BIRTHS 1847 - 1849

This original transcription of the vital records of the Town of Winfield, 1847 - 1849, was made by Kathy Huxtable, Town of Columbia editor. Reading through and transcribing these from the original took Kathy a long time to do and we really appreciate her effort to bring more official records to the site. We hope this list provides clues to ancestral location and helps you better formulate questions when visiting Mohawk Valley societies or ordering mail searches. If you recognize anyone on this list, please drop a line to Martha so we can note it on this page.

As you scan the listings you'll see unusual spellings. They're not typos but can be attributed to well-known difficulties in reading fragile records with old handwriting, as well as assumptions made by the registrars of the births. If a spelling differs from that of your ancestral surname, or births didn't take place in the town you thought your ancestors were from, don't pass them by. Jot them down...just in case. A date and location from these vital records can be used to search in the 1850 census or the info may turn out useful to others searching your surnames.

During years 1847 - 1850 some New York State counties officially recorded information about births, marriages and deaths. Then they just stopped. Not all counties preserved this early information so each county must be taken on a case-by-case basis in making inquiries of societies. Required birth registration didn't start in New York State until the 1880s, over 25 years after the 1847 - 1849 events were recorded, and wasn't really enforced until 1900. New York State death registration wasn't required until just after 1900.



Samuel A. Holcomb Jan.17 Chester & Lucy T. Holcomb
Almena M. Rice Feb.8 Michael & Nancy Rice
Herbert Spencer Feb.15 Nathan & Saphrona Spencer
Sarah Jane Brown Mar.2 Daniel & Almeda B. Brown
Adelade R. Randall Mar.8 Anthony R. & Jane Randall
Nelson Porter Congdon Mar.28 William & Elizabeth Congdon
Jared Wm. Green Apr.2 Jared and Lucy P. Green
Dewit C. Hughes Apr.3 John & Caroline Hughes
Joseph Rexford Leach Apr.5 Jacob & Hester Ann Leach
Julia Ann Knight Apr.6 Levi S. & Julia A. Knight
Julius A. Ball Apr.18 Abraham P. & Julia A. Ball
Almond C. Clark Apr.30 James Henry & Angeline Clark
Harriet A. Wakely May 15 Lezeven & Orrelia Wakely
Salina Cowles May 29 Benjamin & Phelina Cowles
Chester B. Miller May 31 Catharine Miller (illegitmate)
Hammond (female) June 16 George W. & Elizabeth Hammond
Levi D. Gitchel July 5 Benjamin & Louisa B. Gitchel
Albert Worth Seamans July 31 Nelson & Laurenda Seamans
Caroline M. Golden Aug.4 Daniel & Betsey Golden
Henry C. Backus Aug.13 Avery M. & Pheobe Backus
Franklin D. Devendorff Aug. 15 Solomon & Mary Devendorff
Pheobe Knapp Aug.18 Levi & Pheobe S. Knapp
John Byron Nichols Aug.26 Daniel B. & Louisa Nichols
Mary M. Bartlett Aug.30 Alonzo D. & Rachael Bartlett
D.M. Torry (male) Sept.12 John D. & Sarah M. Torry
Louisa Burgess Sept.29 David & Emaline Burgess
James D. Ross Sept.30 Jonathon B. & Elizabeth Ann Ross
Frederick Douglas Frost Oct.2 Rosana Frost (illegitimate)
Cole (female) Oct.6 Albejance A. & Dorathy A. Cole
Bostwick (male) Oct.17 David & Harriet Bostwick
Jonathan Miller Nov.22 Riley & Lura Miller
Thos P. Dean Nov.27 Elias F. & Harriet Dean
Dodge (male) Dec.21 William & Mary Ann Dodge
Elizabeth Alexander Dec.28 Giles & Eve Alexander
Harrison (female) Dec.31 Stephen & Mary Harrison


