little Falls

Farina & Co.: Manufacturers of Italian Sausage, 673 Bleecker St., Utica

Steve Stegich & Sons: Northwest Cone Cleaned Anthracite Coal, sand, gravel, wood, 81 Southern Avenue, Little Falls

Basloe: "Basloe Sells The Earth", Herkimer

Upstate Personal Loan Corp: "Loans Up to $300", Burrell Bld., Little Falls, also Herkimer

Calvin A Newitt: Little Falls

Little Falls Auto Parts: L. Sumberg, Mgr., Tires & Supplies, 240 Burwell St., Little Falls

Harry Spry & Co.: Distributors for Utica Coal Co., Frankfort

Lawrence's Hotel Willowvale: Italian-American Cuisine, tourist accommodations, 4 Miles From Utica, Willowvale, NY

Hubble's Beauty Shop: "Aerogene by Eugene", hair stylist Ann Parker, 105 LaFayette St., opposite Hotel Utica

Mohawk Valley Beauty & Barber Supply Co.: location not given

Quayle Oil Co.: Range and Fuel Oil, 63 W. Main Street, Mohawk

Christy Coal Company: Sam Degristina, Proprietor, Deimel Street, Herkimer

Fitzgerald Bros. Brewing Co.: Ales and Lager, Little Falls and S. Janicke, Utica

Standard Plumbing Supply Co.: Joseph DiPierro, 1500 Broad Street, Utica

Frank A. Romero: clothing manufacturer, 330 Main Street (opposite N.Y.C. Depot), Utica

Leo Cleaner & Dyer: 1306 Lansing Street

Shell Filling & Parking Station: "A Safe Place to Park", Oriskany and John Streets, Utica

M. & M. Motor Express: 713 Jay Street, Utica, and Rome, Syracuse, and Plattsburg

Baker's Hotel: Sid Baker, Prop., 1 Cent a Clam, Dine & Dance, Route 5-S, East of Utica

Herkimer Linen Supply & Laundry Service: T. Donato, Prop., 204 South Main Street, Herkimer

Howard O. Cone: Successor to Cone & Miller, Awnings, Tents, Flags &Banners, Truck Covers, 104 Oriskany St., West, Utica

Better Service Garage: Al. Pontero, complete auto maintenance, 309-11 South Street, Utica

Silver Rail: "Utica's One and Only Night Club", Floor Show Nightly, 121 LaFayette St., Utica

Burke's Service: Retreaded Tires, Vulcanizing, Road Service, 112 N. Genesee St., Utica

D. & M. Coal Co.: Gus. Denapole, Prop., anthracite, Frankfort

H.M. Quackenbush, Inc.: Herkimer

Hathaway Bakeries, Inc., 1305 Conkling Avenue, Utica

Frankfort Electric Co.: Fred L. Wiltse, electrical appliances, Frankfort

A.J. Motor Express: freight dispatchers, 1308 Lansing St., Utica

ROA of Little Falls, N.Y. : "Since 1919"

Excel Sign Painting Co.: "Commercial-Industrial Painting A Specialty", Utica

R. & S. Coal Co.: Pappa & Simonetti, cone cleaned anthracite coal, 316 Railroad St., Frankfort

Shep's Place: "After the Ball", Barringer Road, Ilion

Thompson's Studio: "Give A Photograph Without An Apology", Ilion

Chas. M. Walker: General Contractor, 252 S. Fourth Ave., Ilion

F.E. Ashley Shell Service: Corner Main and Palmer, Frankfort

Otsego Hotel: A.L. Harter, Prop., "Home Cooking", 106-108 Otsego St., Ilion

Ilion Hardware Corp.

