Biographical Sketch of Aaron Harter

Contributed by Lisa Slaski

Source: Herkimer Democrat, Herkimer, NY, 6 May 1903

One of Herkimer's Oldest Residents

Aaron Harter


The other day, a representative of the Democrat went for a spin in the country. The day was bright and clear, and the roads were in excellent condition. Hill and vale, woodland and meadow were quickly passed and suddenly a scene lay before him of such magnificence that he was indeed to climb higher that it might be beheld in all its vastness and beauty. Stopping at a farm house by the road side, he was pleased to learn that it was the home of Aaron Harter, one of the oldest subscribers of the Herkimer Democrat, whose picture we publish this week. Mr. Harter was born October 29 1816, and was a son of Nicholas Harter, a veteran of the War of 1812, who settled in what was known as "New Herkimer" in 1814. He was educated in the schools of the day, and when a young man worked out by the day. In 1838 he was united in marriage to Miss Matilda Small. One child, a daughter, was born to them. She was married to Jasper Ausman of this village in 1844. Mr. Harter purchased some land and engaged in farming and hop growing on his own account. He has been thrifty and prosperous and now owns 255 acres of farm land besides other valuable property. In December 1894 his first wife died at a good old age. In 1897, he was again remarried to Miss Lovett. The place is now rented to a tenant who live nearby. The farm is a dairy farm and supports 48 head of milch cows. Everything bespeaks thrift and prosperity. The buildings are in good repair and the location is very pleasant. Just back of the house is a fine orchard of choice fruit. The land is of excellent quality and the broad meadows stretch out in every direction. It is only two miles from the village on the Steuben road and the scene presented is well worth the journey. It passes description. Below lies the village, with Mirror Lake on the north, the West Canada Creek to the east and the Mohawk to the south. The whole valley lies before you in all its beauty. In the distance can be seen the villages of Fort Herkimer and Jacksonburg, Mohawk, Ilion and a part of Frankfort, nestling among the trees at the foot of the eternal hills. But the best part of all is a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Harter. Both are past the prime of life, but are as jolly and pleasant as persons of twenty. Though nearly 87, Mr. Harter is a frequent visitor at the village, driving his own team. He occasionally works around the farm. The tidy appearance of the home bespeaks the thrifty housekeeper. Mr. Harter is a staunch Democrat and at one time was Justice of the Peace. He has been a subscriber to the Democrat for nearly half a century. Mr. Harter is an excellent entertainer and a visit at this pleasant home will long be remembered.

The following census records were found:

1850 Federal Census, Herkimer, Herkimer, NY
Harter, Aaron, 33, farmer, NY
   Matilda, 32, NY
   Amanda, 5, NY
Harrison, Moses, 32, laborer, NY
Small, Franklen, 12, NY
   Dorothy, 71, NY

1860 Federal Census, Herkimer, Herkimer, NY
Harter, Adam, 42, farmer, NY
   Matilda, 42, NY
   Amanda, 15, NY
Kauffman, Meal, 17, farm Hand, Germany

1870 Federal Census, Herkimer, Herkimer, NY
Harter, Aaron, 53, farmer, NY
   Matilda, 52, Keeping house, NY

1880 Federal Census, Herkimer, Herkimer, NY
Harter, Aaron, 63, retired farmer, NY, NY, NY
   Matilda, 62, keeping house, NY, NY, NY

1892 New York State Census, Herkimer, Herkimer, NY:
Harter, Aaron, 72, US, Citizen, farmer
   Matilda, 74, US, Citizen, -

1900 Federal Census, Herkimer, Herkimer, NY:
Harter, Aaron, head, Oct 1816, 83, married 3 years, NY, NY, NY, retired farmer
   Grace, wife, Jan 1848, 52, married 3 years, 0 children, NY, NY, Eng

Grace is a widow in the 1910 census. His daughter, Amanda was likely born in or about 1844, not married in 1844! See below:

1900 Federal Census, Herkimer, Herkimer, NY:
Ausman, Jasper, head, Sep 1843, 56, married 35 years, NY, NY, NY
   Amanda M., wife, Jan 1845, 55, married 35 years, 3 children, 2 surviving, NY, NY, NY

From Hardin's History of Herkimer County:

Harter, Aaron, Herkimer, was born in New Herkimer, October 29, 1816. His father, Nicholas Harter, settled here in 1812. Mr. Harter owns 255 acres of farm land, besides a large amount of other property. He has fifty-five head of stock and conducts a dairy farm. Mr. Harter has been a very successful farmer. He has served as justice of the peace and is a staunch Democrat. His wife, who is seventy-four years of age, is an energetic and most careful lady and has aided him most materially in his successsful transactions in life. They live on the old farm on the Steuben road.

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