Herkimer and Montgomery Counties, N.Y.

Published marriage notices - so important for finding elusive maiden names and forgotten spouses, and for DAR application documentation! Do you have one tucked into a scrapbook? Do you have a pre-1930 newspaper that you could type up the maritals from, even if they're not your own relatives? If so, please email them in to the site coordinators.



new4/9/05  Contributed by Hilts researcher Carol Grainger

From the Herkimer Democrat 2-28-1894.

Married in Herkimer on 2-31-1894. The Rev. B.B. Gibbs officiating. Leonard M. Fletcher of Mohawk, NY and Miss Omega Hilts of Herkimer. The bride is the daughter of George W. Hilts.

Herkimer Historical Society note: The Rev. B.B. Gibbs was the pastor of the Herkimer Universalist Church.

new 3/29/05  This group of 9 Hilts marital announcements was contributed by Hilts researcher Carol Grainger! Provided to her by the Herkimer County Historical Society through a paid family search.

Herkimer Democrat 2-24-1869.
Hilts-Harter: At the residence of the bride's father in Herkimer 12-24-1868 by Rev. Wm. Jones.
Wm. F. Hilts & Miss Helen E. Harter, all of Herkimer.

Note: William Franklin, s/o Aaron & Ann Hilts. Helen, d/o James & Lany (Smith) Harter.

Herkimer Democrat 4-10-1895.
Hilts-Ingraham: In Herkimer 3-28-1895 by Rev. John G. Gebhard.
John G. Hilts & Miss Stella A. Ingraham.

Note: It was written John G. but his name was John Charles, son of unknown & Helen Blandena Hilts. John was born in Herkimer, but his mother was born in Oneida County.Stella Amanda, d/o Charles O. & Sarah Ingraham.

Herkimer Democrat 2-14-1866.
Hilts-Lane: At Herkimer Feb 2, 1866 by Rev. J. Petrie.
Andrew Hilts & Miss Harriet E. Lane, all of Herkimer.

Note: Andrew, s/o William G. & Delia (Baldwin) Hilts. Harriet, d/o Benjamin F. & Moriah Lane.

Herkimer Democrat 4-17-1878.
Hilts-Crawford: In Herkimer 4-11-1878 by Rev. W.B. Walker.
Lorenzo Hilts & Miss Libbie Crawford (#2 wife), both of Herkimer.

Note: Lorenzo George, s/o Philip & Mary Jane (Joslyn) Hilts.

Herkimer Democrat 1-11-1860.
Hilts-Hall: In this village 1-5-1860 by Rev. J.M. Hedges (?).
Theodore Hilts & Miss Emily St. A. Hall.

H.J. 4-12-1843.
Hilts-Harter: In this town(Herkimer) 4-2-1843 by Rev. J.P.Spinner.
Christopher Hilts & Miss Mary Harter, all of this town.

Herkimer Democrat 1-8-1868.
Hilts-Cole: In Herkimer 12-30-1867 by Rev. J. Petrie, at his residence.
George H. Hilts & Miss Mary E. Cole (died 24 Jan 1869), all of Herkimer.

Note: George Henry, s/o Christopher and Mary (Harter) Hilts.

Herkimer Democrat 1-4-1871.
Hilts-Christman: At the Waverly House, Herkimer 12-26-1870 by Rev. G.D. Consaul(?).
George Henry Hilts & Miss Alice L. Christman (#2 wife), both of Herkimer.

Note: Alice, s/o John S. & Elizabeth Cristman.

Herkimer Democrat 1-7-1891.
Hilts-Clark: In Herkimer, at the home of the bride on King Street, by Rev. ? S. Bingham 1-1-1891.
Charles J. Hilts & Laura Clark.

new 3/22/05  These 8 marital announcements are among many great new items recently contributed by Hilts family researcher Carol Grainger! Provided to her by the Herkimer County Historical Society.


