The Winfield Star Death Index
Part 3, Surnames P - Z

Prepared and Contributed by Kathy Huxtable

This extraction of death notices is from a collection of newspapers printed in West Winfield and was done in 1995 by two students. A few issues of the Madison Leader from Morrisville are also included. The period covered ranges from 1860 to 1952. However, issues from the early years were very sparse and overall many years are not even represented.

Since West Winfield is located in the southwest corner of Herkimer County, its newspaper's readership is drawn not only from the community, but also from the neighboring counties of Madison, Oneida and Otsego, as well as other towns in Herkimer County. Many of the names found here include residents of these areas. The original newspapers are in fragile condition and not available for further research at this time. Our thanks to the individual who has allowed us to share this information with the public. The index was prepared by Kathy Huxtable, Town of Columbia Page Coordinator.

NameBirthDeathFuneralLocationIssue DateNotes
Pallawadi, Mrs. Zachary18891938 Rome4/8/1938 
Palmer, Albert   Brookfield7/26/1935 
Palmer, Dr. George B.18321905 East Hamilton5/4/1905 
Palmer, Earl18801914 Frankfort Hill11/6/1914 
Palmer, Frank M.18401928 East Winfield3/16/1928 
Palmer, Herbert E.18521921 Bridgewater6/17/1921 
Palmer, Herman Adelbert18511919 New Berlin1/2/1920 
Palmer, Mrs. Belinda P.183110/23/1863 Bridgewater11/25/1863 
Palmer, Mrs. Vose W.18361919 West Winfield5/23/1919 
Parker, Mrs. Ira   Burlington Flats4/19/1918place of funeral
Parker, Walter19241939 Cooperstown1/6/1939 
Parkhurst, Cora18691938 New Hartford2/4/1938 
Parkhurst, Louise 1/21/1920 North Bridgewater1/30/1920 
Parkinson, Clarence W.18781951 Rome11/9/1951 
Parrey, John Arvon18861950 West Edmeston7/7/1950 
Parry, Evan18681951 Lime Springs, IA9/28/1951 
Pelton, Mrs. Mary18281912 New Hartford3/29/1912 
Penner, Mrs. Delos18921950 Utica10/13/1950 
Penner, Mrs. Samuel  10/22/1928Edmeston10/26/1928 
Perkins, Fred18601937 West Winfield11/26/1937 
Perkins, male child19161918 Unadilla Forks4/19/1918father-Delbert
Perkins, Mrs. A. J.   Clinton10/29/1937 
Perkins, Wells W.18751950 Seneca Falls4/14/1950 
Perry, Ezra  1/19/1939New Hartford1/20/1939 
Perry, Mrs. Clifford   West Winfield3/6/1942 
Perry, Mrs. Frank   Ilion4/15/1938 
Perry, Mrs. Jerry18681939 Herkimer1/6/1939 
Perry, Richard  8/13/1936West Winfield8/21/1936 
Person, Mrs. 10/18/1938 Cherry Valley10/21/1938 
Phillips, Phoebe18281913 Boston, MA1/10/1913 
Piper, Frederick17954/17/1860 Pain's Hollow5/3/1860 
Plopper, Wallace 11/7/1951 Whitesboro1116/1951 
Plusch, Rudolph 1/19/1951 Catskill1/26/1951 
Price, Tom 8/11/1939 Wales9/8/1939 
Price, William18871950 Plainfield9/22/1950 
Prices, High 6/1/1891 West Winfield6/4/1891 
Pringle, Robert   Ilion2/7/1919 
Prior, Mrs. Carlton R.18971951 Cedar Lake12/14/1951 
Pritchard, Cpl. George R.19291951 Mago-Ri, Korea2/8/1952 
