"Detroit Being Colonized Rapidly by
Former Residents of the Lovely Mohawk Valley"

"160 former residents of the Mohawk Valley gathered at the Athletic Field at Belle Isle, Detroit, Mich., Saturday, Sept. 6th and enjoyed a picnic supper, and organized an Association to be known as "The Mohawk Valley Association of Michigan." The Mohawk Valley reputation was in evidence by the good things to eat. Former residents now located in Pontiac and Flint were present. The day was ideal, and it goes without saying that everybody had a very enjoyable time, judging by the groups and hand-shaking and broad smiles on every one's faces.

The following officers were elected: President, Albert P. Luce, 100 Kenilworth Ave.; secretary, Mrs. Harry L. Fake, 250 Hudson Ave.; treasurer, Mrs. John D. Luke, 1083 Third Ave. It was voted to make this a semi-annual event with a picnic in the early fall, and a party during the winter. All who contemplate leaving for Detroit or vicinity are requested to send their addresses to the secretary, Mrs. Harry L. Fake.

Following is a list of names of those present:"

James Allston
Mrs. J. Andrew
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Avery
LeRoy Avery
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bates and family
Floyd Beach
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bowie
Mr. and Mrs. James Brown
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Burrill and family
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Butler
Melbourne Chambers
Al Chunke (sic: Zchunke)
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Copeland
Irene Corey
James Daley
Gordon Day
Paul Deckert
Rockwell Dennison
C. F. Deyle
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Disque
M. Donley
Earl Dowd
George Dowd
Raymond Dowd
Mrs. Rose Dowd
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Drummond
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Elkington
Mr. and Mrs. George Ellis
Robert G. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Fake and family
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Fary and family
Mrs. Fasoldt
Elvan Fay
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Fikes
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Flagg
James M. Flannagan
R. W. Flint
Clayton Foote and mother
John Freidin
L. F. Gallaghan
Caroline Gleason
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Goldsmith
Dr. Ward Gordon
Frank Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hebbard
James Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. C. Hills
Bertram Hollis
Allen Ingersol

Inman Jackson
Wm. J. Kelly
Flora Kunze
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Lintz
Edward Lowery
Mr and Mrs. Albert P. Luce and family
Earl Ludden
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Luke
Rev. W. M. MacClenthen
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Martens
Vincent McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Millbower
John Moynehan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moynehan
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Murphy
Martha Murtaugh
Lavina Murtaugh
Cecelia Murtaugh
Stephen Murtaugh
Walter Nason
James W. Nesbitt
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Norman
George Nunn
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O'Connell
Mrs. Ernest Ofield
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Osman
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Osterhout
Frank Owens
Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Parry
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Riddley
Mr. and Mrs. V. Rowe and family
Mr. and Mrs. Seeley and daughter
Thomas Shannon
Robert Spurr
Mrs. Lewis Stebbins and son
Frank Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Stevens and family
Mrs. Arthur Stone and son
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Taylor
W. J. Thomas
James Toolan
Miles Turner
Mr. and Mrs. L. Van Delinder
Mabel Weir
Squire George Whitfield
C. Wood
Fred Zanke
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Zchunkie (sic; Zchunke)

Source: The Ilion Citizen, Thursday, September 11, 1919, page 5

NOTE: this list has been alphabetized and reformatted for ease in online reading, with spellings left as printed. The site coordinators have no information about anyone and suggest that you look for folks in the 1920 Michigan Census. We also suggest that you check out the Michigan Historical Center's Seeking Michigan site. Their interesting resources include death records searching and some MI state census years (unwieldy to use) to search.

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