Herkimer Democrat, 12-7-1898.
Moss-Brown: In Clark's Mills 11-23-1898 at St. Mark's Church.
Alfred Moss-Little Falls, Miss Sadie Brown-Clark's Mills.

Herkimer Citizen, 12-24-1889.
Moss-Tanner: At home of bride's parents 12-18-1889 by Rev. C.C. Edmunds.
Charles Moss and Miss Agnes Tanner.

Note: Agnes was the daughter of Resselaer Smith & Elizabeth (Hilts) Tanner. Elizabeth Hilts was the daughter of Aaron Hilts and his wife Ann.

Herkimer Democrat, 1-8-1868.
Moss-Woolever: In Herkimer 12 -31-1867 by Rev. J. Petrie.
Charles Hesting Moss and Miss Emma Woolever, all of Herkimer.

Herkimer Democrat, 6-4-1873.
Hilts-Nolan: In Auburn, N.Y. 6-1-1873 by Rev. J. H. Harter.
Mr. Philo Hilts and Miss Anna Nolan, all of Auburn.

? Citizen, 3-16-1900.
Hilts-Petrie: At the M.P. parsonage, No. Columbia 3-14-1900 by Rev. M.L. Baker.
Elmer Hilts and Carrie M. Petrie, both of Mohawk.

Source Unknown.
Hilts-Roberts: Holland Patent- St. Luke's Church by Rev. W.C. Prout 6-10-1903. Will reside in Ilion.
Arthur J. Hilts-Ilion and Laura J. Roberts-Holland Patent.

Note: Arthur John Hilts was the son of Philo and Margaret (Rogers) Hilts; grandson of Christopher and Mary (Harter) Hilts.

Herkimer Democrat, 1-16-1889.
In Herkimer 12-22-1888 by Rev. ? S. Bingham.
Schuyler Hilts
Mary Young
of Herkimer

Evening Times
September 2, 1892


About seventy-five guests assembled at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Perry last evening to witness the marriage of their daughter, Clara, to William Roulette of Herkimer. The marriage was solemnized by the Rev. L.J. Dean, under and arch of golden rod. Miss Genevieve Frank acted as flower girl, Miss Josie Davis was maid of honor and Robert Adams acted as best man.

Mrs. D. Eysaman played the wedding march. Among those present from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. Adelbert Perry and sons, Washington Mills, the groom's parents and sister of Herkimer, Mr. and Mrs. Frank and children and Miss Emma Moshier of Utica and John Roulette of Middleville. Mr. and Mrs. Roulette will make their home in this village.

new 3/11/05  3 Arnold family marital announcements contributed by Karen Garber! "Here are a few ARNOLD, BEARD & PAUTH Matrimonial announcements I received after a paid research by Herkimer County Historical Society (HCHS). Miner Pauth & Catherine Arnold are my great grandparents. Addie L. Beard is Catherine's sister. The Gross/Burney couple are not related that I know of. However, the HCHS sent this as well, as my grandparents were the assisting couple. These were transcribed by the HCHS rather than them sending me actual newspaper copies."

Miner Pauth & Catherine C. Arnold
Published September 5, 1895
Evening Times, a New York Newspaper


In this city last evening Miner Pauth and Miss Catherine C. Arnold, both residents of Little Falls, were united in matrimony. The attending couple were Mr. and Mrs. Levi Grose, and the ceremony was performed by the Rev. F. D. Leete, pastor of the Methodist church. The groom and bride have lived here from birth and have many friends who extend their best wishes for a prosperous and happy voyage in life.

George BEARD Jr. & Addie L. ARNOLD
Published 10 March, 1892
Evening Times, a New York newspaper.


George Beard, Jr. and Miss Addie L. Arnold were married at the Baptist parsonage last evening by the Rev. L. J. Dean. Benjamin Beard acted at best man and Miss Hattie Brown was the bridesmaid. Mr. Beard is a promising young man and clerk at Ingham Bros. Store. Miss Arnold is from one of the Little Falls' oldest families and is an esteemed young lady. Mr. and Mrs. Beard's many friends extend best wishes.