Miller's Restaurant: gas, oil, all legal beverages, 111 W. Main Street, Ilion

The Boston Store: wearing apparel, floor covering, windows shades, wall paper, Main & Albany Sts., Herkimer

Baker's Market: groceries, Honor Brand Frosted Foods, 88 Otsego St., Ilion

Harrington's: Mohawk

Union Fork & Hoe Co.: Frankfort

The White Motor Co.: Used Trucks, Chevrolets, Fords, G.M.C. & Stewarts, 416 Broad Street, Utica

Rochester Floor Co., Arcade Building, Utica

Nicotera's Bakery: 533 Bleecker Street, Utica

Mohawk Body Works: body and fender repairs, welding and refinishing, rear of Mohawk HOtel

Ernie's Grill: 728 Plant Street, On the Point, Utica

Diamond T. of Utica: E.C. Heiland, Prop., distributors of Diamond T Trucks, 2007 Genesee St., Utica

James Sgroi & Sons: Florists, funeral designs, wedding bouquets, 200 Third Avenue, Frankfort

A.S. Iacovino: storage, washing, simonizing, 516 John Street

The Elgin Diner: Bill Brassel, Prop., 315 LaFayette St., Utica

N.Y.C. Station Restaurant: J.G. Tritten, Mgr., Guillaume & Co., Inc., Utica

H. Harold Shepardson: Funeral Home, 106 W. Main St., Little Falls

Nehi Bottling Co.: New York Mills, NY

Bud's Auto Electric: Electrical Service & Parts, 320 Mohawk Street, Herkimer

Doty's Dairy: Guernsey Milk, "T.B., Blood Tested", Ilion

Ilion Golf Club: Barringer Road, Ilion

Thos. Glammaria: Distributor of Old Shay Ale, Half and Half, Steinhaus Beers, Dobler & Amsterdam, Phoenix Old German, Moffats Ale, 398 So. Ann Street, Little Falls

Parmelee Manufacturing Corp: Manufacturer of Metal Stampings, Frankfort

Clayton J. Applegate and Sons: 102 West Street, Ilion

Wm. Staley: "Freezer Fresh Ice Cream Before Your Eyes", Central Avenue, Ilion

Broad Street Warehouse Corporation: Commercial & Household Storage, 700 Broad Street, Utica

Welch & Mackesey: "Try Our Steaks and Chops - The Best in Town", 129 W. Main St., Herkimer

Wood's Auto Service: Harry Wood, Prop., Firestone, tires, auto supplies, 127 W. Main St., Ilion

The Ilion Sentinel: Printers, Publishers, 19 First Street, Ilion

Dairylea Icea Cream

C.J. Nagle: plumbing, heating, sheet metal work, Herkimer

Herkimer Dry Cleaners: 309 North Main Street, Herkimer

Lincoln Laundry: 1430 Lincoln Avenue, Utica

National Accessories Stores: 10 West Main Street, Ilion

Genesee Club Diners: "Famous For Fine Food", N. Utica, Deerfield Corners, S. Utica, West Shore R.R.

Venezia Pastry Shop: 885 Bleecker Street, Utica

Utica Roller Drome: Archie Wing, Mgr., "Roller Skating Every Evening"

Cahill & Marone Ice Company: 643 Elizabeth Street, Utica

Kerk Guild Inc.: Ellis Avenue, Whiteboro, NY

Marian G.N. Dignon: Scientific Swedish Massage, Medical Gymnastics, Health Baths, Colonic Irrigations, Rooms 106-108 Kemp Building, 250 Genesee Street, Utica

Chancellor Grill: S. Pontoriero, Prop., "The Home of Good Spaghetti", 347 Bleecker Street, Utica

Homer P. Snyder Manufacturing Company, Inc.: Little Falls

Cerullo's Motor Express: "Daily Between Utica & Gloversville", 400 Jay Street, Utica

Jones Service Garage: 710 Court Street, Utica

Sy. J. DePiazza Motor Sales: Hayes All Steel Trailors, Plymouth-DeSoto Sales and Srvice, 26 Flint Ave., Little Falls

Little Falls Wholesale Co.: Little Falls

New Hartford Collision Service: W. Lemponen, J. Miller, Props., 15 Genesee Street, New Hartford, NY

Oneida Charcoal Co.: range and fuel oils, Utica

Skubitz Motor Sales: Chrysler & Plymouth Sales & Service, 635 Main Street, Little Falls

