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We sincerely hope that this Ancestor Registry will help you to find new connections!

Please be patient - your surnames will be up within a week to 10 days after receipt of your submission. If your surnames aren't posted please resubmit.

Please be sure to follow these instructions:
1.  Provide only one surname! You may complete this form as many times as you'd like!  
2. Please submit only town of Salisbury surnames!  This Loyalist Registry is for our town of Salisbury researchers to share information.  Until you are sure that your ancestor or his descendants lived within this town please use other appropriate Surname boards, not this one, for your surname submissions!
3.  This form is for submitting surnames only. Please use the GenConnect Query Board accessible from our main page for submitting all Queries!
4.  Long messages won't be accepted! Try to restrict information about your surname to stay within the visual portion of the text area provided in the "Short Message" field to ensure that it will be accepted! To do this you will need to use carriage returns within the field.
5.  All fields must be provided! If a field is not filled in it will not be accepted and we may not contact you to resubmit depending on how busy we are, getting other information online! However, if all fields are filled in we will contact you if there are other problems or questions regarding your submission.
6.  Be Sure to type in your email address correctly! We will have no way to contact you if this item is not filled out correctly and your submission will be automatically rejected! 

If your submission is accepted you will receive an email message in 7 to 10 days testing the address that you have provided below. You will not need to respond unless there is a specific question asked within the message.

Only one per form, but you may include up to 4 variant spellings!
Please use all CAPS for surname.
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Short Message:
At a minimum, include place of residence and time-frame.
You may use "town of Salisbury" if exact place of residence is unknown.
No queries and if the message is too long you will be asked to resubmit!

Note: You will be taken to a screen called MailMerge Gateway to view your entry.
Simply click on your browser's back key and you will return here. 

If for some reason you are unable to submit the form, you may email the information directly to Martha.

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