"The Wallace/Netherway Family Papers: A Collection 1857-1866"

Transcribed and Compiled by Nancy K. Murphy, Copyright © Sep 1998.

If you find a name in this index that's of interest to you and the page number is between 49 and 60 (inclusive), then refer to the Diary of William R. Wallace, else contact either Lisa Slaski (township section editor) or Nancy K. Murphy(author/compiler) to obtain a full reference.

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Abeel, Ed25, 26
Abeel, Lieut.22, 27
Abril, Corpl.53
Adams, R.60
Albro, Johnathan51, 57
Avery, Mr.8
Baily, Dr.51
Baker, Phillip20
Bank, John51
Becraft, Bill42
Becraft, Freme22, 41, 28, 29
Beeraft, Betsy41
Bennett, Wm.36
Bilsborow, John42
Bilsburow34, 38
Bilsburow, Mr.41
Bilsburrow, Bob17
Blough, Peter50
Boh, Martin33
Boh, Mr.38
Boise, David E.26
Brennan, Mary Ann47
Brennan, Peter47
Brinerd, H.60
Brinnan, P.57
Brown, Lt.46, 58
Brown, Pvt.53
Brown, Wm.57, 58
Bullock, Sergt.53
Bullock, Wallace42
Burton, Eathan A.53, 57
Butler, "Beast"36
Chace, Geo.49
Chester, Capt.51
Clayton, Oliver51, 56
Coles, N.60
Comstock, Elisha P.51
Comstock, Sergt.53
Conell/Cavell, Leut.35
Conklin, Morris33
Coppernoll, Jim2
Corcoran, Capt.7, 13, 56, 58
Corcoran, Capt.Murry5
Corcoran, John46, 56
Corcoran, John J.49
Corcoran, Johny42
Corcoran, P.53
Corcoran, Patrick13, 58
Corcoran, Thomas49
Couch, Maj. Genl.14
Crosby, James54
Curtiss, Sergt. Joal56, 57
Dates, Lt.52
Davison, John57
DeForest, Capt. John40
DeForest, Col. J.40
DeForrest, Col.22, 29, 32
DeForrest, Lieut.31
Deverpos, Ike30
Doyl, Thos.49
Dulan, Lt.50
Ellery, William60
Ellis, Henry51
Emery19, 47
Emery farm17
Emery, Lt. Coats58
Emery, Mr.18, 45
Emery, Mr. & Mrs.25, 46
Emery, Mrs.2, 3, 7, 11, 20, 2324, 31, 34, 37, 38, 43
Ewing, Samuel51
Fallen917, 18, 19, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 30, 41, 42, 57
Fallen, Ed9
Fields, A. C.56
Fonda, Andrew J.7
Fonda, J.16
Foster, Gen.16, 29
Foster, Maj. Gen.17
Franks, Mrs.3
Fry, Dr.27
Fuller, E. M.58
Fuller, Edward M.51
Fuller, Len50
Fullmer, Theodore51
Galuska, S.60
Getman, C.60
Gibson, Jas.9
Gibson, Sam21
Gilyam, James51
Glysher, J.60
Gorman, Genl.14
Gray, Bill4
Green, Pat1
Green, Tom1
Griffiths, John11
Halenbeck, I.11
Hall, B. C.50
Hall, Ben56
Hall, Benjamin C.52, 54, 55
Hall, Warren54
Hannahs, Capt.12, 13
Hardenburg, Jim43
Harper, Capt.51
Heekman, Brig. Gen.22
Heekman, Gen.16, 17, 29
Hemstreet Girl33
Hemstreet, John21
Heron, Jack20
Herring, Leiut.52
Hinckley5, 16, 18, 19, 24, 28, 29, 30, 41
Hinckley, Gardener58
Hinckly, Sam17, 40
Hodge, Chancy B.54
Hood, Genl.15
Hoteling, Lorence20
Hoving, Archibald20
Howard, Genl.14
Huber, John51
James, P.16
James, Unknown22
Johnson, Wm.50
Jones, Tom J.9
Jonson, William42
Keenon, Wm.53
Kellog farm17
Kidd, Mary A.2, 3, 5
Kieran, Wm.56
King, Irvany51
LaDew, Col.5, 7, 49
Laflin47, 48
Laflin, Hon. A. A.45
Lamb, D.58
Lamb, Dustin51, 55, 56, 57, 58
Lamb, Pvt. Dustin58
Lampkin, Squire52
Lane, Amanda24
Legg, Capt.58
Legg, Judd43
Legg, Judson P.44, 50, 55, 56
Legg, Lieut.15, 44, 51, 53, 55, 56
Legg, Mr.47
Legg, S. B.58
Lighthall, Mr.7
Livingston, Unknown56
Loveland, Fredrick51
Lovland, Hank/Hart55
Ludd, Lt.52
Lyons, W. J.50
Marsh, Col.56
Marsh, Lieut. Col.52, 55
Marsh, Lt.54
Mathers, Lt.58
Mayor, Miss14
McClellan, Genl.14
McCormick, Mike47
McCormick, Rosy2
McDearmott, Michael51
McGuire, James51
McKay, Alpha51
McLeon, John51
McMane, Capt.52
McMullen, Capt.54
McWain, Capt.57
McWare, Capt.51, 53
Miller, John51
Morris, Luther51
Morse, Arne42, 43
Morse, Lieut.15, 44, 46, 51, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60
Munger, Capt.54
Murphy, James51
Naglee, Gen.17
Neil, P.60
Nethaway, John45
Nethaway, Mr.8
Netherway, Mr. & Mrs.3, 5
Netherway, Nancy3
Nimric, David58
Noah, Capt.53
Ord, Genl.40
Page, Warren9, 42
Paulls, Dick23
Payne, D. W.2
Peck, Richard 1
Phelphs, Lt.54
Philbrook, Joseph51
Post, Major47
Pruyn, James9, 23
Pruyne, Unknown22
Pryne, Jim19, 21
Quack, Sinn2
Radley, Nelse38, 41
Radley, Nelson33
Radly, Mash23
Rathburn, Charly12
Rathburn, T.12
Rathburn, Tom9, 13, 17
Reed, Luit.49
Richardson, Capt.40
Robberts, C.60
Robberts, Tom24
Roulston, Lt. Col.41
Royall7, 18, 32, 37, 46
Runan, Wm.57
Sacket, R.26
Sackett17, 27
Sanford, Capt.58
Semore, Gov.49
Servier, George27
Shaft, Willie42, 43
Smith, Fred12, 13
Smith, Samuel5152, 54, 55
Snyder, Morgan51
Spinolia, Gen.26
Squires, Capt.51, 59
Stormes, George51
Streeter, Nelson54
Sully, Genl. Alferd14
Tarhall, Lewy58
Thomas, Genl.15
Thompson, Wm.50
Thornton, Waterman44
Tryone, Mr.43
Turtlot, Dr.57
Turtlott, Jermain52, 57, 58
VanHusen, Lenard H.52, 54
VanHuzan, L. H.51
Vaughn, L.22
Walker, Mr.13
Wallace, Elen2
Wallace, Mary2, 49
Wallace, P.60
Wallace, Peter42, 49
Walters17, 41, 42,
Walters, J.16
Ward/Word, Mr.41
Ware, Mary A.14
Ware, Willie14
Warner/Warren, Corpl.53
Warner, William N.13
Wilkenson, Ed42
Wilks, Ed24
Williamson, Mr.47
Willoughby, Alonza52
Willoughby, L.51
Winnie, Sergt. David51
Winslow, Col.53, 58
Winslow, Col. Bradly52
Wood, Lt.12, 13
Young, Maj.58

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