Personal Finance Co. of New York: 187 Genesee St., Utica

Roman Motor Sales: Graham Motor Cars, 17 Campion Road, New Hartford, NY

White Sewing Machine Sales: 135 Blandina Street, Utica

Buffalo Restaurant: 155 E. Main St., Frankfort

Citizen's Supply Co., Inc.: groceries and meats, 2 Otsego Street, Mohawk

Day's Service Station: 411 E. Albany Street, Herkimer

John P. Weber & Sons: Contractors, 829 Oswego, Utica

Haggerty & Van Nort: dealers in Stewart stoves and range burners, 130 Blandina Street, Utica

Newman's Fur Shp: 309-311 James Street, Utica

Krick's Garage: 119 Litchfield Street, Frankfort

Picker's: "The Pick of Fashions", 208 Bleecker St., Utica

Kirk Grill: "Every Day a 35c Special", 106 Blandina Street, Utica

Carpie's: "Come Swing and Sway with Freddie Kay Every Friday and Saturday Night", Mohawk Street, Herkimer

C.L. Fox & Son: General Insurance, Frankfort

Minosh Bros.: Cone Cleaned Coal Weighed by Licensed Weightmasters, no location given

Elite Beauty Salon: 174 Genesee Street, Utica

R.E. Sluyter: Architect, 203 N. Washington St., Herkimer

Mayfair Grill: Marty Tighe, Middleville Road, Herkimer

Burmaster's Garage: Chrysler & Plymouth, Paris Road, Clinton, NY

Fred N. Graves: Funeral Director, Mohawk

Getman Lumber Co.: lumber, doors, shingles, brick, lime, etc., Frankfort

Nathan Myers: "The Little Man With The Big Store, Big Stock and Little Prices", S. Main Street, Herkimer

William G. Roberts: granite and marble monumnets, head stones, markers & corner posts, Mohawk

Ray Diaz: distributor of Clicquot Club Products and Canada Dry Ginger Ale, 1501 Taylor Ave., Utica

Gaffey Motor Sales: Buick & Pontiac, Herkimer

The Whiter Funeral Home, Inc.: C. Borden Seibert, Lic. Mgr., Anna White, Prop., 100 Otsego St., Ilion

F. Bonomo & Co.: importers and wholesale grocers, champage, wines, Utica

George Corrado Milling Company: Manufacturers of Poultry and Dairy Feeds, phone numbers in Frankfort, Little Falls, Herkimer, and Jordanville

C.H. Shoecraft: brass, bronze and aluminum castings, 1177 Kossuth Avenue, Utica

Dineen's Restaurant: 122 W. Albany Street, Herkimer

F.F. Despard, Distributor: distrubutes products of Norton Company, Morse Twist Drill & Machine Company, Union Sandpaper Company and Warren Belting Company, 306 Broad Street, Utica

L.H. Curtis: G. Cusworth, Mgr., trucking and storage, auction sales, 409 LaFayette Street, Utica

Herman R. Smith: licensed real estate broker, 109 Green St. in Herkimer and 8 Bellinger St. in Mohawk

M. Levenson Co.: mixed rags, metals, second hand bags, 12-14 Washington St., Utica

Louie Signs: Mfg. and erectors of neon signs, Utica

Link's: fire extinguishers, electrical appliance repair, antifreeze, 255 Elizabeth Street

Charles E. Haynes & Son: Haynes Dog Feed, Whitesboro, NY

B.L. Wrench: Funeral Director, 100 Main Street, Whitesboro, NY

J.G. Domenick: wholesale fruit and produce, 309 S. Ann Street, Little Falls

Frey & Scott Express: "Utica to Dolgeville"

Utica School of Commerce: W.S. Risinger, Principal, Bank Place, Utica

Utica-Rome Bus Co.: 408 Seneca Street, Utica

Cut Rate Meat Market: 119 E. Albany St., Herkimer

F.A. Wood: Keeshin Motor Express Co., Inc. and Seaboard Freight Lines, Inc., 901 Noyes Street, Utica