Levi Gross & Eva Bella Burney
Published 20 March, 1895
Evening Times, a New York newspaper


At the residence of the bride's parents, 175 Church St., last evening Levi Gross and Miss Eva Bella Burney were united in matrimony by Rev. F. D. Leete. Miner Pauth and Miss Katie Arnold were the assisting couple. After the ceremony a bountiful collation was enjoyed by the company present.

new 3/11/05  9 more marital notices contributed by Arnold Family researcher Karen Garber! "Here is a list of ARNOLD marriage records I received from the Herkimer County Historical Society in May 2002."

Published January 6, 1842
Mohawk Courier

Edward Arnold Jr. m. Christina McChesney, both of Little Falls December 30, 1841.

Published July 9, 1873
Herkimer Democrat

Wm. Arnold of Little Falls m. Helen E. Phillips of Fort Plain June 25, 1873

Published November 22, 1865
Herkimer Democrat

Robert Arnold m. Margaret Hilts, both of Little Falls, in Herkimer.

Note: Married 15, November 1865.

Nellie ARNOLD & Harry LUDWIG

Published April 15, 1891 Herkimer Democrat
a New York newspaper

LUDWIG-ARNOLD- In Little Falls, April 7, 1891, by Rev. L. J. Dean, Mr. Harry Ludwig and Miss Nellie Arnold.

Published July 12, 1901
Herkimer County News

Irving O. Arnold m. Minnie A. Whalen, both of Little Falls, July 10, 1901 in Little Falls.

*****Note: All the Arnold marriages above are related to my Arnold family. All the Arnold's below I'm still attempting to verify and document if they are related or not.

Published January 2, 1884
Herkimer Democrat

David E. Arnold m. Cora Dager, both of Little Falls December 24, 1883 in Little Falls.

Published November 29, 1893
Herkimer Democrat

J. Colfax Arnold of Little Falls m. Florence M. Arnold of Washington in Mohawk September 4, 1893

Published February 22, 1860
Herkimer Democrat

Daniel B. Arnold of Fairfield m. Cordelia M. Churchill of Little Falls February 15, 1860 in Little Falls

Published February 14, 1833
Mohawk Courier

Abel H. Arnold of Little Falls m. Jane Sherman of Newport February 7, 1833

new 1/23/05  8 marital notices from the Canajoharie paper, enhancing our 1870s time period resources, contributed by Rosemary Nadal!

The Radii,
Canajoharie, Thursday, October 15, 1874


PHILLIPS-BLOWERS--At the M.E. Church, in this village, Oct. 13th, by the Rev. G.W. BROWN, Mr. J. BRUMLEY PHILLIPS, and Miss BELIZA BLOWERS, both of Canajoharie.

WHITE-MONK--At the residence of Mrs. SCHMELTZ, Oct. 7th, by Rev. W.S. TITUS, AUGUSTUS WHITE to Mrs. JOSEPHINE MONK, both of Canajoharie.

WELLS-HILL--At the residence of Mrs. GIFFORD HILL, Oct. 8th, by Rev. W.S. TITUS, DEWITT WELLS to Miss DELIA HILL, both of Ames.

HILLABRANDT-SCHUYLER--By Rev. THOS. W. JONES, Oct. 1st, at the residence of the bride, in Sammonsville, WESLEY HILLABRANDT, to KATE, only daughter of JAY SCHUYLER.

GREENE-MOORE--At Olivet, Mich., Oct. 8th, Mr. HENRY E. GREENE, of Amsterdam, to Miss NELLIE K. MOORE, of the former place.

YOUNG-STANLEY--At the residence of the bride's parents, in the town of Florida, Sept. 30th, by Rev. Mr. PEARCE, Mr. JAMES YOUNG, to Miss ALICE, daughter of GARRETT STANLEY, Esq., both of Florida.

WORMUTH-LIPE--At the residence of JOHN LIPE, Esq., Sept. 9th, by the Rev. C. DIEFENDORF, Mr. JEROME C. WORMUTH, to NANCY C. LIPE, all of Sharon.

