DATE: 25 Apr 1997

Name: Donna (Johnson) Faucheaux
From: OH (originally)
Comments: I hope everyone finds the person(s) that they are looking for, it's tiresome and sometimes heartbreaking. Don't get discouraged. There's a lot of good people to help you and me.

Name: Tracy J. Placido
E-mail: placido@harborside.com
From: Utica,NY>California>Oregon
Comments: I am a descendant of Jacob SCHUYLER ("the elder" "Jacob of Minaville) and also of Johannes BECKER.

Name: J. Klotz
E- mail: jklotz@iquest.net
From: Indianapolis,IN
Comments: USGENWEB is the absolute source!

Name: James J Fink
E- mail: jjfink@tir.com
From: Corunna, Michigan
Comments: I am researching ancestors and descendents of Andreas FINCK, one of the original patentees of Stone Arabia, New York. Any info would be appreciated, and I would be more than happy to share my findings.

Name: Sheila Wood
E- mail: Gesslr@aol.com
From: Vicksburg, MS
Comments: Your page is a delight! I am searching for more data on gg-grandfather, Jacob Fredrick BELLINGER who moved to Vicksburg, MS in about 1853. I found his children registered in school in that year in Vicksburg.

Name: Clark Jillson
E- mail: Chilkoot98@aol.com
From: Jordan, Onondaga, N.Y.

Name: Rob Vanmeter
E- mail: robster099@aol.com
From: Hanson MA
Comments: Looking for more info on Herkimer diamonds and found your page. Planning a trip to mine in June. Rob

Name: George C. Brockett E-mail: brockett@ntcnet.com
From: Herkimer

DATE: 20 Apr 1997

Name: Barbara (Seeber) Britt
E-mail: bbritt4682@aol.com
From: Atlanta, Georgia
Comments: I think you have done an excellent job of organizing this web page. It is one of my favorite to visit, never mind the fact that half my family originated from these counties. Keep up the great work!!!

Name: Gretchen Farwell
E-mail: gfarwell@facstaff.wisc.edu
From: Madison, WI
Comments: I've just recently discovered that one of my husband's ancestors came from Herkimer County. Does anyone know where the German Flats area is located? George DANIELS family is listed as living there in 1800.

Name: Candice Alguire Hensler
E-mail: OWACF@aol.com
From: prev.: NY; now: Seattle, WA
Comments: I'll be in touch again.

Name: Teri
E-mail: pastor751@greenapple.com
From: Lancaster, OH
Comments: Would like to see address to write for more county information! (Note: we have now labeled our historical societies section better)

Name: Darcia Johnson
E- mail: djohn@netnet.net
From: Wisconsin
Comments: Dandy page. Very easy to read. Informative and also easy to browse!

Name: Terry Bowers
E- mail: NJBowers@aol.com From: Milpitas, CA
Comments: Originally from Ilion, NY

DATE: 13 Apr 1997

Name: Wes VanGraafeiland
E-mail: WesVanG@aol.com
From: Laurel Hill,N.C.

Name: Benny Klock
E- mail: blklock@msn.com
From: Milton, Florida
Comments: Trying to research a KLOCK relative who resided in Montgomery Co in the early to mid 1700's. Johannes H. Klock b. about 1711 and married to Anna Margaretha FOX. I believe Johannes is my gggg-grandfather. Whom may I contact for help? Thanks. I'm a menber of the West Florida Genealogy Society in Pensacola, Fl.

Name: Helen (Fisher) Aponte
E-mail: APONTE1H@aol.com
From: Aurora, CO

Name: Paul Van Dyke
E- mail: pvandyke@pacbell.net
From: Livermore, Ca
Comments: Nice looking site. Glad to have more good info on the net.

DATE: 13 Apr 1997

Name: David Cates
E- mail: dcates@sisna.com
From: Sandy, UT
Comments: Thanks to you folks who host the Gen Web sites!

Name: Beth Waller
E- mail: mbwaller@mega-com.com
From: Park Rapids, MN
Comments: I found 4 generations of RATHBUNs because of my query in Herkimer Co.!!!!