Joe Argen Pioneer Suond Car Advertising of Utica, N.Y.: public address systems for rent for dances, large gatherings & bingo parties, 1126 St. Vincent, Utica

W.R. Owen

Walter M. Pfeifer: "Gre-Solvent Cleans Them Clean", 410 South Street, Utica

Florence Beauty Shoppe: 21 W. Main Street, Mohawk

Hughes-French Motor Corporation: George M. Benas, President and Harry S. Benas, Sec'y and Treas., "Utica's Most Modern Garage", 1801 Genesee St., Utica

A. Ullrich & Sons: General Contractors, 1110 Linwood Place, Utica

Schrott Jewelry Store: Herkimer

Ilion Candy Kitchen: James Panarites, Prop., 32 Otsego Street

E.M. Ferguson & Son: coal dealer, On New York Central Lines

Frankie's Grill: Best Italian Pies in Town, Cor. Blandina and Nichols Sts., Utica

M.C. Trucking, Inc.: contract haulers, 1211 Catherine Street, Utica

E.B. Welch Motor Car Co., Inc.: Studebaker sales and service, 1920 Genesee Street, Utica

Crandall's Mill: "Used But Not Misused Furniture and Antiques", 218 Green Street, Herkimer

Palmer J. Watkins: dealer in horses and cattle, West Winfield

J.L. Rose Wrecking Co.: Utica

Golden-White Oil Corp.: distributors of Gulf Petroleum Products, Marcy, NY

F.W. Woolworth Co., Herkimer

R.A. Bennett: Sheet Metal Contractor, Utica

The American Hard Wall Plaster Co.: manufacturer of wall plasters, Mohawk Terminal, E. Main St. at Route 5-S, Mohawk

Hotel Yates: James B. Quinn, Mgr., Utica

Randall Body Works: fender and body repairing, truck lettering, 402 W. Albany St., Herkimer

A.F. Ertman & Son: plumbing and heating, Herkimer

Daniels Service Station: corner Hubbell & Broad Sts., Utica

Wood & Little: J.R. Wood and G.H. Little, General Electric appliances, 154 N. Main Street, Herkimer

The Clark Agency: Mutual Benefit Health & Accident Association, 319-23 Paul Bldg., Utica

McRorie-Sautter Motor Co.: Buicks, 614 Cornelia Street, Utica, used cars at Hotel Martin Garage, corner Elizabeth and Burnet Streets

C.A. Ross: Dodge & Plymouth sales and service, good used cars, garage, 44 West Main Street, Little Falls

Tegy's Bar-B-Q: home made pies, Cary's Corners, Marcy

J.J. Fullem: Public Accountants, 131 Genesee St., Utica

Little Falls Tire & Battery Co.: Willard Rank, Prop., 114 West Main Street, Little Falls

Hotel Utica: Harry E. Mull, Manager

Klossner's Garage: general repairing, 915 Harper Street, Utica

Joseph J. Finnegan: roofing contractor, 56 New Hartford Street, New York Mills, NY

Clayville Garage: formerly M.D. Wenz Motor Sales, Clayville, NY

Wm. Zambon Co.: grocery and meat market, Chadwicks, NY

McCoy Iron Works, Inc.: structural steel and ornamental iron work, Utica

Vito Caruso: groceries, meats, etc., corner Main and Frankfort Sts., Frankfort

C. Leland Carr: Mgr. Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.

Geo. N. Graves: Pharmacist, Mohawk

C.C. Van Tine: "The Leading Magazine and Periodical Store in the City", Whitman's Candies, 330 Genesee St., Utica

Martin Abelove: Utica

Frank M. Johnston: General Contractor, sewers, water works, concrete work, 17 Carlile Avenue, Utica

Abe E. Nathan: Scrap Dealer, 9 St. Joseph St., Utica

Bart J. Ruddy, Inc.: Contractor-Builder, Utica

Dr. C.R. Bennisn: Dentist, 110 Litchfield St., Frankfort

Geo. H. Richards: distributors Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Johnson Seahorse Outboard Motors, 220 Pearl Street, Utica