Pritchard, Griffith 11/24/1888 Cassville11/29/1888 
Pritchard, Ora D.18661950 Utica12/1/1950 
Pugh, David18701938 New Berlin9/30/1938 
Pugh, Margaret William18711950 Utica6/23/1950 
Purple, Mrs. Wesley L. 12/30/1899 South Columbia1/4/1900 
Quackenbush, Dorothy19361937 Oriskany10/8/1937 
Quinn, Mrs. Della 3/6/1939 Utica3/10/1939 
Quirk, Allan H. 12/3/1951 East Williston12/14/1951 
Radley, Mrs. William18711951 West Winfield1/19/1951 
Ramsdale, Flora1971*1918 Wharton3/22/1918*birth year in error
Randall, Charles A.18591938 Lincoln, NE1/28/1938 
Randall, Florence Fairchilds18831930 Bridgewater2/21/1930 
Rasbach, Frank18534/13/1860 Herkimer5/3/1860 
Ray, A.J. 5/24/1938 Crane's Corners6/3/1938 
Ray, George A.18611926 Clayville12/3/1926 
Ray, Sarrah 1/17/1947 Utica1/24/1947 
Reed, Mrs. Clara M.18641950 Utica8/4/1950 
Reet, Mrs. Charles 4/29/1909 Leonardsville3/3/1909**error in death or issue date
Regan, James P. 12/29/1938 Lowell12/31/1938 
Rewey, Carrie F.18531912 St. Augustine, FL7/12/1912 
Rewey, Elijah Munn18491916 Brooklyn1/21/1916 
Reynolds, Mrs. Henry18081888 Bridgewater3/23/1888 
Rice, Charles A.18671904 Fort Bayard, NM9/8/1904 
Rice, Charles E.18701938 Pleasant Valley3/11/1938 
Rice, Franklin A.19121914 West Winfield9/25/1914 
Rice, John 1/13/1938 Ilion1/14/1938 
Rice, Mrs. Mary18221913 West Winfield2/7/1913 
Richards, John 4/29/1909 Plainfield3/3/1909**error in death or issue date
Richards, Maurice D.18741950 Auburn10/13/1950 
Richards, Robert J.18481921 West Winfield4/15/1921 
Richardson, Benjamin18171912 Frankfort3/29/1912 
Richardson, Clifford W.18531912 Herkimer3/29/1912 
Rider, Charles H.18611938 Cedar Lake11/18/1938 
Rider, Elmer E.18601950 Sauquoit12/29/1950 
Rider, Julius David 4/11/1910 Miller Mills4/22/1910 
Rider, Lester A.18801951 Ilion1/11/1952 
Ringwood, Mrs. Mary18101896 Ilion4/2/1896 
Rising, Chas.18679/25/1925 Cassville10/2/1925 
Ritchey, James18941930 West Winfield1/2/1931 
Roark, Beverly19461950 Utica7/21/1950 
Roberts, Elizabeth18241910 West Winfield8/9/1910 
Roberts, male childae 7yr10/14/1919 West Winfield10/17/1919son/Mr. & Mrs. Hugh T. Roberts
Roberts, Mrs. Edward M.18651936 Cassville2/21/1936 
Roberts, Mrs. R.J. 1/5/1913 West Winfield1/10/1913 
Roberts, Nellie19231926 Unadilla Forks12/3/1926 
Roberts, Robert18501895 Plainfield11/14/1895 
Robinson, Alice 11/30/1934 Richfield Springs12/7/1934 
Robinson, Mrs. Garrett  11/29/1938Richfield Springs12/2/1938 
Rodgers, Mrs. Harry T. 3/24/1938 Sherburne4/1/1938 
Rogers, George A.18641950 Unadilla Forks5/5/1950 
Rogers, Thomas19011939 Binghamton9/8/1939 
Rooney, Charlotte19341950 Cedarville5/26/1950 
Root, H.G.18091893 Mohawk12/7/1893 
Rose, Carrie 5/24/1938 Utica6/3/1938 
Rose, Gracie18701937 East Schuyler11/19/1937 
Rose, Melvin J.18441896 Ilion4/2/1896 
Rose, Mrs. Arthur J.18741938 West Winfield5/27/1938 
Ross, Edward Everett 1/18/1938 New Hartford1/21/1938 
Ross, Mrs. George  7/9/1912 7/12/1912 
Royce, Charlotte E.18461938 Oneida5/6/1938 