Milton Green Jan.28 Lucius Green & Sarah Miller (illegitimate)
Theron Hiah Elmore Feb.10 Willard M. & Lucretia Elmore
Catharine Jimby Mar.6 James S. & Betsey E. Jimby
Lydia Pelton Mar.20 Edmond & Lucretia Pelton
Mary Elizabeth Edmonds Mar.22 Orin & Celinda Edmonds
Susan Mary Davis May 5 John & Betsey Davis
Martha Mariah Morgan May 7 Sewel & Julia Morgan
Martin Emmett Rafter May 22 John & Winfred Rafter
Emma Jane Round May 29 Jabez & Emma F. Round
Isreal Hosford June 6 Lorenzo & Julia Ann Hosford
Mary Elizabeth Dodge June 7 Sanders & Elizabeth Dodge
Levi Smith June 10 Ansel & Arminta B. Smith
John Hammond June 12 George & Elizabeth Hammond
Woodart (male) June 14 Lyman & Rachel Woodart
Alfonso C. Burdick June 22 Henry C. & Emeline Burdick
Herbert E. Bucklin July 19 Isaac & Olive Bucklin
Ann Eliza Snedaker July 19 Warren B. & Eliza Snedaker
Oliver L. Nicholas July 27 Daniel B. & Louisa Nicholas
Emer Rosett (female) Weeks Aug.2 Charles & Abigail Weeks
Warren Burrows Wood Aug.8 Alonzo & Elen Wood
Albert Benj. Blowers Aug.18 Albert C. & Lois Blowers
Heman Theodore Elmore Aug.27 Theodore & Maria Elmore
Susan Jane Williams Sept.4 Orrin & Ruth Ann Williams
Spencer Edwards Sept.17 Wilber & Phebe J.M. Edwards
Charles Wheeler Sept.29 William & Mary Wheeler
Eli P. Murdock Oct.4 Peros & Emeline Murdock
Krill (male) Oct.8 Thomas & Betsey Krill
Martha Hadley (twin) Oct.12 Henry & Mary Hadley
Mary Hadley (twin) Oct.12 Henry & Mary Hadley
Byron Penny Oct.13 Seth S. & Rosetta Penny
Warren Henry Harris Nov.12 Henry C. & Matilda Harris
Eliza H. Merchant Nov.15 Joel & Adaline Merchant
Byron Green Nov.17 Jared & Lucy P. Green
William Henry Topping Nov.25 William & Nancy Topping
Francis Lee Jones Nov.29 Jonathan & Malissa Jones
Frances Barnes Dec.17 William & Sarah Ann Barnes {Note: see details on the Winfield Ancestor Registry]
James Henry Eggleston Dec.19 Seymour & Hannah Eggleston
Mathews (male) Dec.28 Samuel & Eliza Mathews


Ellen Emma Bonfoy (Dec. ?) David & Martha Ann Bonfoy
Howland Howard Jan.25 James & Susan Howard
Olive Beckus Jan.27 Avery M. & Phebe Beckus
Nancy Rice Feb.2 Michael & Nancy Rice
Roxy A. Morgan Feb.4 Julius & Abigail Morgan
Hellen Brown Feb.8 Daniel & Almeda Brown
Morgan (male) Mar.3 Roswell & Elizabeth Morgan
Charles B. Hatch Mar.24 Jerome L. & Pamelea Hatch
Hasset (male) Apr.- Michael & Eliza Hasset
Allis D. Bartlett Apr.6 Dickman & Sally Bartlett
Bonapart Mangus Apr.10 Philip & Barbara Mangus
Aaron Adelbert Leach May 10 Jacob & Hester Ann Leach
Warren Atwood Gorton May 15 Joseph H. & Lydia F. Gorton
Sarah Jane Congdon May 21 William & Elizabeth Congdon
Elmer (male) May 29 Isaac P. & Mary Ann Elmer
Rosanna Reynolds June 26 Laurrence & Rosanna Reynolds
Rush Bartlett June 27 Emery & Sarah Bartlett
Hardin (male) July - Nathan & Caroline Hardin
Welter (male) July 25 Mary Welter (illegitimate)
Helen F. Eaton Aug.7 John B. & Frances Eaton
Henry Milton Devendorff Aug.9 Solomon & Mary Devendorff
Carrie Geeyon Pratt Aug.24 Pasons S. & Martha A. Pratt
Mary A. Nelson Aug.26 Elisha B. & Huldah Nelson
Cornelia Ann Gimby Sept.2 James S. & Elizabeth Gimby
Amelia Amandy Cole Sept.3 David & Harriet Cole
Rosetta Isabell Wright Sept.4 Henry A. & Phebe Ann Wright
Eddy Porter Sept.19 Charles & Phebe Ann Porter
Babcock (female) Sept.20 S.V. & Hellen C. Babcock
Carver Remington Oct.15 Samuel & Flora Ann Remington
William Lacky Oct.19 Samuel & Jane Lacky
Frederick Jerome Stevens Oct.21 George & Mellissa Stevens
Mary Fosket Nov.1 Charles & Zepera Fosket
Martha Lucretia Morgan Nov.14 Theron T. & Harriet M. Morgan
Isabella M. Barnes Dec.2 Edward & Elizabeth Barnes
Harris (female) Dec.2 H.C. & Metilda Harris
Oliver B. Ross Dec.10 Jonathan B. & Elizabeth Ann Ross
Ellen Henrietta Brace Dec.17 Henry S. & Pamela Augusta Brace
Morgan (male) Dec.25 Sewel & Julia Morgan
Mary Loisa Nicholas Dec.28 Daniel B. & Loisa Nicholas

May 17, 2001:
Thank you for posting the marriagesfor Winfield, Herkimer County, New York. I found the marriage of a sister of my Paulina Ann Wakelee, who married Joseph W. Newell 08 March 1842 in New Hartford, Oneida County, New York. The marriage I am referring to is for the following:
Marriages 1848
Nov. 16 Charles Fosket, Winfield, age 35
Zepperah Wakely, Winfield, age 25 Rev. Horace Tremain, Winfield
In other reference material as well as some federal census has Zipporah not Zepperah and Wakely may be Wakeley or Wakelee. I assume that the name was a difficult one to spell.

In the births on line for Winfield, Herkimer, New York, 1849 I found the birth of Mary Fosket Nov. 1, parents Charles & Zeppera Fosket. Thank you for posting this information.
Happy searching, Eunice G. Guerrant

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