The Remington Family of Ilion

Basic Family Information

This information was drawn from several history books and some online sources, but it is recognized as probably being an incomplete record!

1.  Eliphalet Remington was born 28 Oct 1793 in Suffield, CT, died 12 Aug 1861 in Ilion, NY, son of Eliphalet Remington [1768-1828] and Elizabeth Kilbourn [1770-1843].  His family moved to Herkimer county about 1800 and his father built a smithy on his farm.  Eliphalet (the son) married Abigail Paddock [1792-1841] and had sons: (1.1.) Philo, (1.2.) Samuel, (1.3.) Eliphalet, jr.

1.1.  Philo Remington was born 31 Oct 1816 and died 4 Apr 1889 at Silver Springs, FL, but resided most of his life in Ilion, NY.  He married Caroline A. Lathrop [1825-1906], of Syracuse and had 2 daughters: Ida R. [married Watson C. Squire]; and Ella [married Howard C. Furman, of New York city].

1.2.  Samuel Remington was born in 1819 and died in 1892.  On 3 Jan 1849 he married Flora Ann Carer [1831-1888] of Winfield.  He had a son, Carver Remington born in 15 Oct 1849 in Ilion (but registered in the town of Winfield vital stats?) and a daughter Jennie Remington born in 1858 [married William Pretyman].

1.3.  Eliphalet Remington was born 12 Nov 1828 and died in 1924.  He married Catherine M. Stevens [1835-1902].  They had three children; Philo; Mrs. W. J. Calder, of Harrisburg, Pa.; and Mrs. T. E. Patterson, of Philadelphia.

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