Royce, Walter H. E.18801951 Chepatchet5/11/1951 
Russell, Mary19011938 Norwich5/20/1938 
Ryan, Michael18691951 West Winfield1/11/1952 
Ryan, Susan Carroll    12/10/1937 
Ryder, Mrs. Harry A.19061951 West Winfield3/23/1951 
Sanford, Mrs. Margaret Jane18441921 Leonardsville4/15/1921 
Saunders, Kate E.18631950 Burlington Flats6/23/1950 
Saunders, Melville E.18571910 West Winfield10/28/1910 
Saunders, Mrs. Orrin P.18851951 West Winfield5/18/1951 
Saunders, O.O.18471920 Leonardsville2/27/1920 
Schmid, Frank A.18761951 Ilion3/16/1951 
Scott, George 12/5/1938 Norwich, CT12/9/1938 
Scott, Mrs. Charles18841939 Utica8/25/1939 
Scott, Rev. Alexander 4/25/1939 West Winfield4/28/1939 
Screeder, Mrs. Geroge18571935 Brookfield7/26/1935 
Scudder, Hewlett19191938 Little Falls2/11/1938 
Seckner, Merton 1/15/1947 Clayville1/24/1947 
Seckner, Mrs. Mandana18151903 Chepatchet6/18/1903 
Senif, Edmund G.18821950 Rome4/14/1950 
Senif, Edward C. 12/31/1937 St. Petersburg, FL1/7/1938 
Senif, Stark Kendall19191926 Utica12/3/1926 
Shanley, Edward  3/21/1939Little Falls3/31/1939 
Shaul, David M. 7/29/1905 New York Mills8/3/1905 
Shaul, Mrs. Alvin 7/2/1914 Richfield Springs7/3/1914 
Shaw, Mrs Alice Eddy Mills18851951 New York Mills9/21/1951 
Sheridan, Miss Jennie18631951 Middlefield8/24/1951 
Sherman, Flora 3/12/1892 Eau Claire, WI3/18/1892 
Sherman, Mrs. Mary B. 10/18/1938 Cherry Valley10/21/1938 
Sherrett, Lillian J.   Minneapolis, MN5/6/1938 
Sherwood, Marguerite18891894 Edmeston10/4/1894 
Sherwood, Mrs. Will K.  9/7/1918West Winfield9/13/1918 
Sholes, Alice185910/22/1937 Bridgewater/W. Win.10/22/1937 
Sholes, Herbert C185511/25/1928 Utica11/30/1928 
Shultz, Mr. Horace 4/10/1921 Richfield Springs4/15/1921 
Simmons, Billy  2/5/1939Oneonta2/10/1939 
Simmons, Charles 8/15/1902 Waterville8/21/1902 
Simmons, Juliette18531934  5/18/1934 
Sisson, Henry Spencer 4/16/1939 Litchfield4/21/1939 
Sitts, Menzo18381919 Schuyler Lake1/2/1920 
Siver, James H.18381912 Schenevus12/27/1912 
Siver, Lorenzo19111928 Sydney11/2/1928 
Skinner, Dr. Avery W.18701937 Albany12/17/1937 
Slaughter, Wiliam18831948 Utica9/17/1948 
Smith Mrs. Mary H.18461927 Utica2/18/1927 
Smith, Levi C.18491921 Utica1/14/1921 
Smith, Carl Darwic19371938 Little Falls5/13/1938 
Smith, Charles18841938 Ilion11/18/1938 
Smith, Clarence  4/18/1945Chadwicks4/20/1945 
Smith, Emmett 7/23/1935 St. Johnsville7/26/1935 
Smith, George J.18761935 Dolgeville4/26/1935 
Smith, George N. 5/15/1951 Cooperstown5/25/1951 
Smith, Gerald Lewis19251948 Myitkyna, Burma12/24/1948 
Smith, Leland18961950 Cooperstown10/27/1950 
Smith, Lewis G. 7/23/1935 St. Johnsville7/26/1935 
Smith, Luther E.18471930 Elgin, IL2/21/1930 
Smith, Michael18741928 Fort Plain10/26/1928 
Smith, Mrs. Ada C.18551916 West Winfield1/21/1916 
Smith, Mrs. Flora Hinds 12/24/1912 Richfield Springs12/27/1912 
Smith, Mrs. William A.18721948 West Winfield4/30/1948 
Smith, Mrs. William C.18611921 West Winfield6/17/1921 