Jacob Mettelman's Sons: Utica

M.A. Fanelli: General Contractor and Builder, 207 Kossuth Avenue, Utica

Dr. H.T. Golden

A.H. Williams Co., Inc.: Wholesale Drugs & Heavy Chemicals, Utica

Warsaw Wholesale Co., Inc.: wholesale grocers, LaFayette and Fay Streets, Utica

General Herkimer: Herkimer

Eli Cramer Inc.: Schlitz, Stanton, Burke's, Old Topper, Carlings in bottles, 21-23 Whitesboro Street, Utica

Mohawk Valley Fuel Co.: Delco Oil Burners & Stokers, 516 Potter Avenue and 107 LaFayette Street, Utica

Dr. F.E. Young

Tony's Restaurant: "Dine and Dance", W. Smith Street, Herkimer

Max D. Zintsmaster: Real Estate and Photography, Herkimer

Harold Jarvis, Dr.: Pharmacist, corner Main and South Otsego Streets, Mohawk

Star Alleys: no location given

C. & S. Motor Sales: J.A. Carbone, Mgr., Graham & Studebaker Sales & Service, 1216 Bleecker Street, Utica

Engles Equipment Co., Inc.: 1200 Broad Street, Utica

L.G. Sacco Garage: auto repair, day and night towing, 616 Mary Street, Utica

Russell T. Rhoades and Company: Photographic Specialists, 106 Liberty Street, Utica

F.B. Kostor: furniture, carpets, linoleum, stoves, sewing machines, radios, 1105 Lincoln Avenue and 1104 Hart Street

Mohawk Valley Bottling Works: manufacturers of carbonated beverages, distributors of West End Beers, 357-359 King Street, Herkimer

Louis Schermer: blue coal, Herkimer and Mohawk

The Kopel Hotel: Chas. Kopel, 120 Liberty St.

Western Auto Associate Store: Floyd Lonis, Owner, 272 N. Main Street, Herkimer

R.E. Giglotti Motor Sales: guaranteed used cars, 417 Columbia Street, Utica

Hudson-Bartlett Tile and Marble Co.: 1304 Broad Street, Utica

New National Diner: Herkimer

Quackenbush Auto Parts: standard brand replacement parts, 234 Mohawk Street, Herkimer

John's Fruit Market: also hard wood, 105 Mohawk Street, Herkimer

M. Lurie & Co., women's wearing apparel, Herkimer

Manikas Coffee Shops: Herkimer and Mohawk

Frank's Diner: 440 Mohawk Street, Herkimer

Fazio's Market & Delicatessen: 227-229 S. Main Street, Herkimer

Empire Waste & Metal Corp.: I Beams, Channels, Band Iron Reinforcements, etc., Third Avenue & Catherine Street, Utica

Tripp's Liquor Store: 1024 Whitesboro St., Utica

Bartnick's Garage: day and night towing, 626 Oriskany, West, Utica

De Rosa Heating Company: A. De Rosa, Air Condition Engineers and Heating Contractors, 103 De Rosa Bldg., 666 Bleecker St., Utica

Wood, Rasbach & Forrest: Civil Engineers and Surveyors, Herkimer National Bank Bldg., Herkimer

Oneida Square Service, Inc.: Wrecking & Tow Car Service, Truax AAA Garage, Oneida Square, Utica

Frey's: "For Every Photographic Need", 247 Genesee Street, Utica

Bennett's Grill: "Barbeque Our Specialty", On Route 5-S, R.F.D. 2, Frankfort

Wall's Auto Parts Co.: "We Buy and Sell Used, Wrecked and Burned Cars", 421-425 Whitesboro St., Utica

Marotta Plumbing & Heating Co.: 669 Catherine St., Utica

Peck's Upholstery: 15 West Main Street, Mohawk

B. & R. Trucking: local and long distance hauling, 131 E. Broad Street, Utica

Langdon & Hughes Construction Co.: 246 Elizabeth Street

Wolfe News Service: 229 Elizabeth Street, Utica

Freeman's Club Soda: Freeman's Alkalized Ginger Ale, Tam O'Shanter Ale and Lager, West End Ale and Beer

