Wendell Family Obituaries

The Family of Jacob and Nancy Fox Gould Wendell

This large collection of obituaries of the descendants of Jacob Wendell and his second wife Nancy Fox Gould was graciously contributed by Charlott Wells Jones!

Obituary of Nancy Fox Gould Wendell

At Rockton, Her. Co., on the 3d inst., Nancy, wife of Jacob Wendell, Sen., in the 52nd year of her age.

There was no date on this, however she died 3 or 5 September 1850 in Little Falls, Herkimer County, New York.

Obituary of Jacob Wendell:

In the town of Cherry Valley, N.Y. on the 3rd of March JACOB WENDELL, Sr. died in the 77th year of his age.

With the exception of a few years, the deceased was a resident of this town for more than half a century and for many years with few exceptions, an upright and consistant Christian. The last few years of his life were especially devoted to a preparation to meet his final end. He died in peace leaving many friends and a numerous family to mourn his departure hence. He was the father of twenty children, sixty-eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren of whom eighteen children, forty-eight grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren survive him.

His remains were brought to this place (Fort Plain) for interment. After an impressive and affecting discourse delivered by Rev. Prof. J. E. King, Principal of the Ft. Plain Seminary, at the M. E. Church, to a large and attentive audience, including many mourners, his remains were interred in the Fort Plain Cemetery. The deceased being a grandparent of the proprietors of this paper, a brief chronological sketch of his parental ancestry will appear in the next issue of this paper.

(Jacob Wendell's obituary was written by his grandson Wellington Wendell who was the owner of the Mohawk Valley Register newspaper in Fort Plain from 1854 until 1859. Wellington was the son of Jacob Wendell and Nancy Diefendorf.)

WILLIAM WENDELL, Esq., May 3, 1884. For many years a resident of Oneonta. Aged about 60. Law and real estate. Wife: Bidwell

(William Wendell was the oldest son of Jacob and Nancy. His wife was Anna Maria Bidwell of Sidney, Delaware Co. New York.)

Biography of William Hershell Wendell

MRS. JULIA WENDELL, wife of Dr. James H. Wendell, aged 46. Died Feb. 29, 1884, Granger, Dunn county, Wisconsin. Daughter of Elias Knapp of the town of Polk, (deceased), and sister of George W. Knapp of Polk. Married about 1855, moved to western part of Wisconsin in 1864, since resided. Leaves a son and daughter, as well as her husband, surviving.

NOTE: She actually died in the town of Tiffany in Dunn County, Wisconsin.

From the Menomonie Times, March 14, 1884 (Menomonie, Wisconsin)

WENDELL -- In the town of Tiffany, February 29, 1884, of apoplexy, Julia, wife of Dr. J. H. Wendell.

Mrs. Wendell was born at Carmel, Putnam County, New York, March 29th 1837. In 1846 her parents removed to Washington County, Wisconsin. She was an apt pupil and while very young commenced teaching school. At the age of seventeen she married Dr. James Homer Wendell. For fifteen years they lived happily together in Washington County, at the end of which time they removed to then far west, but soon they returned and located in Pierce County, Wis. In 1867 they removed to Dunn County and settled on a farm in the town of Tiffany, where they have since resided. She was the mother of four children, two of whom passed over the river before her. A husband and two children survive to mourn her loss.

She was the daughter of Elias Knapp, who preceded her to the grave one year and eight months. Three brothers and two sisters still survive. These are Mr. George Knapp of West Bend, Mr. Henry Knapp of Milwaulkie, Mr. Charles Knapp of Ellsworth, Mrs. John Wolflit of West Grandville and Mrs. Hiram Sprague of Neilsville. The funeral services were held at Chimney Rock school house, March 2nd, and were conducted by Elder Swartz of Hersey. The text was Rev. 2nd 4th. She was a charter member of Chimney Rock I.O.G.T.

Her remains now rest in the New Haven Cemetery.

(Julia Knapp Wendell married Dr. James Homer Wendell in October of 1855. Her death occurred in New Haven Township, Dunn Co., Wisconsin.)