Snell, Mrs. E.J.  3/23/1922Ilion3/31/1922 
Snyder, Homer P.18641938 Little Falls1/7/1938 
Snyder, Rose18531928 Ilion11/30/1928 
Southworth, Ella A.18401911 West Winfield6/30/1911 
Southworth, Ellen19471951 Bridgewater9/21/1951 
Southworth, George Warren18591935 West Exeter6/28/1935 
Spencer, Mitan D.18761939 Utica5/19/1939 
Spohn, Elmer F.18631937 Ilion5/21/1937 
Spohn, George18004/12/1860 Herkimer5/3/1860 
Sprague, Helen L.18421921 Leonardsville6/17/1921 
Sprague, Mrs. Charles18631938 Bridgewater12/9/1938 
Sprarks, Mrs. Nedd18761939 Tupper Lake1/27/1939 
Stebbins, Jane E.18631939 Utica8/25/1939 
Steele, Miss Alice C.18341912 Bridgewater3/29/1912 
Sterling, Wm.18661937 Gilbertsville12/16/1937 
Stevens, Irma L18831938 New Hartford4/8/1938 
Stillman, Clarinda Lacy 11/24/1938 Sauquoit12/2/1938 
Stillman, Mary B.18391910 Granton, WI4/22/1910 
Stillson, Mrs. Emily18401939 Greene, NY3/3/1939 
Stoddard, Herbert 12/24/1930 Flushing1/2/1931 
Stoetzner, Mrs. Catherine 2/26/1939 Utica3/3/1939 
Straam, Edward   Utica1/21/1927 
Straam, Ruth   Utica1/21/1927 
Stroup, Daniel18521938 Cedarville5/13/1938 
Stutzman, Mrs. Joseph F.19231951 Utica6/8/1951birth complications
Sullivan, Mrs. James19021950 West Winfield9/15/1950 
Sutherland. Mrs. Elwin 2/7/1920 Oneonta2/13/1920 
Sweet, Mrs. Timothy18261899 Burlington Flats6/8/1899 
Sweet, Ruth18891910 Utica4/22/1910 
Switzer, Ida18591937 Geneva10/29/1937 
Talbot, Grover W.18851938 Edmeston5/13/1938 
Talbot, Henry18531914 Holmes, PA11/6/1914 
Talbot, Kate Cordelia Hubbell18601936 Burlington Flats2/21/1936 
Talbot, Mrs. Clarence18671937 Edmeston10/15/1937 
Talbot, Mrs. Richmond  10/15/1917Burlington Flats10/19/1917 
Tallman, Mrs. Margaret 12/23/1912 Richfield Springs12/27/1912 
Tanney, Charles E.18831951 West Winfield6/8/1951 
Tanney, John Eugene18891951 Bath5/11/1951 
Tarnowski, George18961937 Earlville11/26/1937 
Taylor, David19391942 West Laurens3/6/1942fire
Taylor, Douglas19381942 West Laurens3/6/1942fire
Taylor, Mrs. Ambrose18751939 Utica4/21/1939 
Taylor, Mrs. William19021938 West Winfield4/22/1938 
Tefft, Daisey18661950 Bridgewater12/15/1950 
Thatcher, Mrs. May E. 6/12/1903 Albany6/18/1903 
Thaw, Mrs. Christina 2/8/1950 Cassville2/10/1950 
Thayer, Albert  10/5/1951Mt. Upton10/12/1951 
Thayer, Mrs. Adelaiede 11/19/1919 Princton, IL1/2/1920 
Thayer, Ralph18881951 Unadilla Forks11/30/1951 
Thomas, Amos18011891 West Exeter6/4/1891 
Thomas, Charles D.18621930 Herkimer1/2/1931 
Thompson, Mrs. Alva18731938 East Winfield6/3/1938 
Thompson, Mrs. James18421938 Sauquoit5/13/1938 
Thorpe, Mrs. Lany18631950 West Winfield6/9/1950 
Thurston, Charles18631934 Rome5/18/1934 
Tillson, Ody 1/14/1916 Utica1/21/1916 
Toney, Mary A.18351939 Norwich1/20/1939 
Townsend, Charles H. 2/9/1927 Chadwicks2/18/1927 
Townsend, Frank P.18532/12/1927 Chadwicks2/18/1927 
Townsend, Louis A.187719385/6/1938Cedar Lake/Cassville5/6/1938 
Trask, David  2/1/1919Richfield Springs2/7/1919 
Tripp, George L.18741939 Utica4/11/1941 