Utica Farm Supply Co., Inc.: farm implements, repairs, Riverside Drive on Rome Road, Marcy, NY

Berger's: Columbia-LaFayette, at Cornelia, Utica

Hilsn & Son Costumers: Mfgs. of Uniforms for School Bands, Orchestras, Lodges, etc., 80 Genesee Street, Utica

Lanning and Folts: Plymouth-DeSoto, 225 Main Street, Herkimer

P. McGouth Sons: Coal-Coke, 631 Broad St., Utica

Nick Laino Sons Inc.: 514 Broad Street, Utica

Utica Butter & Egg Co., Inc.: Winfield Butter, Ubeco Roll Butter, Honor Brand Frosted Foods

Hotel Pershing: Utica

Langes Restaurant: 600 Columbia Street, Utica

R.L. Richards: motor freight lines, 1200 Broad St., Utica

Dutton's Liquor Store: 260 N. Main Street, Herkimer

Economy Hat Shop: 41 First Street, Ilion

McBride's Upholstering & Supply Company: Alexander Smith's Rugs, slips covers, draperies made to order, 1401-1403 Sunset Avenue

Riverside Riding & Boarding Stable: Frank Marsh, Prop., "Riding Lessons Given Afternoon and Evening", 416 Riverside Drive

Paramount Coal Co.: 1308 Conkling Ave.

Weir's Wheel Works, Inc.: "We Repair Wire, Wood & Disk Wheels", 409 Blandina Street, Utica

Palmer House: J.P. Hyde, Proprietor, Herkimer

Thomas Mairs: distributor of Kendall Oil Products, New Hartford, NY

C.A. Durr Packing Co.: Durr's Mohawk Valley Meat Products, Utica

Chambers & Cook's Restaurant: Mohawk

Wm. P. Donlon & Co.: location not given

A.A. John Danella & Sons: Furriers, 408-410 James Street, Utica

Ralph G. Metzger: plumbing and heating, 422 Mohawk Street, Herkimer

Eastern Rock Products, Inc.: builders supplies, Sterling Creek Plant on Route 5

Charles Millar & Son Co.: Petro Oils Burners - Coal Stokers, railroads, water works, mills and factories

J.B. Wells & Son: Ray Morton, Hommer Electric Cleaner sales and service, 195 Genesee Street, Ilion

General Ice Cream Corporation: 610 Lansing Street, Utica

Wurzbacher's Bakery: "Crust O Gold Bread", Frankfort and Ilion

Utica Brass Works Incorporated: lighting fixtures, fireplace equipment, plating

Prospect Hotel: 200 N. Prospect Street, Opposite Post Office, Herkimer

Utica Structural Steel, Inc.: 2104 Dwyer Avenue, Utica

M.K. Welding & Brazing Co.: welders, 507 Milgate St., Utica

Dawes & Judkins, Inc.: rugs, carpets, linoleums, 710 Charlotte Street, Utica

Smyth-Despard Company: leather belting, mill supplies

Thomas Danella: Furrier, 274 Genesee Street near Telephone Building, Utica

New Hermitage Restaurant: steaks, chops, seafood, 46-48 Genesee Street, Two Doors Above Yates Hotel, Utica

Gorea's Motor Express, Inc.: daily service to Albany, Utica, Syracuse

Baggs Sq. Garage: Roy Kull, 30 passenger white bus for charter, 7 Division St., Utica

Lincoln Heat Conditioning Corp.: 106 Whitesboro Street, Utica

F.J. Pelaw: Piano, furniture moving, trucking, 1223 Erie Street, Utica

Child's Grocer: 1200 Brinckerhoff Avenue, Utica

Eleanor Clinton's Shop: smart clothes for miss and junior miss, 247 Genesee Street, Utica

