School Roll, Meeting-house Green School, town of Winfield, Herkimer Co, N.Y. Olive E Alexander, teacher. Summer term, May 19 to Sept 5, 1856

Bonfoy, Roxanna E
Bonfoy, Ellen Luna
Bonfoy, Lois
Brace, Ellen H
Brace, Florence Adelia
Catlin, Mary M
Catlin, Milton M
Edwards, Ellen
Edwards, Cortland
Edwards, William
Eldred, Helen A
Eldred, Leonora J
Eldred, George Myron
Knight, Emily C
Knight, Orpha A
Leach, Aaron
Leach, Sarah
Leach, Joseph
Leach, Martha Jane
McK, George
McKoon, Hosmer P
Round, Emma Jane

School Roll, District No. 6, Town of Litchfield, Herkimer Co., N.Y. (Crane's Corners), May 3 1858 to Aug 20 1858. Olive E Alexander, teacher.

Abbott, Charles F
Ball, Alpha
Brewer, Delos
Brewer, Francis
Brewer, Irving
Brewer, Alice
Crippen, Mark
Ellsworth, Mary Etta
Ellsworth, Wallace
Gorman, Ellen
Gorman, James O
Johnson, Miller
Kershaw, James
Matteson, Mary J
Matteson, Emily A
Matteson, Ellen M
Matteson, Helen C
Matteson, Charles G
Matteson, Judson E
Matteson, Inez C
Pelton, Edgar J
Platts, Mary
Ross, Albro L
Ross, Clayton
Ross, Delevan G
Schooley, Warren H
Wheelock, Henry
Wheelock, Charles F
Wheelock, Dallas

School Compositions: A bundle of these, dated from 1841 to 1843, found among the papers of Litchfield Presbyterian Church. Below are listed names of pupils and dates of compositions:

Sarah Raymond --------- Litchfield ------------ Jan 14 1841
Sarah Raymond---------- Litchfield ------------ Dec 9 1841
Wm S Holcomb----------- Litchfield ------------ Dec 9 1841
Hester A Raymond------- Litchfield ------------ Dec 10 1841
Permelia Holcomb------- Litchfield ------------ Dec 16 1841
Sarah Raymond---------- Litchfield ------------ Dec 16 1841
H. A. Raymond---------- Litchfield ------------ Dec 17 1841
Wm N Holocomb---------- Litchfield ------------ Dec 23 1841
Sarah Raymond---------- Litchfield ------------ Dec 30 1841
H.A. Raymond----------- Litchfield ------------ Dec 30 1841
C? Raymond (no date)
P Holocomb------------- Litchfield ------------ Jan 2 1842
S Raymond-------------- Litchfield ------------ Jan 28 1842
Nancy Raymond---------- Litchfield ------------ Jan 28 1842
P Holcomb-------------- Litchfield ------------ Feb 17 1842
Sarah Raymond---------- Litchfield ------------ Feb 17 1842
Nancy Raymond---------- Litchfield ------------ Feb 18 1842
S N Kendall ----------- Cedarville------------- June 7 1843

Certificate for teaching, dated Jan 19 1843, issued to Sewall N Kendall; signed at Winfield by William McLaughlin & Seth Bonfoy 2nd.

Copied 1928 by Alice Payne Garden, Gen. Winfield Scott Chapter N.S.D.A.R., from papers in the possession of Miss Mary Eliza Harrison, West Winfield, N.Y.

The original typescript of these small lists is bound in the Miscellaneous Compiled Records of the D.A.R., Volume 15, pages 299-300, 1928-29, available for your personal viewing in the genealogy room at the New York City Public Library. For further information about persons named, please visit or order a search from the Herkimer County Historical Society.

Many thanks again to volunteer Dick Nabinger, who's been preparing items for both Winfield and Litchfield. Dick's family arrived in Herkimer County in the mid-19th century:

"My family search in Herkimer county centers around Nabingers with side trips to Miller and any other connections that I come across. My great grandfather, Jacob C. Nabinger married an Emma G. Miller in Herkimer Co. somewhere. Jacob came to Herkimer sometime between 1849 and 1852 when he was five years old with his father Andreas. I have the bare information back to Germany but only a bare start and hope to find more in Herkimer County." Dick Nabinger

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