Remington Family and Works

Some Misc. Notes

Source:  "History of Herkimer County, N.Y.," F. W. Beers & Co., New York, 1879

C. Remington was born in 1849, in the village of Ilion, where he still resides.  He is employed as book-keeper in the Remington armory office.  His father, Samuel Remington, is president of the Ilion armory and agricultural works. [page 257] [Transcriber's note: C. Remington is Carver Remington]

The Osgood House [page 163]

This hotel was built in 1852 by Eliphalet Remington, on the corner of Main and Otsego streets.  It is a brick structure sixty by ninety feet, with two wings, one twenty-four by forty, the other twenty-two by thirty.  It has three stories, each eleven feet in height.  There are in it fifty sleeping apartments, besides the ordinary rooms pertaining to a first class hotel.  It is supplied with water from a spring on a hill half a mile distant, at a sufficient height to send it to all parts of the house.  A. May kept the house first after its erection.  He was succeeded by Hulburt H. Lyman, William Benchley, P. and J. L. Osgood, J & M. Small, and P. Osgood, the present owner and manager.  It is worthy of remark that this house is what it purports to be - a temperance hotel.

One Last Note

Ilion was called Remington's Corners by its first residents 1830-1843.  At the time of the establishment of its first postoffice in 1843 it was called Fountain for about one year and then was called Remington until sometime around 1865 when it was changed to Ilion.  It is said that Eliphalet Remington was displeased with the village being officially named after him and was pleased with the final name change to Ilion.

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