Diary of William R. Wallace, pages 49-60

"The Wallace/Netherway Family Papers: A Collection 1857-1866"

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The following pages are taken in the order that they appear in a small diary/notebook that was kept by William R. Wallace. Some notations are just names & addresses, some are notations of events, some are lists of accounts, etc. I have transcribed each entry as it appears on a page, with a space between notations to denote the new entry.

In notebook of Clara W. Overton, I found the following information: W. R. Wallace, age 23, enrolled May 1, 1861, 34th Regiment, NYV, Company C, as a 1st Sergeant; Mustered out June 30, 1863, as 1st Lieutenant, Company D; subsequent service in the 186th Infantry; also, 2nd Vet. Cavalry, mustered in Dec. 10, 1863, as a Captain, Company K; wounded at Petersburg, VA April 2, 1865; mustered out June 2, 1865.

Wm R. Wallace, Capt, Co K, 186 Regt, N.Y. Vol., Ohio, Herkimer Co., N.Y.
Wm. R. Wallace, Ohio, Herkimer County, New York, September 23rd, 1863

Thomas Corcoran
224 9th St.
N.Y. City
in care of Thos. Doyl

John Wallace
130 Prospect St.
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Col. LaDews company mustered at Albany, Sept. 9th, 1864, by Luit Reed. 4th Artillery USA
Date of order from Gov. Semore to muster the officers of Company, Sept. 14th, 1864

M. A. Wallace
Chautaugua Co., N.Y.
In care of Geo Chace

Aug. 1864
Money giving to Mary A. W(allace)
Aug.  Gaters &   $4.50
  "  "5.00

John J. Corcoran      Dr
Aug 14  Bond & c       6.50
Sept 20Paid6.00

Peter Wallace      Dr
Aug 14   Bond & R.R. fair  9.00
Oct 4, 1864 Paid $10.

W. J. Lyons 7 Bro, Swords & Pistols, 300 Broadway, N.York
Infantry swords steel scabberds $15.

To Lun (or Len) Fuller or Wm. Thompson, Little Falls. E. M. Fuller

City Point, Va., Oct 4, 1864. Recd from Co K by the hand of Wm. Johnson $49. to buy swords for the officers of Co K. 186th N.Y. Vols

Capt. Wm. R. Wallace mustered Sept 28th, 1864 at Harts Island, N.Y. H. by Lt. Dulan, U.S.A.

Oct Received from Wm. Johnson one dollar to be added to money for swords.

Oct 6th 1864
List of articles drawn from QM
36 shelter tents2 shirts
18 knifes & forks8 pr shoes
10 cups1 pr. pants
8 spoons7 pr socks
14 plates2 pr drawers
2 axes1 pr shirt
1 clothing book6 camp kettles
1 descriptive book10 mess pans
1 morning report book65 ball screw
1 company order report book25 Rinches
4 rubber blankets80 Letter K
1 dress coats90 sets of Figure Ks
2 pr pants9 camp hatchets
2 pr drawers 
6 axes12 knifes & forks
10 cups10 plates
10 spoons57 rubber blankets
2 shelter tents6 shirts
6 pr. stockings6 pr shoes
5 quire of paper2 bunches invelopes
1 stick office taper1 stick sealing wax

Oct Judson P. Legg
  "Dr.   2.00
Nov.Cr.    .10
Dec 1st Cash  Dr.    1.00

Carried forward on another page

Oct 25 Peter Blough
Cash  Cr. 25.00
  "Dr.  1.00
Feb. 28  Cr Cash 24.00 Paid in full

Oct 25 B. C. (B. G.) Hall
Dec. 19 Cash  Dr.5.00
to Curtis  15.00
Jan 23 Cash  2.00
March 3rd Cash 13.00    Paid in full

Dec. 29thDr to CurtisOct. 25    Lileybridge
Cash    Cr20.00
order on sutler  2.00
Feb. 28    Cash18.00  Paid in full

Oct 20, Turned over to Capt. Squares six Springfield Muskets & equipments compliet.
Oct 20, Turned over one overcoat to Capt. McWare (crossed out and wrote) Swan.
Oct 20, Turned over to Dr. Baily one over coat.

Oct 26, Turned over to Q Master for transportation, 3 Muskets & equipment complete.
Oct. 29, 1864. Sergt. David Winnie reduced to the ranks.

