McIntosh Family of
Ohio, Wilmurt and Russia,
Herkimer County, NY

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First Generation

William McIntosh was born Abt. 1761 in Albany County, New York. His tombstone shows that he was 88 yrs of age when he died in 1850. We believe that he fought in the New York Militia during the Revolutionary War. On the 1840 pensioners census he is listed as 80 yrs of age living in Ohio Town, Herkimer County, New York. There was only one William McIntosh living in Ohio Town, Herkimer County on the 1840 census. On April 30, 1793 he married Hannah Finger in the Claverack Reformed Church, Claverack, Columbia County, New York.

Hannah was born December 15, 1771 in Albany County [now Columbia County], New York to Michael Finger and Margaretha Moescher. William and Hannah had at least seven children. They are: Ann, Caty, Margaret, Nicholas Visher [b April 28, 1803], Thomas [b March 26, 1805], David [b August 7, 1808 and Isabel [b May 23, 1812]. We believe that the last four children were born in Albany County.

William McIntosh may have been previously married but have no proof. Thirty one or thirty two years of age was late in life for a marriage. There may have been more children in his family. We think that he lived in Albany County until after 1820. In 1830 William and Nicholas were living in the Town of West Brunswick, Herkimer County, New York. By 1840 William and Nicholas were listed in the Town of Ohio 1840 Census and Thomas was listed in the Town of Russia, Herkimer County Census. William was a farmer.

William McIntosh died July 5, 1850 and is buried in the McIntosh Cemetery, Town of Ohio, Herkimer County. Hannah was living with Nicholas on the 1860 census in the Town of Ohio, Herkimer County, New York. She was not on the 1870 census. She probably died between 1860-70 in Wilmurt Town, Herkimer County. William had four grandsons who fought in the Civil War, two from the Nicholas family and two from the Thomas family.

Second Generation

Nicholas Visher McIntosh
son of William

Nicholas Visher McIntosh was born April 28, 1803, probably in Albany County, New York to William McIntosh and Hannah Finger. Abt. 1826 he married Sally Blue, probably in Herkimer County. Sally Blue was born in 1805 to Dugald Blue and Catherine McKellar both from Scotland. A male infant was born on Apr 12, 1828 and died Apr 26, 1828 five days after his mother, Sally Blue McIntosh died on April 21, 1828 in Russia Town, Herkimer County. Both are buried in Gravesville Cemetery, Russia Town, Herkimer County.

On July 5, 1829 Nicholas married Jane Shearer. Jane was born in 1805 to William Shearer Jr. and Mary Hosier. Nicholas McIntosh and Jane Shearer McIntosh had seven children. They are : John B [b January 13, 1833], Clorinda [b 1835], Mary Jane [b 1840], James [b 1842], Hanah Anne [b 1844], Sarah [b 1848] and Ezra [b 1852].

Nicholas was a farmer. Nicholas was shown living in Ohio Town, Herkimer County on the 1860 census. By October 1862 he was probably living in Wilmurt as his son, John B., joined the 152 Vol New York Inf at Wilmurt. His son James joined the 97 Vol. New York Inf. He died from wounds he received in battle probably at the 2nd Battle of Bull Run on September 11, 1862. John B returned home in 1864 due to disability. Nicholas was on the 1870 census living in Wilmurt Town. He was not found on the 1880 census but was found in the Herkimer County 1879-1880 Directory in Wilmurt Town. On the 1874 Town of Ohio Map Nicholas was living just north of the West Canada Creek in Wilmurt.

The McIntosh Bridge was named after Nicholas. The original McIntosh Bridge crossed West Canada Creek about 1/4 to 1/2 mile east of the present McIntosh Bridge. It hooked Nicholas' land to the other side of the creek. Nicholas was not on the next Herkimer County Directory that I found for 1889-1890. He probably died between 1880 and 1889 in Wilmurt Town Herkimer County.