Biography of Dr. James Homer Wendell

Washington W. Wendell, Sept. 11, aged 60 yrs, 7m, 15 da. Wife and son survive. Born in Richfield, N.Y. Preacher (lay). Worked as an expert for the Sewing Machine Co. 3 children born to him, 2 girls and son. Girls preceeded.

At Pilot Mound, Fillmore county, Minn. Sept 4th, 1860, Charlotte Laura, daughter of Rev. W. and M. A. Wendell of the Minnesota Conference, aged 5 yrs., 8 months and 24 days.

Arabella Gertrude Wendell, only daughter of Rev. W. and Mary A. aged 14 years.

Galisy W. Wendell, Aug. 8, born at Newburg, Washington Co., Wis. April 3, 1851. Except for a few years spent in Minnesota in his childhood, he lived his life in Wisconsin.Came to Spencer nearly 30 years ago. Engaged in blacksmithing, until several years ago, moved to his farm 1 1/2 miles south of the village. In Sept 1906 he purchased the Graves hardware store and has done a prosperous business up to the time of his death. Survived by his wife of 2 years, his mother, Mrs. Mary Wendell, 3 daughters, Mrs. Jabez Damon of Laurel, Miss., Mrs. W. S. Doolittle and Miss Lila Wendell of Lancaster, Wis.

(Washington Wendell was the son of Jacob Wendell and Nancy Fox.)

Biography of Washington W. Wendell

Nov 22, 1902 Mr. Chas. D. Wendell, aged 66 years. Only living brother of Mrs. L. W. Marcellus. Home was with his son Earl B. Wendell, who lived near Collbran, Mesa county, Colorado. Served 3 years during the Civil War, first in the cavalry and then in the band. Enlisted at Denver, served in the western division. Was also a scout and spy among the Indians for the state of Colorado 3 months. He leaves 5 grown children and 3 sisters to mourn his death.

Died in this town on Dec. 17th, 1869, the youngest child, a son of Charles D. and Cynthia Wendell, aged six weeks.

(Charles D. Wendell was the son of Jacob Wendell and Nancy Fox. He was born 25 April 1837 in Herkimer Co. New York)

Biography of Charles D. Wendell

VUNK, - At Walker's Point in this city, on the 29th ult., Dr. Horatio G. Vunk, aged 27 years, son of Peter and Elizabeth Vunk, formerly of Hartwick Seminary, Otsego Co., N. Y. He leaves a wife and one child to mourn their early loss.

(Horatio Vunk was first husband to Lucina Wendell, daughter of Jacob Wendell and Nancy Fox.)

MRS LUCINA WENDELL HATCH, died near Neilsville, Clark County, Wis., Dec. 25, 1881 of dropsy. Born in Herkimer County, N.Y. March 20, 1830. One of a family of 18 children. In 1850 she was married to H. Vunk, who died in a few years leaving one son. Several years afterward she married her present bereaved husband E. R. Hatch. She leaves seven children. Fred H. Vunk resides in Washington Territory. The rest are all at home except Frankie, who is the wife of Adelbert Sprague of Neilsville.

(Lucina was the daughter of Jacob Wendell and Nancy Fox. She was born 24 March, 1830 in Fort Plain, New York. After her death, her husband Earlman Rogers Hatch moved his family to Klickitat, Washington Territory, so her children could be near her sister Imilda Leona Wendell Berrian, who was a school teacher.)

Biography of Lucina Wendell Hatch


At Boltonville, March 2nd, of inflammation of the brain, Corlin Jessie, daughter of Louisa W. and John H. Marcellus, aged 1 yr. 8 mo, and 22 days.

In the town of Farmington, Washington Co. Wis., of typhoid fever, Stella Florence, aged 5 years and 1 month, only child of John H. and Louisa Wendell Marcellus.

At Boltonville, Dec. 11, 1878, Charles Wendell Marcellus, only child of John and Louisa W. Marcellus, aged 13 yrs, 6 months and 11 days.

(Sally Louisa Wendell, known as Lou-ize only had the three children. She was the daughter of Jacob Wendell and Nancy Fox. She was born 3 Sept. 1834 in probably Herkimer Co. New York. Her death date and obit are unavailable at this time. However, she was living in Pasadena, California in 1916 and would have died in that area.)

