Remington Sewing Machine

Source:  "History of Herkimer County, N.Y.," F. W. Beers & Co., New York, 1879, pages 164-168

The manufacture of sewing machines was commenced in 1870.  The fact that the fabrication of military arms could not be relied on as a steady business, because in a time of general peace there was little or no demand for these arms, induced the Remingtons to engage in the manufacture of other articles, the demand for which was not thus subject to fluctuations.  When the sale of military arms was slack, a large amount of machinery was necessarily idle, and many skilled mechanics were compelled to seek employment elsewhere.  In the manufacture of sewing machines, much of this machinery and many of these workmen were available.  An additional building was required for the purpose of "assembling" the different parts of the machines, and such a building was erected as soon as its desirability became apparent.  The first machines that were made here were found to work finely in the hands of those who possessed sufficient mechanical skill to keep them in order and adjust them to the various kinds of work which they were required to accomplish; but it was found necessary to simplify these, in order to meet the popular demand for a machine which would do the various kinds of work easily and well without requiring such nice adjustment and skillful oversight.  An evidence that this great desideratum was accomplished is to be found in the fact that their sales steadily increased till they reached one hundred and fifty per day, or  35,000 per year.  Reckoning ten working hours for a day, this is at the rate of fifteen machines per hour or one every four minutes.  These machines have found a market in all parts of the United States, and they have been largely exported.

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