QUACKENBUSH-VAN BURGEN--Married in East Albany, on Thursday evening, Oct. 8th, by Rev. RUFUS WENDELL, Mr. SAMUEL I. QUACKENBUSH, of Canajoharie, and Miss MARY L. VAN BURGEN of the former place.

new 1/23/05  4 marital notices from the Canajoharie paper, contributed Rosemary Nadal!

The Radii,
Canajoharie, April 22, 1880


BAUDER-WELDEN--At Cramer's Corners, April 8th, by Rev. M.W. EMPLE, HERMAN H. BAUDER and Miss FRANCES WELDEN, all of Stark.

THOMPSON-JORDAN--At the Lutheran parsonage, Frey's Bush, April 14th by REV. M.W. EMPLE, GEORGE D. THOMPSON of East Worcester, and Miss SARAH E. JORDAN, of Stark.

VAN OSTRAND-LYNCH--In Fort Plain, April 14th, by Rev. J.H. BROWN, EMMET VAN OSTRAND, of Johnstown, and Miss ALLIE LYNCH, of Fort Plain.

CARTER-LOADWICK--At the residence of the bride's father, April 13th, by Rev. S.M. COOK, ELMER CARTER, and BIRDELLA LOADWICK, both of St. Johnsville.

1/16/05 - There was a 23-month gap between the most recent contribution and the previous contributor's donations. Please contribute your family's pre-1930 local newspaper marriage notices to the site coordinators.

new 1/16/05 The marital notice of Leo J.C. Smith and Marian Dingman was contributed by Dingman family researcher Rosemary Nadal!

Amsterdam Evening Recorder,
Friday, August 14, 1925



      Fort Plain, August 14.--Leo J. C. Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob E. Smith of this village, and Miss Marian Dingman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Dingman of Canajoharie, were united in marriage Wednesday at Canajoharie by the Rev. Father Ready. The attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Irving Smith of Cherry Valley. The bride is a teacher in the Hessville school and the bridegroom is a mail carrier connected with the Fort Plain post office and is a well known and popular young man. After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Smith left for a two weeks automobile trip to Pittsfield and Boston, where they will take the boat for New York. Upon their return they will reside at the home of the bridegroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, on Wagner street. The bridegroom's gift to his bride was a string of pearl beads and to the best man a silver cigarette holder. The bride presented the bridesmaid a sum of money.

The marital notice of Ruth Comstock and William Andrew Nabinger was contributed by Steven Knight!

Herkimer Democrat 1913:

Little Falls, July 2 - Miss Ruth Comstock was united in marriage at 8:30 last evening to William Andrew Nabinger of Herkimer, the ceremony taking place at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Comstock. Rev. C. M. Starkweather of the M. E. Church was the officiating clergyman and the attending couple were David Nabinger, brother of the groom, and Miss Leah Gibbs, cousin of the bride. The ring bearer was Alice Nabinger, sister of the groom, and ring bearers were Nina Leahman, cousin of the groom and Ilah Comstock, cousin of the bride. The ushers were Edward Brown and Miss Anna MacMahon. Mrs. David Eysaman played the Lohengrin wedding march, the bridal party entering the parlor at 8:30. The brife wore white crepe de chine over messaline, and carried a bouquet of bride's roses, and her maid was attired in embroidered net over white messaline. She carried a bouquet of pink Killarney roses. The bride presented her maid with a pearl brooch, while the gromm's gifts to the best man and ushers were scarf pins. A buffet luncheon was served at the Comstock home after the ceremony and the couple departed at 11:15 to spend their honeymoon in the eastern part of the state. They are to be at home at 434 North Washington Street, Herkimer, after August 1. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nabinger of Steuben Street, Herkimer. Both are worthy and popular young people who have hearty congratulations of many friends.

Note: William is my uncle and the eldest son of Henry and (Amanda) Mae Warner Nabinger, my grandparents.

