The names of donors to the original Oriskany Monument Fund were abstracted from a longer article by Laura Perkins, our Town of Frankfort Editor and coordinator of the Oswego County NYGenWeb site. Most of those included were citizens of some prominence, such as George A. Hardin ("History of Herkimer County"), Webster Wagner (inventor of the sleeping car), Arphaxed Loomis (local lawyer and judge cited in many of our wills and deeds), and Jeptha R. Simms (antiquarian book dealer and historian/author of the Mohawk Valley).

"The monument was dedicated on August 6, 1884. In a presentation address by John F. Seymour, Chairman of the Committee on Monument, shortly after the centennial celelebration of the Battle of Oriskany in 1877, the Oneida Historial Soc. took measures to buy land, prepare plans, and make contracts for the building of a monument to the memory of General Herkimer and his compatriots who were engaged with him in that battle.

In the same address, another section, "I dare not attempt to mention the names of those whose patriotism and generosity have enabled us to build this monument. They will be found in the records of the Oneida Historical Society. To all we return our sincere thanks; but I am sure I shall be pardoned if I make mention of the late Jeptha R. Simms, of Fort Plain, who, before others had moved in this matter, commenced soliciting dollar subscriptions, and with great pains and many steps gathered one thousand and twenty-four dollars, and paid them over to our treasurer, Mr. Robert S. Williams. A record of the names of the dollar subscribers, with a statement of larger sums, was filed by him in the library of the Historical Society."

The roster of the names on the monument in Oriskany are on the Oneida Co. website, along with a description of the monument, and picture. I even heard from a descendant of the mason."

Laura Perkins
Town of Frankfort Editor
March 2000

Source: Book, "Transactions of the Oneida Historical Society, at Utica, N.Y., 1881 - 1884"
Ellis H. Roberts & Co., Printers, 1885.

Remington Brothers, Ilion, $100.00
Samuel and Robert EARL, Herkimer, $100.00
James SHANAHAN, Tribe's Hill, $100.00
Arphaxed LOOMIS, Little Falls, $50.00
D. H. BURRELL, Little Falls, $50.00
Citizens of Johnstown, $50.00
George A. HARDIN, Little Falls, $25.00
L. CARRYL, Little Falls, $25.00
William SMITH, Little Falls, $25.00

Jeptha R. Simms' Collection.
(Jeptha R. Simms was considered the man of all in the Mohawk Valley most interested in its historic events, as written in another section of this book.)

Webster WAGNER, Canajoharie, $250.00

John H. STARIN, Fultonville, $100.00

Nathan D. WENDELL, Albany, $50.00

Arkell & Smith, Canajoharie, $50.00

Stephen SANFORD, Amsterdam, $50.00

Joseph WHITE, M.D., Canajoharie, $25.00

John F. GRAY, M.D., New York, $25.00

Wm. B. DIEFENDORF, Root, $25.00

John BOWDISH, Rural Grove, $25.00

Davis W. SCHULER, Amsterdam, $10.00

Warner, DeFOREST & Co., Amsterdam, $10.00

Jacob P. FOX, Palatine, $10.00

C. P. SNELL, Palatine, $6.00

Enoch SNELL, St. Johnsville, $5.00

Levi SNELL, Minden, $5.00

Peter P. SNELL, Manheim, $5.00

Simeon SNELL, Marheim, $5.00

Joshua SNELL, Manheim, $5.00

Jehoram SNELL, Manheim, $5.00

Jacob SNELL, Fonda, $5.00

Peter B. SNELL, Palatine, $5.00

Christian SNELL, Palatine, $5.00

Reuben GRAMPS, Palatine, $5.00

Norman TIMMERMAN, Little Falls, $5.00

James SPRAKER, Canajoharie, $5.00

C. W. HUTCHINSON, Utica, $5.00

John WINNING, Fort Plain, $5.00

Adam L. FAILING, Fort Plain, $5.00

John E. LIPE, Fort Plain, $5.00

Catharine DIEFENDORF, Fort Plain, $5.00

Elizabeth DIEFENDORF, Fort Plain, $5.00

William H. DAVIS, Palatine Bridge, $5.00

Gardiner BLOOD, Amsterdam, $5.00

Jas. H. SCHUYLER, Amsterdam, $5.00

David D. CASSIDY, Amsterdam, $5.00

Walter L. VANDERBERGH, Amsterdam, $5.00

James A. MILLER, Amsterdam, $5.00

Gardner & Thomas, Amsterdam, $5.00

John KELLOGG, Amsterdam, $5. 00

George TIMMERMAN, St. Johnsville, $5.00

Alfred DeGRAFF, Fonda, $5. 00

Jeptha R. SIMMS, Fort Plain, $3.50

Azariah SALTSMAN, Palantine, $2.50

Mrs. Christopher REED, Fort Plain, $2.00

Dr. Douglas AYERS, Fort Plain, $2.00

John HAND, Amsterdam, $2.00

Contributors of $1.00 each, of whom about 200 were residents of Montgomery county. The names of nearly all these are given in Mr. Simms' record, preserved in the Society's archives. But as the list is not complete and would occupy much space, it is omitted here. Doubtless many of these contributors would have given a larger sum if requested. ($236.00)

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