Arnold Family Headstones
Church Street Cemetery
Part 1

Little Falls, NY

Contributed by Karen Garber

Surnames on stones: Arnold, Petrie, Jencks, Story, & Light headstone

Living in California can be a challenge for me to photograph my ancestors headstones when I discover they are buried outside the golden state. Unless a willing family member or volunteer is passing through or nearby the ancestors final resting place. Many of our Arnold relatives are laid to rest in the Church Street Cemetery, Little Falls, NY confirmed by burial records published online at the Little Falls Museum website and other sources.

Thanks to my cousin's husband Al, while combing the Church Street Cemetery in Little Falls July 29, 2004 for my gggg grandparents Edward Arnold Sr. & Mary Phetteplace, their son Edward Arnold Jr. & Christina McChesney, and Robert & Lany Margaret (Hilts) Arnold, Al photographed these 9 Arnold headstones. At this time it remains unknown if the following Arnold's photographed here are related to our own family. However they might be of help to someone else.

As our luck would have it Edward Arnold Sr's was found but not legible when photographed. Robert & Lany Margaret Arnold's headstone was not located where they should be as well as others, and it's possible they might not have a grave marker.

If anyone determines the following Arnold families and/or branches named on the old headstones are related to my own Arnold family mentioned above please let us know.

Related pioneer families of Herkimer & Montgomery counties we are researching:

Arnold, Polly Casler & George Hilts, John Mansfield & Lany Loucks, Charles Pauth & Belle/Asabella Mansfield.

Thank you to the many volunteers and site coordinators who contribute to this site.

Karen Garber

Thomas Arnold

Thomas ARNOLD. Born March 24, 1770. Died March 23, 1852(?).
Amy JENCKS, his wife. Born Oct. 7, 1775. Died Jan. 12, 1865.
Anna, their daughter. Born Jan. 6, 1802. Died Oct. 27, 1872.
Of Smithfield, R.I.

Soloman Petrie

Soloman PETRIE. Born April 12, 1797. Died Sept. 30, 1868.
Sabra ARNOLD, his wife. Born Sept. 29, 1805. Died April 6, 1871.
Cornelia A. PETRIE. Born Nov. 19, 1827. Died March 25, 1856.
Henry A. PETRIE. Born April 8, 1836. Died May 12, 1874.

Mary Arnold Petrie

Mary ARNOLD PETRIE, only child of Arnold & Annie A. PETRIE. Born 1865. Died 1904.

" Warm Summer Sun,
Shine Kindly Here
Warm Southern Wind
Blow Softly Here
Green Sod Above
Lie Light. Lie Light
Good Night, Dear Heart,
Good Night, Good Night."

Charles Petrie

This one is difficult to read. It appears to be Charles & Almira Arnold.

Charles(?) N.(?) ARNOLD
Born Aug. (Apr.?) 17, 1818. Died Mar. 23, 1888
Born M___(?) 15, 1825. Died Sept. 12, 1903

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