Thomas McIntosh
son of William

Thomas McIntosh was born March 26, 1805 in Albany County, New York. On March 17, 1831 he married Catherine Blue, sister of Sally Blue who married Nicholas McIntosh. Catherine Blue was born March 1, 1808 to Dugald Blue and Catherine McKellar. Both from Scotland.

Thomas and Catherine McIntosh had ten children. They are: William Alexander [My Line][b March 18, 1833], Daniel McVicar [b October 28, 1835], Mary Matilda [b October 28, 1837], Catherine [b September 28, 1839-d March 1, 1840], Hannah Elizabeth [b Feburary 20, 1841], Dugald Blue [b May 3, 1843], Katherine Cornelia [b April 4, 1845], Emma Marie [Emily] [b November 7, 1848], Antoinette [b February 28, 1851] and Rosette [Rose] [b May 6, 1853]. All the children were born in Herkimer County and most of them in Grant.

On the 1850 Census he was living in Russia Town, Herkimer County. On the 1855 New York State Census he was still living in Russia Town. On the 1860 census Catherine was alone with five of the children in Russia Town. Thomas was living in Regal Town, Monroe County, New York with Jane Peebles McIntosh. There are questions on whether he ever divorced Catherine and married Jane.

Thomas and Jane McIntosh had five more children. All born in Monroe County, New York. They are: Thomas Ely [b September 7, 1857], Hamilton [b 1858], John Fox [b April 3, 1859], Harriett Elta [b 1860] and Lafayette [b September 28, 1863].

Thomas later moved his second family to Sandusky County, Ohio. He died September 16, 1891 at Clyde, Sandusky County, Ohio and is buried in Bakertown Cemetery, Sandusky County, Ohio. His tombstone shows that he was born in 1801 but his birth record shows 1805.

William Alexander and Daniel McIntosh left the family in 1857. They moved west and lived in Illinois for awhile before moving to Kansas City, Missouri in 1858. In the spring of 1859 they moved to Bourbon County, Kansas. William homesteaded land eight miles north of Ft. Scott, Kansas. William enlisted in to Co B [Inf.] 6th Kansas Vols. in July of 1861. The unit became all Calvary in March 1862 and he was mustered out. William received a government pension for this service. He and Daniel had to join the Kansas Militia after his federal service. They fought at the Battle of Westport near Kansas City, Missouri in October of 1864.

Dougald enlisted in the 152 New York Vol Inf in 1862. In August of 1864 he was captured and sent to Belle Isle Prison in Richmond. He was exchanged in September of 1864 because of disease. He was mustered out with his unit after the war was over. This was the same company and unit that John B McIntosh served in.

In 1865, after the war, Daniel returned to New York and moved all but Matilda back to Bourbon County, Kansas. Matilda and her husband came to Bourbon County three years later. Catherine McIntosh died August 2, 1876 and is buried in West Liberty Cemetery, Bourbon County, Kansas. Catherine her son Dougald and a daughter of Dougald all died with in three months of each other due to disease. Dougald may of died due to the disease he contracted during the Civil War.

Isabel McIntosh
daughter of William

Isabel McIntosh was born May 23, 1812 in Albany County, New York to William McIntosh and Hannah Finger. About 1833 she married Peter Campbell of Scotland. He was born in 1809. To them eight children were born. They are: John [b 1835], William W. [b 1836], Peter B. [b 1838], David H. [b 1840], Margaret M. [b 1842], George W. [b 1845], Dugal B. [b 1848] and Martha [b 1856].

In 1840 they lived in Russia Town, Herkimer County. 1850 they lived in Trenton, Oneida County and in 1860 they were back in Russia Town. Peter Campbell died January 28, 1861 in Russia Town and is buried in Gravesville Cemetery, Russia Town, Herkimer County, New York. There son John is found residing in Trenton in 1870 and after, but Isabel and none of the other children are found in this census.

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