Name: Connie Lautenbach
E-mail: nicklaas@ctaz.com
From: Arizona
Comments: Keep up the good work. Those of us out west have a hard time getting information for this area.

Name: Sue Thompson
E- mail: earlgrey@voyager.net
From: Michigan
Comments: Just searching for some research on "Old Yellow Church". I need info on the marriages, births and deaths recorded in their records. My family came from Herkimer in the mid 1800's to Michigan, but very proud of their Herkimer roots. Would apppreciate info on church or BOYER families. I can share info on Michigan Boyers, too.

Name: Dave Williams
E- mail: cdwillie@sprynet.com
From: Ilion, NY
Website:http://hom e.sprynet.com/sprynet/cdwillie/hershey.htm
Referred By: Via the Grapevine

Name: John Rogers
E- mail: Sunrise555@aol.com
From: Brewerton, NY

Name: Sue Crosby
E- mail: Sucrosby@aol.com
From: Connecticut

Name: David and Lee Ann Felker
E-mail: LFelker45@aol.com
From: Amsterdam,NY

DATE: 8 Apr 1997

Name: Ricardo Barrera
E-mail: ricardoc@earthlink.com
From: L.A.
Comments: ECKLER, ACKLER, ACKLEY family.

Name: Barbara Loucks Vanderhoff
E-mail: BabsLaux@Juno.com
From: NJ now Ga
Comments: Herkimer Co Historical Soc. Newsletter led me to web page. Have LOUCKS, FOX, WILCOX, NICHOLS, LAMPMAN, EMPIE, HESS, etc. in Herk/Montg. Co. Hope this HP will assist me in making contact with others researching same surnames!

Name: Rich Heely
E- mail: richeely@wic.net
From: Colorado

Name: Robert Allen
E- mail: allenre@concentric.net
From: Skokie, IL
Comments: See Rutland Co. Vermont USGenWeb page. It is excellent. Try to get your townships on line. Clinton County NY also has excellent USGenWeb page. You can get census records for 1790,1800,1810, etc. My family lived in St. Johnsville and Fort Plain in the 1840's. Paul VANDERVOORT ALLEN had many children born there. Eventually they migrated to Chicago. I have information on many of their lines.
Note: Robert has brought up some good points. If anyone has material to contribute, would like to volunteer a few hours a month to help improve or maintain our page, or know of a few arms I could twist  [ :-) ] to get more township material, please contact the Coordinator . We have a wish list of materials that we cannot get but you, your library, or a friendly historian you know may have.

DATE: 5 Apr 1997

Name: Kenneth Wood
E- mail: woodman@ihorizons.net
From: Napanee, Ontario, Canada
Comments: I am looking for my ancestors who were cheese makers in Herkimer County. Some of them came to Ontario in the early 1800s.

Name: Raymond Hale
E- mail: haler@panama.pheonix.net
From: Utica, NY
Comments: Looking for :HOAG, ACKLEY, SMITH in Norway (Herkimer Co.) around 1810 -1850. What a great tool the WWW is these days.

Name: Jane Steele Flannery
E-mail: mrsflans@magnum.wpe.com
From: Downsville, NY
Comments: I like your format and look forward to hearing from the queries that are out there.

DATE: 4 Apr 1997

Name: Annette Salsbery
E-mail: asalsber@summon.syr.edu
From: Syracuse, NY

Name: Charles Milbert
E-mail: smilbert@cobweb.net
From: Beaver Falls, PA
Comments: Hi, Just looking around for Van VRANKENs & I like your format. Will check on W. MacKay's querie. Charles.

Name: B. Jaymot
E- mail: bjay@volcano.net
From: Pioneer, CA
Comments: Interesting, but I need more specific information about Warren. Still digging for the elusive ancestor.

Name: Linda Couture
E- mail: Bucky535@aol.com
From: Atlanta, Georgia
Comments: My great-great-great grandfather, Nathan Douglas SMITH, attended Fairfield Medical College.

Name: Theresa Loyd
E- mail: 1gtl3215@unixstex.tstc.edu
From: Waco, Texas
Comments: Just started looking for EDWARDS/ EURONS in the Herkimer County area. No luck yet, but still looking!