George N. Debejian: oriental rugs, 268 Genesee Street, Utica

Joe Demme: groceries and meats, Corner Lansing & Albany Streets, Utica

Jacobus' Dance Studio: Oneida Square, Utica

Utica Flag & Decorating Co.: 703 Elizabeth St., Utica

Pulver Roofing Co.: W.L. Owens, Roofing Contractors, 1414 Erie Street

Watford Drug Co., Inc.: 202 Genesee Street, Utica

Marron Bros. Garage: 641 Elizabeth Street, Utica

New Lincoln Restaurant: Italian Cooking, 555 Bleecker Street, Utica

Guy Costa's: Italian Food, 619 Bleecker Street

Kreimeyer Kennels: Puppies, All Popular Breeds For Sale, since 1927, boarding, clipping, grown dogs, 2110 Broad Street, Utica

Elwood R. Maguire, D.D.S.: Herkimer

P.J. Dinneen: clothing, shoes, hats, Herkimer

LaPorte Hotel: chicken dinner 25c, spaghetti with meat ball or sausage, 15c, 302 Turner Street, Utica

Utica Plumbing Supply Corp.: 332 LaFayette St., Utica

Haynes Food Shop: Bakery and Cafeteria, 111 Park Avenue - Street Opposite Theatre, Herkimer

Lanzi Bros: Rapid Shoe Repairing, "The Home of Invisible Half Soling", 213 South Main Street, Herkimer

Sunshine Restaurant: "Just a Good Eating Place For Ladies and Gents", 212 S. Main St., Herkimer

Helena Beauty Shop: 131 N. Main Street, Herkimer

Coriale-Flowers: "Say It With Flowers - Be Sure They Are Ours", 707 Bleecker St. Foot of Albany St., Utica

Cogovan's Bakery: 118 W. Albany Street, Herkimer

M. Friedman's Auto Parts Co.: used and wrecked cars, Broadway and Oriskany St., Utica

Dr. Alvan D. Wagner: Osteopathic Physician, 126 Park Avenue, Herkimer

Bove's Grill: dining and dancing, 104 Oriskany West, Utica

S. Ciocca Glass Company, Inc.: wholesale mirrors, plate and window glass, Zouri metal store front construction, Utica

Rocco Fiore: groceries, Oriskany, NY

Malone's Restaurant: "Just Like The Good Old Days", 1034 Bleecker Street, Corner Jefferson Avenue, Utica

Goldstone Brothers: "Home of Stein-Bloch Clothing", 243-245 Bleecker Street, Utica

Lindsey's Grill: "Meet Your Friends in Whitesboro at -", 101 Main Street

Pearl's Service: general repairing, Corner Square Street and Conkling Avenue, Utica

Lido Restaurant: "Lido Special - tenderloin steak, F.F. potatoes, mushrooms, slice tomatoes - 35c", 104 Genesee St., Utica

Krohngold Coal Company: range & fuel oil, coal & coke, 910 South Street, Utica

Direen's: "Music by Stan's Merrymakers", now at the old location - Yorkville

Burgess Oil Heating Corp.: Leland Avenue & Mohawk River, Utica

Spath Bros.: Oriskany and Schuyler Streets, Utica

Evans & Sons, Inc.: diamond merchants, jewelers, silversmiths, 234 Genesee Street, Utica, Sign of the Clock, Opposite Savings Bank

The New Hunt's Point Diner: 622 Charlotte St., Utica, Opposite Court House and Elk's Home

Gumina The Florist: "The East Utica's Leading Florist", 624 1/2 Bleecker Street, Utica

Frank T. Howard Co.: Women's Apparel, 231 Genesee Street, Utica

Hotel Placid Restaurant: booths, Corner Kossouth & Broad Street, Utica

Merton S. Harter: electric shop, 109 Park Avenue, Herkimer

Central N.Y. Optical Co.: 250 Genesee Street, Utic

Eckert's Restaurant: 327 Columbia Street, Utica

Palace Bowling Alleys: 167 Genesee Street, Utica

Gigliotti: washers, ironers, vacuum cleaners, 1143 Mohawk Street, Utica

Riverside Club: dine and dance, 3 Miles From Utica On Route 49

Pete's Restaurant: American and Italian Dishes, 221 South Street, Utica

Scientific Welding Co.: W.J. Lorenz, Manager, acetyline and electric welding, 404 Varick St., Utica