Tripp, Lemuel T.18611931 Babcock Hill6/5/1931 
Tripp, Mrs. Mary18681952 West Winfield1/11/1952 
Truesdell, Mrs. Blatchley18151895 Litchfield11/14/1895 
Tuller Mrs. Charles  1/14/1938Hartwick1/21/1938 
Tumber, John18811950 West Exeter9/1/1950 
Turner, Edwin 1/17/1916 Schenevus1/21/1916 
Turrle, Grant E.18961951 Utica1/19/1951 
Tweedy, James R. 8/31/1950 South Gate, CA9/8/1950 
Tyler, Frank A.18721903 Syracuse7/2/1903 
Tyler, Mr. A.M.18511939 West Winfield2/10/1939 
Van Allen, John18501895 Danube10/31/1895 
Van Dyke, Romain W. 12/12/1919 Oneonta12/19/1919 
Van Evera, Dr. Juliette Potter18361905 Passaic, NJ5/4/1905 
Vanderwieker, ---19041936 Hallsville8/21/1936 
VanNort, PFC Lester Jr.   Korea9/1/1950 
Vaughn, John18741938 Newport2/25/1938 
Vincent, Jennie W.18631951 Babcock Hill3/16/1951 
Vincent, Wm. C. 1910 Bridgewater8/9/1910 
Vitullo, Adam19231923 West Winfield7/6/1923 
Volmer, Mrs. Grace M. 8/18/1950 Oxford8/25/1950 
Vrooman, Walter 3/19/1912 Richfield Springs3/29/1912 
Wakefield, Edwin18381919 Norwich1/2/1920 
Wales, Vernette Babcock18581937 Sherburne12/16/1937 
Walker, Joseph17991889 West Winfield9/19/1889 
Walker, Mrs. Edward18441932 Utica12/9/1932 
Walsh, Thomas M.18581937 Babcock Hill12/17/1937 
Walsh, Thomas M.18581937 Sauquoit12/24/1937 
Walsh, William18121895 North Bridgewater12/26/1895 
Walworth, Mary L.18551939 West Winfield2/24/1939 
Ward, Mrs. Olive  2/19/1939Madison2/24/1939 
Ward, Edward18761951 German Flatts6/15/1951 
Warron, Heleninfant5/21/1912 West Exeter6/7/1912 
Washburn, Mary18481938 Utica1/21/1938 
Waterman, Mrs. Emma18461921 Cedarville4/15/1921 
Watkins, John A.18621938 Utica1/7/1938 
Watkins, John H.18621938 West Winfield12/31/1938 
Watkins, Marry Alice Parry18881919 West Exeter1/2/1920 
Watkins, Thomas D.18701912 Utica12/27/1912 
Watts, Mrs. Mary Vincent18141896 West Winfield4/2/1896 
Weaver, Fred L.18611950 West Winfield9/8/1950 
Weaver, Julia18971950 West Burlington12/15/1950 
Weaver, Wallace19231938 Waverly11/4/1938 
Webber, Frank A. 12/16/1919 Auburn12/19/1919 
Wedemeyer, Mary Louise19351951 Gloversville6/1/1951fire
Welch, James18661939 West Winfield3/10/1939 
Welch, Lizzie18861895 Little Falls4/25/1895fire
Welch, male child 4/10/1918 Leonardsville4/19/1918son/Mr. & Mrs. Mark Welch
Weller, Leon 4/9/1941 Oneonta4/11/1941 
Wells, Donald LeRoyae 2 mo1937 Burlington Flats11/26/1937 
Wells, Effie18901927 Greene6/24/1927 
Welsh, Mrs. William18061892 Clayville3/18/1892 
West, Earl18801952 Bellflower, CA1/25/1952 
West, Julia M.18691950 West Winfield11/3/1950 
Whalen, Mrs. Edna18981938 Utica2/11/1938 
Wheeler, Adeline18461910 Utica8/9/1910 
Wheeler, Dewett C.18581937 Oneida12/9/1937 
Wheeler, Minnie18601935 Unadilla Forks4/12/1935 
Wheeler, Mrs. Jane18611939 Clinton3/10/1939 
Wheeler, Mrs. Tracy  10/11/1917Leonardsville10/19/1917 
Wheelock, Addie J.18681951 Crane's Corners3/2/1951 
Wheelock, Mina18851894 North Winfield9/13/1894 
Wheelock, Nettie18821894 North Winfield7/5/1894 