Steven Knight

The marriage notice of David B. Nabinger and Inez Shufelt was contributed by Steven Knight!

Herkimer Democrat, 1917:
Nabinger - Shufelt

At the parsonage of the Methodist Episcopal church last evening, Pastor J. S. Wilds united in marriage David B. Nabinger of this village and Miss Inez Shufelt of North Ilion. They were attended by Miss Ruth H. Nabinger, sister of the groom, and Ernest A. Taylor. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Shufelt and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nabinger of Prescott street. Both have many friends to wish them a happy and prosperous matrimonial career.

Note: This announcement was taken from the files of the Herkimer Co. Historical Society & bears a hand written notation of "8-5-17". Other sources indicate the marriage date as 8/15/1917. The maid of honor, Ruth Nabinger, and the best man Ernest Taylor were marrieda few months later on 21 Dec. 1917. David and Ruth's parents, Henry and (Amanda) Mae Warner Nabinger are my grandparents.

Steven Knight

The marriage notice of Marion C. Wood of Ilion and Jack B. Nabinger of Herkimer was contributed by Steven Knight!

Herkimer Evening Telegram, 1 July 1939:


Miss Marion Wood Weds Jacob Nabinger in Ceremony in Ilion Methodist Church

Ilion - Miss Marion C. Wood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Wood, 30 North Fifth Ave., and Jack B. Nabinger, 518 Steuben Rd., Herkimer, were married this afternoon at 2 in the Methodist Church by the Rev. Earnest C. Love.

They were attended by Miss Ruth Short and Leon Nabinger, cousins of the groom. Other attendants of the bride were Marion and Doris McCorn, Doris Smith and Jenentta Love. Gowned in white chiffon, the bride wore a floor length veil that has been a family heirloom. She carried a bouquet of yellow roses. The bridesmaid wore aqua chiffon with a short veil. She wore a pink tiara and carried a bouquet of pink roses.

Following the wedding a reception was scheduled at the home of the bride's parents for members of the immediate families. A wedding trip through the northern part of the state and Canada has been planned.

The bride was graduated from Ilion high school in 1935 and attended Syracuse University. Her husband attended Herkimer high school and is employed by the H. P. Snyder Mfg. Co. at Little Falls. They will live at 30 North Fifth Ave. when they return.

Pre-nuptial events included a variety shower by Mrs. Donald Cook of Hubbardsville, a monetary shower by Miss Eve Lonis and Miss June Browning, personal shower by Mrs. Theron Hurdic of Mohawk. Guests attended the events from Hubbardsville, Bridgewater, North Brookfield, Utica, Hamilton, Texas and North Carolina.

Note: A mis-print in the sub-headline names the groom as Jacob Nabinger. The groom is really Jack Nabinger, the son of Jacob.

The marriage notice of John C. Vosburgh of Canajoharie and Mrs. Catherine E. Gage was contributed by Rosemary Nadal. "John Vosburgh was a nephew of my grandfather Morgan C. Dingman."

Fort Plain Standard
Thursday, January 13, 1927.

John C. Vosburgh of Canajoharie and Mrs. Catherine E. Gage of Syracuse were married in that city Wednesday at noon. The attending couple was Charles Vosburgh and Ella Vosburgh of Palatine Bridge. Mr. and Mrs. Vosburgh left on an extended eastern wedding trip and on their return will reside in Palatine Bridge. Mr. Vosburgh is a well known business man of Canajoharie and the bride is also well known in that village, where she has frequently visited.

The marriage notice of Howard M. Copley and Pernal S. Keller was contributed by Rosemary Nadal. Rosemary is not related to this couple.