Alberico & Funicello: wholesale grocers, 774-776-778 Bleecker St. and 500-502 Hubbell St., Utica

Justin J.B. List: general insurance, real estate, property management, Room No. 8, Union Block, Frankfort

Stern's Apparel Shoppe: ladies and children's, 210 S. Main Street, Herkimer

South Utica Service: Tydol Gasoline, Veedol Motor Oils, 2639 Genesee Street, Utica

Sitrin Bros, Inc.: truck parts yard, 456 Whitesboro Street, Utica

H.G. Hatfield Electric Corp.: electrical contracting, 28 Bank Place, Utica

Doyle-Knower Co.: "Feminine Wearables", Utica

The Beckwith Shop: 105-107 East Main Street, Frankfort

Flemma Bros.: "We Sell Shoes", Utica

Modern Furniture Store: Albert Farewege, Prop., 608 South Street, Utica

Glen M. Peplinski: radio and electrical service, 3 N. Otsego St., Mohawk

Samuel Heller, Pod. G.: chiropodist-podiatrist, Herkimer

People's Express: moving, freight and baggage transfer, 737 Lansing St., Utic

Michale Mazzei: jobber and tailor supplies, 712 Charlotte Street, Utica

Nick De Rosa: "The Radio Repair Man", 608 Kossuth Ave., Utica

W.D. Foster: used furniture bought and sold, trucking and moving, 801 Columbia St., Utica

Joseph A. Baz: wholesale groceries, eggs, cheese, 106-110 Hotel Street, Utica

Rogers Alleys: Nick Stiefvater, Prop., bowling, next to Hotel Martin, Utica

Castle Restaurant: 1901 Broad St., Utica

Pauline's Beauty Shop: "We Specialize in Beauty Culture", 206 N. Main St., Herkimer

Tri-State Overall Supply, Inc.: 1634 Lincoln Ave., Utica

Miller Electrical Co., Inc.: "Everything Electrical", 11 Hopper St., Utica

L.A. Moore & Co., Inc.: exterminating, fumigating, 7-9-11 Broad Street, Utica

Luebbert's Hof-Brau: food and beverages, 512 Charlotte Street, Utica

Les Gaughran: starter and generator service, 1046 Erie Street, Utica

Bringe & Evans Music Store: sheet music, instruments, Cor. Columbia and Washington Sts., Utica

The Paradise Flower Shop: Cor. Kossuth & Bleecker St., Utica

International Diner: A. Maratos, Prop., quick service lunch, 2163 Broad Street, Cor. Turner, Utica

Louis, the Hairdresser, Inc.: 230 Genesee Street, Utica

Densen Company: sheet metal contractors, 124 Broadway, Utica

Economy Home Appliance Co.: Gerald J. Arlott, Mgr., G.E., Hotpoint, 800 Bleecker Street, Cor. Hubbell St., Utica

Texaco Service Station: Frank Vassallo, Mgr., Simonizing, Marfak Lubrication, Route 5-S at Turner Street, Utica

Phil's Grill: Philip Gaetano, Prop., Cor. Mohawk & Catherine Sts., Utica

Rocks Tire & Battery Service: Seiberling Two Tread Tires, 410 Broadway, Utica

Utica Club: "The Famous Utica Beer", distributed by V. Lasowski, Hekrimer

Bride and Dillon: 606 Broadway, Utica

Richfield Oil Corporation of New York: Utica Termina, Wurz Avenue

Mohawk Metal Products Co.: sheet metal specialists, truck tnaks, septic tanks, Division of Mohawk Asphalt Heater Co.

The Best Garage: Blue Sunoco Motor Fuel, Ilion, Herkimer, Frankfort, North Ilion

Utica Bakers Exchange: "Eat More Bread for Extra Vitality", Bond Bakers, Wind's Bakery, Wonder Bakers, Kleen Maid Bakers

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