DEATHS 1847 - 1849

This original transcription of the vital records of the Town of Winfield, 1847 - 1849, was made by Kathy Huxtable, Town of Columbia editor. Reading through and transcribing these from the original took Kathy a long time to do and we really appreciate her effort to bring more official records to the site. We hope this list provides clues to ancestral location and helps you better formulate questions when visiting Mohawk Valley societies or ordering mail searches. If you recognize anyone on this list, please drop a line to Martha so we can note it on this page.

As you scan the listings you'll see unusual spellings. They're not typos but can be attributed to well-known difficulties in reading fragile records with old handwriting, as well as assumptions made by the registrars of the deaths. If a spelling differs from that of your ancestral surname, or deaths didn't take place in the town you thought your ancestors were from, don't pass them by. Jot them down...just in case. A date and location from these vital records can be used to search in the 1850 census or the info may turn out useful to others searching your surnames.

During years 1847 - 1850 some New York State counties officially recorded information about births, marriages and deaths. Then they just stopped. Not all counties preserved this early information so each county must be taken on a case-by-case basis in making inquiries of societies. Required birth registration didn't start in New York State until the 1880s, over 25 years after the 1847 - 1849 events were recorded, and wasn't really enforced until 1900. New York State death registration wasn't required until just after 1900.

*** Official death certificates did not exist in New York State in 1847 - 1849.***

*** Neither Kathy nor I have further info on the persons named below. ***


F. = Foreigner    N. = Native     M. = Married    U. = Unmarried

Jan.5 Mary Babcock U.N. Winfield 85 Spinster Old Age
Jan.16 Palmer Round U.N. Winfield 13 Farmer Paralysis
Feb.12 Lovina Francis U.N. Winfield 22 Spinster Consumption
Mar.20 Emma Jane Round U.N. Winfield 10 -- Paralysis
Mar.21 Harlem P. Harwood U.N. Winfield 1 -- Dropsy of the Chest
Apr.8 Iscah Elmer (female) M.N. Columbia 53 Spinster Consumption
Apr.27 Laura Round U.N. Winfield 8 -- Inflamation on the Brain
May 10 Jos. Tucker M.F. Winfield 46 Farmer Consumption
July 20 Mary Carney M.F. Winfield 28 Spinster Consumption
July 27 Jerod C. Brown U.N. Winfield 20 Farmer Consumption
Aug.1 Rodey Randall M.N. Winfield 64 Farmer Palsy
Aug.11 E.B. Elmer (female) M.N. Columbia 32 Spinster Comsumption
Aug.13 Lydia Cook M.N. Winfield 70 Spinster Apoplexy
Aug.13 Peter N. Morgan U.N. Winfield 24 Farmer Abcess
Aug.19 Willard P. Murdock U.N. Winfield 11 mo. -- Infantile Cholera
Sept.16 Martha E. Mattison U.N. Winfield 2 -- Dysentery
Oct.7 Angelin Clark M.N. Winfield 33 Spinster Inflamation of the Stomach
Dec.17 Nathan Harwood M.N. Winfield 52 Farmer Billious Fever

Jan.4 Harriet Edwards U.N. Winfield 8- (?) Housework Dropsey of the Heart
Jan.29 Robert Wilson M.F. Winfield 50 Day laborer Apoplectic Fit
Feb.16 Mariet Coller U.N. Winfield 5 mo.-- Consumption
Feb.19 John Goff U.N. Winfield 92 Farmer Old Age
Feb.25 Bridget Congdon M.N. Litchfield 77 Housewife Consumption
Mar.4 William Lawton M.N. Winfield 82 Farmer Influensa
Mar.6 Dean (male) U.N. Winfield 3 mo. -- Whooping Cough
Mar.10 Mary Lawton U.N. Winfield 69 Housewife Influensa
Mar.16 Julia Bisby U.N. Winfield 3 -- Inflamation of Lungs
Mar.20 David M. Weeks U.N. Winfield 3 -- Hydrothorax
Mar.24 Aurilla Day M.N. Winfield 59 Housewife Dropsey of the Heart
Mar.- Jonathan Miller U.N. Winfield 4 mo. -- Inflamation of Heart & Throat
Apr.14 Ellen Maria Brown U.N. Winfield 1 -- Consumption
Apr.25 Jane Randall M.N. Winfield 25 Housewife Consumption
May 10 Ann L. Schooner U.N. Winfield 21 Housework Consumption
June 20 Eliza Miller U.N. Winfield 8 Housework Inflamating Rheumatism
June 20 Lydia Ames M.N. Litchfield 64 Housewife Consumption
Aug.27 Benjamin Harrington M.N. Winfield 78 Miller Organic Disease of Stomach & Liver
Oct.16 Byron Penny U.N. Winfield 4 da. -- Spasms
Nov.30 Krill (male) U.N. Winfield 2 mo. -- Convulsions
Dec.27 Asahel Bemis M.N. Winfield 69 Farmer Dropsy

Feb.6 Calista Merrick M.N. Winfield 40 Housekeeper Consumption
Feb.10 Charles H. Palmer U.N. Winfield 23 Farmer Diabetes
Feb.12 Julia Ann Knight U.N. Winfield 2 -- Scarlet Fever
Feb.15 Susan Amelia Davis U.N. Winfield 9mo. -- Croup
Feb.17 Gertrude P. Miller U.N. Cedarville 2 -- Congestion of the Lungs
Feb.23 David Howard M.N. Winfield 83 Farmer Affection of the Stomach
Feb.27 William H. Woodward M.N. Winfield 41 Farmer Congestion of the Lungs
Feb.28 Oliver Lwellynn Nicholas U.N. Litchfield 7 mo. -- Inflamation in the Head
Feb.28 Nancy Rice M.N. Winfield 28 -- Child bed fever
Mar.? Libarty Dixon U.N. Winfield 17 Farmer Inflamation of the Lungs
Mar.5 (not given) U.N. Winfield 2 da. -- Unknown
Mar.9 Mary Bayley M.F. Winfield 39 Housewife Cancer
Apr.18 Abigail H. Pelton M.N. Litchfield 75 Housewife Dropsey of the Heart
May 12 Elizabeth Golden M.N. Litchfield 31 Housewife Consumption
June 22 Hiram W. Youngs U.N. Winfield 50 Cooper Delirium tremers
June 24 Nathan Brown M.N. Winfield 84 Farmer Disease of Liver & Stomach
July 3 James Reynolds U.F. Bridgewater Oneida Co. 35 Laborer Thrown from Wagon
July 9 John Davis Jr. U.N. Winfield 11 -- Measles
July 14 Rosena Burrows M.N. Winfield 57 -- General debility
July 25 Welter (male) U.F. Winfield (infant) -- Unknown
Aug.13 Nancy Fitch U.N. Richfield Otsego Co. 32 -- Affection of the Heart
Sept.15 Elizabeth Ginby M.N. Winfield 42 Housekeeper Disease of the Throat
Sept.21 Ordelia D. Chase M.F. Bridgewater Oneida Co. 26 - - Consumption
Oct.7 Conrad Edick U.N. Richfield Otsego Co. 44 Day Laborer Cholera
Oct.13 Mary Ann Luce U.N. Winfield 20 mo. -- Consumption
Nov.12 Hellen Lusetta Golden U.N. Litchfield 6 -- Unknown

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