Source: "History of Herkimer County, New York"

By George A. Hardin and Frank H. Willard
D. Mason & Co., Publishers, 1893, page 317

First Officers of the Town elected at the first town
meeting, April 4, 1797
Supervisor Cornelius Humphrey, esq.
Town Clerk Eliphalet Taylor
Highway Commissioners Jonathan Hallett
William Lee, jr.
Joseph Munson
Assessors Abijah Ford
Samuel Bennet
Johnathan Cole
Overseers of Poor Reynolds Cahoon
Jabez Ayers
Constable and Collector Nathaniel Curtis
Constable Stephen Todd, jr.
School Commissioners Augustus Thorp
Stutley Can
Caleb Bates
Fence Viewers and 
Appraisers of Damages
Eleazer Can
Jabez Tuttle
Joseph Tuttle
Poundmasters Joseph Cahoon
Alexander Ayers
The entire town at that time contained only 13 road districts and one 
overseer [Overseers of Highways] was elected for each district

Town Supervisors 1875 - 1892
earlier years are listed in the Beers history
Leavitt, Ormel 1875-77
Cook, J. J. 1878-79
Loucks, Frank H. 1880-82
Ives, Charles L. 1883-84
Cramer, William H. 1884-86
Eaton, Warren H. 1887-92

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