Source: Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Herkimer for the Year Nineteen Hundred and Eleven. Little Falls: Press of The Journal & Courier Co. 1911.

Report Committee on Burial Deceased Soldiers and Sailors

To the Honorable Board of Supervisors of Herkimer County:

Your Committee to whom has been entrusted the duty of providing for the burial of deceased Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and their wives and widows, in accordance with provision of Article 83, of Chapter 328 of the Laws of 1908 and dying within and residents of the County of Herkimer, without leaving sufficient means to defray their funeral expenses; also for providing and erecting headstones at the graves of soldiers, sailors and marines, whose graves are unmarked, do respectfully report as follows:

Since our annual report made to the Honorable Board under date of December 13th, 1910, death has been most active in the ranks of the old veterans, mustering out a greater number than any previous year that your Committee has performed this duty.

In consequence the expense for burials has increased over that of last year, and the appropriation so liberally made for the use of this Committee has been overdrawn, but County Treasurer Frank Senior has kindly considered the needs and situation and provided means to meet the deficiency, and has cashed all orders without a word of protest.

We have had little or no trouble in applications for burial expenses that were not entitled thereto, that is, within the provisions of the law. We think there is a more general understanding of its provisions, therefore only those entitle apply.

We also note the care and scrutiny of the Supervisors, when applications are presented to them for their approval, which materially aids us in the performance of our duties, and keeping within the provisions of the law. In payment of expense of burials we have in each case drawn an order on the County Treasurer for $50.00, each and every order being signed by James Roche, Chairman of the Committee, and then forwarded to the applicant.

The following is a list of the names of each deceased soldiers, sailors, marines, and their wives or widows, company and regiment, and the consecutive numbers, dates and amount of each order:

No. Order Date Name, Company and Regiment Amount
492 Dec. 13, 1910 William Brownrigg, Co. K, 1st N.Y.L.A. $50.00
493 Dec. 13, 1910 James H. Becker, Co. I, 97th N.Y. $50.00
494 Jan. 12, 1911 Patience Jane Phillips, widow of Wilbur M. Phillips, Co. D, 121st N.Y. $50.00
495 Jan. 13, 1911 Catharine M. Springer, widow of Martin M. Springer, Co. L, 2d N.Y.H.A. $50.00
496 Jan. 18, 1911 James Meeks, Co. A, 152d N.Y. $50.00
497 Jan. 31, 1911 George Hamblin, Co. B, 59th N.Y. $50.00
498 Feb. 9, 1911 William R. Haskell, Co. B, 152d N.Y. $50.00
499 March 3, 1911 Duplicate, by resolution of the Board of Supervisors. February 28th, 1911. James Welch, Co. I, 16th N.Y.H.A. $35.00
500 March 28, 1911 Thomas Grimes, Co. G, 73d N.Y. $50.00
501 March 28, 1911 William Casler, Co. B, 34th N.Y. $50.00
502 April 17, 1911 John Conkling, Co. B, 121st N.Y. $50.00
503 April 18, 1911 Malcom E. Colby, Co. H., 2d N.Y.V.C. $50.00
504 May 1, 1911 John Thompson, Co. F, 16th N.Y.H.A. $50.00
505 May 1, 1911 John Hartman, Co. D, 97th N.Y. $50.00
506 May 1, 1911 Francis Decker, Co. F, 16th N.Y.H.A. $50.00
507 May 2, 1911 Mulford March, Co. E, 153d N.Y. $50.00
508 May 12, 1911 John Ensel, Co. K, 2d N.Y.A. $50.00
509 May 29, 1911 Helen M. Ensing, wife of Hoffman W. Ensing, Co. D, 137th N.Y. $50.00
510 June 1, 1911 George Shafer, Co. F, 16th N.Y.H.A. $50.00
511 June 5, 1911 Fredrica Bock, wife of John Bock, Co. D, 121st N.Y. $50.00
512 June 15, 1911 Melvina A. King, widow of David King, Co. A, 121st N.Y. $50.00
513 June 19, 1911 George F. Moore, Co. I, 81st N.Y. $50.00
514 July 25, 1911 Jerome Willoughby, Co. D, Berdan's S.S. $50.00
515 July 26, 1911 Olive Alexander, widow of Reuben Alexander, Co. L, 2d N.Y.H.A. $50.00
516 August 7, 1911 Charles Day, Co. G, 2d N.Y. Spanish A.W. $50.00
517August 17, 1911 Louisa Barker, wife of Alfred Barker, Co. F, 184th N.Y. $50.00
518 Sept. 9, 1911 George W. Brooks, Co. E, 105th N.Y. $50.00
519 Sept. 13, 1911 Oscar Fox, Co. M, 2d N.Y.H.A. $50.00
520 Sept. 22, 1911 Eugene Marco, Co. B, 2d N.Y. $50.00
521 Oct. 1, 1911 William S. Van Valkenburg, Co. F, 34th N.Y. $50.00
522 Oct. 1, 1911 Lemuel L. Briggs, Co. I, 114th N.Y. $50.00
523 Oct. 7, 1911 Ephraim Wentz, Co. H, 9 Ohio Cavalry $50.00
524 Oct. 11, 1911 Chauncey Newman, Co. M, 2d N.Y. $50.00
525 Oct. 21, 1911 Mary Orendorf, widow of John Orendorf, seaman U.S. Ship Red Rover $50.00
526 Oct. 28, 1911 Eva Ann Ibe, wife of George Ibe, Co. E, 152d N.Y. $50.00
527 Oct. 31, 1911 Ellen Gorman, widow of Michael Gorman, Co. A, 152d N.Y. $50.00
528 Nov. 3, 1911 Benjamin F. Borth, Co. D, 46th N.Y. $50.00

Total for burials................... $1835.00

There has been thirty-seven deaths of soldiers and their wives or widows since our last report, for which we have had applications for burial expenses and given orders on the County Treasurer.

Of this number, 27 were soldiers, and 10 their wives or widows; total, 37.

We have erected headstones since our last report at the graves of the following named deceased soldiers, sailors and marines, and have drawn orders on the County Treasurer in payment thereof, paying $15.00 for each headstone, and also paying for concrete foundations, as the following account shows.

The following is a statement of the names of soldiers, place where erected, to whom paid, also date and number of order.

[Note: this has been slightly reformatted to save time coding.]

Order No. 303 May 8, 1911 To: McMath & Son
James Mix, Herkimer cemetery, $15.00
Francis Lewis, Mohawk cemetery, $15.00
E.D. Potter, Frankfort cemetery, $15.00
Edward Van Allen, Frankfort cemetery, $15.00
Found foundations for above at $2 each, $8.00
Total: $68.00

Order No. 304 June 28, 1911 McMath & Son
George F. Shafer, Fairfield, $15.00
Wilbur F. Lambertson, Fairfield, $15.00
Andrew Gillett, Schuyler, $15.00
Michael Herrchberger, Jordanville, $15.00
Four foundations at $2.00 each $ 8.00
Total: $ 68.00

Total for headstones........ $136.00

"The material and workmanship on headstones is first-class, and being set on concrete foundations, insures a permanent marker of the graves of these veterans to future generations, and a silent witness of the respect, reverence and honor to their memory."

Following the above was the financial accounting, with burial and headstone expenses exceeding the County's appropriation by $371.00. The committee stated that they don't expect decreases in veterans' death rate, so requested $1800.00 be appropriated to them for the next year. The four members of the Board of Commissioners for the Burial of Deceased Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines were James Roche, James F. Whiting and F.W. Cristman. Dated December 12, 1911.

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