"The Wallace/Netherway Family Papers: A Collection 1857-1866"

Transcribed and Compiled by Nancy K. Murphy, Copyright © Sep 1998.

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The following pages contain a collection of letters, a certificate, a diary, and notes that concern the Wallace and Netherway families of Herkimer County, New York. Many years ago, Clara Wallace (Mrs. Grant) Overton, a Herkimer County native who was a published author, collected letters that had been saved by family members. It was inferred that she planned to write a book, or novel, using the letters for background information. However, she passed away before she could complete the project. Her brother, Robert C. Wallace, took the papers to his home in Florida with the intention of "doing something" with them. Nothing was accomplished.

Robert C. Wallace died in Ormond Beach, Florida, in 1974 and his widow, not knowing what to do with them, kept the papers. After Ruth Whitehead Wallace passed away in 1993, the papers came into my hands - a niece by marriage to Robert Wallace. Knowing the historical and genealogical importance of old letters and documents, I felt it imperative to transcribe, compile index and publish the papers so that other interested persons could avail themselves of the information contained therein.

The letters are transcribed chronologically in order that the reader may more readily understand the events as they occurred in the family. In transcribing the papers, I usually used spelling that is current to present-day usage. However, many words were left as spelled originally so that the reader is able to experience for him/herself the pronunciation and spelling used in the mid-1800's. Any comments made by me will be made in Italics and usually placed in parenteses.

Nancy K. Murphy

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