Update 1/18/14: Sally Louisa Wendell died on December 27, 1923 at the age of 83. She was buried in Rose Hills Memorial Park Cemetery, Whittier, California, on December 31, 1923.

Biography of Sally Louisa Wendell

Two other children were born to Jacob Wendell and Nancy Fox.

Nelson O. Wendell was born 6 April 1832 in Herkimer Co., New York. He was first in the 44th New York Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. He then recruited in the Otsego Co., Herkimer Co., and surrounding area company for the 121st New York Volunteer Infantry. He was the captain of Co. F of the 121st. He was killed at Salem Church, Virginia on 3 May 1863 during the Chancellorsville campaign. As per his wishes he was buried with his soldiers on the battlefield.

Will of Nelson O. Wendell

Imilda Leona Wendell, youngest child of Jacob Wendell and Nancy Fox. She was 10 when her mother died and 14 when her father died. She lived with various sisters and brothers until marrying James Augustus Wendell in 1865. She was born 29 Sept. 1840 in Warren, New York. She lived most of her married life in Goldendale/ Columbus (now Maryhill), Washington, Wasco, Oregon, Hood River, Oregon, and wintered in later life in California. She died 18 June, 1921 and is buried in Inglewood, California.


When far from home's enchanting scenes,
Compelled to share a soldier's lot
No music raptures great my ears
Born in the beauties of that spot
The joys of youth and love and home
Too swift, alas! have flown away
While, now I feel that death is near
All earthly hopes must soon decay.

I see my cherished mother's face --
The parting kiss to me is given.
I feel her loving arms embrace
Alone through her I hope for Heaven.
And that sweet sister too, I see,
Who bravely bade her brother go
While deep within her bosom hid
The pain she would not have me know.

And there's another trusting one
To whom I pledge a soldier's faith,
'Twill break her gentle heart to know
Her lover's cold and still in death.
But tho for these I fain would live,
One thought give recompense for life,
'Tis that I see my country's flag
Float proudly o'er late scenes of strife.

But oh! my not my short career
An emblem of my country be.
But may she live on honored name
To every one who would be free.
But one request I still would ask
E'er I shall fill a soldier's grave.
'Tis that the flag I helped defend
Forever o'er my tomb shall wave.

Miss Leona Wendell May 1862


Lonely hearts are bleeding, sighin
O'er the victories death has won,
Day by Day brings darker shadows
To bedlim the light of home.

Who may know a mother's anguish,
When from her fond heart is torn
All a parent's pride and gladness
That may never more return.

That may, e'er the morrow's sunlight
Beams from out a golden sky,
On a bloody field of battle
Lay him down in pain to die.

In a sister's eye there glimmers
Tremblingly the rising tears,
As the dreaded tiding reach her
Of a struggle -- fierce, severe.

For she feels that in that battle
A dear brother's hand has joined,
And, amid that fearful struggle,
He a soldiers' grave may find.

Other hearts as warm and tender,
Bitterly are doomed to mourn;
While the dear, the brave and noble,
To a hero's grave are born.

God of Heaven, who reigns above us --
Who can stay the winds and sea --
In this hour of deep affliction,
Humbly we would look to Thee.

Deign to view the troubled water,
On which heaves our vessel frail;
And, in tons of love and mercy,
Bid the angry waves "be still."

Boltonville, May 1, 1863 I.L.W.

Imilda Leona Wendell was the youngest sister of Captain Nelson O. Wendell, Company F, 121st New York. In April 1863 in letters written to her, Imilda saw a change, a foreboding that Nelson felt that his days were numbered. They were extremely close keeping in constant contact with each other. The feeling of imminent demise were realized when Nelson was killed at Salem Church, Virginia, part of the Chancellorsville campaign on May 3, 1863, only two days after his sister penned Our Country's Tears. At the time of his death she was living with her sisters in Washington County, Wisconsin as she was a young lady of 23 years of age. Imilda Leona Wendell was my great-great grandmother.

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