List of men deserted from Co. K, 186th Regt., N.Y. Vol.:
Bank, JohnN.Y. CitySept 28th, ‘4 Miller, John""
Ellis, Henry"" McDearmott, Michael"
Ewing, Samuel"" McGuire, James "
Fullmer, Theodore" " Philbrook, Joseph "
Huber, John "" Gilyam, James  "
Lamb, DustinCity Point, Va.    Oct. 3 Stormes, George "
McKay, AlphaN. Y. CitySept 28 Murphy, James "

Leiut Legg & Morse mustered Oct. 1st, 1864 at City Point, Va., by Capt. Chester. Date of Commission, Oct 1st, 64.

List of men sent to Genl Hospital from Co. K, 186 N.Y. Vol.
Capt. HarperOct 20th 64Snyder, MorganOct 19
In    Johnithon AlbronOct. 26John McLeonOct 23
Olevar ClaytonOct. 3x   Samuel SmithOct 19   x
Fuller Edward M.   Oct. 15Willoughby, L.Oct 3
Irvany KingOct 26L. H. Van Huzan   Oct 19
Luther MorrisOct 19

Nov. 1st 1864 Elisha P. Comstock promoted from Corpl to Sergt.
Nov. 1st 1864, Fredrick Loveland promoted from Private to Corpl.

Oct. 31, Lt. Legg officer of the Guard
Nov.13, Lt. Morse officer of the Guard.

October 1864 Paid to mess
Grous & oysters2.50
Nov 1   one candel  .15
  "    12 Cash10.00
  "    20   "10.00
Dec 16 Cash1.00
Dec 19 Cash10.00
  "    21   "5.00

Oct. 28th, Benjamin C. Hall commenced to cook for Officers Mess.
Oct. 28th, Went into camp at Pebble Farm, Va.

Nov. 2nd, Weather warm & dry

Oct 31st, Built chimley in Quarters.

Nov. 3rd, 1864, Alonza Willoughby returned to Co. from Hospital.

Nov. 2nd, 64, Leiut Herring officer of the Guard.

Nov 4, Detailed on Regamentail Court Marcheal (Martial).
Lt. Dates & Ludd on same duty.

Nov 5 from Q.M.
2 Tents1 flag (marker)
4 blankets W1 sash   1st Sergt
4 caps2 Shevrons   "
8 pr. Stockings8    "   Corpl.
2 blanket R22 yrds tape Corpl.
32 G coat straps13 ¼ tape       "
l pr pants3 blankets Woolen
l pr shoes

Nov. 7, Non commissioned officers of Co. K. confirmed by order of Col. Bradly Winslow.

Columbian U. S. Gen. Hospital, Oct 31st Leonard VanHusen.

Jermain Luntlot & Squar (Squire?) Lampkin sent to Hospital Nov. 9th, 1864.

Pegram House (Va.)on Nov. 9th, received one uniform coat from Capt. Squares(Squires?)

Nov. 9, Received & wrote a letter to Henry.

Nov.9, Myself off duty, sick.

Nov. 9th, Capt. Squires officer of the Day

Nov. 10th, Capt. McMane, officer of the day.

Pegram House, Va. Nov. 9th, Lieut. Col. Marsh started home on leave of Absince.

Nov. 14, Clear & very cold.

Nov. 15, Samuel Smith returned from Hospital

Nov. 18, On office of the Day.

Nov. 15, Company went on target shoot.

Nov. 8 Sergt Wallace for Guard
Nov. 9 Capt. Noah           "
  "   12 Corpl. Abril          "
       16 Corpl. Warner     "(or Warren)
       18 Sergt. Comstock
       19 Corpl.

Nov. 10 from Q.M.
16 great coat straps
3 shelter tents
1 blouse

Nov. 16th from Q. Master
1 Pants5 canteen
13 shirts6 plates
7 Drawers Pr.12 cups
8 stocking12 knives & forks
4 haversack3 pr shoes
4 blankets W

Nov 16, Received from Capt. McWarne (?), 3 uniform coats.

Nov 17, Sergt. Bullock & Private Brown sent to Hospital.

Nov. 14, Legg for guard

Noc. 18, Recd from Q M, 2 drum heads

Nov. 19, Eathan A. Burton sent to Hospital.

Nov. 21, Lieut Legg detailed to command Co. A by order of Col. Winslow.

Nov. 20, Very heavy rain.

Nov. 23rd, very cold and clear.

Nov. 22nd, Received copy of order, discharging me from 2nd Vet Cavalry, NY Vol. It was dated War department, Apret.(?) Genl. office, Sept. 19th, 1864. Special order No. 308.

Nov. 22, Received a letter & paper from P. Corcoran, 2nd Vet Cavalry.

Nov. 27, Wm. Keenon sent to Genl. Hospital.

Nov. 28, commenced to build winter quarters.