Fort Plain Standard
Thursday, January 13, 1927


An unusually pretty wedding was solemnized on Thursday evening, Jan. 6, at 7:30 oclock, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Keller, when their only daughter, Pernal S., was married to Howard M. Copley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Copley of Sprout Brook, Rev. R.R. Mitchell of Crown Point officiating. They were attended by Miss Margaret Parsons of Cherry Valley as bridesmaid, Merton Keller, brother of the bride, as best man; Master Walter Keller, brother of the bride, ring bearer, and Ileta Wiles, niece of the bridegroom, as flower girl. The ushers were DeForest White and Leon Hess. To the strains of Lohengrins wedding march, played by Mrs. Lucille Stockwell of Hallsville and Arthur Gross of Sprout Brook, the bridal party entered the living room, where the ceremony was performed in the bay window, under an arch of evergreen with pink and white roses and white wedding bells, the double ring service being used. Sixty relatives and friends of the contracting parties witnessed the ceremony. After congratulations the bridal party entered the dining room where a bountiful repast was served. The house was prettily decorated, the color scheme being pink and white.

The bride was attired in ivory white satin with pearl trimmings and white silk lace. She wore a silk embroidered net veil crowned with orange blossoms and carried a shower bouquet of white bridal roses and lilies of the valley. The bridesmaid wore pink silk crepe with silk embroidery and carried a bouquet of pink carnations. The flower girl was dressed in pink crepe de chine and carried a basket of pink sweet peas. The brides gift to her attendant was a rhinestone bracelet, while Mr. Keller received a belt with sterling silver buckle and chain, from the bridegroom. The brides gift to the ring bearer, and flower girl were rings. The ushers gifts were silk scarf. The bride received many beautiful and useful presents, including furniture, silverware, dishes, cut glass, linen and money.

The brides going away gown was flag blue satin crepe with hat to match. Her coat was needle-point blue with grey fox collar and cuffs.

The happy couple left amid showers of confetti for New York city and other places of interest. On their return they will reside at Sprout Brook at the home of the bridegroom where Mr. Copley is conducting a garage business. Both Mr. and Mrs. Copley have a host of friends who wish them a very happy future.

The marriage notice of Angelica Bierbauer and William J. Roser was contributed by Gail Gannotti. Miss Bierbauer was Gail's paternal grandmother's aunt.

Utica Press - September 19, 1900

Last evening at the home of the brides father, Louis Bierbauer, was celebrated the marriage of Miss Angelica Bierbauer and the Supervisor William J. Roser, both of this village. The interior of the house was prettily decorated with flowers, ferns, and palms. The officiating clergyman was Rev. A. E. Schmitthenner, pastor of the German Lutheran Church. The bride was handsomely attired in a gown of white tucked pineapple silk with lace trimmings, and carried a bouquet of bridal roses. The only ornament which she wore was a sunburst of pearls and diamonds, the gift of the groom. The bridesmaid, Miss Maud S. Leppert, niece of the groom, was gowned in a dress of pale blue taffeta silk, with lace overdress. The grooms attendant was Louis Bierbauer, Jr., brother of the bride. The flower girls were little misses Elinor Heissler and Millicent Froehlich, nieces of the bride, both of Brooklyn. They were handsomely dressed in pink and white. After the ceremony a season of congratulations was in order, after which the guests participated in a collation. The bride is an estimable and popular young lady of this village. She was the recipient of many elaborate presents. Mr. and Mrs. Roser departed for the Central station, where they boarded the 11:59 train. They will visit western cities, including Minneapolis, and after a sojourn of three weeks will return and reside at 10 Main street. Mr. Roser is the present supervisor of the town and a genial young man. He is a member of the Roser Furniture Company.

The marriage notice of Ruth Sarah Brown and Robert Eldon Van Deusen was contributed by Karen Dutton.

St. Johnsville Enterprise and News, July 12, 1933

Van Deusen-Brown
Oneonta, July 10 The marriage of Miss Ruth Sarah Brown, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. William M. Brown of Deposit, to Robert Eldon Van Deusen, oldest son of Rev. and Mrs. R. J. Van Deusen of 10 Grove Street, Oneonta, was performed at 11 oclock on Saturday morning in St. Lukes Lutheran Church, Brooklyn by the the grooms father. He was assisted by Rev. Stephen M. Paulson, D.D., dean of Hartwick Lutheran Theological Seminary in Brooklyn.