Name: Regina Inserra
E- mail: inserrar@nursserv.etsu-tn.edu
From: Johnson City, TN

DATE: 3 Apr 1997

Name: Jeanette Bader Nichols
E-mail: triplej@ix.netcom.com
From: Garland, Texas
Comments: Trying to locate information on BADERs who resided in Mohawk Valley. Came from Germany and eventually ended up in Wyoming. You have a really good page and very informative.

Name: Larry Licari
E- mail: larrl@inficad.com
From: originally-Brooklyn
Comments: So nice to see Herkimer listed. My grandparents lived there for a while. My father and aunt were born there. I visited many years ago beautiful country. I believe my fathers cousins still live in Frankfort (RAPPA). After reading realized I forgot to say they lived on Railroad St. in Frankfort .

Name: Beckie Daniels
E- mail: BJD97@juno.com
From: Kirkland WA
Comments: Working on DANIELS for my husband and PECK for me - found them both in Newport, Herkimer Co in early 1800's! I welcome contact with others working on these lines. Note: The Pecks are in the Honey Hills Golf Course Cemetery (Newport section)!

Name: Sandy Newkirk-Lyle
E-mail: SLyle1@aol.com
From: Trenton, NJ
Website: As many as I can get my hands on!
Comments: I have recently started searching my Genealogy back in November '96 and came accross your website! It's great!!! I have never been in the Montgomery area. I have found the site very informative. I have even found my gg-grandfather on the Civil War page. Keep up the great work!

Name: Charles H. Allen
E-mail: vis_cha@unx1.shsu.edu
From: Huntsville, Walker Co., TX
Comments: This is a great program. We just need to get the word around to all the boards.

Name: Michelle Rickard
E-mail: msrme@u.washington.edu
From: Seattle, WA
Comments: Really interested in your site because the past five years of my research has been with my ancestor, RICKERT, and the Palatine emigration to this area.

DATE: 31 Mar 1997

Name: Charles Hoff
E- mail: choff@jaguar1.usouthal.edu
From: Mobile, AL but originally from Seneca Falls, NY
Comments: My family is from the area around Glen, NY originally. I am trying to establish whether and how I may be descended from Richard HOFF, Sr. I am otherwise descended from the TOLL, CORNU, Van EPS, Van ANTWERP, GROOT, JANSE, RINCKHOUT, and other families of this region. I would like to be put in contact with people who might help me with the Hoff connection.

Name: Ron Burch
E- mail: rburch@museum.nysed.gov
From: NY State Museum

Name: Todd Abeling
E- mail: T_abeling@msn.com
From: Bloomington, IL
Comments: We make a trip once a year to visit relatives and do research in Montgomery County. It's nice to see you have dedicated your time to providing this Web site. Thanks.

Name: Lara Braley
E- mail: labral@ivnet.com
From: Illinois

Name: William Mac Kay
E-mail: none yet
From: New York City
Comments: Browsing. Handsome page(s). Searching for one family, the ROSA's who passed through your county lines about 1819. 223 East 11th Street Apt. GB. NY, NY
10003. Thanks.

Name: Ande Tubbs
E- mail: ggolden1@concentric.net
From: Westmoreland NY
Comments: I am researching the GOLDEN surname. I have gone back to Samuel Lewis Golden born 1857. Looking for more info.

Name: Joan Baker Bakeman
E-mail: j-bakeman@msn.com
From: Bellevue, WA
Comments: Great to find you on-line as I live 3,500 miles away from you-all. Any other Bakers (from R.I.) out there looking for cousins?

Name: Kelly Staruck
E- mail: staruckk@panther.acp.edu
From: Herkimer County!
Comments: Martha & Co.- Wonderful site! Glad you could use part of my page! Note: Kelly wrote the history of Stark essay. Link is on our links page.

Name: Bev Johnson
E- mail: BevLJ@Juno.com
From: Minneapolis MN

Name: David Cook
E- mail: corncook@centuryinter.net
From: Cornell, WI
Website:Livingston County New York GenWeb Page

Name: Linda Bata
E- mail: Lbata@aol.com
From: Davenport, IA

Name: Hayes A. Salsman
E-mail: hshadow@cnetco.com
From: Gallup, NM

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