Nov. 28th, very pleasent & quite warm. Wrote a letter to Father.

Nov. 29, order to prepare to march. Have six guns & equipment on hand.

Nov. 29th, turned over to Q.M. for transportation, six muskets & equipment compleat.

Nov. 30, Recd. 6 muskets & equipment from Q.M. which he had for transportation.

Nov. 29, Marched from camp near Pegram House and marched within two miles of Petersburg.

Nov. 30, Benjimen C. Hall started for home of a fifteen days furlough.

Nov. 30, Sent home one Sergt. Sword & belt by Ben Hall.

Nov. 30, Capt. McMullen, Lt. Phelphs, & Morar with 80 men detailed for picket.

Nov. 30, Myself officer of the Day. Lt. Marsh officer of the Guard.

Dec. 1, commenced to build house.

Dec. 4, Sunday. Weather clear and warm.

Dec. 5, Sent discriptive list to Lenard H. VanHusen in care of James Crosby, Surgeon in charge –
Columbian Hospital, Washington, D.C.

Dec. 5, Man shot on picket by accident.

Dec. 5, Weather warm and dry. Got letters from J. Nethaway, Anne.

Dec. 6, 6th Army Corps arrived at this place.

Dec. 7, Went on Picket. Capt. Munger started for home on a leave of absence.

Dec. 8, Chancy B. Hodge sent to hospital.

Dec. 9, Nelson Streeter sent to Guard Supply Train.

Dec.9, ordered to prepare to march. Weather very cold. Sword a little.

Dec. 10, Did not move yet. Snowed about three inches.

Dec. 10, very wet and sloppy. Went Regt & witnessed two men hung for desertion. They belonged to the 179th Regt., N.Y. Vol.

Dec 10, Samuel Smith sent to Hospital.

Dec. 10, Lenard H. VanHusen in Hospital. Received notification from Surgeon.

Dec. 11, from Q.M., 10 Pr. shoes.

Dec. 12, marched out Saturday night on Jeruselam Plank Road. Marched all night, marched 23 miles. Rained very hard. Rested about 6 hours & marched back for camp. Got to camp at 10 oclock Sunday night. Myself nearly tuned out. Men all tuned out. Layed in bed most all day.

Dec. 13, feel some better. Rested out a little. Recd. orders to be ready to march at any moment. Got a negro to work for mess. Warren Hall lost his gun. Fell out did.

Dec 14, from Q.M.
5 caps
4 pr trowsers
32 pr stockings

Dec. 14, in camp, weather warm & plesent.

Dec. 15, Samuel Smith died in Hospital.

Dec. 16, Benjamin C. Hall absent without leave.

Dec. 16, on Picket, Lt. Col. Marsh returned to camp

Dec. 17th, Leut. Legg relieved from duty in Co. A and reported to Co K for duty.

Dec. 17, Leut Morse on picket.

Dec. 19, Received from Dustin Lamb, one hundred & fourty dollars for safe keeping until called for. Returned fifty dollars.
          Dustin Lamb Dr. Cash $2.00

Dec. 19, Lieut. Legg on Picket.

Dec. 19, received two Recruits from Hank (or Hart) Lovland.

Dec. 20, on Picket. Very rainy and cold.

Dec. 18, had tooth extracted. Aches very bad.

Dec. 23, Dustin Lamb Dr. Cash 5.00

(pages torn out)

Oct.Judson P. LeggCr
Oct. 24   Express charges on box4.00
Cash in Albany 100.00
Judson P. Legg  Dr.
Oct. 20Cashl.00
Dec. 19Cash 20.00
Memorial 2.00
Balance paid
Account & balanced & paid to Capt. Legg $86.00, Feb. 26th 1865

Dec. 22. Wm Kieran returned from Hospital.
Dec. 22. Peter Wallace sick with sore throat. Sent to hospital Dec. 24th.
Dec. 28. Weather very cold. Tooth ache all night.

Dec. 19. Bought watch of A. C. Fields. Payed him twenty five dollars in cash and an order on the Paymaster for twenty one dollars.
Dec. 19. Weather rainey.
Dec. 19. Paid Judson P. Legg twenty dollars in Cash.
Dec.       Dustin Lamb    Dr.
              Cash  $2.00
* weather inclement

Dec. 28. Went to 2nd Div. Hospital to see Peter. found him getting well.
Dec. 23. Ben C. Hall returned to Company. (he had "x’s" on each side of notation)
Dec. 24. Lieut. Legg recd. express box.
Dec. 29. Judson P. Legg promoted to Capt., Co. A to Rank from Nov. 30, 1864.