Whelan, Glyndon D.18821938 Frankfort4/15/1938 
Whitacre, William Horace 12/23/1938 Unadilla Forks12/31/1938 
Whitcombe, Ralph18971951 Unadilla Forks10/5/1951 
Whitman, Mrs. Emma19131951 Gloversville6/1/1951fire
Wholahan, John W.18841950 Buffalo7/21/1950 
Wicks, William R.18751938 Bridgewater12/9/1938 
Widrick, Milford19161939 Lowville1/6/1939 
Wilber, Ida L. 11/21/1951  11/23/1951car accident
Wilcox, D. Earl18751939 Kalispell, MT1/27/1939 
Wilcox, Filti 1920 Unadilla Forks2/27/1920 
Wilcox, Francis18971952 Utica2/15/1952 
Wilcox, Frank H.18341920 Unadilla Forks2/13/1920 
Wilcox, Gilbert F.18461919 West Winfield5/23/1919 
Wilcox, John N.18451910 Chicago, IL8/9/1910 
Wilcox, M.T. Jerk 8/16/1899 West Winfield9/7/1899 
Wilcox. J.T.18381894 Freemont, NE10/4/1894 
Wilday, Virgil19041935 Cobleskill4/12/1935crushed
Wilkenson, Mrs. Raymond18791952 Bridgewater2/1/1952 
Wilkinson, Burt18671950 Cedarville8/4/1950 
Wilkinson, Claude18811944 Unadilla Forks6/23/1944 
Will, Lt. Walter J.19231945 Germany4/20/1945 
Willard, X.A.18411924 Cedar Lake12/5/1924 
Williams, David 11/19/1937 Rome11/26/1937 
Williams, Dorothy Ellen19241938 New Berlin11/11/1938 
Williams, Ella Louise18651950 Utica4/14/1950 
Williams, George F.18691950 Utica11/3/1950 
Williams, Hugh H.18581952 Utica2/8/1952 
Williams, Mrs. Anna18351938 West Winfield1/28/1938 
Williams, Richard19021919 Litchfield1/10/1919 
Williams, Roger Festus 12/24/1897 Chepatchet12/30/1897 
Williams, Sarah E.18981951 Utica2/9/1951 
Willsey, Mrs. Johanna H. 10/18/1938 Cherry Valley10/21/1938 
Wing, Mrs. Dwight R.18861951 Unadilla Forks3/16/1951 
Winnie, Ida May19171924 Cassville8/21/1924 
Wood, Jane Owens18781938 St. Petersburg, FL6/3/1938 
Wood, Jerome A.18391928 West Exeter3/16/1928 
Wood, Leland A.18941951 Belmont, MA1116/1951 
Wood, Martha L.18515/14/1870 Ohio6/1/1870consumption
Woodard, Oscar C.19021951 Cedarville1/12/1951 
Woodart, Mrs. A.B.  8/20/1914Cedarville8/21/1914 
Woodruff, Olive E.18151888 Sandy Creek12/6/1888 
Woodworth, Elvira18191895 West Winfield4/25/1895 
Worden, E.L.  12/27/1919Unadilla Forks1/2/1920 
Worden, Elsie Luella19021904 West Winfield9/8/1904 
Worden, Mr. E.L. 12/15/1919 Leonardsville12/19/1919 
Worden, Mrs. Leonard18281919 Leonardsville9/19/1919 
Wright, Helen Burgess18551927 San Diego, CA6/24/1927 
Wright, Mrs. Minnie L. 11/18/1938 Schuyler Lake11/25/1938 
Wrobel, Blanche19171934 Utica5/18/1934 
Young, Harry C.18761937 Eaton12/16/1937 
Young, Israel I.18481920 Miller Mills2/13/1920 
Yourno, Mrs. Joseph18791951 West Winfield9/7/1951 
Zuill, Mrs. Herbert B.18681930 Bridgewater12/5/1930 

Surnames A - F

Surnames G - O

All names are as spelled in the original newspapers. Due to fragile condition, the original issues aren't available for lookups or further handling. For further information about anyone listed, please contact the appropriate local historical societies and libraries.

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