In the bridal party were Mrs. Raymond L. Taylor of New York, sister of the bride; Miss Leila Van Deusen, Clayton Van Deusen and Dayton Van Deusen, sister and brothers of the groom, all of Oneonta.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Van Deusen are graduates of Hartwick college, class of 1932. Mrs. Van Deusen has accepted a position as church secretary and director of religious education at the Bedford Presbyterian Church in Brookly where she will begin work in September.

Mr. Van Deusen is a student at Hartwick Theological seminary. During the summer he is supplying the pulpit of the Lutheran Church of the Holy Comforter in New York of which Rev. E.J. Flanders is pastor.

Both the bride and groom are well known in Oneonta and have the good wishes of many friends. They will make their home in Brooklyn after September 1.

A 70th Wedding Anniversary, contributed by the happy couple's g-granddaughter Peggy McSwain.


Mr. and Mrs William Miller of 1104 West St. observed their 70th wedding anniversary recently. Mrs. Miller will be 90 in October and her husband is 87. She is the former Mary Ann Jones. A native of England, she came to this country in 1880. The Millers were married in Brookfield, where he was engaged in farming. He later was employed by Remington Arms, the N.Y. Central Railroad and area paper mills. He retired at the age of 70. The couple has three sons, Clarence W. Miller of Lakeland, Fl., Charles Miller of Whitesboro and Robert Miller of Rome. They also have seven grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren and 3 great-great-grandchildren.

This taken from a newspaper clipping saved by Ethel (Edick) Miller, wife of Clarence Miller. Submitted by great grand-daughter Peggy McSwain.

The Millers were married April 17,1900. They lived most of their married lives in the Brookfield area where Mr. Miller was a farmer. They came to Utica where Miller is now employed by the Mutual Box Company. They are members of the Calvary Episcopal Church where Mrs. Miller is a member of the Girls Friendly Society.

Both clippings are from N.Y. newspapers, not sure which ones, saved by Ethel Miller.

The following six late 19th century marriage notices were contributed by Sarah Israel. The Kilts-Bellinger nuptials are of relevance to Sarah's own research interests. The other five were pasted down on the same scrapbook page. For further information about persons mentioned, please direct all questions to the appropriate local historical society or library.

BROWN-KELLER [February 25, 1891; newspaper unknown]
In Little Falls at the home of the bride, Feb. 25, 1891, by Rev. L.J. Dean, Fenton J. Brown, of Fort Plain, and Miss Lillian M., daughter of Jacob Keller, of this place.

DAVIS-EATON [date and newspaper unknown]
The marriage of Miss Mabel S. Eaton, of Little Falls, to Fitch M. Davis, of Livonia, N.Y., at the residence of the bride's parents, Wednesday evening last, was a pretty affair. A great many guests from out of town, as well as from Little Falls, were present. The ceremony was performed at 8:30, by Rev. R.E. Sykes of the Universalist Church. The bride wore a handsome costume of white silk, with lace overskirt, en train, and with decollete corsage. She wore also a beautiful bouquet of white roses. Refreshments were served, and Wires' orchestra, of Herkimer, furnished music.

GOODELL-BROAT [date and newspaper unknown]
A pretty home wedding was that of Miss Maude E. Broat and Mr. Edward Goodell, which occurred at the residence of Hiram Broat, Esq., father of the bride, on Wednesday, at 2 p.m. A company of about seventy-five assembled to witness the marriage of one of Manheim's most estimable and accomplished young ladies. The ceremony was performed in a happy manner by Rev. J.W. Young. The presents were arranged in a large room off the parlor, and their number and elegance attested the warm friendship which the happy couple enjoy. After the ceremony congratulations from the many friends were received, after which refreshments were served and a social time enjoyed. Mr. and Mrs. Goodell left on the 5:04 train, west, for a two weeks' wedding tour, amidst showers of rice and old slippers. (rest of clipping cut off)