Dec. 28. Dustin Lamb    Dr.
              Cash  $5.00
Dec. 26. Sent to Willie $10.00
   "     Weather cold
Dec. 29. Wrote letter to Capt. Corcoran.
Dec. 29. Weather cold
Dec. 30. Capt. Legg not well. Staid in his quarters all day.
Dec. 30. Lt. Morse officer of the day & Guard.

Dec. 29. Received invoices from Col. Marsh for ordnance. Gave him my Recpt & c. the transfer to date from Oct. 3rd 1864.
Dec. 29. Paid to Sergt. Curtise, five dollars for Ben Hall.
Dec. 30. Wrote letter to LaDew
Dec. 31. Dustin Lamb    Dr
              Cash (cram)  $10.00
Recd. letter from home

Dec. 22. Let Sergt. Wallace have Cash 5.00
Dec. 22. Wrote letter home
Dec. 22. To John Corcoran
              Cash   l.00
Jan. 7. Capt. Legg received his Commission
Jan. 9th. Received letter from Lib N., Mary A. N. is maried to a man by name Livingston Lawyer, of Albany. (is his name Livingston Lawyer, or is it Livingston, a lawyer from Albany?)

Jan. 10. Commenced to rain last night & rained all day very hard. Weather warm.
Jan. 6. Oliver Clayton returned from hospital and is in good health.
Jan. 10. Heard from Peter. He is getting well.

Dec. 29. Sergt. Joal Curtiss recd. fourlough (furlough) for fifteen days.
Dec. 29. E. A. Burton returned from hospital.

Jan. 5. Wm. Runan Court martialed & fined $10. & to let straddle of a pole seven feet from the ground four hours a day for two days. The above to be entered on next pay roll.
Jan. 8. Dustin Lamb   Dr.
              Cash 5.00
Cr cash   5.00
0 00

Jan. 2. John Davison sent hospital.
Jan. 11. Luit. Morse on Picket.
   "         I am detached for tomorrow.
Jan. 12. Went on picket. Weather fine & beautiful.
Jan. 12. Peter made me a visit from hospital and will return tomorrow.
Jan. 13. Dustin Lamb   Dr.
              Cram Cash 8.00

Jan. 13. Johnathan Albro returned from hospital.
Jan. 17. Sent decriptive list to Jermain Turttot (Tuntlot?)
Jan. 20. Sergt. Wallace treturned from hospital. Sergt Wallace look very bad.
Jan. 23. Capt. McWain has a leave of absence for 20 days.

Jan. 23. Rain very hard but quite warm.
Jan. 26. Jermain Turtlot (?) returned from hospital.
Jan. 24. Wm. Brown returned from Hospital.
Jan. 27. Detailed for Brigade officer of the day.

Jan. 28. Weather very cold.
Jan. 28. Dr. Turtlot is on a visit to Co. K. He is stopping with me.
Jan. 28. Bought a new hat.   $6.50.
Jan. 28. Received memorials of Co. K.
Jan. 28. Recd letters from Corcoran & P. Brinnan.

Jan. 28. Wrote letter to Father & to Fallen & Co.
Jan. 28. Lieut Morse promoted to 1st Lieut., Co. K, 186.
Jan. 28. Lieut Morse detailed on picket.
Jan. 28. Lt. Morse made application for leave of absence. Weather plesant.
Jan. 29. Dustin Lamb    Dr.

Jan. 27. Lieut. Morse got leave of absence for 15 days.
Jan. 29. Dr. Turtlot started for home.
Jan. 31. Sent home by Lt. Morse, 1 canteen, 1 haversack, 2 shirts, 1 vest.
Jan. 31. Lt. Brown reported to Co. K. for duty.
Feb. 1. Capt. Legg moved to his new quarters.
Feb. 2. Plesent & warm.
Feb. 1. Lewy Tarhall (or Larhall) called on me today.
Feb. 2. Received a letter from Gardener Hinckley
Feb. 2. D. Lamb    Dr.
              Cash cram11.00

Feb. 5. Drawed ordnance stores from Col. Winslow.
              1 S rollers kit
4 Cap pouches
2 bayonet scabbards
1 waist belt & plate
1 gun sling
1 cartridge box
Feb. 5. Received orders to be ready to march in a moments notice.

Feb. 4. Dustin Lamb sent to hospital.
Feb. 5. 7 o’clock P.M, heavy firing on the left. All ready to move.
Feg. 16. Dustin Lamb died in 2nd Div. 9th Corps hospital of Dierrheor.
Feb. 9. Detailed as Brigade officer of the day.

Feb. 9. Weather cold & plesent.
Feb. 8. Lt. Mathers got leave of absence.
Feb. 8. Received from Lt. Morse, Cash $20.00.
Feb. 2. Took out of Lt. Morses letter 5.00.
Feb. 13. Sent E. M. Fuller descriptive list to Lt. Coats. Emery hospital, Washington.

Feb. 16. David Nimric returned from fourlough (furlough).
Feb. 16. Lieut Morse absent without leave.
Feb. 18. On Brig. officer of the Day.
Feb. 16. Regiment paid off by Maj. Young.

March 2. Sent to hospital for certificate for Jarman Turtlot & Wm. Brown.
----           Paid Fuller & Co. for Co. memorial $72.00 March 1, 1865.
March 1. Mr. S. B. Legg on a visit to this Regt.

March 3. Wrote letters to Capt. Corcoran, to Pat Corcoran, & to Capt. Sanford.
---           Lieut. Morse arrived at camp Feb. 23rd.
March 7. Brig. Officer of the Day.

March 8. Sent Father $10.00
March 8. Sent to Jane W. N. $1.(his sister, Jane Wallace Netherway)

Company K, 186 Reg Eng.
Nov. 18 Wrote letter to QMaster Genl officer for blanks.
  "        Also same date wrote to ordnance office for book of Instruc(tions) and blanks.
Nov. 19. Sent my monthly returns of Camp & garison equipage to QM Gen. for the month of October.

Nov. 25. Received paper & blank with book of instructions from Quartermaster & ordnance office. Sent my receipt to Ordnance office for book & blanks.
Nov. 28. Sent clothing roll to Q.M. Gen office for the month of October.
Dec. 18. Sent my monthly return of clothing, camp, & garrison equipage for the month of November ’64

Dec. 20. Sent monthly clothing to Quartermaster Genls office for the month of November 1864.
Jan. 4, ’65. Sent my monthly return of camp & garrison equipage & clothing roll to quartermaster Generals office for the month of December 1864.
Jan. 31, 1865. Sent my monthly return to Q.M. Genl. for January 1865.

(Many pages, believe they were blank, were cut out of book)

Nellie Nethaway
David Nethaway

Oct. 3. Company K, 186 NYV, Private Dustin Lamb deserted with armes & eccouterments.
Oct. 20. Turned over to Capt. Sqare, six Springfield muskets & equipments compliet.
Oct. 26. Turned over to Regimental QM, three Springfield muskets & equipment compliet.

Oct. 23. John McLeon sent to hospital with Musket & equipments compliet.
Dec. 8. Turned over to Q.M., 6 Spring muskets & equipment complete.
Jan. 10, 1865. Recd. blanks & returned receipt to ordnance office.
-----           Received notice from ordnance department saying that my returns had been sent to 2nd Auditors office asking by what authority I turned over to Capt. Squire 6 muskets & equipage and why I droped 67 casses (cones?) without vouchers.
Feb. 22. Sent to 2nd auditor office the order upon which I turned over to Capt. Squair, muskets & equipment, also explained why I droped 67 cones(?).

Lieut. MorseDr
Jan. 20.  Difference between boots5.00
Jan. 28.Memorial2.00
Jan. 31.Cash5.00
Balance on Mess7.00
$19.00Paid    Settled in full

Lieut. MorseCr.
Feb. 2.  Cash from letter              5.00
Feb. 9.Cash (Johnson)20.00
Balance on Mess23.20
Cr  48.20
Dr  19.00
Balance due Paid29.20
Feb. 25.Paid in full 29.20

American Watch
William Ellery, Boston Mass. No. 108251. United States flag on opening case.
              Wm. R. Wallace, Jan. 1, 1865.
Wallace & Legg Mess Act.
Feb. 11. Pepper & butter   1.50
              Butter & grease   l.05           on Passbook

Dec. 12 Shoes Brought own and charged on Comp. books
              P. Wallace
              J. Glysher
              H. Brinerd
              S. Galuska (Galusha)
              R. Adams
              C. Robberts
              P. Neil
              N. Coles
              C. Getman

Wallace & Legg Mess
Cash (Hall)3.00
1 lb. butter.75

Mess Acct. 1865
Jan 1.Old Acct.1.00Wm. R. Wallace
Jan. 8Cash7.50Ohio
Jan.10.Cash5.00Herkimer County
Jan. 17.Whiskey1.00New York
Jan. 22.Cash2.00
Jan. 23.Cash5.00Capt., Co. K, 186th Regt.
Jan. 25.Cash5.50N. Y. V.
Jan. 28.Potatoes & chicken2.25
Feb. 24.Settled in full

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