KILTS-BELLINGER [February 10, ; newspaper unknown]
A very pleasant event occurred at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bellinger, in Manheim, on Wednesday evening, February 10th, the occasion being the marriage of their eldest daughter, Cora, to Willard Kilts, of Fairfield. The rooms were tastefully decorated. The bridal couple entered the parlor at 7 p.m., and the brief but impressive ceremony was performed by Rev. J.W. Young, and was witnessed by a large number of friends and relatives. A beautiful collation was immediately served by caterers Moore and Peterson. The tokens of esteem were numerous, beautiful and useful. The happy couple left amid showers of rice and old shoes for an extended visit east, on the 11:47 train. May many joys crown the pathway of their wedded life. [This obit pertains to the research of Sarah Israel.]

NEARING-REESE [August 21, 1889; newspaper unknown]
On Wednesday, Aug. 21, at the M.E. church in Fairfield, N.Y. occurred the marriage of Miss Elba Reese, of Fairfield, and Mr. Charles Hawley Nearing, of Kansas City, Mo. The bride is the only child of Mr. Morgan A. Reese, one of the substantial men of Herkimer county, and the bridegroom is a prosperous young lawyer of Kansas City, and a former New Yorker, who has certainly shown his good sense and his good taste by returning to the Empire state to choose his bride.

The wedding took place at 6 o'clock P.M., the church having been most beautifully decorated for the occasion by the bride's lady friends, and being nearly filled with invited guests. The ushers were Mr. Samuel Stimson and Mr. Arthur Smith, of Herkimer, Mr. Silas Thompson of Salisbury, and Mr. Charles R. LaRue, of Little Falls, while Mr. C.L. Nearing, of New Lisbon, N.Y., brother of the bridegroom, acted as best man.

The bride, who was most charmingly attired in white silk trimmed with lace and with full court train, as she proceeded up the aisle on the arm of her father was proceeded by four little girls, Miss Bertha Johnson, Misses Magdeleine, Margery and Hazel Hildreth, her maids of honor. The bridegroom, on the arm of his best man, proceeded up the other aisle of the church, and meeting the bridge in front of the altar, they both knelt in silent prayer. The marriage ceremony was then performed by the Rev. Mr. Gray, pastor of the church, using the beautiful and impressive rite of the Episcopal service.

Abut an hour later, nearly one hundred invited guests attended a reception at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Reese. The guests were received in the spacious drawing room by Mrs. Morgan A. Reese, assisted by Mrs. S.A. Johnson, of Boonville. The bride and groom stood in front of a large screen covered with golden rod, and on the either side of them were palms, ferns and golden rod, the entire suite of departments being most exquisitely decorated with flowers, the prevailing colors of which were white and yellow. So profuse were the floral embellishments that it seemed as though nature herself had joyously contributed towards making the whole interior a gem of art.

During the evening, a most delicious repast was served by caterer Owens, of Utica, and his corps of assistants. At ten o'clock, amid a shower of rice, old shoes and good wishes, Mr. and Mrs. Nearing left for the sea shore.

A very pleasant incident of the evening was a receipt of a dispatch from the bridegroom's law partners, which was read aloud to the guests at the reception by Rev. Mr. Gray, as follows:

Kansas City, Aug. 21, 1889
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. Nearing, Fairfield:
Congratulations to the new firm.
Nearing, Barry & Blanchard.

The presents were very numerous and handsome. Guests were present from New York, Kansas City, Omaha, Washington, Syracuse, New Lisbon, Little Falls, and ______ (remainder of clipping cut off).

PANK-HERBERT [date and newspaper unknown]
Miss Nellie Herbert, of this place, was married on Wednesday evening to Mr. Herbert Pank, a well known young business man of Cherry Valley, where Miss Herbert's parents reside. The ceremony was performed at Frankfort by Rev. S.W. Brown, a former pastor of the bride. Miss Herbert was a resident of this place for several years, and her removal to her new home at Cherry Valley will be regretted by many friends, who will all join in wishing her a happy future.

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